New Optics Company is LUCID

Ever have a LUCID dream? I have. Especially after the ArmaLite AR-10 (review under construction) rattled a $50 red dot sight to bits. Our man Raguso eventually commandeered some way cool optical solution, but I was left hankering for something so ice cold it could chill my mocha chip. Something like the new LUCID stand alone, mount in-line, waterproof, shockproof (.308 tested) and fog proof (Nitrogen purged) 3X magnifier with a 30mm tube for mounting. According to the presser, the magnifier offers “a crystal clear image, with a field of view of 40ft @ 100yds, a comfortable eye relief of 3”, an adjustable focus on the ocular ring to ensure clarity for all shooters and impressive optical performance.” As you’d expect, confidence is high: “We are certain that the 3x magnifier will add precision to any red dot use.” And we are certain we’d like to pop this bad boy on a mean machine.

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