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I have recently started using the term “disarmenter.” It’s a neologism I derived from a combination of the verb ‘disarm’ and the adjective ‘demented.’ A commenter at suggested that the term disarmist was less clumsy and easier to use.

dis·arm·en·ter (ds-ärmn-tr)  alt.  dis·arm·ist (ds-ärmst) noun

1. A political operative who works to disarm the political opposition through the use of irrational and/or emotional arguments.
2. A person who believes that disarming citizens will reduce crime or unjustified violence in spite of evidence or facts to the contrary.
3. A person who wishes to disarm others because they do not trust themselves to bear arms responsibly.

Which term do you think works best?

©2014 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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    • Exactly. We also would have accepted “leftist”, “commie”, “fascist”, “totalitarian”, “liberal”, Democrat”, “RINO”, and “traitor”.

      At the end of the day, Col. Cooper’s term still works best: “hoplophobe”.

      • Don’t forget: republican and conservative, because virtually all of them believe government has some authority to make people’s decisions for them. They just happen to be against some of the anti-gun decisions.

        The opposite of a statist is an anarcho-libertarian (or anarcho-capitalist).

        • The Constitution clearly allows government to make some decisions for individuals, such as taxation.

          If you don’t think the Constitution should be the supreme law of the land, then what do you believe in, the law of the jungle, divine right of kings, the beneficent nature of mankind?

          Sorry, comrade, gun control and disarmament belong to the Democrats, lock, stock and barrel.

          As for Libertarians, let them smoke their weed and stop throwing elections to the Dems. I’m sick of them.

    • Can we please not invent our own in-group vocabulary that does nothing but make it more difficult to have a common dialogue with the people in the middle who we need to persuade and keep on our side?

      • This. Lest we be accused of hyperbole and euphemistic language. That being said, I favor ‘Retard’. Seriously. Any iteration or connotation of the word is incredibly astute regarding “common sense gun control”.

      • I totally get your point. Makes complete sense.

        On the other hand, ‘Feminarcissist’ just rolls right off the tongue.

      • I basically agree … using jumbled terms is more of a distraction than a positive force for our efforts, IMO.

    • I’ve been using “godless communist” lately, I feel it adds a bit more emphasis without being inaccurate or crude.

      • “Godless” does necessarily mean communist. I’m perfectly able to be a godless non communist with faith…it’s actually pretty easy. FYI.

        • No problem with any of that. I don’t consider godless by itself to always be a bad thing, either. Godless Communist, though, just sounds more emphatic to me.

    • My thought exactly!

      The now dead communist leaders predicted our demise….be damned if it’s not happening just as they predicted.

  1. Easy, disarmist. Combination of “disarm” and “terrorist”. Of course, sadist or communist could also work…

  2. Which term do you think works best?

    “Moron.” It’s brief, to the point and even Bugs Bunny can pronounce it, kinda.

  3. Of the two, I’d say Disarmist. It fits right in with statist, racist, terrorist, fascist, communist…all the -ists. All the politically disparaging terms are “ists” these days.

    Am I the only one that thinks Dianne Feinstein is a dead ringer for Emperor Palpatine?

  4. Leftwing lowlife POS. I really HATE to use the word “liberal”. Not at all descriptive.

  5. To me, I don’t look at the term ‘disarmenter’ and get the demented part naturally at all- looks more like ‘dis-‘ and a misspelling of armament. in fact the demented part never occurred to me at all until I read it just now.

    Disarmist comes more naturally, is easier to say/read, and shares the -ist with Leftist, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Statist, etc…

    • Even hearing Dean say he mean “Disarmenter” to evoke “demented” I still can’t see it. Sure there are four letters in common in the middle of the word, but it’s just not there. “Disarmented” would do it better but it’s a past tense verb.

      Disarmist is vastly better.

    • I totally agree. I thought “disarmenter” was a dumb word the first time he used it, and it hasn’t grown on me since. Every time I read it in a sentence, I come to a screeching halt, because it’s a terribly clumsy construction, that doesn’t really follow any of the rules (such as there are) of English. It’s not evocative of “demented” in the way Mr. Weingarten seems to think it is.

      “Disarmist” is far better, if you must have such a word.

      So, Dean, can you do a global search-and-replace, and then we’ll all agree to pretend this silly “disarmenter” thing never happened?

    • Definitely disarmist. Anything “-er” suggests a strong association with actually doing the thing described. E.g., a disarmer would be someone who successfully disarms.

      “-ist” seems more suggestive of intent, philosophy or attempting to do something.

