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“(Cuomo’s attack) is not about the NRA, it is about guns, period. It is about making it almost illegal to use a gun, even though you have a right to own one.

“The NRA is the most attractive target for anti-gunners. It is the stalking horse. Cuomo knows that it is easy to destroy small business and small lobbying organizations. Neuter the NRA, and the entire house of cards tumbles; no one else has the influence of the NRA, nor its financing for fighting against anti-gunners at all.

“First, we destroy the methods Cuomo is using, then we take out our frustration on the NRA. Don’t think for a moment that using the chokepoint tactic, Cuomo cannot do irreparable harm to your RTKBA. Pretending that hiding your guns from government means you can do “business as usual.”

“Cuomo has declared literal war. The way you win battles is to take on the enemy piecemeal (that is, refuse the enemy the ability to take advantage of concentration of force), make the enemy destroy itself by fighting big battles with little forces. Once the walls are breached, the outcome is inevitable.

“You don’t have to join the KKK, but you must defend their right to free speech. If we are picking and choosing who’s First and Second Amendment rights are to be protected, we have taken on the garb of those opposed to the constitution.” – Sam I Am commenting under Cuomo’s Anti-NRA Jihad Now Affecting Local Ranges, Fish and Game Clubs

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  1. Okay, agreed. So … now what? What’s the plan? Especially for those of us who don’t live in NY?

    (Not trying to be a jerk … a goal without a plan is a wish, and we need a good plan here.)

    • “You don’t have to join the KKK, but you must defend their right to free speech.”

      Good plan. Align gun owners with the KKK.

      Might as well fly the white flag (pun intended)

      • What other group’s free speech should we be protecting? Some taliban or isis sympathizer groups? Communists? Or just Nazis and the KKK type stuff?

        I mean you do realize that all those groups like to gather together to murder people, right?

        • All those you list are protected by the first amendment (freedom of religion and speech). Picking and choosing who merits protection is merely substituting your values for the constitution, same as the leftists who already hate you. The SC has ruled that even talk of overthrowing the government is protected – up until you take direct action (actually lead a revolt, or tell a room full of armed followers, “Follow me now to burn down city hall!).

        • What about a religion that includes its own code of law, mandates adherence to it, and replaces preexisting law with its own system in every place where it gains enough power?

          Any such religion would not be protected by the First Amendment, since one of its explicit aims is to destroy and replace the entire Constitution. (I wonder which religion that might be…)

          Otherwise, Sam is right. Giving anyone the power to pick and choose who is “worthy” of exercising a civil right would be a terrible decision. Maybe you’re able to use that power with wisdom and proper restraint (yeah, right)… But what happens when your enemies occupy the seat of power?

        • Even a religion that advocates overthrowing the constitution should be protected.

          There are plenty of ideologies that advocate such a change. While those ideas are bilious and should be met with the scorn they deserve, they also deserve as fervent a defense to be uttered as the right to proclaim your love for the constitution.

      • I used the KKK as representative of some of the worst speech that must be supported as being protected by the constitution. The list of reprehensibles is quite exhaustive. Supporting the constitutional rights of the reprehensibles is merely the embodiment of the ole saying, “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” (BTW, we are all among “the reprehensibles” in someone’s mind.). The societal compact among the founders was that since the constitution protected everyone, everyone would protect the constitution. Today, we are being told that the constitution only protects the favored of the moment.

        • It’s unfortunate that phrase was the one chosen with your handle attached to it, since it made me think that you approved of the KKK, the founder of american antigun laws.

        • Nope. Approving of a person’s/group’s right to say whatever they want should never be construed as approving what they say. Sorry for the miscommunication.

        • Agree.

          Note that I said we must support their right to speech, not the speech itself. Which is the thrust of the comment turned posting – we must support.defend the right of the NRA to speak for their constituents, whether we “support” the organization or not.

        • Then you have fools like Madonna that insights violence at a protest rally by stating she wants to blow up the White House…and Maxine Waters, who’s followers show up with weapons, insights violence by stating in public for followers to confront and get in the face of anyone associated with President Trumps Administration… Should inciting violence in speech be covered by the first amendment … Hell No !!!

        • “Should inciting violence in speech be covered by the first amendment … Hell No !!!”

          How ’bout “Kill the Ump!” ?

          The SC is quite clear about the rule regarding “inciting”. The words of encouragement to violence (uuuhhhmmm TTAG commenters?) are protected. The actual violence as a direct response of words of violence is another matter, and not protected. This even touches on the proverbial “Fire in a crowded theater” myth. Shouting FIRE in a crowded theater is not forbidden.

