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A few months ago we reviewed CZ’s excellent P-09, the younger but bigger brother of the P-07 Duty. In it I mentioned that the P-09 got some new, updated features that the P-07 didn’t have. Namely, interchangeable backstraps, a comfortable new trigger shape, a new hammer, and front cocking serrations. Well, CZ has updated the CZ 75 P-07 Duty for 2014 and it now has all of these things and more. Not to be outdone, the P-09 has some new offerings as well . . .

First some housekeeping: it appears that CZ has dropped the “Duty” moniker. These pistols are now just the CZ P-07 and the CZ P-09.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the P-07 has received more “refined lines,” including a dehorning treatment to get rid of any sharp edges. The CZ-USA website only lists it in black, in both 9mm and .40 S&W, but mentions that some distributors may receive special versions.

For 2014 the P-09 is being offered in an FDE (Flat Dark Earth) frame that comes with tritium night sights, in its standard black frame config, and in a black frame with a threaded, suppressor-ready barrel. So far those new options are only available in 9mm, with .40 S&W available in standard black.

Apparently, when a few VIPs were shown this new offering from CZ at the 2013 “NATO DAYS,” General David Petraeus liked it so much that he kept it (and pointed it at this dude’s belly for a photo op?).

If you’re interested in what else you can expect from CZ in 2014, there’s a new products page on their site. Shotguns, rifles, and some “tacticool” offerings are on the way.




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  1. buybuybuybuybuy

    i dont care if i have two of them already, buying more *clear cut fanboy*

    • Most gun companies are shying away from 10mm because the ammo is so damn expensive and hard to find.

      • Well the counter point to that would be that if more guns were made in 10mm then the demand for it would increase enough for ammo companies to churn out more.

      • It can be expensive but it has remained pretty easy to find this entire last year, whereas we all know that getting 9mm and .22 lr and some other calibers was near impossible for a while. Even ’boutique’ companies like Underwood have been able to keep many of their 10mm offerings in stock nearly the entire time over the past year. They start at $27 for 50 rounds so it isn’t crazy expensive. There are lots of options for $19.95 per 50 rounds, like Armscor, that I’ve had no issue finding in stock. These days that’s the going rate for 9mm, if you’re lucky enough to find any, so I wouldn’t call the 10mm ‘damn expensive’ right now. The only downside to many of these off-the-shelf big brand 10mm chamberings is that they’re loaded barely hotter (or not at all) than .40 S&W. They’re basically the “FBI load” 10mm.

        BUT… you can shoot .40 S&W out of your 10mm Glock all day long every day with NO modifications and have no issues. Whatever anyone says to the contrary is just wrong. A Glock 20 or 29 will reliably cycle .40 S&W without a hitch or a safety concern whatsoever. You can shoot tens of thousands of rounds like this and have every bit of the reliability you would get from a G22. Basically, I’m saying you can get your 10mm fix but also eat your easier-to-find-less-expensive-ammo cake in the form of running .40 through it.

        • Wouldn’t the different cartridge lengths cause a problem for the round seating in the chamber? It’s not like .357/.38 where the bullet just jumps a bit further before engaging the barrel.

        • The extractor keeps the .40 round held up against the breech face. It doesn’t headspace against the front of the chamber like a 10mm would most of the time. IF the extractor were to miss, the round would plunk into the chamber and the firing pin would not be able to reach the primer (in this case, the extractor will keep the round away from the breech face). In many hundreds of rounds, I’ve never had a stoppage myself. I shoot IPSC stuff with a couple guys that have each shot thousands of rounds of .40 through their G20s, mostly actually in competition, and they claim no stoppages.

