Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15
Rare Breed Triggers FRT site-15. Image source; Rare Breed Triggers web
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The new Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 trigger for the AR platform allows very rapid semi-automatic fire from an AR-15 rifle. Watch the video above, which shows the trigger in action and explains how it works.


The TL;DR is that the FRT-15’s sear forces the trigger to reset with every shot even if you keep continuous pressure on it. It cannot be considered anything but semi-automatic. Rare Breed notes that a heavy buffer and a full-auto bolt carrier group is required for use of the $380 FRT-15.

As I watched the video, when I got to the animated explanation of operation, all I could think was, “My God, they invented the bump trigger. ATF heads are going to explode.” In a morbid way, I’m looking forward to seeing what creative lingustic gymnastics they concoct to ban this.

Without having tried the FRT-15 personally, two things strike me about it. First is that using that safely using FRT-15 is going to take some practice. This isn’t for the amateur who’s going to drop it in his AR, then leave it in the gun case for months.

The second point is something I hope rare Breed Triggers considered carefully. The contact area between sear and hammer appears to be small compared to a more convention trigger group. That’s a potential point failure. If that wears too much, the rifle could go full auto.

I suspect heat treatment during manufacturing presented interesting challenges for the company. Too hard and the metal could fracture under stress.. Too soft and it wears too quickly.

If you buy one of these, I suggest inspecting those surfaces periodically.

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    • Because Gun Control in any shape or form is rooted in racism and genocide that makes it a racist and nazi based agenda. Therefore the 1968 Gun Control Act should be ripped from the books.
      Instead of trying to justify his client’s product the attorney should be asking Congress to justify what is a racist and nazi based agenda.
      Tearing down statues, renaming everything to erase the long, long racist history of the democRat Party while one if the biggest symbols of racism and genocide gets a pass is ludicrous and despicable.

        • Make no mistake, the ATF will take a huge whopping shit all this product. Gargantuan steamy frothy shit. It will be coming – especially, if this product becomes popular.

          The ATF aren’t about stopping people that hurt others with guns or otherwise. They are about us. They are here to go after guns. End of story.


      • How about the 1934 legislation, which is seemingly the root of at least a few of today’s problems respecting the ownership of firearms and accessories?

      • Debby:

        Anyone who denies or tries to hide the racist history of Gun Control in this country is fighting a loosing battle, for the facts are as plain as the nose on my face, which is rather plain.

        • There has and always will be discrimination through out all time. You can not control the nature or spirit of a man without becoming the hateful person for which you accuse without being a Hypocrite. NO SUCH THING AS RACISM! Get on with your life and stop worshipping your own belly! There is no moral equivalence within your ignorant claim.

        • Hey Sorry i dont even understand your statement, sure there was a time when white men thought the Blackman were part ape, Fine that was messed up but you do realize that most all black people were sold to white slavers by black people and unfortunately thats a fact. Black on Black crime, The past is reality and the past is the past learn from it and move on!

      • If the ATF can hand wave bump stocks into machine gun territory, which are NOT machine guns, AT ALL, then what is to stop them from just saying no to this trigger and prosecuting you for it anyways, regardless of the law. They are not following the law in regards to bump stocks. What makes us think they will follow the law with this?

        • Competition and high quality triggers are one of the gun related items I can justify spending a few hundred dollars on. Going from a less than mil-spec trigger that drags through gravel, to a two stage glass breaker will completely change a rifle from so-so to amazing.

          That said, not sure if a novelty trigger is worth $380, might as well just train for speed and accuracy.

        • Actually, I just watched the video and I think it’s bloody worth every penny of the asking price. Too bad I can’t afford one HAHAH

    • Probably operates on the same principle as the old BAFT (?) “Activator” that used to be at all the gun shows years back. Always had a video going of chicks in bikinis shooting AKs and ARs from the hip in what appeared to be full auto mode. I traded for a .22 auto years ago that had one on it- didn’t work with that little recoil as I recall. Wonder if that thing is still floating around in a box of parts somewhere…

    • Regarding this new trigger mechanism, I was under the impression, perhaps wrongly, that the number f shots hitting the target were more important than the number of shots fired. Correct me if appropriate. Also, regarding the AR-15 type rifle, most magazine capacities top out at 30 rounds, and belt fed machine guns are more suitable for area fire, aren’t they?