          Shouting FIRE in a crowded theater when the is no fire is a crime, and speech not protected by the First Amendment. Encouraging, through speech and writing, the violent overthrow of the government is protected by the First Amendment (uuuhhhmmm, TTAG commenters?) is protected speech. Leading a crowd in armed attack against government negates the protection of the First Amendment.

          Isn’t is always laughable when defenders of the constitution want to carve out special exemptions for themselves? We regularly demand suppression of rights of people we believe are not worthy of constitutional protections, while reserving for ourselves the absolute protection of whatever action we wish to pursue.

          POTG should not even be having this discussion.

    • Good question, to which I don’t know the answer. But even if I did, I wouldn’t have time to implement it. I don’t have many years left to me, so whatever “the plan” is I hope that folks younger than me can get it moving.

    • We tried the protest thing. After about 15000 gun owners showed up on the princess’s lawn (on a Thursday) they just sent us a bill for the grass. Nothing else changed. He pays no attention to peaceful demonstrations that don’t align with his totalitarian politics.

      Maybe we can all donate to Nixon’s campaign and hope Cuomo gets ousted in the primary? I don’t think Nixon would be better, but I simply cannot stand Cuomo and the garbage constantly being spewn from his ugly face.

      • WARFB,

        He pays no attention to peaceful demonstrations that don’t align with his totalitarian politics.

        Thus we should no longer use that tactic since it is ineffective.

        Furthermore, it is apparent that the proverbial soap, ballot, and jury boxes are ineffective.

        I still advocate for one more attempt at the proverbial soap box before resorting to the proverbial ammo box. I firmly believe that 1 million firearm advocates sending a deluge of our petitions (of our grievances) to Governor Cuomo and key New York State representatives would convince them to reverse course. One million individual petitions (sent via certified mail with signature required in small boxes), one million e-mails, and one million phone calls all directed at Governor Cuomo and key representatives over the course of a few days would bring New York State government to a screeching halt. Remember, if New York State government comes to a screeching halt, that means state government employees (at all levels) cannot continue to cater to their own interests. That WILL provide a significant incentive for them to change their behavior.

        • A free person with a gun is perceived as a threat to the state, whether he/she is or not; free and independent enough not to run reflexively to the state for their safety. Jeffery R. Snyder’s “A Nation Of Cowards: Public Interest Quarlerly: Fall 1993 reads: “The private ownership of firearms is a rebuke to this utopian (actually nanny state socialist/collectivist) zeal. To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty are not gifts from the state. It is to reserve final judgment whether the state is encroaching on freedom and liberty, to stand ready to defend that freedom, with more than mere words, and to stand outside the state’s totalitarian reach.”

        • Of course this tyrant ignores demonstrations that don’t align with his socialist/collectivist anti-gun
          “LBJ/KGB” style politics! Why? Because he is an elitist who perpetrates “class warfare” against innocent
          American gun owners. This issimply class warfare against honest American gun owners, our
          Second Amendment heritage, freedom, decency, and morality. Two commentaries of mine bear this out. They include: “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare” (Friday, January 9, 2009) and “The war on America’s gun owners” (Monday, August 3, 2009), respectively. These remain archived via the Ashland Daily Tidings at http://www.daily Enter “search.”

          I will not remain silent, passive, apathetic, and indifferent where domestic tyranny is promoted that is subversive to our constitutional republic! I take an aggressive stand against such and apologize to
          nobody for it! On the net:

          The John Birch Society (
          JPFO, Inc. ……………..(
          Gun Owners of America at
          Constitution Party of Oregon at

          I’m 100% certain too Cuomo’s elitist ass is protected 24/7 by armed bodyguards courtesy of New York State taxpayers.

        • What about the moving box?

          NY is in the top 5 worst states to live for gun rights. Or taxes. Or… third thing.

          Perhaps before contemplating revolution, one should try out the idea of having states as a laboratory and exist without NY. Is it a good outcome? No, all people should be able to access their Constitutional rights. But it seems like a more reasonable decision unless you have a few thousand of your friends willing to devote their lives to the struggle.

        • Hannibal,

          Why not try a deluge of petitions to government before moving out of state???

          As for moving out of state, while that is great in the short term for the individual, it could ultimately prove really bad for all of us. Why? New York is the financial hub of the United States. We would be wise to keep a tight leash on New York as their actions can easily have a radical and disproportionate effect on the entire nation.

          The same goes for California which is arguably the business and agricultural hub of the United States.

