Kellie Collins Democrat Gun Control Murder
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She ran on responsible gun regulation, now she’s accused of killing her campaign treasurer

Why are anti-gun leftists so violent? This one allegedly shot and killed her PAC treasurer.

A former Georgia Congressional candidate has been charged with murder after her former campaign treasurer was found dead inside her apartment.

Kellie Collins, of Thomason, turned herself into the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office just as authorities in Aiken County, South Carolina found the body of Curtis Cain, Collins’ former campaign treasurer.

Investigators said Cain did not show up for work on Tuesday, so deputies went to his home to check on him. That’s when they found him dead from an apparent gunshot wound.

Carnage as 10 people including two children are rushed to hospital as gunshots are fired after a street carnival in Manchester

How are those super-duper ultra-restrictive gun control laws working out? Oh, they only keep guns away from law-abiders? Who could have possibly predicted something like that?

Ten people, including two children, have been shot in Manchester after a carnival event in the Moss Side area.

Armed officers from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were scrambled to Claremont Road at 2.30am on Sunday.

Terrifying footage of the bloody aftermath shows a panicked group crying out and a voice asking ‘can you hear me?’.

Police and paramedics were seen surrounding the area as injured people were taken to hospital in ambulances.

Hold on…there’s more:

Shoot-out in Wild West Britain: Shocking moment gunmen lean out of their CARS to blast each other with firearms on a residential street – as drug dealer driver is jailed for 25 years

Dramatic footage captured the moment a gunmen fired at a car during a high-speed chase.

Incredibly, the gunman accidentally misfired and the bullet ricocheted off the Seat’s bonnet into the street.

CCTV captured the moment D’anglo Smith, 21, stopped his Seat Ibiza while his accomplice leant out the passenger window and fired at a Renault Clio which was travelling in front.  …

Detective Constable Chris Bradley, from the Regional Organised Crime Unit, said: ‘This was a hugely reckless act, firing a gun from a moving car.


Wife of Sutherland Springs shooter: He tied me up, then left fully armed and dressed to kill

Danielle Kelley could do nothing as her husband donned military gear, grabbed his semiautomatic rifle and two handguns and went to church.

Devin Kelley told his children not to worry, kissed one of them and told the other he would be right back — after he tied Danielle to the bed with rope, handcuffs and tape.

Then he went to First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs — and killed 26 people on Nov. 5, 2017.

North Carolina Parents Charged After Teen Shoots Himself

On your hip or in your safe . . .

The McDowell County Sheriff’s Office told news outlets 50-year-old Kimberly Cable and 46-year-old Roger Dale Cable are also charged with failure to store a firearm to protect a minor.

Investigators said 16-year-old Kyle Storm Lee was visiting the couple’s son and playing around with a .44-caliber revolver on Friday when he shot himself in the head.

Detective Paul Alkire said there was a number of guns in the house to which the teenagers had access.

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  1. Despite all the “muh gunz ain’t locked up!”comments clearly those parents are idiots. I see Britain is devolving further into a deserved 3rd world cesspool. Oh well…

    • I’m one of those people that doesn’t lock up their firearms. Though it is mostly because I don’t have kids, nor are kids, or pretty much anyone else for that matter since I’m not really the warm and welcoming type, allowed into my home without me keeping a close eye on them. If I did have kids though I’d would definitely lock up every gun that I am not carrying on my person.

      • I don’t know about that, but first, condolences to the family. I received my first personally owned firearm when I was ten. Kept it in my bedroom. When I was 16 I got my first real job working afternoons and weekends at my uncle’s gas station. Anybody out there remember full service? Parents gave me a gun rack for Christmas so I would have a place to keep all the guns I was buying. Still had to keep some in the closet. No safety issues. The story said the victim was sixteen. I got my driver’s license on my 16th birthday. A teenager with control of a motor vehicle is in much greater danger than one with a firearm. I have had the misfortune of personally seeing this too many times. When I had children I chose to gun proof them instead of trying to child proof my guns. They’re 27 and 22 now and have owned their own firearms since their age was measured in single digits. No safety issues.When a friend would visit I occasionally had a parent object to loaded firearms in my home. I would politely reply, “Have a good day. I’m sorry you couldn’t visit my son/daughter. Maybe your mom/dad can meet us next weekend at the theater for a movie.” I would then tell the parent they should have been more worried about the in ground swimming pool in my backyard than a firearm. Statistically more dangerous. There jaw would fall open. Every time.