      • Don’t overthink it there buddy.

        You are tip toeing FUDD territory.

        What we saw in 2020 was a fine example of when such weapons could have saved cities, and stopped further tryranical actions… Instead, here we are…. Always trying to “play by the rules” and look good. Free kyle? Give me a squad ready and willing to fire indiscriminately to thrawt criminal activity and kyle would be free, along with the rest of us.

      • most magazine capacities top out at 30 rounds,

        The key word in your post is MOST… I have a number of 40 round mags for AR, Ak and my Mini 14.. There are also 60 round mags and 100 round drums available for ARs and 75 round drums for AKs…

        • In CA, this wunder-trigger would empty a 10-rd mag in no time. Or be worthless on an AR pistol equipped with a KaliKey to make it CA legal.

          It might be nice, tho, on the special AR that’s in the back of the safe waiting to come out to play in a WROL.

        • it might be nice, tho, on the special AR that’s in the back of the safe waiting to come out to play in a WROL.

          I suspect there are a lot of those “special” ARs/AKs lurking about in safes and hidey holes in Patriots homes around the country (well, not mine of course) in preparation for possible/probable future events…. Might even be a few homemade type suppressors out there (not ME) but I’m sure they are out there… For the record I do NOT condone building, purchasing or possessing ANY firearm or accessory that might run afoul of current Federal, State or local laws, rules or regulations… You never know who is watching, stay safe, stay prepared….

    • I highly suggest a CASH ONLY purchase process while…..
      1) wearing an N95 face mask
      2) Wearing a tinted face shield
      3) Wearing non descriptive clothing
      4) wearing gloves
      5) Not driving your vehicle to the purchase location
      6) using a voice scrambler

      • Everything, literally everything in existence is a machine gun under the so-called BATFE’s so-called interpretation of the completely invalid NFA and GCA. Belt loops and shoelaces leap to mind as examples of what mundane objects that drug gang says are machine guns under the supposed authority of those non-laws….

  1. This is the next battle over semantics where ATF will do as it pleases.

    Just out of curiosity- what happened to yesterday’s post about Form 4473 and gun purchases for resale… it appears to be AWOL.

    • I’m glad Dan took it down.

      As Ralph and I pointed out, Kat whiffed and was dangerously wrong on some points (especially ignoring the Supreme Court opinion in Abramski that squarely contradicted her analysis). I’d hate to have seen a TTAG reader rely on that legal malinformation and get into trouble with the BATFE.

    • What’s that about?

      Rare Breed Firearms claims a PO Box in Austin, Texas.

      Rare Breed Triggers claims a physical address in Orlando, Florida. The address is a lawyer’s office with a big sign:


  2. Got to Have one. Hope they don’t keep sales contact records, like 80% polymer. This will help offset those drop in auto sears the Chinese provided the deep state fools. Also make the Beta C-Mag more sweet.

    • As I recall, Polymer80 would not turn over their sales records to the ATF. It was their payment processing gateway (Authorize.net) and their shipper (I forget) who acquiesced to the BATF’s request for the records.

  3. ATF reclassified a plastic stock as a machine gun even though the trigger still needs to be pulled for each round fired, so I don’t see this being banned as much of a stretch. And given the SCOTUS refusal to rule in the face of multiple constitutional questions and violations, no chance of redress either.

    • I wish, like the U.S. Supreme Court, I could refuse to do my job and still get full salary and benefits.

      Man, that would be cool.

      • You could be a news weather reporter. They’re wrong half the time, everybody chuckles because it’s expected, and they get their full paychecks.