        • I think that a better time of our energy and resources would be to start an online petition to kick California and New York states out of the United States completely. If they had to pay their own bills without the help of the feds then they would have to raise taxes so much that the wealthy (those that are left there) would quickly move and the rest of those poor unfortunate souls would quickly come to the realization that they just simply can’t afford to have Cuomo and company running things anymore and vote in real leadership.

        • I can think of about 5 to 7 stars that don’t belong on our flag. California, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Hawaii, Washington State, New Jersey, and sometimes Colorado. To bad they aren’t all interconnected. They could all become the “United Socialist States of America”.

      • Let’s examine the Cuomo v Nixon competition as an opportunity. First, let’s assume that Nixon were the greater threat. (Not that I think this is so; merely that this is a useful part of the exercise.)

        Cuomo has placed himself publicly and squarely as an opponent to the 2A. He wants, more than anything else, to be re-elected. And so, opposing his re-election is the greatest threat to him. NY residents who cherish their gun-rights ought to register as Democrats and vote for Nixon. Non-residents ought to consider throwing a few bucks toward Nixon’s campaign. Why? To make it clear that opposing the 2A is a threat to one’s political viability.

        Will Cuomo get the message? Of course not. The message is not broadcast so that it may be heard by the ostensible target. Instead, it is broadcast to every other politician who may be at the margin in deciding whether to: oppose the 2A; support the 2A; or, keep quiet.

        Eventually, the audience will get the message: There ain’t no percentage in opposing the 2A. Pander to any other issue of appeal to your constituents; but, don’t drive gun-owners to the polls or to the mail-box.

        • Only problem with that is that it’s too late to register as a Democrat; anyone wishing to enroll in a party or change parties won’t actually be placed into the new party until the election year is over. My guess is the reasoning behind this is two-fold. 1. To prevent what you’re suggesting, and 2. New York State government is brutally incompetent and inefficient, and would be burdened significantly by people constantly changing parties.

        • What’s stopping the Democrats that oppose him from voting for the Republican in the general election. Last I heard (at least in every other state) it’s still a secret ballot. If there were enough people in the miserable socialist state of New York who were against any form of gun control they would have done something by now. The problem with New York is that it is a welfare state like Illinois or Michigan. Because of that mind set nothing will ever change there.

      • Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
        Letters To The Editor

        Trump description would fit LBJ well

        In her Sept. 20th letter Sandy Couch describes Donald Trump as “narcissistic and egotistical.” That is an accurate description of Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) , perhaps the worst president in American history.

        Unfortunately, an issue doesn’t disappear simply because it’s been ignored, censored, covered up and concealed for decades.

        Also, the legacy of deceit, abuse of power, and political corruption that continues to curse America today! Case in point: “American Experience, “LBJ: Beautiful Texas/My Fellow Americans. A profile of Lyndon B. Johnson.” This recently aired on KSYS Channel 8.1 Aug. 15 and 16, respectively.

        Consider the following the itemized links below:

        Barr McClellan’s 2003 book: “Blood, Money, and Power: How LBJ Killed JFK”. Also posted at YouTube.

        J. Evett Haley’s 1964 book: “A Texan Looks At Lyndon: A Study In Illegitimate Power.” “How Persecution of American Christians Really Began in The US!” via the Constitution Party of Oregon ( posted under “Liberty In The News.”

        Trump to Pastors: ‘Christians Have Been Silenced Like a Child” via Pat Robertson’s 700 club confronts the 1954 Johnson Amendment which remains blatant censorship.

        “Lyndon Johnson Murdered John F. Kennedy” at YouTube. The oppressive 1968 Gun Control Act LBJ signed into federal legislation and its Nazi/ racist roots long since exposed by JPFO, Inc. at

        Finally, the Vietnam War (1961-1975). How LBJ and then Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara greatly escalated this “no win war” in Southeast Asia. And at a cost of 58,000 American lives. Lyndon B. Johnson likewise paved the way for Carter, Clinton, and Obama.And while Richard M. Nixon was no saint, he wasn’t even in the ballpark with Lyndon when it came to the above political atrocities, abuses, and crimes against the American people.

