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As reported by RECOIL yesterday, the interwebs discovered a landing page on GLOCK‘s website with a video and information about the as-yet-unreleased 19X. Apparently . . .

an old URL was re-purposed as a testing page with the expectation that it wouldn’t be seen or found. The semi-automatic cat’s out of the ballistic bag now. The feline in question being a G19 slide on a G17 frame. More or less GLOCK’s Modular Handgun System submission minus the manual safety. Some further details gleaned from the leak follow . . .

Announcing Glock 19X

GLOCK, Inc. introduces their first ever “Crossover” pistol, the GLOCK 19X, which combines the best features of two of its most popular and most trusted field-tested platforms. The full-size frame and the compact slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations.

“The G19X was developed for the military and is a practical everyday pistol that will do what you need it to do, when you need it to; every time, in every condition,” says GLOCK VP Josh Dorsey. “The pistol was developed for the military using GLOCK’s combat proven experience with consideration to efficiency, dependability and durability.

Through rigorous testing, the G19X stands out above the competition and has the ability to function in all situations with ultimate reliability and accuracy. Our goal was to meet the demanding needs of the military while maintaining our standard of perfection. With proven results, the G19X delivers maximum efficiency and trustworthiness.”

Confidence now comes in the coyote color with the first-ever factory colored slide. The nPVD slide coating of the GLOCK 19X prevents corrosion, resists chemicals, and stands up against the elements.

Additional design features of the G19X include the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) with enhanced polygonal rifling and an improved barrel crown for increased accuracy, ambidextrous slide stop levers and no finger grooves for better versatility, and a lanyard loop for retention. The pistol includes a standard 17-round magazine and two 17+2-round extended magazines along with a coyote-colored pistol case.

The aggregate effect of all the G19X design enhancements gives any user the assurance to succeed and survive in all situations. A perfect “Crossover to Confidence”.

The G19X will be available beginning January 22nd, 2018 at select dealers.

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  1. Can we please have the opposite which is a Glock 17 slide on a Glock 19 frame which is what I’ve been waiting for, for nearly 30 years… The most difficult part of a pistol to conceal is its grip, not its slide.
    This reminds me of compact pistols of the 1980’s when “compact” meant chopping off some barrel and slide and keeping the existing grip… All you then have is a pistol that is no more concealable with less sight radius and less muzzle velocity.

    • Good luck. Even though you are correct in what you say, the average gun shop customer is going to be sold on how the gun looks and feels in his/her hand, not how well it preforms its intended role–and under that criteria a short barrel LOOKs more compact and a long grip FEELs better.

      You can always go rogue and cut down a Glock 17 frame–people have done it with great success, and contouring polymer is not that challenging.

      Now that Polymer80 is offering G17 sized frames, that might be the most economically feasible route for experimentaiton here. Heck, I think I just talked myself into a little project 🙂

      • I chopped up a M&P full size to take compact mags. It was actually much easier than I thought it’d be. The only catch was getting the adjustable neck strap secured. If you’re set on a size you can just use your favorite adhesive and make it permanent. Full size slide, “compact” frame with the benefit of a little more to space.

        • i have toyed with the idea of taking a SD9, apexing the trigger, and chopping it to accept M&P compact mags. (the SD mags work in a compact M&P, so the inverse should also be true once the grip is cut down.) In theroy, i would have what i would consider a near perfect hangun for less than $450 including holster. The feel of the SD9 is near perfect in my hands, the mechanics of the pistol itself is a nearly exact copy of a glock, and the 12+1 sized handle is just right for me as well. I love the idea of owning and carrying a glock, but i hate the way the grip feels in my hand. i just can’t get past it like some people can.

        • Lone Wolf sells all the parts necessary to run a G17 slide on a G19 frame. Namely, a “G19L” barrel and a plug spacer thing to nicely fill that gap between front of frame and front of longer slide.

