New Mexico gun control bill vote
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As early as tonight, the New Mexico House could hold the final vote on legislation that would criminalize almost all private sales of firearms, Senate Bill 8.  This is the last chance for NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters to contact their lawmakers in opposition to this anti-gun legislation before it hits the Governor’s desk.  Please click here to contact your state Representative and strongly urge them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 8 when it comes up for a vote.

Senate Bill 8, so-called “universal” background check legislation sponsored by Senators Richard Martinez (D) and Peter Wirth (D), would ban almost all private firearms sales between law-abiding individuals. Gun owners would be forced to pay fees and obtain government approval before selling firearms to friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow hunters, competitive shooters or gun club members.

This proposal would have no impact on crime and is unenforceable without gun registration. As amended, Senate Bill 8 now requires that all federal firearm licensees perform these background checks. 30 out of 33 New Mexico Sheriffs oppose this legislation.


This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Both my parents already made their calls this morning. Not that it much matters since they’re in Santa Fe County but hey, it can’t hurt.

    • Calls don’t matter in Illinois either. It probably puts me on some ‘list’ too. I can only vote.

      • I am pretty sure that everyone who is opposed to this anti-2nd amendment Global-Socialist movement is on a list. These socialist movements always have lists, and eventually, there is almost always some roundup initiated in the dark of night of people on that list. How do I know? History. It always… always…happens that way.

    • They don’t care.

      2A supporters lined up around the block to testify in opposition to Nevada SB143 (universal back ground checks). When a full day of opposition testimony finally ended, they gave the bird and voted it in.

      With a Blue super majority in both the House and Senate and a Blue governor, they can pretty much pass anything they want at this point.

      Yes, I know I live in AZ, but my eldest in in NV so I watch what is going on. Frankly, in a few more years AZ will be going down this same path. The Tucson is deep blue, the north is blue, and the greater PHX is now deep purple. Give it a bit and the metro areas will out-vote the rest of the state…just like has happened in NV.

      Sorry, NM, you are the latest victim in the Mommies demanding action from illegal mayors.

    • Keep dreaming. They will keep being re-elected in the urban democratic jungles until they are dead. And maybe even after.

      • One of the reasons we need a federal form of government at the state level. No city should be able to set policy for an entire state, regardless of its population.

        • If only we could make that happen. The majority of Oregon is definitely sick of the coastal corridor running everything.

        • That’s why they want to eliminate the electoral college. A few big cities will control the country and all presidential elections.

  2. Made the calls (no answer and no answering machine for my local rep.) and sent the emails.

    Now, hoping that sense (or at least fear of long memories and thereby getting primaried) will prevail.

  3. The 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed upon….Do your duty and do what the constitution provides for each and every single American….the right to bear arms and the God given right to protect themselves and their family..

    • yes shall not be infringed,and the dick act,passed in 1903 invalidates all gun control laws in the u.s.we the people are the government,they are suppose to work for we the people,not we the people for them. go trump

  4. “This proposal would have no impact on crime and is unenforceable without gun registration”

    Did the NRA-ILA really write that? What is wrong with them. Are they getting political with their statements?

    It is enforceable, straw purchases after the laws date to prohibited persons could be prosecuted WITHOUT a confession. That’s the point of the law. Now whether or not anyone will be is another issue. Because the way it is now, you basically have to admit that you knew the other person was a prohibited person.

    • Binder, you said, “It is enforceable, straw purchases after the laws date to prohibited persons could be prosecuted WITHOUT a confession.”

      I think you’re confusing straw purchases with private gun sales.
      Straw purchases have always* been illegal (*at least in my lifetime, not counting the pre-NICS days when you could order guns from the Sears Catalog and have them delivered straight to your door).

      A private gun sale is not a straw purchase.
      Example of a straw purchase: A felon says to you, “Here’s $500 in cash. Go into the gun store and buy me a gun under your name, because you can pass the NICS check, and I’ll give you another $500 when you give me the gun.”

      Example of a private gun sale: You buy a gun, shoot it for a couple years, a guy at the gun range admires your gun and offers to buy it from you, or to trade his gun for your gun. You’re both residents of the same state.