        James A. Farmer, Ashland
        Now a resident of Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

        Forget Nixon. I admit Nixon was no saint. But consider Lyndon B. Johnson was far worse! Too, it’s high time these career criminal politicians from America’s disgraceful past including LBJ, Ted Kennedy, the late Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut: LBJ’s lieutenant then in the U.S. Senate and fabricator of the 1968 Federal Gun Control Act, the corrupt Daley Democratic Machine in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago), and finally both the Earl Warren and Warren Burger Supreme Courts be publicly exposed! All of these mentioned did far worse lasting permanent damage against the American people and our constitutional republic than Richard Nixon ever did! They and their treasonous socialist ilk have been whitewashed, covered up, and protected for way too long! Same for the Clintons. The blame can rightly be blamed on our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia who collectively “walk in
        lockstep” with the establishment news media and the leftist Hollywood anti-gun elite!
        On the net:

        The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America courtesy of Charlotte Iserbyt. Also, Griding
        American Down by Curtis Bowers.

    • What’s the plan?

      I agree as well: we need to formulate a plan. And as we go about creating a plan, we have to recognize one simple fact that has existed throughout the entirety of human history: the most wealthy and well-organized entities almost always prevail.

      Thus, I propose the following plan:

      (1) Organize and secure substantial resources. And that requires educating and recruiting as many firearm advocates as possible — especially advocates with substantial monetary resources.

      (2) Identify:
      — our opposition
      — our objective
      — which tactics are not allowable

      After our plan addresses those first two hurdles, we apply Sun Tzu’s Art of War principles to formulating the rest of the plan.

      Note: in spite of the fact that the National Rifle Association is fairly well organized and resourced, their overall efforts, in practice, are clearly not producing widespread and sweeping results. Otherwise, we would not have the current situation in California and New York.

    • How about some N.Y. gun owners dothe right thing and go arrest him at rifle point, by whatever means nessasary, drag his ass down to texas and shove him infront of a FEDERAL judge for treason against the constitution. Citizens have the right to arrest.

      • Yeah, ok. Surely there is a liberal politician in your state behaving badly, go ahead and try this where you live and let us all know how it works out for you.

      • That sounds like a great way to end up in federal prison for attempted kidnapping, if not shot by a protective detail.

        The appropriate venue for this is the courts. I’d suggest reaching out to some 2A-friendly state Governors and AGs, as well as Senators and Representatives about this. November is coming, if they want to bump turnout among 2A voters, this is low-hanging fruit.

        In a perfect world, AG Sessions would take an interest in this, but I dunno if he’s doing a duck imitation and is frantically busy under the surface, or if he’s actually a Norwegian Blue a la Monty Python.

    • The quoted comments do not purport to present a plan, only a plea to focus on the real issue, not on gripes about one organization or another (the destruction of NRA will not ensure your constitutional rights are secure).

      The plan? Support whichever pro-first and second amendment contest is receiving the most national attention: money for the law suits: calls to congress; faceplant; instantgranny, twitsville; local news outlets; all of it.

      “The plan” doesn’t need a leader, it has been the same “plan” since the founding of the nation – engage the political system.

  2. Cuomo practices his Mussolini faces in front of a mirror every morning for an hour.
    Probably does it before bedtime too.

  3. Like have said before, it not about guns, it is about control. New York already have strict gun control, specially in NCY. So please, show the statistics that Cuomo is using to justify his attitude or is it just a “New York state of mind”?

    • It’s just a New York state of mind. Cuomo hates the NRA with a blinding passion, and he’s a fascist at heart, so he’s doing the strongarm thing just because he loves the feeling.

  4. If you’re in NY, a new group has formed in Erie County as a result of SCOPE slowly falling apart. Its a PAC called the 1791 society. Their mailing address is as follows:

    The 1791 Society PAC
    c/o Carl A. Leas
    3270 Seneca Street #7
    West Seneca, NY 14224

    I’d recommend contacting them for more information.

    • Is SCOPE officially done? I gave up on them the last time I got an email saying the management would be changing yet again due to more fiscal mismanagement. At least they made some good yard signs.

  5. Cuomo is a wannabe mafia Don and his actions against the NRA are every bit as anti-business as they are anti-2A or anti-1A. He’s broadcasting to every businessman on earth the doing business in NY means HE gets to dictate who you can and can’t do business with. And this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NY’s anti-business policies. Cuomo’s about to sign a bill mandating 3 months paid bereavement leave for employees who’ve lost relatives as close as grandparents or in-laws. Who, in their right mind would want to do business in NY? Then again, who in their right mind would want to do business in Venezuela?

  6. But some of the ‘expert’ commenters here in the threads on ttag claim that the NRA supports gun control. Why would il duce be against them if that was so?

    Or could it be that some of the folks commenting on ttag are not pro gun at all? Some may even be supporters/employees of bloomberg and friends?