          Not all 10mm’s will do this reliably. The Glock does. If you want a really long technical explanation of why I’m fine with shooting .40 in my 10mm, I wrote a response here to some folks who said it would blow your gun up: < << I honestly do believe that it's safer than shooting 10mm in a 10mm Glock or .40 in a .40. The reason for this is that it will ALWAYS be fully chambered and you are less likely to have a case blowout. If you're shooting the right caliber and you get a round that's loaded too long or has brass that's too long, you might get a blowout. We saw plenty of this in .40 cal Glocks. With the extra chamber length when shooting .40 in a 10, this is a non-issue. You just can't have a scenario where there's too much case sticking out of the chamber. I really don't want to get into some crazy thing in the comments section of a non-related thread here though, so maybe I shouldn't have brought it up! If you don't want to do it then DON'T. YES, it's the wrong caliber. No arguments from me there. Frankly, so is running .223 in a 5.56 chamber or .308 in a 7.62, or any other example of this sort of thing. Don't forget that 9mm Makarov (9x18) was specifically designed so Russians could use captured NATO .380 Auto (9x17) in their Maks but NATO forces could not do the opposite. This example is very similar to running .40 in your 10mm, except it's even further off. The case dimensions of .40 are identical to 10mm except for length, and the bullets are identical, whereas in the Mak vs .380 instance, the .380 is slightly narrower (both case and bullet) as well as shorter. Anyway... just saying there are other examples of how we purposefully shoot the "wrong caliber" and think nothing of it AND there are historical examples. All rimless calibers. Obviously with rimmed calibers there's tons of different length swapping examples like .22 short, long, long rifle and non-magnum and magnum versions, .32 short, standard, magnum, .327 Fed Mag, shotgun shells of different lengths, etc etc etc

        • Not arguing, just didn’t realize that it would work. Thanks for enlightening me and for the link.

        • I know, but someone else will see this and go ballistic. That thread on CalGuns got shut down because it became an insane shouting match between people saying ‘never do this it’ll blow your hands off’ and myself and a few other folks who said they’ve shot thousands of rounds of .40 through their G20/G29. The ‘don’t do it’ crowd kept citing theoretical reasons that sometimes make sense at first glance, but simply are not true or just don’t matter in real life (naturally they’ve never tried it either). Like using a physics equation that assumes we live in a frictionless vacuum. For instance: sure, yes, I understand why one would assume this puts extra stress on the extractor. I can’t claim that it doesn’t. BUT, I can tell you from experience and from seeing guns with literally thousands of rounds through them that it doesn’t seem to actually shorten the extractor’s lifespan. Besides, it’s a $19 part and if shooting .40 breaks it in 5,000 rounds instead of 6,000 you’ve already paid for it many many times over anyway. It doesn’t affect the chamber, bore, striker, or any other part any differently than 10mm does either.

          I’ve done a couple videos just to show what you can expect. Here’s shooting .40 through a G20 and a G29:

          Here’s what .40 brass looks like after being fired through a G20:

        • >> Don’t forget that 9mm Makarov (9×18) was specifically designed so Russians could use captured NATO .380 Auto (9×17) in their Maks but NATO forces could not do the opposite.

          Um. 9x18mm Makarov has bullet diameter of 9.27 mm. .380 ACP aka 9x17mm has bullet diameter of exactly 9 mm. So you’re basically firing a bullet in a barrel that’s quite noticeably undersized for it – think 5.45 in a 5.56 barrel. Will it work? Probably yes, more often than not, but velocity will be low and accuracy nonexistent. Is it safe? Hell no.

        • Yes, I mentioned the diameter difference. The Makarov was specifically engineered to do this and it IS safe. There is nothing unsafe about shooting a bullet that’s a bit too small for the bore. It’s the opposite that’s unsafe. Apparently in the Makarov case it works well enough to be pretty accurate and still get decent velocity. A quarter of a millimeter diameter difference means one eighth of a millimeter ‘gap’ all around. It very well may still engage the rifling and probably gets really dang close to its normal velocity. Since it functions reliably, it’s obviously creating enough of a gas seal to cycle the slide. Shooting a 9mm bullet through a 10mm bore achieves shockingly close to normal velocity, but won’t cycle the slide — just too much gas leaks around and the pressure is too low. A 9 through a 9.27 bore is a much tighter fit, though, and the Russians say it works well. Haven’t tried it though — I don’t have a Mak.

