New Mexico Gov Grisham gun control sanctuary
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Pity poor New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. Some county sheriffs in her state have announced their intention to ignore Democrat-sponsored bans on private gun transfers should they become law. Instead of meeting with them to discuss their concerns, the Governor took to Twitter to demean them with childish personal attacks.

A childish pity party? Because the sheriffs have vowed not to enforce unconstitutional mandates from New Mexico’s state government? It’s true. The sheriffs in almost two-thirds of the Land of Enchantment counties have declared themselves ‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries”.

Breitbart has that story:

The latest count on the public backlash against gun control reveals that 21 of New Mexico’s 33 counties have now declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

The declarations signal that the commissions in those counties stand with their sheriffs in refusing to enforce the latest state-level, Democrat-sponsored gun control.

Indeed. The governor is upset about the sheriffs’ refusal to obey the rule of law.

But there seems to be some confusion about which laws must be enforced and which can be ignored in New Mexico. Democrats there have made it clear they want the state to become a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

From the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

New Mexico, the state with the largest percentage of Hispanic residents in the nation, could be the latest to adopt sanctuary status regarding immigrants, under a Democratic plan.

Identical Democratic proposals introduced in the New Mexico House and Senate say state agencies would be barred from cooperating with federal immigration authorities seeking to hold or deport immigrants suspected of being in the U.S. illegally.

The authority of sheriffs and jails to hold federal immigrant detainees also would see new limits.

In addition, state agencies couldn’t use public funds to help federal authorities in “detecting, apprehending, arresting, detaining or prolonging the detention of a person” facing possible deportation.

So it’s not okay for New Mexico county sheriffs to refuse to enforce laws that violate law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights, but it is okay for New Mexico Democrats to block enforcement of federal laws on illegal aliens committing immigration fraud, identity fraud, benefits fraud, tax fraud, and who knows how many other felonies during their time here? All the while ignoring employment rules and deportation orders.

Michelle Lujan Grisham started her campaign for governor right on the heels of Hillary’s loss. And New Mexico elected her last year. Now she’s gone full-tilt radical anti-gun left on the state’s residents.

Indeed, if it weren’t for double-standards, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her fellow New Mexico Democrats wouldn’t have any standards at all.

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  1. “21 of New Mexico’s 33 counties have now declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.””

    I love it.

    • that’s more than “a few”….guess she can’t handle the frustration of having them piss on her “agenda”….

  2. This woman is obviously ignoring the unconstitutional law. I think before a bill can become a law, the constitutionality MUST BE ESTABLISHED!!!!!
    Her hypocrisy is disgusting.

    • You have it backwards. A bill becomes law and THEN it can be challenged as unconstitutional. A plaintiff has no standing to challenge a law before it is signed into law. If there were a requirement that all new laws pass constitutional muster prior to becoming effective, then it would take literally years for any new law to go into effect. Presumably that would include state budgets. Chaos would ensue.

      • Because, budgets keep us from running up trillions in debt. Also, if the government were to shut down, the country would collapse.

        Wrong. You’re the one who’s got it ass backwards.

      • Or, only clearly constitutional laws would be created in the first place.

        While there is no mandate that every bill pass constitutional muster first, there is always the possibility that any guven one must. Many laws find themselves the subject of federal lawsuits literally seconds after becoming law, as judges issue injunctions preventing their enforcement. We’ve seen that with abortion laws, voter I.D. laws, drug paraphernalia, etc. Where’s the chaos?

      • Every single government official swears an oath to uphold, defend, and obey the Constitution. In order to live up to that oath, every single one of them is required to evaluate what is and is not Constitutional. The courts—by design—do not have sole jurisdiction over what is and is not Constitutional.

        The language of the Constitution is deliberately written to be clear to any reasonable person. Read up on “the Committee of Style”.

        IMNSHO, violation of that oath of office is entirely appropriate grounds for removal from office with prejudice.

      • It is lawlessness by those holding public office that is the biggest creator of chaos throughout history. And now we’re seeing that effect in our country.

      • And yet, I believe that would be a preferable situation that the other way.

        Laws should be proven constitutional before they are enacted.

        If that were the case, I believe FAR less chaos would exist.

    • My dog gets the same look when she eats peanut butter. I think in the Governor’s case, she has some derp stuck to the roof of her mouth, hahaha.

      • Laugh at Lujan Grisham at your own peril. She and her fellow criminals managed to successfully steal elections statewide, and now are full steam ahead, ignoring the will of the people, depriving citizens of fundamental constitutional rights, favoring illegals over US citizens, raising income taxes, sales taxes, taxes on hospital services, fuel taxes, raiding the 23 billion dollar state ‘permanent” fund (which will soon be a distant memory).