    • I agree. That’s what I think is going on. I think there’s an internal smear campaign against the NRA. Think about it this way, what’s the best way to destroy any organization? From the inside. Turn it’s members against eachother. The left has gone far enough out there, that it is well within their wheelhouse, to have a troll army attack the strongest bastions of gun rights and conservatism to sow dissent among its members. It’s telling when many of them seem to despise the NRA and Trump moreso then democrats. Or the laughable theme of “supporting democrats to kick off this mythical idea of civil war sooner”. And when I say mythical, I don’t mean not possible, I mean completely unrealistic expections from people who have never seen war.

      • It is easiest to destroy something from the inside. And the anti’s know that. Which completely explains all of the NRA’s otherwise inexplicable actions; their letter saying bump stocks should be regulated by the BATF(illegally, OFC), The Hughes amendment, the ‘assault’ weapons ban, all the times they’ve stabbed the SA in the back.
        Because they have turncoats at the top, double agents inside the gates. They are indeed being destroyed from within. The only thing that might save them is a house cleaning from the top down.
        But for now, it looks as if the anti’s have decided to throw them under the bus, as they have done to so many of their ‘allies’ in the past. I choose to think that it’s because the antis have decided its time to roll the dice and go for all the marbles. A complete takeover. I think it’s premature and they will fail. They have just run out of patience, their base is too crazy and violent to control, and also it’s shrinking. So they think it’s now or never.
        I think it will be never.

    • I am absolutely confident that gun-grabber organizations pay people to post comments on sites such as this.

      • Well established that Soros, Tom Steyer and many other progs do so on any manner of their pet “destroy America” hobbyhorse projects. That they are extreme narcissistic degenerate morons, at a macro level, is the only reason ANY freedom remains in this country (which allowed the 2016 course correction election).

      • ^Agreed. +10000000000
        No tin foil is needed to pick up the signal from anti-2A groups or individuals that are in fact fascists. It is simple Orwellian methodology to use public marketing on the outside combined with subversive tactics on the inside to achieve successful goal fulfillment.
        Anyone with a brain (where are the “learned men” and “scholars” and true patriotic citizens?) can hear and see the direct, synergy amongst all the attacks on civil liberties (1A, 2A, 4A, 9A) that are same sourced and fascist in nature.

        I am saddened that my age may prevent me from seeing our country thru the difficult times it is entering. The United States is still the preeminent country for the idealism and fruition of individual freedoms and upwardly mobile socio-economic advancements.
        It is not even arguable. Our country is still that beacon of light for democracy on this planet. There is much to be endeavored to maintain this. And battles to be waged on fronts not yet imagined. The enemies outside and within our great nation will not rest to achieve their goals.
        We must agree to be as relentless in our fight against fascism and tyranny.
        And more importantly, understand that our actions will speak most efficiently.
        Take action. Educate yourself. Educate and inform others.
        V O T E !!!

  7. “You don’t have to join the KKK, but you must defend their right to free speech. If we are picking and choosing who’s First and Second Amendment rights are to be protected, we have taken on the garb of those opposed to the constitution.”

    Liberals are now in a full blown war against not only the 2A, but the 1A. This near total online ban of crazy Alex Jones is proof. Make no mistake, I actually think AJ is a charlatan. But when nearly all the media platforms not only ban him, but outright *ban the mention of his name*, it shows what their true goal is. His an easy target to start the online purge. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity will be next.

    • And TTAG after that. Perhaps it’s happened already. The site is already not what it was a year ago under RF. Who are these new owners? Does anyone know them, or anything about them? Are they from NYC? Did they buy 2/3 and take over like they did with Yeti Coolers?
      The answer to that one is NO. RF was sly enough to not play the “sell out 51%”, and then get kicked out the door as they take the other 49% for free.

      • “Judge your friends by their enemies.”


        1. Don’t judge your friends. Period.
        2. Don’t use enemies as a measure of anything. Make your own decisions.
        3. Don’t be reactionary. Be proactive and forward thinking.

        All the talk of supporting whatever 2A org is convienent dilutes the cause, fragments support, muddies the message, and creates infighting.

        The NRAs compass points all over the place so it is easy to argue with even among gun owners. What’s needed is a unifying organization, not just another one. The public does not need to know the difference between the GOA and the NRA to use them as weapons against each other.

      • Alex Jones causes brain cancer. That the progs detest him means very little.

        With that said, the laws that protect his speech also protect my speech. An attack on his right to be wrong is an attack on everyone’s right to be wrong.

        Being able to disagree with the ‘official version’ is a requirement of a free society. Even if they’re a two-legged hemorrhoid making a living by spreading brain cancer.

