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The Wrangler is Ruger’s incredibly popular and ultra-affordable single action .22LR revolver that was introduced a year ago (see our review here). Now Galco has announced their new Switchback hybrid ambidextrous holster for the wheel gun.

Here’s their press release . . .

Galco is excited to introduce the versatile and affordable Switchback outdoor holster for the Ruger Wrangler!

A hybrid design that combines the best elements of leather and synthetic, the Switchback is fully ambidextrous and can be carried in the strongside or crossdraw positions. The main body of the holster is constructed of layered synthetics, beginning with an outer layer of durable black ballistic nylon. Beneath that is closed cell foam that imparts structure to the holster body and protection for the firearm in the field. Finally, a layer of 420 denier gunmetal-colored packcloth lines the holster.

An ambidextrous “exoskeleton” made of top grain steerhide allows the belt to be threaded through either side of the holster body in strongside or crossdraw positions, for right or left hand draw. The retention strap is reversible for ambidextrous use.

With four popular barrel lengths available, the Switchback is a perfect way to pack the compact Wrangler in the great outdoors or on the range. Available in black finish, the Switchback retails for only $49.

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  1. Everything is a tradeoff until it isn’t.

    I know leather and Kydex have different, offsetting advantages, but does shapeless, snaggy, wear-prone nylon cloth have any (except price)? The price advantage certainly isn’t reflected at “only” $49.

  2. Almost bought one of those Wranglers today, and i know i will eventually. When i do, it will ride in 100% leather like all my other revolvers.

  3. I’m looking for a Kydex. After sitting in the mud with my daughter turkey hunting this week, I wasn’t happy how dirty my p365 got. A Wrangler would be great for banging around in the woods, but then one would need a holster just as durable. I don’t feel like a fancy leather holster or something nylon will work as well.

  4. Will be needing a holster this year, just waiting to know what the gun will be first. Been watching these options in .22 revolvers (and bigger) SA and DA. I’ve an about to be 20 years old young lady in the family tree about to turn 21. She has said she wants to get her first handgun at 21. So that’ll be my birthday present to her, along with some accessories and a training class or two.

    The Ruger Wrangler is definetly on the list of guns to have her try out. She’s fired everything of mine up to .45ACP, my old revolvers in .22LR, .22WMR and .38 Special.

    I kind of expect she’ll prefer a .22 8 to 10 shot revolver with adjustable sights. Should wipe out all my Cabela’s Club Card accumulated points!

    • Whatever you do, do NOT buy her a Heritage 22 Revolver. They have the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I bought one with the adjustable sights, longer barrel, their “top of the line” 22 revolvers with both cylinders for 22 LR and 22 WMR.
      It has been back to the shop 3 times for the same problem…light primer strikes. It would shoot about 4 out of 6. In the first 15 months, It has been in my possession for 3 shooting sessions. The rest of the time it has been back in their shop.
      Each time, the first time I shot it, same problem. The second time they sent me 2 new cylinders. They were so roughly machined that they barely fit in the frame. When I tried to exchange the cylinders, I had to get a hammer and gently tap them out, but the 22 mag cylinder, I had to pound it out, it was such a tight fit.
      I finally convinced them to send me a new one, they said ok. That was probably 6 weeks ago and I still don’t have a gun, and they will not give me an ETA on when I will have a gun. I will never buy a Heritage, Taurus or Rossi product. Their horrendous customer service has been a nightmare to deal with. Stay with a Ruger. You won’t be disappointed.

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