        • Good work Paul.
          I was a double danger to the neighborhood. I had the pool and guns.
          But my neighbors were gun gomers. Half had kids, half didn’t.
          We are still good friends 20 years later and miles apart.

        • “16-year-old Kyle Storm Lee was visiting the couple’s son and playing around with a .44-caliber revolver on Friday when he shot himself in the head”

          You screw around with Darwin and he will kick you in the ass.

        • I received my first personal firearm at 8, kept it and the ammo in my room while friends were over all the time. We didn’t used to be so impossibly stupid. I swear a 10 year old from 1985 was more mature and capable than many (most?) 18 year olds now. Back then, if a kid wasn’t quite…right…the parents would warn you to keep an eye on them because they were, you know, ‘special’. Now everyone seems to act like an imbecile all the time. Incidentally, any kid 12 years old in the 80s who couldn’t bring your car around or be safe with your gun was considered ‘special’.

          I was also a latch key kid…i came home from school at 2:30 and had the place to myself till 5 or 6 pm. With a gun, and car keys…and we still managed to survive. Try that with 3rd and 4th graders now…for that matter, try that with high school kids now and apparently some will act so stupid they actually die.

          Its not pro gun versus anti gun, it’s pro reality (guns really do exist) versus unreality. People used to teach their children…let that sink in…its a strange concept now…about things that would hurt them and others if misused (you know, like most of the stuff on the planet?). If you can understand that throwing a rock at someone will hurt them, then you can understand that pointing a gun and pulling the trigger will cause harm. If you can’t understand these things, you need a handler, because it is unsafe to allow that person to roam free…they will injure themselves and others, period, no matter what we lock up. If you know your kid is stupid, do them, yourself and all of us a favor and keep them at home! We have got to stop pretending that the whole world is as safe as a day care center. It isn’t, cannot be, should not be. Are we seriously going to try to safe the whole world rather than admit that some people just aren’t suited to being allow to roam around in it? Its a disservice to those who can’t handle it, they keep getting hurt or killed, and to the rest of us.

          Rant off

        • Yeah, 16 is old enough to know better. Or at least it should be. My guess is that if the kid was screwing around and shot himself at 16, he’d have screwed around and shot himself at 26. Or 36, or 46. No way to know now of course.

    • From my own personal experience with guns as a child, I have ambivalent reactions to the arguments about locking-up guns. In my rural village no one thought about locking up guns at all; to say nothing about locking ammunition and guns separately. Usually, guns were kept unloaded; but one family taught the “guns are always loaded” with a simple practice. Guns were always readily available and always loaded. ‘Go ahead, kid, check and see if the rule isn’t literally true.’ . . . ‘Yes, Mom, you’re right. The gun IS loaded.’ So, there was never any doubt in any child’s mind, that guns are to be treated with care (even if the guns-are-always-loaded was taught as a presumption rather than as a fact.)

      In any case, it just now occurs to me that there is a difference between my childhood environment and today. In my environment it was a reasonable assumption that every child that might ever come into one’s own house/shop/farm would have already been taught alike that guns are to be treated with care. That assumption is no longer reasonable anywhere; certainly not in suburbia or urban areas. Non-gun-owners don’t teach their children. Non-gun-owners’ children don’t learn from the children of neighboring gun owners. No matter how well we may have taught our own children, they may have never taught our grandchildren. Or, the grandchildren’s friends who come along might never have been so taught.

      We are vulnerable to our own not-well-founded assumptions about how others have been taught.

      • It sucks how the world has changed. My father left a loaded handgun on his night stand every day. At least that’s where it was until he left the house and it went on his shoulder. The gun “cabinet” was unlocked with the ammo below it also unlocked. Never once did I think about playing with firearms. I knew they weren’t toys. They were powerful and dangerous tools to be respected. That mindset can only come from raising children from a young age how to handle firearms safely and using them in a practical sense. I knew at least a few people in my hometown that were brought up the same way. Now I know none.

        • Add me to the list of kids that grew up in a house with unsecured guns. We had 2 shotguns and 2 rifles on a gun rack that hung on the wall of our den. The guns weren’t loaded, but the ammo was in the closet off of the den. We didn’t even have a lock on the front door of our house; the village was a safe place.

          What’s changed in this country since then that makes scene like this increasingly unlikely? Progressive liberalism has metastasized and ruined everything.