        • That’s a very reasoned argument against Jones. I find his biggest detractors know very little about what the man actually says and has said. For example, people love to lampoon him talking about “chemicals that turn the frogs gay.” Guess what? Estrogen-laced products contaminating water tables (no sh*t a lot of it is urine from women on birth control) actually DOES cause certain frogs to change sex to female, which obviously causes population imbalances which wreaks havoc with ecosystems. Yes, he could have said “turn the frogs female.” But that’s not how he chose to make his point. The man says kooky things and some of his high-level theories are pretty out there (psychic vampires etc), but he’s actually right about a LOT of things if you actually run his theories to the ground with your own research.

  8. when the socialist bastards get a foot-hold anywhere they run with it, the millennial fools are worthless, they have been brain-washed since the first grade in school that communism is good ,that the democrats are the only way to what your government says to do ,do not think for yourself.IT IS GOING TO BE A FIGHT TO THE FINISH.

  9. Plan? The more plans you make, plan on changing them, again and again, and again.

    Its past time to plan…its time to starts acting, then reacting. Its the only plan I plan on using.

    All talk, will get you right where we are…sitting, while they coordinate attacks against the people and our president.

    Time we did, rather than plan to do.

  10. Plan? No plan survives first contact and we all know Mr. Murphy will get involved in any plan made. So Why not just start fighting? I like the ideas of sending petitions and all but there is an issue there…. Why would komrade kuomo listen to those million signature petitions? They aren’t the voter base he’s after, seriously every gun owner in New York state could vote against him and as long as he holds NYC he’ll still win. You have to redefine the fight, find a way to take it to him and make him feel the effects. Otherwise you’re just mailing him free toilet paper. Take the battlefield we can control and can win in.

    • There are 4 million gun owners in New York state. His majesty won with only 2 1/2 million
      votes. Do the math! If gun owners and others who feel threatened by the current dictator
      would vote, we wouldn’t be in this mess. If people won’t vote, they sure as hell won’t fight. Larry Sharpe can’t win. Let the liberals split their vote.
      NY Patriot

      • The population of the 8 downstate counties, where household gun ownership is less than 5%, exceeds the population of the other 54 counties combined. Even the state Senate is districted by population, not by county, region or demographics.

        • And yet they don’t all vote either. The point stands that, given the turnout numbers, IF gun owners cared enough to vote en mass, they’d swing the election.

    • There are 4 million gun owners in New York state. His majesty won with only 2 1/2 million
      votes. Do the math! If gun owners and others who feel threatened by the current dictator
      would vote, we wouldn’t be in this mess. If people won’t vote, they sure as hell won’t fight.
      NY Patriot

      • If the 4 million gun owners in NY State felt their rights were being infringed, they might respond. However, I don’t think they feel that is the case. Or, they are so apathetic, the thought of voting turns them off. Many don’t vote, because they don’t think it warrants it. We need to realign the thinking behind this…make these people a one issue voter. Bring on the pain, even if its only in their minds. Editorials about the what ifs, should be a good start. Grass roots organizing should have been the first thing to motivate those who are indifferent…give them something to strive for…skin in the game.

        Time to get off your lazy NY state of mindASS and man the front lines…because if we don’t…those front lines aren’t going to be just in your head anymore.

        • People that don’t vote would tend to vote Democrat & antigun & socialist if they were required to. Very well documented phenomenon linking overall turnout rates with those tendencies, here & abroad.

    • If the feds weren’t in the middle of being investigated for pro-Democrat corruption themselves while the AG refuses to do jack against publicly admitted crimes, I’d say get the feds on his ass. Failing that, there’s always threat of enacting legislation… which Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will block.

      Wait, you mean weak “republicans” have cost us our main defenses against this? Remind me again why I’m supposed to accept “moderate” gun grabbers?

  11. Think through the problem. Sending coin to a PAC does nothing except enrich the PAC.

    Cuomo hits insurance company’s to end lawful businesses. What actions do a group of citizens do to attack state funding?

    Think 🤔

  12. Larry Sharpe for governor!
    He’s the only candidate that in on record for repealing the safe act. And he is pro silencer.
    Time to start voting for your freedoms!

    • Also find a sheriff candidate who says he or she supports the constitution, not the governor when the governor violates the constitution.

  13. ““First, we destroy the methods Cuomo is using, then we take out our frustration on the NRA.”