  2. Just like IT systems and hardware; regular updates and changes to tempt the user to upgrade to the latest version.

    The one advantage with guns though is that they never go out of style, they just become venerable classics in a collection to which you can add the latest and greatest – if you have the play money to spare, or not, as the case may be.

    I am a huge CZ fan, and I believe I see another CZ purchase in my future – if I can find one at my local gun shop.

  3. Wish I would have waited a few weeks for the new question: my loaded chamber indicator seems backwards. It protrudes when empty and is flush when loaded. Is everyone’s like this?

    • If anything, I’d say swap for the new trigger shape. It’s much nicer. Other than that, none of the other things are really meaningful IMHO. I have normal sized hands (men’s L glove) and found the best backstrap choice was the one that was basically identical to your P-07 anyway. Forward cocking serrations are a bit tacticool for my uses. The new hammer looks cooler but isn’t functionally different. You could swap that too, though, if you really wanted. I think the trigger would be worth it.

      …as for the other thing… I didn’t think there was a loaded chamber indicator on the P-07. What part are you referring to? …EDIT… oh, maybe the extractor? I think the back of it sticks out a little bit when there’s no round in the chamber and it’s more flush when there is a round. That is not meant to be any sort of a LCI. It’s just the extractor and nothing more. It happens to pivot when it’s doing its job.

      • @jeremy S: thanks for the response. My version has the extended barrel and night sights.I love it. I just assumed it was a lci. ( not that I use it, just thought it was Odd). Your response makes sense, thanks.

  4. I wish they’d make more Kadet adapters (for my CZ 75) and make more CZ 97s. I ended up going with a Glock 21 because I couldn’t find any 97s… anywhere (new, not worn-out rags I’ve seen at gun shows).

    Edit: I see the Kadet is in-stock at CZ web store, but damn did the price go up or what?? Last I checked, they were in the $300-range.

    • I’ll cost you, but they have 35 in stock right now!

      I know the argument is always “but I can buy a whole .22 pistol for that price and have another gun” and, yes, that’s true. BUT it is truly one of the best .22’s on the market. It’s extremely hard to beat the quality, reliability, and accuracy of the Kadet Adapter. And I’m comparing it to complete .22 pistols, not to other adapter kits (which pretty much all suck in comparison). What you end up with is a semi-auto .22 that will feed, fire, and eject most any .22 LR on the market, and do so accurately. It’s made of forged, machined steel not some pot metal or sheet metal junk like many of the .22s out there now. AND, best of all, you get to use the same frame that you’re used to. That means it’s legit practice for shooting your ‘primary’ gun — same ergos, same weight (or so close the difference is academic only), same controls, same trigger. Same trigger! I’ve put a decent amount of time and money into my SP-01’s custom trigger and hammer setup and I LOVE being able to shoot .22 and 9mm on the same frame with the same upgraded parts. Same grips, same holster, same controls, and that all means I can get meaningful practice for competition and such while shooting rimfire.

      So… yeah… it’s expensive. But the fact that it isn’t a new gun and you get to use your same CZ is a selling point in this case, IMHO. Especially since most of the complete guns that can hold a candle to how great the Kadet Adapter is cost as much or more — starting at the Ruger Mark III or 22/45 and going up to the S&W 41. Things like the SR22, P22, M&P22, Mosquito, etc are nowhere near as good. And the Kadet can ship right to your door, of course.

      • I bought the .22 LR kit for my CZ-75, and it works like a champ…super accurate and no hiccups, ever. The only minus I could find is, the .22 slide is a bit wider than the 9mm slide, and won’t fit in the custom holster I had made for the 9mm.

      • I absolutely love my CZ Kadet adapter. So much so, that I got rid of my 22/45. I hated cleaning that thing anyways. And the grip was too narrow.

      • I tried to get that Kadet adapter for about 2 years. Looked high and low. Even placed orders online twice, but both times the vendor canceled the order eventually as “unfillable”. And as I searched high and low, I kept seeing the price inch ever upwards.