          For whatever reason, this full size grip shorter slide thing is seen as a good duty gun configuration. That’s why it was the MHS submission config and they may think it’ll be popular with law enforcement and such. I could see appendix carry folks liking it, maybe, as CCW use goes.

      • I have no interest in chopping down/customizing a pistol… My complaint can be characterized as a 1st World problem.

        My issue is not with Glock specifically… I’ve wanted a 5” barrel and slide on my Colt Defender (with thin rosewood grips) for almost as long.

        • “17L slide
          26 Grip

          Close (I’d probably buy one just because)

          40MOS Slide
          29 Grip

          Best mm

        • Understood. My 1st world problem was having too many guns around and the time to tinker with them to get what I wanted. The same reason spare AR parts turn into whole rifles….

        • Anyone on here that uses the term “First World Problem”, should either be banished or forced to live in a “Gun-Free Zone” on the most liberal of university campuses with the poor, frightened snowflakes.
          A FREE WORLD problem, yes.

  2. Sounds like Glock has gone full Apple by putting an ‘X’ on the end of the name to get you to buy a new plastic POS that’s only marginally better than everything they’re already selling.

  3. What is the advantage of giving a compact slide a long handle? I think more people would prefer the glock 17 slide on a compact frame or a glock 19 slide on a sub-compact frame. What about a single stack glock 19 or a gen 4 glock 36? Ruger has been way more impressive than glock lately on innovation and what people actually want and like.

    • +1000. When I shot a PPQ I had to ask why people would still buy a glock that is priced the same or more in some instances.

  4. I won’t be buying one. Best feature of the 19 is the shorter grip/frame not the the shorter slide. I have moved my 19 off to my get home bag along with my Sub 2k with a red dot, since the extra long named S&W M&P 9 M2.0 Compact has become my cool weather carry gun.

  5. All of this snarky, dismissive negativism is both contemptible and very typical of our society today.

    I like to think better of gun people but obviously they’re a bunch of whiners like most everyone else.

    Maybe they make a better impression in person.

    As for this gun, I say restore the safety and market it as the “Glock 19 MHS”. That would be a real winner, IMO.

    • I actually feel the same way as you do. For a while I couldn’t believe how supposed gun people could be such whiners. What always gets me is when someone says a gun is fugly. I like to tell those “guys” something like, Well if you want something pretty then buy another skirt or bouquet of roses for yourself.

      All that said, it really is hard for me to get excited about anything “new” from Glock. People can tout the usual stuff about Glocks all they want (reliability, aftermarket, simplicity, etc. etc.). But far as I’m concerned, as someone who has tried just about every other poly striker out there today, I’m no longer interested in Glock unless they offer, dare I say, a game changer.

  6. How is this different, functionally, from putting a G17 magazine with grip extension in a G19?

    Really, scratching my head here.

    • “How is this different, functionally, from putting a G17 magazine with grip extension in a G19?”

      Curtis gets it.

      If you want the same thing, make up a plastic sleeve to replicate the extended grip and slide a 17 mag in there.

      I wanna see Glock come up with a DA on first shot pistol, it would be much safer to carry appendix that way, with ‘one in the pipe’…

      • The Glock trigger is considered double action on every shot. The striker isn’t fully cocked until you’re pulling the trigger.

        • I want the heavy, thick, *long* trigger pull like a DAO revolver on the first shot.

          Think of like a Ruger LCR in trigger pull.

          The follow-up shots I want like the Glocks are now.

          I’ve owned 2 Glocks, the 22 and the 23. Fine guns. The 23 just feels perfect in my hand. I’m not interested carrying them appendix unless I can choose to fully de-cock them on the first shot…

        • It really wouldn’t be any safer*. Neither a Glock nor a modern DA revolver will go off until the trigger is pulled.

          * Other than appendix carry being an unavoidable violation of the first rule of firearms.

  7. People complaining…..I’m sure if the 19X is a hit, then then maybe they will do other crossovers. Can’t stand all the bitching. Me, I’m excited and will be buying.