    Nonsense. There is no reason we can not dismantle Cuomo’s tools WHILE reminding the NRA this started because they wanted to use their position to dethrone USCAA (for money that would be spent on executive salary) instead of doing their job and protecting gun rights. It hardly requires division of effort.

    • Our local Bloomberg plant speaks up. No serious person would do the work of Cuomo while fighting him. You put out the house fire before you argue about the color of the drapes.

  14. Just boycott all products made in New York, what little is actually made their besides propaganda and legal cases. I know Kimber makes good guns, but buying their guns pays for NY’s anti gun legislation and activities.

    • “I know Kimber makes good guns, but buying their guns pays for NY’s anti-gun legislation and activities.”

      What? Are you suggesting Kimber is supporting anti-gun legislation and activities? What about the Remington plant in Ilion, NY? Is Remington in on the anti-gun legislation as well?

      I’ve seen some wildly ignorant posts on this blog, but you win this particular thread.

      • Kimber pays taxes to NY for their business, their employees pay taxes to NY for living in NY. Simple.

        Remington/Marlin too.

        • Correct. It amazes me that any gun companies still exist in N Y state with their draconian gun laws.

  15. The might & size of the NRA is another stalking horse, which even many gun owners fall prey to; it doesn’t exist because of the NRA’s lobbying efforts (uh-huh) or the results won for members (lol!). It is because there are a very large number of people out there that want to see these civil rights protected, and the NRA is the most obvious and easiest vehicle for taking action in the hopes of doing so.

    If Cuomo takes that away (which he won’t) we won’t see the ‘house of cards’ tumble. We’ll see millions of gun owners who want to see their rights protected, that no longer have a peaceful, lawful means of doing so, solely by way of his personal influence.

    You’d think the man would understand the implications.

  16. Instead of the NRA fighting for the gun owners of NY they stood in free states raking in money telling already free people they were free. There is much schadenfreude in watching NY take out the NRA as a NY resident. I have been begging for help for years to defeat these anti-gun tyrants. The rest of the country laughs and points. The NRA stays silent. Now Cuomtard is taking away what the NRA loves the most. Its money.

    • When you’re fighting a war you choose the ground on which to fight your battles (when you can) to maximize your chances of winning. You live in enemy territory and they’ve chosen not to waste resources on the fight when there was no chance of winning or advancing their cause.

      • The NRA shouldn’t fight for The people of New York. You’ve been a lost cause for the last 30 years. You made your beds, now lay in it.

  17. Plan?
    A) bitterly criticize and ridicule Cuomo loudly and often; ditto for his cronies. Marginalization of political opponents works the other way, too.
    B) call out the businesses kowtowing to his methods and require public explanation. Either shame them into behaving like men or have them publicly denounce Cuomo’s activities.
    C) call on every 2nd amendment advocacy group to directly assault Cuomo’s efforts by suing everyone partaking in these anti-free association directives.
    D) fiscally support multiple 2nd amendment advocate organizations. Dislike the NRA like I do? Give to another one (such as GOA, SAF, state orgs, etc.). It takes money to sue governments. Don’t stop at memberships; buy swag.
    E) call on every firearm and ammunition manufacturer (supposedly the NRA has all of them in its pocket :P) to boycott all sales to the state of New York. If you can’t hit their pocketbook, hit that which insulates them from the concerns of normal citizens.
    F) pray if you’re of a mind to. Or if you aren’t.

    I’m sure someone can shoot holes in all this, but we have to do more than kvetch about it or listen to nitwits bloviate for armed insurrection.

  18. We’re going to have to hit them where it hurts and hurts hard, protests are NOT going to work we see time and time and time again in states run by Liberals they DO NOT CARE ABOUT your gun rights PERIOD.

    So what do we do? Well whie I’m not an attorney or a legal expert we need to band together and consider a combination of the following ideas.

    A.) I know the NRA is suing Cuomo and well see how that goes but the reality is he is trying to not just shut down the NRA now but infringe on ALL of our second amendment rights so we need to seriously look into doing something like a class action lawsuit for violating our civil rights. Or get the vast majority of gun owners to personally sue this jerkoff and the state of NY of violating our civil rights agin we need to get orgainized and fight dirty as protests, emails, calls, letters etc don’t seem to work nothing short of a personal lawsuit against this POS and his minions will work.