        • I too lived in a home with “unsecured” guns. Dad’s gun cabinet was unlocked and in my bedroom! When a junior in high school, a trivial incident occurred that at the time, caused me to want to kill a fellow student (don’t judge, I was a hormone infused 16 year old). The guns were right there in front of me, but all I could think of was that if I shot some pissant, Dad would kick my ass for touching his guns without supervision or permission. Such is the power of proper parental guidance and safety education.

          For the record, within a day or two I had calmed down, and no further action was taken on my part to exact any sort of revenge or retribution.

        • Hell, my dad kept a loaded .38 spl snub nose in his nightstand and told me exactly where it was should the need arise to use it. Other than that, I knew that if I wanted to see/ handle it, all I had to do was ask. I had plenty of toy guns (water pistols, wooden guns, cap gun) to shoot imaginary bad guys with. And this was in southeast Los Angeles County (LA/ Orange county line) during the 90’s. The problem came from those parents who tried to shelter their children from the world. Even us kids thought the safety bubbles were stupid back then.

      • I’d say guns should be locked up as long as someone who is untrustworthy could reasonably be expected to gain access to them otherwise. Some people can be trusted pretty young. Others, never at any age.

  2. It’s not necessarily that gun grabbers are violent. It’s that they are anti gun because they are violent and hateful and assume everyone else is like them. If I lived in her mind and assumed that everyone else was the same, I’d be anti gun too. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • “It’s that they are anti gun because they are violent and hateful and assume everyone else is like them.”

      ‘Projection’ in action…

    • The same sort of projection is on full display with their “Pound Me Too!” campaign and sexual harassment of women in the workplace/etc.

      It turns out that many liberals, especially “male feminists,” are vile predators.

      Liberals, living in their little bubbles, think that every man is like this – just as they think every human is prone to uncontrolled violence the way their nutjob buddies are.

      Liberals should be told, at every turn and opportunity, that they are the ones who are abnormal, and in fact, the majority of humans are not maladjusted sociopaths the way they are.

      • Holy smokes DG.
        I’d never said the words until you did.
        #metoo turned from “I’m a victim” to
        “Pound me, too” I want it.
        I about lost a mouthful of tea.
        Crud. I’m still laughing.

        • I think it’s the engineer in him. He has a way of distilling down to the essence of the problem in a delightfully vicious way. 😉

          (Oh, cool. ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is back for the second half of the season…)

      • Right on! There are intelligent, mature, well meaning and imminently sane, dignified people around…and then there are leftists. When your starting point is refuting reality and every traditional, effective means of coping with reality the end point sure isn’t going to be utopia…

        We used to call people with serious intellectual impairments retarded, and we didn’t ask their advice. We used to call people with serious emotional problems crazy, and we didn’t seek their advice either, in fact, we hospitalised the worst and kept an eye on the rest. Now we call these people leftists, and they expect the rest of us to listen and care what they have to say…

        Remember the girl who studied night and day, got all A’s, thought she was smart but was really just trying too hard? She has teamed up with the kids from special ed, told them their rantings are vaild, and together they have taken over the Democratic party. We are left with a clear choice between meaningless noise and insane screeching on the one hand, and actual ideas and solutions on the other…and half the country is confused about which they should back. It doesnt bode well for the Republic.

    • I’d always suspected this argument was rather like the gun grabber favorite “compensating for a small penis” screed. However, I’m starting to think it’s true of at least some of them. I talked to a guy who said it himself, that he has trouble going through a week without experiencing a strong urge to punch someone, therefore he doesn’t think anyone should be allowed to carry a gun because of the temptation. So, according to his own words, there’s one.

  3. More and more leftists are mentally ill. That’s part of the reason why they are so unhappy, frustrated, and aggressive. They also don’t want you to enjoy anything so it must be banned by the nanny state!

    • Many of them are probably driven nuts by their strong belief in Darwin conflicting with the vicious nature of Darwinian dog-eat-dog survival rules. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

      • You really might be on to something here. The left does seem to behave as if they refute the concept of survival of the fittest, opting always to drag us all down to the least common denominator rather than raising us up as far as we can go. I’m going to be thinking about how that informs us about their nature and internal strife.

  4. Part of the reason that gun grabbers are so violent is because the instinctually know that they should not personally have a firearm because they are so mentally screwed up themselves and they figure that everyone else is as bad as they are.

    • I didn’t read the column before I posted and it was ONLY afterward that I saw that others have come to the same conclusion that I have.

    • That gal has a bad case of Trump Psychotic Derangement Syndrome. Best to avoid people like her. Dude she killed was probably an ordinary decent fellow who just said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

  5. Liberals are so anti gun because they know the great equalizer keeps them in check, from achieving their dreams of an isalmofascist crime state.