        • To be fair though, when weather forecasters are correct it’s a positive thing that actually helps people, unlike when SCOTUS is correct. They’ve proven themselves to be about as useful as nipples on a steer

  4. This is where Trump screwed us. The bump stock was clearly not a machine gun, but Trump set the precedent of declaring it so via executive fiat. Now Biden can and will do the same thing in five minutes because Trump set the precedent and the republican party went right along with it without a fight. So no, it’s not a machine gun, but it also wont be on the market for long, I’m betting.

    • Why were bumpstocks brought to national attention?

      Because a guy used them to shoot 500 people at once. You’re lucky bump sticks were all that came from it, and you’re also lucky Trump took so long with the process. Hillary was supposed to be president. Think she would of stopped with the stocks?

      • Because a guy used them to shoot 500 people at once.

        Actually he only had one gun equipped with a bump stock and it was never confirmed that rounds from that rifle hit or killed anyone OR that it was ever even fired.. Guy had a shitload of rifles and handguns…

    • So let’s not vote for the guy who only gives us 80% of what we want, so that we’ll wind up with the guy who gives us 0% of what we want. “GOA, the only Pure 2nd Amendment organization, who gave us Joe Biden for President “.

  5. With the legal description being the auto parts and process, I think the law could quickly / easily be re-written to be “rounds-per-timeframe x.”

    Jerry Miculek would immediately be arrested as as machine gun.

    A friend who live north of here is a member of an outdoor range that has rules stating no more than one shot fired every 2 seconds. Bad for muscle memory training.

    • Lost Down South,

      I believe your idea is correct: fedzilla will simply append their machine gun terminology to include any system which enables an average person with no/minimal training to achieve a rate of fire faster than some arbitrary value, such as 4 rounds per second (or thereabouts).

      • Hell I can do that with a break open shotgunm. Looks like Heston was right in holding up that flintlock” Not one more inch.”

  6. I think the ban on machine guns is unconstitutional, and that we should all be able to drop auto sears in our AR-15s without the need for taxes and registration. That said, I don’t think it will be much of a reach for ATF to ban these under current interpretation of the law. The law basically states that a machine gun fires multiple rounds with one movement of the finger. The FRT-15 fires multiple rounds with one movement of the trigger – press and hold back the finger and the trigger mechanism pushes the trigger forward for reset against continuous pressure from the finger. Mechanically, it’s not a whole lot different from an auto sear in operation.

    I wish RBT luck, and hope they overcome the inevitable legal challenges!

    • Did you watch the video? Only one round is fired per function of the trigger (i.e. the trigger moves rearward for each shot fired).

      Seriously, it’s not a difficult concept, based on the wording of the NFA anyway.

      Like others have said, that didn’t stop the English Comprehension wizards at the ATF from actually reading the law as-written and de facto banning bumpstocks based on their feelz.

    • If the trigger must move between shots, it is not full auto, and I don’t care who says it is. I have fired full auto, in singles and pairs, probably a couple thousand rounds of 5.56 and .50 BMG. The trigger does not move. That is a technical question, an equivalent legal question would be “how can you ignore the Second Amendment and go after silliness concerning how the action works, when any such question is illegal to the point of being nonsensical?”

    • Received mine about a week ago! It is rather impressive in my suppressed 9mm AR15!

      *Machine guns are NOT defined by the speed in which they are able to empty a magazine!
      *This trigger is mechanically semi-auto. That being said ATF will find a way to use fancy descriptive verbiage to make its semi auto function “technically” a machine gun. As they did with bump stocks.

      *Traditional AR triggers have a short reset, the FRT-15 trigger functions without the use of a disconnector, and exploits a even shorter reset.

      *The harder you squeeze the trigger the more likely you are to stall the travel of the bolt.

      * Faster ROF with PCC, and lighter buffer

      *It reminds me of the “Response Trigger” on the Tippmann A5 paintball gun.

      * Re-design with a 3rd position ( Safe, Semi , FRS ) selector.