        Finally about 3 months ago was just cruising my LGS on a whim and damned if I didn’t find a pristine, used (not that you can tell) CZ Kadet – the full pistol!. Price was about $450, which was what I had seen online was within $30-50 for just the adaptor. I must have looked like Superman whipping out my Amex card. As much as I have always loved my Ruger .22s, that Kadet is one very sweet pistol. It has become my default .22 pistol to introduce new people to shooting, unless they are kids or teens, then I stick with my Walther P22.

    • I was doing an all-out hunt for 6+ months looking for a kadet adapter in the first half of this year even to the point that I’d bid up to $500+ on a USED one if happened to show up on gunbroker. They were impossible to find at dealers and distributors. Ended up purchasing a gorgeous Buckmark 6.5″ stainless for less than that and now I’m too satisfied with the Browning to pay $430. Maybe I’d reconsider if drops to low 300’s.

      Yikes….$45 for a 10 rd mag.

  5. I am a huge CZ fan, and I believe I see another CZ purchase in my future – if I can find one at my local gun shop.

    Man, these are hard to find, but now I’m determined to find one.

    The only ones I find at my LGS are overpriced. Damascus Gun Shop, Kentucky Gun Co., and Grab-A-Gun have great reputations on the CZ Forums – but I’m not sure that the new versions are available yet. (I bought my CZs from Kentucky Gun Co., and pimp their services all the time).

  6. I want both, but I really want the P09. I haven’t seen one yet. I have seen P07s around town, some priced well, others not so much. If I could find a P09 then I am sure I will be paying for it.

  7. The gun pointed at the other guys belly may be a depth perspective trick of the camera. The general knows enough of gun handling to keep his finger off the trigger, I doubt a career military man would consciously think of that, but then forget muzzle discipline, which armed forces tend to harp on much more.

    • Yes, I don’t think it’s actually pointed at his belly (but in front of it). However, “keeping your finger off the trigger” normally means taking a normal firing grip and extending your index finger up over the trigger guard. What Patraeus is doing is really awkward and weird. If you click the photo and go to the CZ press release, you’ll see this pic: Muzzle discipline is NOT his strong suit. Sorry. Maybe he’s just complacent and after so many years in the armed forces he is given a verified cleared, unloaded weapon and then treats it like it’s a screwdriver or whatever. I couldn’t possibly comment beyond what you can see in the photos…

      • Muzzle discipline is most definitely not his strong suit, given his extremely publicized extramarital exploits. Perhaps this photo is a metaphor?

    • Another reason I am glad I don’t live there anymore. The AG gun ban because the company didn’t pay the state bribe.

  8. I opened up their 2014 catalog and the CZ 557 Carbine looks very, very nice. I am a sucker for carbines, especially when they include iron sights. Damn. I’ve already got three CZ rifles and three CZ handguns and now the lust-meter is cranking up hard for:

    CZ P-07 in 9mm (I really like the changes they made – two of them specifically address reasons that made me hesitate to buy one previously)
    CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62×39 (because, why not? already own the FS in .223)
    CZ 557 Carbine in 6.5×55

  9. I REALLY want a P09 but I do not have the cash. At least not now.

    and no I will not sell my 75B. I love that thing. I couldn’t bear to part with it.

    • Correct call on that one (sez the man wearing a CZ-75B full size as he types this). Thou shalt not trade a CZ for a CZ, thou shalt only trade lesser guns.

    • Yeah unfortunately the Kadet Adapter won’t work on the P-07 or -09 due to differences in the ejector and probably other things (like the frame having small slide rail inserts instead of full length rails)… I remember checking for slide compatibility and my SP-01 slide couldn’t go on the P-07/9 due to the ejector (position and thickness are different), plus the SP-01 slide was also a little too wide (yes, wide) to fit in the frame and rails properly. Likewise the P-07/9 slide wouldn’t work on the SP-01 frame due to the ejector issue, and its rails were a bit too narrow to properly engage the SP-01 frame’s rails.

  10. Still not interested. DA/SA trigger means I’m not interested in even picking it up, much less shooting or buying one.

    Make me an alloy framed CZ-75 compact that I can actually find and I’ll be interested.