  6. A late update for the ‘Digest’ –

    We’re in for it now! We’re in for it now!

    “Facebook Brags They Can Change ‘Any Public Opinion'”

    “Embattled social media giant Facebook actually promoted a case study on its own website in 2011 that praised its usefulness “as a market research tool and as a platform for ad saturation [that] can be used to change public opinion in any political campaign.””

    I guess we had just better sell our guns now before we are ordered to turn them in to be melted…

    *snicker* 😉

    • “You furnish the pictures, I’ll provide the war” -William Randolph Hearst, circa 1897
      So today’s facebook is yesteryears ‘news’papers. Still on the same tired fabrications as they’ve always been. Then it was Cuba, now it’s North Korea, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, on and on…
      Their tools change, but the humans using them don’t. Still sheep.

    • Well Fakebook HAS convience many marketing/ad pinheads that throwing cash at them counts as “advertising”. Someday a smart MBA will come along and demand a payback analysis of that nonsense.

  7. Great Britain where most citizens cannot own firearms, those that do they must be locked up in safes at gun clubs. And they have a shootout! So much for those laws! Typical anti-gun polecat shoots and kills fellow staffer. Another violent example of the dumbassocratic party and liberals. Mass shooting again in a city that police failed to stop. Business as usual! Kid shoots himself with gun. Parents criminally negligent as it should be. They violated the unwritten laws that ALL PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO TEACH FIREARM SAFETY IN THE HOME! And I don’t give a damn if you own one or not. It’s your job! Man commits mass shooting in a church with a gun free zone. His wife had no idea of his mental state? No church goer armed with a CC permit?
    Really screwed up tragedy. I never had a problem with my children and firearms. My guns were not locked up. I taught them firearm safety from age 5 on and trained them in firearms. I taught them respect and responsibility! Something sadly missing from a lot of homes now days whether or not there are guns in the home.

    • Speaking of “five years old,” I got a Daisy BB rifle on my 5th birthday and my love for guns blossomed from then on. I don’t have kids in my home but I do have my handguns and loaded magazines hidden around the house. I doubt that a child would ever find where I hid them, however.

  8. The loving warm and fuzzy inclusive Leftards are violent as they represent groups such as Antifa anarchist, besides leftism being a mental disorder it is violent and they will resort to any means necessary to see their goal.

    • How does a leftist win a political argument? By making those with opposing views lose their life. It is a tradition from the days of Lenin.

        • And the Spanish Inquisition. And the barbarities of Rome. And the Greeks before them. And the Persians before them. And Babylon before that. That’s the Bible symbolism of Cain killing Able. Only two people around, and one of them has to bash the other’s brains in.
          The tools change, people don’t. At least they haven’t yet…

    • Antifa are not anarchists. They are filthy commies. Don’t ever forget that. Commies are as dangerous today as they ever were, maybe more so.

      • Those backing, funding, and organizing ANTIFA and similar organizations are not anarchists, they are authoritarians. Many ANTIFA rioters are anarchists, which makes them tools.

        • There are people in this world that are mature at 16 and others who aren’t at 106. I soloed an Cessna 150 airplane at 17 and got my private pilots license at 19. I was raised by my great grandmother and my grandparents that went through the great depression and who had it very rough. They taught me the value of hard work and a good education to make your life better not stealing and complaining about how other people owe you a living. More people in this world need that kind of lesson.

      • One thing that really upsets me is misusing words to gain debate points. The left has long misused the words “liberal” and “gay”. “Liberal” USED to mean open minded, tolerant and open to new ideas. This of course is the opposite of the way it’s used by “Liberals” today. The same with “Gay”. It used to mean happy and carefree, now it means to most people homosexual. The word “anarchist” is similarity being misused because the true meaning is not “no rules” but “no rulers”, the opposite of what communists like ANTIFA really seek. Socialist naturally misuse words to muddy the waters and to keep meanings deliberately vague so they can influence people without them even being aware of it.

  9. Responsible children cannot use a firearm to protect themselves (when parents are away) if their firearms are locked in a safe.

    If children are responsible enough to be home alone, they are responsible enough to have accessible loaded firearms in the home.

  10. I love how the Daily Fail emphasizes “CARS” out of all the words in that headline. As though the involvement of an automobile is the most shocking or heinous detail of the events.