  7. The whole idea is a waste of ammo which is hard enough for many to find now. While this might make a fun range toy. Those who have seen the writing on the wall in terms of the attacks on Our Rights should be solidifying their abilities in making every shot count. One Mission, One shot, Objective completed…Next Mission. Hail the White Feather. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Darkman,

      While “fast” rates of fire could often be wasteful/unproductive, there are situations where your survival literally depends on your ability to achieve a “fast” rate of fire. One such situation would be several attackers (armed with firearms) in a fairly tight group suddenly rushing toward you at close range.

    • “…One Mission, One shot, Objective completed..”

      I’m saving up for a Lahti.

      I’ll get into the 1000yd club yet!

  8. Point of order, while the sear surface does seem much smaller than a standard AR trigger (likely to accommodate the thickness of the cassette bottom), excess wear would not cause the gun to go full auto. Without the sear holding onto the trigger and lacking a traditional disconnector, the hammer would simply follow the bolt home. Hammer follow 99% of the time results in nothing more than a dead trigger, as the hammer sliding against the bolt carrier spreads the force out over too long a time span and robs the hammer of the impulse necessary to ignite the primer.

    That said, between the precedence of the Akins Accelerator and the bump glove, I don’t think this will stay “non-NFA” for very long, and I also don’t see it gaining a lot of appeal as there appears to be no way to “turn it off” and revert to a traditional semi-auto trigger pull. This is less DIAS and more Lightning Link territory.

        • What you want is easily achievable

          My “friend” has a special switch on a secret completed 80% AR lower that lets that receiver fire three rounds rapidly (automatically?) when properly positioned… He’s saving it for a “special” occasion… A recent search of the site where my “friend” purchased that trigger set no longer has it available….

    • You moron…. there’s no need to “turn it off”, dip$hit… you simply stop pulling the trigger after one shot….. how fkn dumb are you? Or are you 13 years old?

  9. They are in Orlando, which leads me to the silly FL law that was passed about “bump stocks” which really covers a lot more than that. Their lawyer must be pretty confident that it is legal in FL. That being said, cash would be the only way to go in this situation. You definitely don’t want to be on their customer list when the law comes a calling.

    • Yes, by claiming it increases the rate of fire, it is in violation of Florida law, and possession is a felony offense…

  10. It should be obvious to everyone now that the facts do not matter. Reality and law do no matter either. They will lie and make up whatever they have to in order to get their way.

    It might not be a machine gun by definition but neither was bumpstocks. It will become just another reason to ban AR15’s.

  11. Anyone who has ever owned a Mac 10 knows finger slap sucks. This sounds like a good recipe for finger slap if it is pushing your finger forward a the the speed of the bolt.

    • OMG so true! You’d think they would at least check the gun before playing operator

      They should call it the Forced Disassembly Trigger – 15 instead of the FART – 15

    • Joe schmoe….. who gives a fk what you know cause you’re a pos liberal fudd….. go eat some d!cks like your granddaddy did while everyone else’s grandparents were winning wars….
      You dumb ba$tard…. you probably don’t even own a AR…. SO GTFO AND GFY

    • modding the OE take down pins for C clips or making slightly longer ones to mod for c clips… ought to be easy enough…… One could do that in their lathe. And I happen to have one.

  12. In a morbid way, I’m looking forward to seeing what creative lingustic gymnastics they concoct to ban this.

    But THEY will come up with a way…

  13. It’s not a matter of if the ATF makes the determination that this is illegal it’s a matter of when. But then again it is not a matter of when Biden bans The ownership of semi automatic rifles with mandatory turn in and door to door confiscation with the execution without trial of all gun owners who resist that will then say followed by the declaration that the confiscation and execution of every single gun owner is constitutional by SCOTUS it’s a matter of when.

    • Shawn:

      It appears that Congress, when suitably encouraged or perhaps annoyed by bureaucratic excess, has the power and the will to use it to tell ATF/BATFE where to get off. Something gun owners should keep firmly in mind.

  14. I’m sure the ATF will not like this, so they’ll either rewrite the definition of an auto weapon or just pull the liberal card & ban it cuz I said so.
    If the libs can change the definition of a boy they can change anything, the sad thing is if they do there is nothing anybody can do about it!