  6. Does it really matter what term one uses for someone with a disembodied or irrational fear of an inanimate object??

  7. How’s about “Gungrabbing lying bitch”, as opposed to “Shit stained coward gun grabber” which applies to all the “men” who profess their fear and hatred of loyal citizens who are capable of using modern weapons in a responsible fashion to garner game and defend their homesteads.

  8. Back in they day when I (technically) worked for her, she was fondly known as “Old Piano Legs”….. there was a story going round about her first husband bing shot.. no idea if there’s any truth to it

    • anyway, to actually answer the question…neither. “gun-grabber” says it better, especially given the unfortunate consequences of grabbing at a gun and getting someone killed.

  9. How about disarmamenterist? If you say it 10 times without messing up someone somewhere gives up disarmamenterisering. Yeah never mind. Anti-gun, anti-2a, hoplophobe, gun grabber, disarmer disarmist, they all man the same.

  10. Disarmist, to me, sounds like an act in completion. Or a completed act.
    I like disarmenter. The implications are apropos.

  11. I like disarmist. Basically every single gun control law back in the day was meant to keep guns out of the hands of “dangerous minorities” like freed slaves, Chinese railroad workers, Martin Luther King Jr., Irish and Italian immigrants. Nowadays it seems to be aimed at keeping poor people from having guns for example, in Illinois you have to pay about $300 for the 16 hour class then pay a $150 fee to the government and once that’s done, you still can’t carry on public transportation. So seeing as gun control laws are usually either racist or elitist and always statist, I like disarmist.

  12. “Disarmist” works a lot better in discourse, I think. “Disarmentor” is just to clumsy and contrived.

    “Hoplophobes” tend to be disarmists, but the reverse is often not the case. Disarmists may or may not have an irrational fear of firearms: their defining characteristic is to reduce the ability of average citizens to defend themselves.

    Some of the other suggestions are excessively broad (e.g., “statist”) or falsely inclusive (e.g., “Democrat”). Unfortunately, too many of the other suggestions function merely as “snarl words” — more-or-less equivalent to name-calling — rather than being useful rhetoric for convincing opponents or neutrals.

  13. How about…Bitch.
    a female dog:
    The bitch won first place in the sporting dogs category.
    a female of canines generally.

    a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.
    a lewd woman.
    Disparaging and Offensive. any woman.

    Seems they would all fit.

  14. “Anti-self-defense” is my favorite. Everyone understands exactly what it means, and it leaves no doubt as to the motive.

  15. Hmmm… A disarmenter would dement as a verb, spreading the disease. A disarmist would work to create a State in which Disarm was the official religion.

    Different, but equally problematic.

  16. Not sure I care about the vocab, but that picture…instantly remained me of this quote from Jaws…
    “Sometimes he wouldn’t go away. Sometimes that shark, he looks right into you. Right into your eyes. You know the thing about a shark, he’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eye. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’. Until he bites ya and those black eyes roll over white.”

  17. How about disarmader; a combination of disarm and crusader. Fitting since half of the anti-gun crowd seem to be on a crusade to disarm the citizenry.

  18. MY EYES MY EYES I’ve been blinded by the image of MEDUSA. Oh sorry it’s just that Frankenstein monster.

  19. Pro-violence.

    1. They advocate for policies that enable criminals to commit violence, because these policies make it more difficult for ordinary people to arm themselves for self-defense;
    2. They advocate for government action to restrict/prohibit arms, which requires violence or the threat of violence;
    3. They advocate for direct or proxy violence against those who carry (e.g. by SWATting).

    In short, they advocate for violence.

    • Well-said.
      “Pro-violence” is a good adjective; a noun is also needed. I think “disarmist” can fit that bill, since “pro-vilencer” sounds awkward. Depending on context “pro-violence disarmist” and “pro-violence person[/politician/activist/whateve]” can both work.

  20. If you just have to use some fake word go with disarmist. I think you are diluting the message by using words people will not get, just call them Anti-American and leave it at that.

  21. Why is there a picture of a reptilian in this article? Seriously, that woman(?) looks like she belongs in the cast of V.

  22. Dean- disarmentor works better for me.

    But I agree, we POTG and OFWG have too many acronyms and code words as it is…
    no need to create more bafflement for those lurking newbs who are too timid to ask for fear of ridicule.

    Other than G23 is the one gun to rule them all, and .40S&W is the ideal home defense caliber.

  23. Jeremy Clarkson (of Top Gear) refers to the nannies trying to neuter motorsports in order to save Mother Gaia as “Eco-Mentalists”. Might I suggest then, the term “Hoplo-Mentalist”.

  24. Feinstein looks like she eats small children. Seriously, all the beautiful women in CA and this is who they send to Congress?

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