SYREN LS4 Sporting shotgun
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SYREN is a division of Caesar Guerini and Fabarm that sells shotguns “exclusively” for women (sorry Charlie). The firearms are not modified versions of the Italian group’s existing shotguns. SYRENs are designed for women, by women boasting . . .

a smaller grip, shorter length of pull and adjusted cast and pitch.

SYREN song

Born in 2014, SYREN now offers over 70 shotgun options for sporting clays, trap, upland bird and waterfowl hunting. New for 2018: the LS4 Sporting shotgun.

More than that I do not know — other than it’s gonna cost north of two grand. And who doesn’t love purple accents? We’re working on securing a T&E sample . . .

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  1. Anything that brings an underrepresented demographic into the ranks of the POTG is a good thing.
    That said: still waiting for a better selection of left-handed anything that won’t set me back 100% more.

    • Lefties need real change (mechanical differences), while women need ergonomic and aesthetic (non-mechanical) adjustments.

      Also women are ~50% of the population, lefties are only ~10%. Makes sense that women would be catered for first.

      Still, you’re right; being left handed (and left-eye dominant, or, worse, right handed, but left-eye dominant) is definitely not a good thing when it comes to firearm selection. It would be nice if firearms designers took it into account more often in their designs, so that things could be swapped more easily (or simply didn’t need to be swapped).

      • Out of that 10%, many southpaws learn to shoot right-handed (like me), because they realize they live in a right-handed world. Most of us learn to use a variety of things, from scissors to musical instruments, that are designed for right-handed people. It’s really not that hard and it just makes life easier when you can use other people’s tools.

        So that shrinks your 10% of the market down even more, making left-handed guns economically unfeasible for most gun makers and models.

        • lol i am left handed and right eye dominant so i had to learn to shoot right handed. my partner is the exact opposite and i would love to get her a lever gun or pump gun she can use more easily than trying to shoot a right handed gun left handed. she likes the BLR’s but not their price tag

  2. “not modified versions of the Italian group’s existing shotguns.”
    “a smaller grip, shorter length of pull and adjusted cast and pitch.”

    Sounds to me like the only thing different is the stock. Who are they trying to kid?

    Anyway, if you’re female (or a small guy), a women’s shotgun that doesn’t fit you is no better than a men’s shotgun that doesn’t fit you. True joy in shotgunning is a fruitless endeavor unless you get the gun properly fitted to your body.

    Those gals look like they would be fun hunting companions, though.

  3. It would be great, and a heck of a lot cheaper, if all the traditional shotgun manufacturers like Mossberg, etc. would offer a shorter stock and a variety of buttpad extensions, the way many handgun manufacturers offer different backstraps as part of the deal. Not the overpriced “youth” model. Same, as a matter of fact, for manufacturer of AR’s in lieu of the “evil” telescoping stock for people living in the slave states. It would make fitting of smaller people much easier, bringing women, young people, and small bodied people like Asians and (yes) Mexicans and me, too, more easily into the fold of gun ownership. It would slap the gun banners hard in the face if AR and AK stocks were adjustable with buttpad extensions “just like a hunting rifle or shotgun used for deer and duck hunting”.

    • I’m not opposed to AR stocks with buttpad spacers that you can install and remove with a screwdriver. But the telescoping stock has a couple of perks:
      1) Just like your car seat, it can be quickly adjusted to fit different people. My wife can shoot my gun and I can shoot hers, comfortably. I can use it to train new shooters of any size.
      2) It collapses to take up less storage space.

      As for shotgun stocks, there’s a lot more to it than length of pull. I’ve shot shotguns that were the right length for me but still fit me horribly.


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