  8. They still screwed it up by losing the hole underneath the back strap after gen 3. That sure is handy for a stock or “brace” attachment. Makes for a very budget friendly pcc/pistol thingy.

  9. That’s it, Glock is on my shit list of companies that can’t make anything new that’s interesting. I’d rather have Glock 19’s with 17 slides and Glock 26’s with 19 slides, but Glock won’t do it so screw them.

    I tell you, the people running Glock right now are idiots and are in fact killing the company. They can’t make anything that gets people to buy their stuff. Gen 5? Please, you’re better off with a Gen 2, 3, or 4.

    And I own two Glocks, might get a 10mm in the future, so I like Glock pistols, but the Glock company is really just run by morons.

    • “That’s it, Glock is on my shit list of companies that can’t make anything new that’s interesting”

      That’s why they’re such a niche marque with no broad appeal. You should definitely let them know what they’re doing wrong, I’m sure they’d love the taste of success your ideas would bring.

  10. Glock can never seem to please everyone no matter what they release. This is more than likely a start to a “crossover, X” line of glocks. Maybe they will introduce a G19LX next? A G19 frame with a G34 slide would please me. This G19X is cool but doesn’t really call to me like some other glocks have in the past. I still may get one though lol

  11. I don’t understand the reason for this. Seventeen round capacity instead of fifteen? And is this new gun called the 19Ex or the 19-10?

  12. That’s all nice and well, but for concealed carry a G19 low profile grip and a longer, more accurate G17 slide would make far more sense. It’s not the length that prints but almost always the grip of the gun.

  13. I see a lot of criticisms for this gun based on civilian CCW requirements, but I think we should take this gun for what it is: a civilian production version of the Glocks MHS entry. Glock designed this around the intended purpose of being a backup weapon for a duty soldier, likely carried outside in a holster – the requirements for which are different than for civilian CCW. I have no experience in combat, but in a combat/duty scenario I can see how the quicker draw and lighter weight of the shorter barrel being a reasonable tradeoff for a BACKUP weapon where a longer sight radius isn’t as crucial. The extra rounds could be crucial.

    At the end of the day Glock has already spent the money on developing this, and they are just trying to recoup some of those costs. This gun wouldn’t work for me, but if they sell some to police, armed security or military collectors to recoup their investment, more power to them. Honestly, I’m just thankful that we (for now) still live in a country (and for me a state) where we are still allowed to own the same handguns as our police and Military as the 2A intended. Now where is my select fire M4?!!

  14. I’m surprised to see no one mentioned what I see as this guns one major improvement over the gen 5s, no stupid magazine well cut outs to ruin your grip.

    I do agree with others that a 17 slide on a 19 frame would be a better setup for ccw, like a CCO 1911, however I understand what they are going for. Glock is slowly getting close to designing a gun that might make me buy a Glock again (I, personally did not care for my gen 3 G17 one bit.)

    I’d be most interested in a scaled up G43, with the grip design and single stack thinness of the 43 but the overall length and height of a 19. In my opinion the 43 is too big for pocket carry but offers little real advantage over the 19 IWB. But, of course, I’m just some rando on the Internet.

  15. Sounds like the XD Service. Glock may be perfect but like Apple they are just copying other gunmakers now.

    It also shows why they were judged noncompliant with the MHS RFP. This isn’t a modular design.

  16. I’ll get one. The long grip of the 17 feels comfortable, the slide of the 19 is long enough and doesn’t get in the way too much. I bet it will be more controllable than G19 (not that it’s difficult, just improved leverage on both ends)

  17. I’m definitely one of the folks that prefers a full grip on a shortened slide, like they are doing here. For my 1911s, I’ve always preferred a full Government frame under a Commander slide. On the Glock, I shoot the larger frames better, but the shorter slides are more comfortable to carry IWB.
    Plus, the shorter slide is just easy to move around the body in very close situations.
    I often carry a Glock 21 or a Glock 19, but this 19WTF would probably be my favorite Glock. I’ll know after I shoot it. A bunch.


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