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“This gun’s technology is very amazing and helpful,” the caption underneath the video below proclaims. Well, d’uh! Happy New Year!

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  1. “When the going gets tough, the tough go cyclic.”

    May it not be so expensive this year; and if it is, invest in copper & lead.

  2. That’s innovative but I’ve seen it before. When I was a 240 gunner in the Iraq we took an assault pack and put a .50 ammo can in the bottom, then linked together a bunch of belts, and had the belts feed from the pack into the 240. It was our 400 round starter belt. We did something similar with the .50s, we rigged up this system to hold the MK19 can on the side of the turret, then linked together a bunch of .50 belts for about a 400-500 round starter belt for those too. I wonder if that’s where they got the idea from.

  3. That is the sound of FREEDOM. Happy New Year, may the Tree of Liberty be fully freshened this 2018.

  4. A safe, healthy and happy 2018 to all, except for the Leftists.

    May they get cancer and a doc who refuses to provide them pain meds.

    *snicker* 🙂

  5. Haven’t seen an M-60 fired for years (or have I dated myself or exposed my failing memory which led to miss-identification?)

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