D4 Guns Leather AK-47 folding stock
Courtesy D4 Guns
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From D4 Guns . . .

D4 Guns is proud to announce the latest addition to its line of innovative leather products for firearms. Available now to purchase is the AK-47 Leather Cheek Rest Kit for under-folder and side-folder AK47 stocks.

The leather cheek rest kit is designed to provide additional surface area and 1/4 inch rise to enhance a shooter’s ability for a solid cheek weld; a fundamental for accuracy. The rugged and minimalist design compliments the AK47’s design and doesn’t interfere with the gun’s folding functionality.

The AK47 Leather Cheek Rest Kits come in black and dark brown full-grain leather and feature an optional neoprene foam padding if additional rise is wanted. All materials used in the kit are non-corrosive and safe to be used on metal stocks. They can be purchased on d4guns.com, Amazon.com and other online retailers.

D4 Guns Leather AK-47 folding stock
Courtesy D4 Guns

Folding AK47 rifle stocks provide little support for shooters and make it difficult to get a proper cheek weld, especially for follow up shots and rapid firing. The slick, hardened-steel folding stocks tend to bruise and rub against a shooter’s cheek, which make a consistent cheek weld nearly impossible, especially during rapid fire.

The D4 Guns AK47 Leather Cheek Rest / Riser Kit solves this problem in a minimalist and rugged manner. Our full-grain leather and neoprene combine to allow a consistent, solid cheek weld and don’t limit the folding ability of the gun’s design.

D4 Guns Leather AK-47 folding stock
Courtesy D4 Guns

“The AK47 leather cheek rest is a great addition to my rifle that gives it a slick look that also serves a purpose,” says recent leather wrap customer, Whip Villarreal. “It’s fits perfectly on my AK-47 rifle and is big enough to give my cheek comfort when aiming and just the right size to easily unfold it back into the stockless position.”

Other comparable products available on the market are made of low grade, uncomfortable plastic or metal material. They prohibit shooters from unfolding the stock because they are too bulky and are often difficult to install; some requiring permanent modification. The purpose of D4 Gun’s leather cheek rest is to maintain the utility of the gun’s folding stock while providing a rugged and comfortable solution to the cheek weld problem.

Price = $19.99

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  1. I have a friend from upstate New York who prefers the side folder AK. He owns several of them. He did something similar years ago with paracord. It looked very professional. His motivation was the fact that those metal stocks take on the ambient temperature. I was up there one December. The morning lows hovered around 0 warming up to a blistering 10-12 in the afternoon. I suppose it would work equally well for summer temps in the desert SW.

    • Sounds good. I’d use paracord before I use leather. Cheaper, easier to replace. Plus, it comes in pink.

      • So you’re the one who buys up all the pink paracord. I wondered who. Oh, and you mean less expensive not cheaper. Cheaper denotes shoddy coustruction/materials.

  2. Whenever someone mentions “AK”, my eyes glaze over, my mind goes to another place, and I adopt a 1000-yd stare while the drool drips from the corner of my half-open mouth. The blood drains from my head and pools to my feet. Time slows to a crawl, and the light dims.

    Then when someone follows up with mention of “AR-15”, I snap out of it and happily engage in the conversation.

    • Don’t lie…
      You NEVER “snap out of it”….. you’re a FULL TIME MOUTH BREATHER….. 😛

  3. Haz, say what you want. In my experience AK always work. Also, in my experience, AR always fail eventually.

    • Many countries have been moving away from DI rifles in the past few years. Seems like the benefits of “gas piston” operation are finally being acknowledged.

    • You gotta watch this video of this russian just non stop full auto on an AK-103.

      I don’t know how to post the videos on this page, sorry. But here is the link:


      It just keeps going. Pretty funny too. He runs out of mags eventually, and then still holds a zero at the end of it all, with a bent barrel.

    • FWIW, when you say “in my experience” it comes out as “I fired two whole mags through it without jamming so it’s A-1”, or on the other hand “I did 2 carbine courses with it without cleaning and it totally jammed so it’s trash”.

      • No Eric I’ve said this before I used the AR platform from 1979-2014. Fortunately I only had to carry one for four years. When I was in LE I could carry pretty much what I wanted. I did have to qualify with one regularly and teach with one since that’s what everyone else had. Carbine class? Yeah, I’ve been to a few. My favorite was shortly after the N Hollywood shootout by the FL SWAT Assn. I had to use an AR. When I asked why the lead instructor said that’s all his assistant instructors knew. So I checked out an M-4, thoroughly cleaned and lubes it the night before. The next day I was clearing another malfunction when the lead instructor asked me, “What’s wrong with that rifle?” I replied, “It’s a fucking M-16! That’s what’s wrong with it!” He walked away without a word. As for how may rounds I’ve put through ARs? Tens of thousands. Why not? The government was paying for it. I have tried to like the AR for years. They are plentiful and inexpensive. They are more accurate than they should be and the ergonomics is second to none. But, they malfunction and break. A lot. If anyone doesn’t believe it they’re the ones with little experience.

        • BTW. I traced the problem to the extractor and replaced it. Next time it will be a broken cam pin. Or a problem with the gas rings. Or the gas key. Or…


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