      Example of a private gun transfer: You buy a gun, then when your son gets old enough to own a gun, you give the gun to him as a gift.

      Another Example of a private gun transfer in a state where private gun transfers are banned:
      You own a gun for home defense. While you’re away on a business trip, someone breaks into your home trying to rape your wife. Your wife picks up your gun and holds the intruder at gunpoint until police arrive. If private gun transfers are banned, or if you’re in a state like mine that requires an FPID card which your wife doesn’t have, then your wife goes to prison for 10 years, while her attempted rapist only gets 5 years in prison!!!!

  5. Why is it that ALL DumboRats are anti-2nd Amendment? Amazing isn’t it.. Is it the schools they attended that caused this mental stupidity or what they eat? Hard to believe that this many “Americans” can be against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution they “swore to uphold”.. TREASON..

    They obviously can’t read or understand the Bill of Rights. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED..

    I guess our only solution is to “regulate the 1st for Politicians and the left-turd “press”!! Leave it alone for everyone else but them and see how the “turn about” works.. Prosecute ALL of them for TREASON..

    • That is NOT the ONLY “solution”. It’s just the “non-violent” attempt at a solution. Stop playing the game by the opponents rules.

    • There’s lots of pro2A in rural Illinois and Wisconsin. Also, most of the Catholics in Chicago are Democrat. If you ask them why, they say something from the Democrat playbook. The Republicans are the party of the rich. They are against saving the planet. They are against helping children/schools/education. They are in bed with big pharma, the Saudi’s, Russians, Wall Street, big business……conveniently forgetting Google, Amazon, Facebook, Hollywood, NPR, NEA, AMA…….

  6. We need a few of these gun grabbers looking over their shoulder and hoping not to see a red dot anywhere on their person. I mean I hope nothing bad happens to any of them. Honest. They should be driven from office and prosecuted for violating their oath of office; the one about upholding the constitution, all of it.

  7. just like washington state, the demo commies are controlled by the soros/communists in the largest citys. ===seattle, socialist mayor ,socialist city council,socialist chief of police. and to top it off a ding-bat socialist fool for a governor.. las cruces, santa fe and alberquerque all demoncraps with soros/californica influence. with a governor that is brainless socialist with no obvious ties to america ,[supporting illegals over american citizens…

    • “Gun control in New Mexico? That’s Unpossible!! I was assured that it only happens in California and couldn’t possibly happen here! That’s why I blamed California gun owners, telling them it was their own fault, and by not leaving KKKalifornia they were supporting tyrany!!!” …… If we surrender New Mexico the same way we surrendered California, then Texas is next on the chopping block. Heck, it’s already half way there already.

    • With only NJ CA MA and increasingly MD and WA as our only real competition that’s hardly comforting

  8. How the notion of republican govt has morphed…

    – From running govt functions to making laws for everybody else to live by.

    – From providing services folks want to inflicting limits on them they don’t.

    – From managing through the present to ushering in the future.

    – From citizens’ mutual protection from commonly understood (and “common law”) criminals, to turning citizens into criminals themselves.

    – From holding space open so people can do what they do all day, to making closed space where they do what you say.

    That “those people” don’t want it, and it’ll hurt them are features, not bugs. That this is a gun law

  9. They’d play sims, except sims just do what they’re told, n din’t suffer for it. Where’s the fun in that?

  10. Absolutely and terribly wrong. I understand they already have counties that are selecting to be gun sanctuary zones. I hope all of the counties in New Mexico make the same decision. Their new bias governor can go to H***. Gary

  11. What many here on the public forum fail to understand is that “New Mexico” isn’t run like a US State. In practice, it is a 400 year old Latin American Kleptocracy with the same families in power for nearly 400 years.

    The reality now is that through corruption, election fraud, and illegal alien votes the criminals who stole the 2018 state wide elections now fully control both houses, the judiciary, and the executive branch. Effectively, there now is absolutely no political opposition. The criminals who now run the state know it, and are taking full advantage to consolidate power.

    There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that anything anyone within or outside of the state does will change the course that has now been set, and make no mistake – this is just the beginning.

    What is happening in New Mexico will serve as an example to anyone who believes that one can bargain with, or find common ground with those on the left.

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