New Law Prevents California Schools From Choosing to Allow Guns on Campus
courtesy Sacramento Bee
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“The Legislature’s approval of AB 424 is a common-sense step, supported by campus police officers, to make sure schools are gun-free.” – California Assemblyman Kevin McCarty in New laws in 2018 will affect guns, ammo and disabled driver placards [via]


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  1. Leave it to CA to screw up any way for people to protect themselves! If it involves a gun it’s bad, never mind the idiot behind the gun!!! Stupid is as stupid does!

  2. The next time there’s a mass slaughter at a school, the blood will be on the hands of these putrid, liberal tyrants.

    • Ahh…but there can’t be another school shooting, once this passes, because that would be illegal.

  3. Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (not pictured). I think the guy in the photo is Rep Kevin McCarthy of US House. Funny that both from California.

  4. As Thomas Sowell said: “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

    We need to invoke a system where there are consequences for the elite who make those decisions and intentionally violate the Constitution and laws. Being voted out of office or even impeachment is not a deterrent.

    Public hanging comes to mind…….

    • Unfortunately they are the arbiters of success. They already declare anything they do as a success regardless of the outcome.

      • I’d be all for it but I wonder who among us would actually start pulling the rope on a screaming, crying, pissing, lib.

    • An Immoral people electing Immoral politicians to write and pass Immoral laws to make their Immorality Legal. Progressives HATE accountability.(for themselves)

  5. I wonder , just wonder, if bad people know schools in CA are victim zones?
    Nahhhh, they don’t follow that kind of thing.

  6. For decades the CC laws in CA specifically allowed for carrying on school grounds. As in, it wasn’t a gray area, but written law. The CA legislature has only recently realized this and now is going overboard banning the practice. CCP holders in CA are the very definition of a group that has been thoroughly vetted, what with the in-person interviews and background check, but the legislature is treating them all like a pool of future felons just waiting to carry out a massacre. Insanity.

    • Not insanity – it’s bigotry.
      It matters not one bit how well-vetted and checked the citizen gun owner is – THEY. HATE. US.

  7. This proves that the people who live in Commiefornia are indeed like a bowl of cereal – “what ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes.”. They are so, so stupid. And for that reason, I will never, never set foot in Commiefornia or any other state on the Left Coast.

  8. “…make sure [California]schools are gun-free.”

    LOL! The 2015 San Bernardino Islamic terrorists originally targeted a high school. Now the crazies that run California want every school to be defenseless.

    • The language is technically correct. A couple of years ago, with no evidence of ANY CCW holder EVER having committed a gun offense on ANY California school campus, a bill by Assemblyman McCarthy (who hates civilians carrying guns with true passion) was passed that banned CCW holders, but allowed cops and retired cops, from carrying any firearm on a school campus (including universities) without the express permission of the superintendent of schools. This allowed schools to choose whether to allow the practice, and when three schools decided to allow ALL CCW permit holders to carry on their campuses, McCarthy suffered a massive coronary event, and sponsored a law to remove the school’s discretion in the matter. Now schools can no longer “choose to allow” civilian CCW carry on campus.

      McCarthy has also been in a long running battle with the Sheriff of Sacramento County (McCarthy used to be a supervisor there) over the Sheriff’s “shall issue” CCW policy. He and his friends first tried to cut the Sheriff’s budget for processing apps, but when that didn’t work, he got the State to audit the programs in Sac, LA and San Diego, because taxpayers shouldn’t be carrying the burden of paying for people to be licensed to carry firearms in public, so he said. As previously reported here, that kind of blew up in his face, as it did not get the result that he intended, i.e., massive cost overruns that would allow him to sponsor a bill to massively increase the state application fee. Instead it showed that LA essentially issues CCWs only to cops and judges, and a few “special friends” of the sheriff’s department, and that it fails to follow its own rules in issuing those licenses.

  9. Your children will have to be lined up against a school house wall and shot. Before enough people will organize against this evil in California. Because the people who wrote and voted for this law don’t have children. That includes the childless people who support these same politicians.

    But don’t worry you can walk around naked and perfom sex acts in public on days the government gives you permission in California. And the government is “letting you trade your gun rights for marijuana intoxication rights”.

    And you dont need government permission to walk around with a well fitted strap on dildo for public attire in California or at UT in Austin Texas.
    Things have really improved in California since I moved away.

    • Things in California have really “improved” since I moved away. Quotation marks added. I so grateful my daughter was not raised or educated in California.

  10. When your words on paper and incantations actually “prevent” a thing, that’s magic.

    Apparantly, they think they can do magic. And with that power, this is what they choose.

    I can’t decide which is wierder.

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