        Take heed. Lujan (grisham) gets her marching orders directly from the DNC. What you are seeing in NM is a clear and (in NM) unobstructed roadmap for the DNC national agenda.

        • how does one “steal” an election?….obviously enough people voted for her to put her in office…NM appears to be another of those states where a liberal influx has altered local politics…resistance to this can take many forms…non-compliance being one of them…

        • Torrez-Small (who reportedly got a lot of money from Clinton Foundation) suddenly had just enough uncounted absentee ballots show up a day or two after the election to take the election from the Rep. candidate (who might just be a RINO so it probably doesn’t make much difference). We are so screwed here in NM. Sure wish somebody could do a database check between who voted and who died in the last 2 years, who’s in prison, who’s living in another state and who voted more than once.

    • I relooked the photo: Ah ha ,I placed the face,’shes one of the ones posibg with Hiloraly in my Hiloraly Limited Edition Swimsuit® colander, wow yeah , right on babe, mmmmmmmm

  3. Wow 21 out of 33 counties sheriff’s told her to get f####d…way to go😄I see ILLinois is close behind…yay!📣

    • urban vs rural…pass all the laws you want…but who will enforce them?…sheriffs count for a lot out there….

  4. The sheriffs should arrest her on criminal conspiracy charges. Let her make her case about what does and does not constitute a violation of her oath of office from a jail cell.

    • State police would likely arrest the sheriffs that tried. I’m not even sure the sheriffs have that authority.

      but damn, i sure would pay cash to watch that show.

      • They would try. They would fail. The state police don’t have anywhere near the manpower of local law enforcement.

      • I doubt that will happen.
        1. The stricter background check law is unenforceable because there is no way of tracking person to person transfers unless they are reported voluntarily. Guns are not even registered to owners per federal law.
        2. The red flag law will trample on the fourth and fifth amendments. Something the State Police will loath to do also.

        • they like writing tickets…not putting themselves at risk…or working any harder than they have to…

  5. Does New Mexico have a recall law ? If they don’t put a stop to this, New Mexico will become a New Mexico and a shit hole the way some of the other places have become. The gov says a ” few Sheriffs “, looks like a majority to me. She is quick to talk about the sheriffs oaths but slow to remember hers.

    • Of course she wants New Mexico to become a sanctuary state. She has to give the cartels a safe haven.

      I could think of a better sanctuary location. Guantanamo Bay.

    • We do not, so we’re probably stuck with this neo-communist bitch for four years.

  6. Same thing occurred here in NY after the SAFE ACT was passed. The vast majority of counties in NY state passed resolutions to repeal the SAFE ACT. The NY State Sheriffs association also demanded repeal. End result is LE’s are not enforcing the SAFE ACT across most of the state. I would bet that the number of AR15’s in civilian hands in NY has doubled since the SAFE ACT became law.

    • TOMMY G you would win that bet . I should know. Especially in upstate counties. AR-15 America’s favorite sporting rifle.

      • The first rule of upstate AR 15 ownership is you do not talk about AR 15 ownership. Also don’t shoot the trees and encon can’t be bothered to care about you shooting in woods with hunting license to sight in a rifle (hell they may try to sell you one)

    • Every county except down-state (3? 5? surrounding NYC) and Albany. *Included* Roc n Buffalo, where the city govts work relentlessly to be also-ran districts, under the provincial admin hub. And the “can’t happen” / “not what its for” confiscation from somebody they just don’t like, off a bogus mental health report, w/in first montb, outside Buffalo. Plus the ones that got no press…

      If we can’t get a national state restructuring, next time down-state threatens to secede I’m OK w/ splitting NYS by county: the ones that objected, n the ones that stayed “SAFE.” Albany can administer rules NYC wants, but just on them for a change.

      They can even keep the name — New York State. We’ve been asking “Leave us alone or let us go.” for decades. If we get enough details worked out ahead of time, maybe next time they threaten to walk out on us, we can make it happen.

      I can dream.

      • From my limited experience in gov issues here I can say any true separation would require a lot of changes in service provided, taxes, number of country/city/town employees, and a massive move here campaign for upstate to not go full on failed coal town WV. Would love to see it but you are spot on with needing to have a plan ready to go hard.

    • Fellow upstater here. Almost all of my friends have picked up AR-15’s since the SAFE Act passed. None owned an AR prior to that. The law has had the exact opposite effect they intended.

      • Sadly was stuck in Albany and only got to a more friendly county a year ago so still meeting people who won’t doxx me at work if they see a rifle case go into my car. Related note guitar cases are awesome with well cut foam

  7. Um, Sheriffs work for their constituents, right?
    If Frau F***head doesn’t like it she should call up her Military and do something about it.