    • I’ll order one and be happy to be a named plaintiff in a FPC lawsuit, which reminds me that I need to make my annual $1K donation. It seems like an improvement of the rubberband trick. I have lots of buddies that would probably like to try it out. If I don’t like it, I’ll put it up on Armslist.

  15. This design couldn’t have come at a better time, if yah catch my drift. $350 ain’t bad either. Now one for the AK please.

    • I have an Arsenal SAM7R. I took the Circle 10 double hook out because it SUCKED! I put a Tapco single hook in that was custom tuned to a SAM7R by the good folks at Rifle Dynamics. Having done that, I think it would be petty hard to do for an AK.

  16. It’s a fun switch! While it may be functional, full auto is utterly worthless as far as practicality and efficiency.
    Sure it would be super neato if you have the gobs of expendable ammo and you want to go to the range and have everyone come look at you and exclaim that you’re going to jail and yadda yadda. I don’t have to get wordy here as everyone can close their eyes and imagine going to the range and letting loose with what appears as full-auto fire, especially with a drum magazine. Don’t forget to show up to the range in a bright yellow or red Corvette also.

    That said, I’m in no means against someone’s attempt for their slice of the American pie. If the good folks at Rare Breed can get it, all I can say is “go get it boys”

  17. I wonder; is anyone making brand new full-auto bolt carriers? Or do we have to hunt down an old surplus model to use this trigger?

    • They’re easy to get. The only difference is the back ledge isn’t machined back as far, so it’ll catch on am auto sear or this trigger mechanism. I also wonder if this will help Ceiner-type .22 bolt conversions. They can experience bolt bounce in rapid fire, which causes a stoppage.

  18. I wonder how difficult it is to fire off just one round at a time, or is it even possible? Does a quick ‘touch and release’ of the trigger result in an inadvertent double-tap every time?
    I could very much be interested if it’s not difficult to pop off single rounds without accidentally going ‘full semi-auto’ constantly. 😅

  19. ” It cannot be considered anything but semi-automatic…”

    It can and will. Buyers can expect a letter and visit from the ATF within a couple years.

    • Nah…. they won’t be banned….
      Unless it’s done UNCONSTITUTIONALLY…..

  20. They way things are shaping up for 2021, there’s really no need to invest in this or any other semi full auto gadget. There will be plenty of the real thing lying around on the ground for free.

    • This is cleaner than the version from 2015, but continual fire with a constant pressure has already been addressed

      • On April 13, 2015, ATF issued a classification
      letter regarding a device characterized as a ‘‘positive
      reset trigger,’’ designed to be used on a
      semiautomatic AR-style rifle. The device consisted
      of a support/stock, secondary trigger, secondary
      trigger link, pivot toggle, shuttle link, and shuttle.
      ATF determined that, after a single pull of the
      trigger, the device utilized recoil energy generated
      from firing a projectile to fire a subsequent
      projectile. ATF noted that ‘‘a ‘single function of the
      trigger’ is a single pull,’’ and that the device utilized
      a ‘‘single function of the trigger’’ because the
      shooter need not release the trigger to fire a
      subsequent projectile, and instead ‘‘can maintain
      constant pressure through a single function of the

    • Shut up moron….. just because you idiots are too gd stupid to invent something that works this good doesn’t mean it won’t SELL LIKE HOTCAKES…..
      So…. when the ATF comes to take your 80% receiver i’ll be laughing my a$$off while squeezing off 900 RPM

  21. Ingenious concept!

    Trigger was not submitted to ATF for determination of legality.
    Just trusting “his” attorney for legality.
    ATF used creative verbiage to reclassify bump stocks as machine guns, I suspect this will be the same outcome.

    Seems to function better than traditional bump fire, binary triggers.
    $600 stimulus payment on the way!