    If a 16 year old killed himself by sticking a fork in an outlet in McDowell County, would the homeowner be charged for leaving their silverware unlocked and their outlets without safety plugs?

  11. I feel sorry for the citizens of Britain, having no way to defend themselves against drug dealers and gang bangers. Strangely, I’m not so sorry about the kid shooting himself. Either the kid was suicidal, in which case he’d have just found another method, or he was so stupid he would have otherwise walked out in front of a fast moving car or truck. Who the hell shoots themselves in the head accidentally without also qualifying to ride the short bus to school? Even gun grabbing democrap parents instruct their children to leave guns alone and notify an adult. Barring further safety instructions on how to handle a firearm, they should default back to the basic premise of leaving the damn thing alone. Also, even if he thought it was an air pistol or airsoft gun, that would still hurt! Why point it at his head?

  12. Investigators said 16-year-old Kyle Storm Lee was visiting the couple’s son and playing around with a .44-caliber revolver on Friday when he shot himself in the head.

    I think the couple should be rewarded for letting DARWIN take effect. Still irresponsible for someone else to take hold of their weapons, but I’m glad the idiot shot himself instead of anyone else. Good riddance. 16 years old and still have no brain to not pull trigger on a revolver where loaded bullets are clearly seen. I blame his parents for raising an idiot.

  13. Jesus, some of you guys are really insensitive. I’ve worked a lot of homicides, suicides and accidental deaths. They were all terrible things to see. Families destroyed. Yeah, maybe the victim could have been better versed in firearms safety. God knows I drilled it into John and Katherine, but to say it’s Darwinian selection? Are you kidding? If your child were killed in a traffic crash because they ran a red light; is that because you didn’t teach them to drive properly? Is that Darwanism? Would you be happy your child was out of the genetic pool? You morons that believe that should remove yorselves from the gene pool. I can mail you a loaded round if you need one. Asswipes!

    • Yes snowflake don’t have sympathy – a traffic wreck (not “accident”) is in no way comparable to a moronic SIXTEEN year old playing Russian Roulette. And certainly not a 2yr old sticking metal into an outlet.

      I have 4 teenagers in the house. Strictly controlled access/entry by the offspring of idiots. NONE of my kids have shot themselves or anyone else. They learned all about guns at a very early age, just as I did. “It’s loaded, don’t touch it”. Not that hard a training task if the kids are not morons.

    • There is no comparison here. Driving is a dynamic activity, subject to a host of factors, not all of which are known or controllable.

      Meanwhile a revolver is an extremely simple device, only operates by pull of the trigger, and only kills that which it is pointed at.

      A 16 year old who can manage to headshot themselves accidentally with a revolver is either impossibly stupid or criminally negligent, or both. Truly, the charges, if any, should be against the shooters parents…they had to have know he was not intellectually capable of being out without a babysitter. They really shouldn’t have let him out of their sight, and now some other family suffers for their stupidly or negligence.

      Its nothing to do with ‘gun safety’ and everything to do with basic common sense. You can’t make it to 16 in America without knowing what a gun is, what it does, which end is dangerous and which bit makes it fire. Further, 16 is plenty old enough to know when you don’t know enough…that is, to know guns are dangerous and if you don’t understand them you had better leave them alone. This is also true of cars if you don’t know how to drive, power tools and many other things commonly encountered.

      Using your car accident comparison, this would be like starting the car, putting it in gear and then throwing oneself under the wheels. You show me a 16 year old who doesn’t know any better than that, and I’ll show you one who shouldn’t be allowed out without a parent. We, collectively, cannot be expected to protect what amounts to an adult from himself. If the kid had been 10, this would be tragic, dumb, but tragic. At 16, it’s a Darwin award candidate.

    • I’m with Paul. We need to show a little compassion here.

      I did so many incredibly stupid things as a teenager, it’s only by the grace of God I survived. Unfortunately, sometimes teenagers get killed doing stupid stuff. I lost a few friends that way. It’s a terrible tragedy any way you look at it.

  14. Gralnok, and especially Darkman and Sora. I can’t quite leave this alone. Have any of you ever seen the aftermath of a violent death? Here’s a suggestion. Go to the funeral of the victim and tell the parents what fuckups you think they are and how humanity is better off now that son will never be able to breed. Be sure to say all that so everyone attending the funeral can hear. Then go to the county jail and tell the owners of the weapon what fuckups they are. They probably don’t feel bad enough over the death of the boy and the end of their lives as they once knew it. Then go home together and have a couple of beers and congratulate yourselves on how much you guys know about shit you don’t know anything about.

