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Press release (click on image to enlarge):

Designed to be a popular choice for both law enforcement and personal protection uses, the PPQ pistol is backed by Walther’s 125 years of dedication and technical expertise. The new line of polymer-frame pistols is available in both 9mm and .40 S&W and each model has been enhanced with a smooth action and short trigger reset made possible by the Walther Quick Defense Trigger. With its short travel, light trigger pull and quick audible reset, the new trigger design not only helps improve accuracy but also allows for a well-placed follow-up shot should the need arise . . .

Additional features designed to improve handling of the firearm include front and rear slide serrations, an extended, ambidextrous slide stop as well as an ambidextrous magazine release located on the trigger guard.

The Walther PPQ can accommodate users of different stature with its small, medium and large backstrap, while the pistol’s cross-directional textured Tactical Grip enables a positive feel in any environment. On top of the 4-inch barrel, the PPQ is standard with a three-dot sight configuration with an adjustable rear sight for accurate shot placement. Additional features include a picatinnystyle equipment rail, loaded chamber indicator and black finish.

The 9mm version of the PPQ is standard with a 15-round capacity while the .40 S&W pistol holds 12 rounds. When extra capacity is required, an optional 17-round 9mm and a 14-round .40 S&W magazine is available. Manufactured to be easily and quickly reassembled and disassembled without the need of tools, the Walther PPQ is shipped complete with two magazines and a thumb loader.

Technical Specs:

Model: PPQ™ Black Finish
Caliber: 9 mm or .40 S&W
Action: Striker-Fire
Barrel Length: 4″ / 102 mm
Capacity: 15 Rounds
Overall Length: 7.1″ / 180 mm
Height: 5.3″ / 135 mm
Width: 1.3″ / 33 mm
Sight Radius: 6.1″ / 156 mm
Weight (no/mag): 24.5 oz. / 695 g
Price: MSRP $729.00

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    • Bro the XD is a Croatia made gun you can not compare it with high end models such as HK or Walther…

    • I just purchase PPQ 40 for $509.00 ship to my gunstore and will be $35.00 Trans fee and background check and still less that a XDM 9 or 40 it look just like my HK p30 and i paid $554.00 for XDM 9 GO TO Budsguns .com

  1. If it is anything like my police surplus PPO in .40, it’s a shooter. I was doing roughly 2 1/2 ” groups at 15 yards off hand, all in a ragged hole. I got the trade in/surplus market Walther for $320. The officer who had it must have not been a shooter, the rear sight was as far left as it could go. I put it back to zero and it was perfect. I run Ranger 135 grain JHP through it.

  2. Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    What differentiates this from the P99? Who pays Msrp? And where are you finding those amazing deals on xdm’s? I paid 580, before tax, to my local FFL for a Xdm 40.

      • Springfield Armory lists the MSRP of the XDM as $737. I guess i’m just not seeing the $200 price difference. And for the way the Walther looks, i’d be willing to pay the extra money. As great my XDM is, it is not the best looking gun out there.

  3. Amazes me every time I see people freaking out over MSRP. They must not know what that means.

  4. Design evolution seems to be funneling most new pistol designs into the same proven formats. Everything looks pretty much like a Glock these days, no matter who makes it.

    The striker-fired, polymer frame safety-trigger pistol is today’s version of the 1980s all-steel Wondernine. In 20 years we’ll be somewhere completely different.

    • HKs are not Glock like at all ! I believe the best pistol in the market in 9/40 cal is the HK P30 line…I am consedrering the PPQ 40 because it is smaller than my HK P30L and $300 less; I hope it is a reliable gun also.

      • Interesting since the HK P30 is a copy of the Walther P99 and now Walther ups the ante with the PPQ, which blows the P30 (on trigger action alone) away, not to mention they are going for less than $500.

  5. It pretty much looks like a less expensive, striker-fired hk p30 to me. The claim of having a 5.5 pound pull definitely caught my attention though.

    • +1

      By virtue of which, I’m interested. I love my P30, just absolutely hate the trigger, this might be the best of both worlds because the P30’s ergonomics really can’t be beat.

  6. +1 with Cujo. Walther is a brand that really deserves a look. Great ergonomic, accuracy, and “pointability”.

    • I admit, for the price I was just thinking it would be a decent pack gun and glove box gun. Then I started shooting it. Mine was carried a lot, used some, and it is still a really nice piece. And I know a nice piece when I get a hold of it.

  7. You have to shoot the PPQ to understand. I have HK’s and 1911’s costing twice what I paid for my PPQ and it will shoot with all of them. The trigger is amazing, much better than the $ 200 trigger I installed in my G34 and 10 times better than my P30. As I read somewhere else, it’s the ergo’s of a P30 with a trigger much closer to a 1911.

    • Wow now I am sold on it…I love both my P30L and Kimber Eclipse Custom II there are great guns..The Kimber all steel is heavy but a very accurate gun for home defense and night shooting

  8. I have shot the SR9C and the trigger is very heavy compared to the PPQ. It’s (PPQ)honestly closer (although a little longer pull) to my Les Baer than anything else I have tried.