  22. I love reading all the comments re: this latest wonder trigger. I foolishly bought the Franklin binary some years ago. It now resides in a junk drawer as I could not make it function reliably even after multiple buffer/spring changes. I assisted with the installation of the RB FRT-15 from start to finish and took it for a ride. The only adjustment made was to a H-4 buffer which did slow the cycle a bit, but made it totally reliable. SBR’s seem to behave a bit differently than the 16” rifles. The “single pull single shot “ is a completely choose able function. One has to time the trigger with the bolt follow though in order to achieve an acceptable and manageable rate of fire. An adjustable gas block would be a good investment. The test rifle now has an rpm of abt 400, or about the same as a Thompson.- easily sped up with tuning the buffer and spring. How much time and money and ammunition do you have?- neat toy, but semi automatic by any definition, BUT- remember- it is not a free country, and it’s run by people who don’t know the difference between an AR-14 and an AR-15 (sic)

    • The Franklin binary works just fine on an AR pistol – using their supplied spring and standard buffer – depending on how short your barrel, you might need to adjust the gas block

    • I have two Franklin binary triggers. One on my Springfield Saint SBR (5.56) and another on my DB15 (300blk out). I’ve never had an issue with either of them.

  23. I’m no rocket surgeon – but when you build an AR pistol, you add buffer weight to slow down the BCG because the gas pressure at the gas block is far higher because it’s closer to the breech and doesn’t have the expansion of a carbine barrel location. IMO adding 2.4 ounces (a stack of 10 quarters of weight) to a buffer tube that’s already 3 ounces is BS. And only serves to slow the BCG way down. The smoke and mirrors is finding someone who can pull the trigger really fast for those who will believe it’s actually faster. Not too much harder to do since they’ve lightened their trigger from the stock AR-15 trigger pull of 7-8 lbs down to 5lbs. This trigger at $380 is a joke.

    I have an SSA-E adjusted to a total all in @2lbs – titanium BCG, and an H2 buffer on an AR-15 pistol. It’s fast as sh1t. Spend the money on an SSA-E

  24. For everyone who keeps saying this will be banned by the NFA, do you guys not remember the Tac-con 3mr? This is basically a better version of that. If I remember right, that thing came out in like 2013 and its STILL around. This certainly isn’t the first trigger of it’s kind.

  25. I wish this were legal at the state level.

    This attorney seems kind of deceptive with his statements. Says he’s an attorney who’s worked in the industry for 40yrs, but he’s only been an attorney for less than 20yrs. Was he a janitor, was he an IT person, was he in HR? He hammers the issue that the FRT isn’t a full auto or “machine gun”, duh. But it appears that FRT likely violates Florida’s “bump stock” law. Florida’s bump stock laws is so ambiguous that it appears to regulate (make illegal) binary triggers and the FRT.

    The attorney should’ve stuck with his guns and kept saying legally federally….not a machine gun because at 10:34 he says it’s a fully legal drop in trigger (without qualification), but Florida’s bump stock statute (below) seems to disagrees with that assertion.

    790.222 Bump-fire stocks prohibited.—A person may not import into this state or transfer, distribute, sell, keep for sale, offer for sale, possess, or give to another person a bump-fire stock. A person who violates this section commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. As used in this section, the term “bump-fire stock” means a conversion kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device used to alter the rate of fire of a firearm to mimic automatic weapon fire or which is used to increase the rate of fire to a faster rate than is possible for a person to fire such semiautomatic firearm unassisted by a kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device.

    All that said…I’ll take 3!

  26. This is nothing more of a logical extension/evolution of the TacCon “assisted reset” trigger. Without actually shooting one I don’t think I’m qualified to make a call either way as to the relative ease or desire that Rare Breed will come under the scrutiny and crosshairs of the DemocRat control freaks.
    However, it’d be hard to imagine with a device that toes the line of legality so incredibly close, that Rare Breed went to market without obtaining a determination letter from the “gods” at BATF…

    • Effectively Yes!
      Mechanically / Legally No!

      Machine gun guns are NOT defined by the speed in which they are able to empty a magazine!

      The bigger question is do lawful people, who lawfully acquired a firearm have the right to shoot that firearm as fast as they want, provided they are doing so in a safe manner? If the answer is YES, then who cares if it is effectively a machine gun, or a legal machine gun. And there should NOT be any restrictions on those kinds of firearms!


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