    B.) we again need to band together and send every single firearms manufacturer, ammo maker, and firearms accessory maker a notice that if they do ANY business with the state of NY or any any that we the American gun owners will BOYCOTT them and ensure that every gun owner in the U.S. knows that they are helping to take away our second amendment rights by doing business with Cuomo. If it works these companies will have to weigh what will bring then more business 100 million+ law abiding gun owners or NY state and then we need to actually follow through. Now I know this could mean no more Sig’s, S&W M&P’s, Federal Ammo, Speer Ammo, etc but I know just like several companies pulled this business from Dick’s we could push them to stop doing business with NY State. Just imagine how that would look for this POS when the media in NY State gets a hold of the fact that the police in NY State are having trouble getting ammo or guns because of Cuomo’s little war on legal law abiding gun owners so now firearms related businesses are refusing to do any business with the state.

    Again I have no idea if either of these will work but we need to try something really different at this point.

    • As Abraham Lincoln would say “The people……the people…. are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • I suppose he might have had a few moments in life where he didn’t do the right thing for all…what about you, have you been a perfect little troll your entire life? Is there anything you have done which counts towards your flawed character? Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend, boyfriend, your family, your boss, stolen from your employer?

          You responded like every leftist would…congratulations idiot!

    • What about contacting EVERY gun manufacturer in New York state and telling them that because of Cuomo you will no longer buy their products, but if they are willing to move to a gun friendly state that you will make a purchase of one of their guns. Many I’m guessing are not to far from the tipping point and that might be enough to tip them over.

  19. Cuomo is targeting the weak spot in any organization and that is the finances. What he is doing and he admits that what he is doing is totally illegal by using the government to interfere in the commerce or operation of a total legal business. I think this is the grounds on what the NRA is suing New York and I think it is totally winnable. I just hope they are also suing for damages which will cause Cuomo plan to backfire on him and hit him in the state’s bankrupt pocket book.

  20. Start the impeachment process for ANY public servant ignoring the constitution. NO law in this country can stand against, “shall NOT be infringed” unless you make liberal excuses and allow them. Either we have rights and live in a free country OR we have privileges, granted by our rulers.

  21. I’ve just read where Cuomo has praised ANTIFA, comparing it to a civil rights organization and has declared war on law abiding gun owners. There’s only one possible explanation here. GOD put his brains in backward at birth.

  22. Who the fuck does queermo think he is? He can’t do shit! Take your armed guards guns away you pompous son of a bitch!
    You think your life means more to me than my families? Fuck you!!

  23. Who blew sunshine up Cuomos ass and made him feel relevant? Come take my guns yourself, that way you’ll know they are gone! Fuck you!

  24. The Cuomos are the patrician class libertard twits that say Christian Conservatives, particularly gun owning ones are not welcome in New York. I say fine leave New York to itself. Those banking Corps the Cuomos and Bloomberg are using to cut off the firearms industry money have home offices in New York, boycott them. New York City and upstate New York are deeply invested in tourism, don’t go there. What would these idiots do if say, Texas got tired of the Demotard control freak crap and decided to become a Republic again? What would that do to the national tax base. What if Texas became a Republic again and we said come on firearms industry we will welcome you with open arms. When it comes to the 2nd Amendment in Texas your in God’s Country. Our GNP if we were an independent nation is more than almost all of the E.U.. We don’t need the rest of the nation, they need us. These Demotard twits need to seriously think before they mess with Texas. We are the NRA gun toting Bible clutching patriots that give them nightmares.

    • Which is why I believe that the ultimate result of all of this meddling is going to be the break-up of the United States into about 8 to 12 new countries much like the old Soviet Union did. Freedom loving people will not put up with this total crap indefinitely and will demand that their state disengage themselves from the likes of New York, California and such. Let’s see those totally worthless leftist politicians pay for all of their wonderful “everything for everybody” when they can’t steal our money from us anymore.

  25. Well looks like the people of NEW YORK should impeach this Democrat out of office..
    If they don’t you will have another CHICAGO DEATH CITY!! Which is almost there now.
    Also get rid of all socialists Democrat in your GOV!! For your state gov cares nothing about safety just there communists socialist agenda… GET RIDE OF THE PROBLEM OF A DEMOCRATIC SMUG A-HOLE YOU CURE THE PROBLEM!!! IF you don’t you can kiss your safety good by..People wake up your life is at stake here When voted in office you are to follow the Constitution, of AMERICA, if not impeach this IDIOT out of office.. NEXT, A REPUBLICAN TO OFFICE WHO BELIEVES IN THE CONSTITUTION,and the people who put him in office not to get rich of the PEOPLE!!!!!

  26. Cuomo and Co. are, in plain English, pieces of shit. Those who put them into office, and continue to support them and their antics are, at best, deluded idiots. By the way, I grew up in NYC, departing that locale many years ago.


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