  9. For the PPQ/Walther/Polymer haters out there, you won’t understand until you actually hold and shoot this gun. It is fantastic.

  10. Picked one up last week in 40, for 550 after tax and background, i have several xd’s and a glock, this gun by far feels better in the hand, trigger is amazing “straight out the box” and very accurate, as long as your doing your part as with all guns, don’t knock it till you shoot one, very good gun at a great price, also for all the glock fans the trigger on the PPQ has got the glock beat, I plan on waiting to get a 9mm to see if they come out with a compacts or other version of the PPQ, thanks

  11. I just placed an order at cheaperthendirt 485 plus 20 for my dealer. Let’s see how the gun feels. The p30s feels great but let’s compare apples to apples 🙂

  12. I just placed an order at cheaper than dirt 485 plus 20 for my dealer. Let’s see how the gun feels. The p30s feels great but let’s compare apples to apples 🙂

  13. I just placed an order online for 485 plus 20 for my dealer. Let’s see how the gun feels. The p30s feels great but let’s compare apples to apples 🙂

  14. I’ve put over 1,000 rounds through mine since I got it, no problems at all its run flawless, great gun

  15. Got my Walther PPQ 9mm for $75.00 less than what I could have gotten an XDM for so I don’t know what the previous comments are about. All I know is the ergonomics on the PPQ are way better and the trigger is much better too. Don’t know about long term reliability but the PPQ is accurate and have had no misfires. Very happy with it.

  16. Just sold my Glock 17 with less than 200 rounds through it for $435 (paid $399 for it new), and just today ordered a PPQ 40. I bounced back and forth debating on 9 vs 40, but the 40 was $509 (free shipping) at Bud’s Gun Shop, and the 9 was $30 more for some reason. Only reason I was considering the 9 was the cheaper ammo, but finally went for the 40 cal. I couldn’t hit a barn with the Glock and my favorite pistols at present or my 1911 types, my Sig 229 DA/SA, and my CZ75 (which is a nail driver). I hope the PPQ likes me better than the Glock!

  17. After owning or sampling the P226, the CZ75D Compact, S&W M 5906, M&P .45, Beretta 92FS and 96, Springfield XD Tactical .45, all within the past 3 years, I managed to acquire a Walther P99 (first gen, Interarms marked), and it is every bit as good as the respondents above indicate. Trigger stroke quality on DA, as well as SA release and reset, are better than any of the pistols above. Only the 5906, the much maligned all steel S&W came close in SA pull and reset.

    Obviously, it is far lighter and smaller than any of these as well. I think Walther has hit an absolute home run in the PFSF market, and look forward to sampling a PPQ as soon as possible.

    While I still don’t think it’s quite as good as a 1911 in rapid fire due to the trigger swinging in an arc and a slightly heavier pull with longer reset, the 1911 remains in a class all its own in those regards. For a standard service pistol that can also serve admirably as a compact carry piece, Walther has done it, at least for me.

  18. I own the .40 S&W PPQ, picked it up moderately used for $445 after the FFL transfer. I’ll put it to anyone – for the price I dare you to find a more capable handgun. The PPQ offers some of the best ergonomics out there, is a completely ambidextrous design (the new M2 is “pretty much” completely ambi), has the best trigger I’ve ever felt and incorporates a picatinny rail mount (unlike Glock, which uses its own). The magazines are expensive but you have inexpensive options available in the form of second generation P99 and MR Eagle magazines. Round capacity is pretty much standard, albeit Glock does have them beat there. Why the PPQ hasn’t caught on with law enforcement here in the U.S. is beyond me. I love it and, like most others that own one, haven’t had a single malfunction yet.

    Oh… not to mention. The original PPQ design may be discontinued. I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with that M2 version crap. That would make them a limited production model (the First Edition being even more so) and jack up re-sell value like crazy. Just my thoughts on the PPQ. It just plain rocks.

    • Have a first gen with the paddle style mag release. Only thing i can think of is more Americans like a push button style release, and well, money talks if they want to sell more of them here.

  19. Have had my PPQ in .40 and its perfect. Have shot HK’s and the Walther won out. The trigger on this beast is simply amazing, its so fast who needs full auto? Its on the large end for a concealed, but would be a great service gun. That said i can conceal it very well. I did end up paying more for mine, after purchase price on and transer fees, it run me about 740.00 (decided to purchase this as the gun scare started -.-)
    Only bad thing now is finding good mags, the stock ones it came with are made by MEC-GAR and they dont list them on their site.

    Happy Shooting!

    • Also, the only ammo i could NOT feed it reliably were Fiocchi’s 165g, thought it was just a bad round or two but it was half the mag throughout the entire box. I’ve tried everything i can get my hands on, and thats the only ammo i’ve had troubles with.

      Anyone else find some food their gun turn its head at?

  20. For the original PPQ, NOT the M2, P99 mags work just fine. Picked up several locally when I could not find originals.

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