    • Not feasible. The County Sheriff is the ultimate legal power in any given County. Inside his County he is god, legally speaking. No State or Federal authority can do anything in his County without his approval. He can deputize whatever force he needs to arrest anyone in his County, no matter how big they think they are, or how fancy their badges might be. Its been tried and tested too, and when a Sheriff meets the feds at the County border, and won’t let them in to do whatever it was they came for, the feds have backed down and left. Every time. So far, at least.
      Usually, this doesn’t matter, because the ‘authorities have done everything possible to make the money flow uphill. Then the State and feds give some of it back to the Counties they approve of, meaning a lot of Sheriffs are dependent on largess from above, and so just do as they’re told. They are bought and paid for.
      But many now know the truth of their power, because Sheriff Mack wrote a book documenting the power of the local Sheriff and sent a copy to every Sheriff of every County in the US. Any who read it now know, and many are taking advantage of it.
      It’s all right here:

      • I was shocked and appalled to learn that Pennsylvania is an exception to that rule. In PA, it’s the State Police that are the final authority.

        Maybe that’s why they get away with having a database of every handgun “sale” that takes place within the state, which “isn’t” an illegal gun registry database. (Can you hear my bitterness at the boldfaced lawbreaking by the top law enforcement agency of the state?)

      • The word sheriff is not in the US Constitution, which is indeed the supreme law of the land. Sheriff’s powers derive from state legislation and state constitution, both of which are subservient to the supreme law of the land, the United States Constitution and the government constituted thereof.

        In my state, the sheriff is subservient to the County commission, which controls budget and personnel oversight.

        • In most States, the lions share of County Sheriffs funding comes from the States, not Counties which almost makes County Sheriffs the Governor’s employees. She cannot fire the elected Sheriffs, but she has much leverage.

  8. As witnessed here, NM is a lot like Washington State; there, the morons in ABQ and Santa Fe control the destiny of the rest of the state. Glad to see the sheriffs pushing back. After all, should confiscation come, they’ll be the ones expected to carry it out. As a sheriff, I’d never put my men in a situation like that.

  9. …and it’s not how oaths of office work…

    So you choose to ignore the oath you took to defend the constitution?? Seems to be the thing to do by libs/dems nowadays. The oath is just meaningless words?

  10. As someone who lived in NM I find her name hilarious.

    Michelle Lujan Grisham = White First Name +[Insert Hispanic Name here] + White last name.

      • It’s just funny. Bill Richardson didn’t need to have a Hispanic portion of his name emphasized because he didn’t look like he just moved to NM from Rhode Island.

        I don’t really know much about this lady’s past but her overall appearance and her name just come across as “too slick by half” to me. There are only two groups of people who you get to know their middle name right off the bat: Assassins/well known killers and politicians who need a boost.

        • Also people from countries where the proper form of formal address is [FIRST NAME] [PATRONOMIC] (aka middle name, generally derived from the first name of the father.)

    • Ms. Grisham is a bonafide Latina. She and her cousin Representative Ben Ray Lujan are the offspring of the Lujan family that controls the old patron system which took control of the state from the Santa Fe Ring about 90 years ago. I call them the Espanola Mafia. They have had way too much power in this state for way too long.

  11. So what does that say about the residents of New Mexico? They voted the bimbo in office,,, the article itself said that New Mexico has the highest number of illegals in the country, maybe their like California & let the illegals vote.

    • It tells you that Santa Fe and Burque hold massive power over the rest of the state due to population density.

    • Myself and many others write our representatives and congress people but they are all left leaning and vote along party lines.
      I didn’t vote for her but like Strych9 said those of us living in the outlying counties and towns and villages get overtaken by the masses in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque.
      And let’s be honest,Susanna Martinez didn’t do her party any favors.

  12. Don’t the Legal immigrants understand that the the Illegal immigrants hurt their job market? I also blame the media for this whole mess. They should be fighting hypocrisy not ignoring it.

    • Um… most legal immigrants despise illegals. We followed the law and mostly chose to assimilate into our new nation. Illegals do neither.

      • The question, then, is who is voting for the politicians who support illegal immigration? I could believe legal immigrants, now citizens, who want to bring in their extended families en masse. If it’s not them, it must be US citizens, mostly native born, seduced by the promise of free stuff paid for by rich people where “rich” means anyone making more than they do. They are too dumb to realize that, instead of improving their lot, they will drag everyone else down to their level.

        • Pretty much. Family reunification is not a partisan issue for legal immigrants. A lot of immigrants, unfortunately, from slavic countries tend to believe left wing BS because the guy who says it “seems nice”. For example, my mother only took US citizenship a few years ago even though I’ve been a US citizen for over 20 years.