    • Actually, I’d just like to call the parents and tell them they shouldn’t have more kids, because apparently they are too stupid to live. I have more sympathy for the gun owners, because the retard decided to off himself with their gun. I stand by my earlier statement. The kid had to have been a special kind of retard or suicidal to pick up something that could be potentially dangerous, put it to his head, and pull the trigger.
      As for your pathetic analogy involving running a red light? No, I would be royally pissed. Not at any other person, but at my own child for running the red light. I’d also be incredibly disappointed.

      • You may be right. The car crash might not have been the best metaphor, but my point was that intelligent people are hurt and killed every day using dangerous objects. That doesn’t make it Darwinism. In Florida anyone 16 y.o.a.+ can legally possess/use a firearm without adult supervision. The blame would be laying squarely at the victims feet. Unfortunately, firearms carry a stigma in some people’s eyes. If the victim had drown in the homeowner’s pool, the homeowner would not be facing charges. By the way, I’m no troll. Just a retired L.E.O. and firearms instructor. As I sit on my couch now I can see three loaded handguns. There are two more and one loaded rifle in my home as well.

    • Hey man, it’s the internet, don’t let people like that get to you. Many of them just say that kind of thing to enrage others. I find the best response to trolls, (ones I find SO dumb I just can’t ignore, like crisco kid and realamericandouchebag) is something simple that’s very condesending. You know beat them at their own game.

      • Like Cisco claiming to be 50 years old and growing up in the 50’s? How tough is it to notice that kind of obvious B.S.?
        I miss cisco. At least he was entertaining. Sometimes anyway. Now we just have to find his new sock puppet. I doubt he went away, although it is possible he’s stupid enough to not know you can have more than one email address.

  15. Investigators said 16-year-old Kyle Storm Lee was visiting the couple’s son and playing around with a .44-caliber revolver on Friday when he shot himself in the head.

    Detective Paul Alkire said there was a number of guns in the house to which the teenagers had access.
    So what?
    At 16 and a lot earlier kids used to be taught responsible gun handling and safety by parents and grandparents. Grandparents had guns galore around the house.

  16. Investigators said 16-year-old Kyle Storm Lee was visiting the couple’s son and playing around with a 12″ kitchen knife on Friday when he slit his wrists.

    Detective Paul Alkire said there was a number of knives in the house to which the teenagers had access.

    Do we raise the next generation so dumb that we have to hide and lock all potentially dangerous items in our household? What if the 16 years old drunk drain cleaner?

    Tragic. In more than one way.

    • I’m left wondering the same thing. If you have a kid old enough to drive but too stupid to be safe around common tools, it’s up to you to warn others or keep the kid home, because the rest of us will assume that by 10 they won’t drink drain cleaner and by 16 they won’t shoot themselves.

      This is a symptom of a society in which we are determined to never admit that some people are just stupid. 25 years ago virtually every 16 year old in my town owned their own gun, and most had for years. Put another way, you should not contemplate allowing your kid to drive if you wouldn’t trust them with a loaded gun. Cars are orders of magnitude more complex and dangerous. There were kids back then who didn’t have access to guns…but we never met them, because they didn’t attend public school. It isn’t possible to make the world safe for some people, best they are kept at home or institutionalized, so the rest of us can get on with our lives.

      I also blame the culture of never allowing kids to fail at anything, and never enforcing consequences for behavior. How do you know your strengths and weaknesses if you’ve literally never been allowed to fail? How do you know not to do something if you’ve never experienced consequences. By not challenging kids we dumb everyone down, and create the situation where someone can make it to 16 without a basic understanding of consequences.

  17. That reminds me tomorrow is gun safety day in the Moltar household. Just another part of my evil plot to gunproof my 4 year old daughter and further gunproof her older brothers. Now just gotta find my training rounds and snap caps.

  18. So, I guess that family from NC would probably have been charged with furnishing tools to arsonist. If the kid decided use matches, a lighter and accelerants to emollient, starting a fire 🔥 🔥 🔥….I though NC was a Pro2@ state? Did it suddenly go ProLibTard/ NJ, MA., NY, or CT. overnight? *(p.s. : Independent, Non-firearm owner making pro2@ support comment for all the SJW Trolls that pop-up in the comment section from time to time….)*

    • NC law requires that firearms are locked up if accessible to a minor. That’s why they were charged, plain and simple. As far as I know, there’s no such legal requirement for arsonist tools.


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