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That’s a whole lot of KA-BLAM! in one small package. One small convenient package. Tannerite hasn’t made an official product announcement on this one yet; we’ll add it here once the presser drops. For now, imagine the possibilities! And pity poor FPS Russia, hidden away in the Witness Protection Program, is denied a chance to blow stuff up with the latest and greatest binary explosives.

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    • FPS just posted on Twitter or Facebook or something, that he’ll start posting videos again shortly.

  1. Speaking of FPS….anyone know what’s up with him?

    Don’t worry too much about him, his channel is still raking in the $$$ in a big way, and I mean BIG.

    You’d be shocked to know how much I made last year on my relatively small monetized YouTube channel with only around 11,000 or so subscribers.

    FPS has 4.7 MILLION subscribers….yes… 4.7 million subscribers.

    He is easily raking in $3,000,000 a year.

  2. Now as for the “new” product…

    What am I missing?

    They are simply producing a container with 1/4 pounds of it?

    Big deal.

    It really gets fun when you get fill a container with three or more pounds of it.

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