    • You could convert it to SAO with manual safety if you wanted to. There are also lots of alloy frame options — some with manual safeties (for instance, the P-02, which is in stock right now at GaG) — and those can all be converted to single action only as well. My converted SP-01’s trigger is on par with extremely high-end 1911’s. I like it more than the $3,000 1911 I had most recently. No slack/take-up, no overtravel, super short reset, almost imperceptible creep, glass-like break. 3 lbs. You can make a CZ’s trigger whatever you want.

  11. CZ pistols seem to occupy that strange territory in which I desperately want one but never remember that they exist. Every time I see one I think it looks fantastic and I’ve heard/read nothing but good things about them, but when the funds become available for a purchase it’s as if they never existed. The P-07 seems to fit all the criteria I have for a new pistol, but I will not remember it when I go to the fun store. Surely I cannot be the only person who feels this way?

    • Do what I did. Stapled a note to my wallet. the last time I went to LGS. worked for me> 🙂

    • MUCH better-known than they were even just 5 years ago, but they’re still overlooked and underrated much of the time. At least in the semi-recent past they’ve become popular outside of just the competition shooting circuit. Some people think it was due to the 75 being in like Call of Duty or something similar in like 2008 or 2009 or so that really pushed CZ’s mainstream in the U.S.

    • I paid well over the 2013 price for my 75 compact; both dealers who had it (one a brick and mortar, the other a gun show dealer) wanted about the same price. The new price is STILL well under what I paid.

      MSRP is meaningless if the durn things just can’t be found anywhere. Very few stores seem to carry CZ handguns at all, and the ones that do hardly have any in stock. That one gun show dealer had seven of them (including a matte stainless… drool!), last I saw. It’s hard to spread the Gospel of Uhersky Brod when people can’t follow your advice and buy one.

  12. I own enough CZ 75s now (three and a half) that I have to defend myself against accusations of being obsessed with them.

    I actually know where a P07 exists in actual fact. I handled it.

    Although the 75 series points perfectly for me, and the only thing I have to do is make sure that it’s NOT a decocker model, the P07 and P09 are *wretched* pointers in my hand. Failing to curve in the bottom of the grip seems to make a difference.

    I’d *definitely* check that out before making a purchase, folks.

    All that having been said, I love the fact that these can readily be converted from decocker-without-safety to SA-style safety.

    • That’s interesting. I certainly didn’t feel like any adjustment was needed when I shot the P-07 and then much later the P-09 for the first time. That’s going from my competition and go-to SP-01 that I’ve been shooting for years. The P-07/9 both just shot the same for me in terms of familiarity and ‘pointability’ and whatnot, whereas it often takes me a little bit of warmup to get used to other pistols. Maybe with the multiple backstrap options you’d be able to find one that more closely mimics the 75 frame for you.

      • If I ever have a chance to handle a P-09 I’ll check that out (the 07 doesn’t have the changeable back straps). The one (probably irrelevant) data point I have is that in spite of being 5′ 11,” on an XD the *small* backstrap seems to do the best job making it a pointer.

        • Yeah, so now all we need is for the LGS with the P07 in it to actually sell the thing. Then they somehow need to manage to get a new one in.. which has been very difficult for them for some reason.

          In any case if I see an 07/09 in future I’ll check for the changeable backstrap.

  13. I love the updated P-07… all except for the new round capacity is less one round. I wonder if the old mags will work with the newer upgraded pistol?

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  15. Got the CZ-P07 and lovin’ it; waiting for the CZ-P09; hoping this venerable pair will perform like my Smith&Wesson SD9VE. Holy Smokes!!! 10,000Rounds and Neery a hiccup!!!!! And Accurate!! with the Smith&Wesson 4″Barrel like the 4.25″ M&P9 barrel!!!, Also Excellent. Sticking to Topic, getting GOOD Moves from My CZ-P07 and looking foward to the same from the CZ P-09. NO Complaints Here from these Great Pistols.

  16. Sold my M&P 9C this past weekend and ordered my new P-07 last night from They had the best price i could find online. Shipped to my FFL, 458.00. It’s going to make my Sig P320 compact jealous.

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