  13. HEY< STUPID, you need to fight the drug and gang violence. 50%+ of murders take place in about 5% of the counties in the country. 25% of gun crimes take place in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and the nation's capital. Move and fight there. Arizona is a constitutional carry state and has far fewer problems that you do. My brother has lived in your state and now lives in Arizona. He is not a "gun" person but has no problem with seeing these people with guns. There is an old saying, " An armed society is a polite society", not one composed of gun free target zones.

  14. Just another socialist tyrant , ignoring our rights as Americans , while allowing criminals in to NM , shelter , feed , clothe , fund their new lives with our tax dollars. Uphold your oath to our constitution , or get out of office !!

    • Yeah. I’d have more tolerance for her shit if she started out by attacking the heroin problem in Rio Arriba County. Or the serious issues in Burque.

      • The San Fransisco ‘model’ of (not) treating drug addicts is what’s in store for America.

        Literally used needles and human shit on the streets and sidewalks will be tolerated as the ‘new normal’…

  15. “So it’s not okay for New Mexico county sheriffs to refuse to enforce laws that violate law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights, but it is okay for New Mexico Democrats to block enforcement of federal laws on illegal aliens committing immigration fraud, identity fraud, benefits fraud, tax fraud, and who knows how many other felonies during their time here?”

    Yup, liberalism at it’s best…

  16. The Sheriffs should tell her that they will enforcement her gun laws when she allows them help the Feds enforce immigration law.

  17. Pissing off the people you expect to send door to door to round up the guns doesn’t seem like the best idea. No shocker it comes from a dem.

  18. This is what happens when officials believe themselves to be the moral arbiters of all things good and evil. They started this with the sanctuary city nonsense and got away with it. So now they want to openly defy the Constitution. SCOTUS must intervene.

  19. The “childish pity party” is actually coming from the power hungry politicians who are getting a reality check from the sheriffs. Imagine the disappointment Grisham felt when she was forced to realize that laws are just words on paper that mean nothing if you don’t have anyone interested in enforcing them for you.

  20. This woman really is a special kind of stupid. What I really don’t understand is the left always, and I mean always goes after the law abiding owners instead of the illegally obtained and the criminal element. If our country is “overwhelmingly conservative”, then how do dip shits like this woman get in office?

    • Because the left believes it’s OUR FAULT that the bad guys got the guns. If we hadn’t bought them legally, then the bad guys wouldn’t have stolen them and used them in crimes.

      So if they can stop us from owning them legally, well, that solves their entire problem.

    • There were three provisions in these laws which would have actually helped law enforcement to crack down on criminal use of firearms. All were stripped out of the legislation by the majority Democrats…

      The Dems know who their constituents are.

  21. Article II, Section 6 of the New Mexico State Constitution:

    No law shall abridge the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes, but nothing herein shall be held to permit the carrying of concealed weapons. No municipality or county shall regulate, in any way, an incident of the right to keep and bear arms.

    • If I was a Sheriff in NM I would be sticking Article II Section 6 of the New Mexico State Constitution in front of her face and the telling her to go eat her own used tampon.

  22. Possum sees the State Militia to be pulled in because the Sheriff’s will not enforce a State law.

  23. “A few law enforcement officers in this state have been making noise about how they won’t enforce gun safety measures because they don’t like them. That’s not how laws work, of course, and it’s not how oaths of office work either…”

    It actually is. Laws don’t enforce themselves and police are not mandated, by law, to enforce them. Imagine if they were! Somehow I think the nitwit making these statements wouldn’t like it.

    Also, it is literally how oaths of office work. Protect and defend The Constitution is part of every oath I’ve seen (in some form). But of course she doesn’t really care if anyone enforces the law, but she does dislike it being public.

  24. great
    another woman
    in a position of power
    who doesnt know anything
    about anything
    except emotionally reacting to circumstances
    which require rational logical thinking
    men and the patriarchy arent womans worst enemy
    women are
    nobody and i mean nobody makes women look more feckless and ignorant than women themselves

  25. They want their law-abiding citizens disarmed to make it easier for illegal aliens to rape and kill them.

    STOP VOTING for baby-killing, tranny-loving, open-our-borders, jihad-appeasing, CommiCrats™ and start donating to the OPPOSITE CANDIDATES.

    • new york has become the poster child for non-compliance…laws only work when people respect and obey them…the whole system is built on that premise and begins to break down when it is not observed…in many ways this was a trial balloon to see how people would respond…and now they’re finding out…

  26. Live next door, Texas. Applaud those Sheriffs for taking their oaths seriously.
    With regard to all things “left”, “progressive”, “liberal”, etc., –
    “The only reason a mouse-trap works is because the mouse doesn’t understand, or care, why the cheese is free”.
    That was stolen from someone, somewhere, no credit taken for the originality.
    The “or care” was added.

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