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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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Some gun-control advocates have considered [Senate President Stephen] Sweeney an obstacle to tougher laws. When Sweeney lost re-election last month, Fred Gutenberg, a gun-control advocate who is the father of a Parkland, Florida, shooting victim, tweeted that the outcome ”not a bad thing.”

 And Gutenberg recently told NJ Globe he expects Sweeney will face heat on the 2025 campaign trail over guns.

“The reality of gun violence exists, and you’re either going to be making the arguments on how to save lives, or not,” he told the website.

Sweeney brushes aside his critics.

“I’m not gonna be bullied by anyone,” the South Jersey Democrat said. “We passed a whole lot of gun legislation during my career. Just because you say here’s another 15 or 20, and this makes it better, well, none of those bills make violent crime better.”

Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, has voiced similar opposition to the new bill package and vowed to sue to stop any that become law.

“Not one of Governor Murphy’s schemes punishes gun crime,” Bach said. “Instead, every single one interferes with the Constitutional right of honest citizens to defend themselves in an emergency.”

— Brent Johnson in Murphy wants even tougher N.J. gun laws. But Sweeney plans to holster more restrictions.

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  1. And this trend will continue even when loved ones of these mindless drones get affected by their agenda! An agenda they will advance at ALL costs!

  2. These dummies still don’t understand that a gun cannot be “violent”. Here is an ESTABLISHED FACT about Anti-gun radicals. They are deathly afraid of guns because they don’t know about guns. It’s an irrational fear.

    • Quote: ” They are deathly afraid of guns because they don’t know about guns. It’s an irrational fear.”

      This may well be true of useful fools but not true for the leadership. They are dedicated to disarming citizens as a step toward their goal of overthrowing the Constitution of America. They are called democrats but they are actually the communist party (USA).

    • Anti-gun radicals are deathly afraid of guns because they know that if they don’t respect the will of the people those guns will ultimately be pointed at them.

      • Ding….Ding…Ding….we have a winner!!
        The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.

        A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
        He only controls the good guys….which is his true agenda.
        Making good people helpless does not make bad people…..or politicians……harmless.

        Re poor ole Fred Gutenberg….aka Distraught Useful Idiot….dead bodies in a grocery store aisle, or school classroom, or church pew…..the bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…… or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……or the skin color only voter…..or the “just need common sense” purveyors…..or the “we just need to come together” crowd…..are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.

      • SOMEBODY “gets it”. Good on yer, mate.

        I loved the two accounts of last week where antigun congresscritters in Illinois got carjacked, two separate incidents, at gunpoint.. one of them, in their version of the story, indicated that they had their own guns. Talk about two faced!!! YOU can’t have them but WE can and do.

        • Finding a politician who’s not a hypocrite is nearly impossible, but if you do succeed in finding one it’s guaranteed he won’t have a (D) by his name.

  3. Australia is an example of gun control working out as planned.
    Detention camps.
    Forced ‘medical treatment’.
    People who want gun control know that what they want to do to people will get them shot.

  4. “The reality of gun violence exists, and you’re either going to be making the arguments on how to save lives, or not,” he told the website.

    Either your going to lock up the animals and keep them in their cages or your not.

      • worse yet, turning them loose so the can nd do saunter into the darkness and kill someone else.

        Best and ONLY cure for murder is to execute them. after a fair trial, of course. Can’t do it again, and just MIGHT give pause to the next guy tninking killing would be fun or profitable.

    • Gun control is a single, gigantic exercise in the logical fallacy of begging the question.

      “Let’s all just assume this is a conversation about how to achieve gun control.”

      No, Parkland Fred, the question is how individuals in society can ensure safety for themselves and others. Gun control is only one possible answer among many.

      If it was a good answer, its proponents might, at some point, speak the simple truth in defense of it. But they don’t.

      I see three possible reasons for this:
      1. Gun control is a terrible excuse for a solution and there’s virtually no evidence to support it; therefore, emotional blackmail and fallacious arguments are the only effective way to argue for it.
      2. Gun control is supported solely by morons and the emotionally deranged, all of whom are incapable of assembling a logical argument or recognizing reality.
      3. Gun control is not about safety or preventing crime at all — every gun control scheme ever proposed has the primary effect of preventing peaceful people from defending themselves because that is the intended result.

      • ‘Ing’ is an effeminate fancy man who probably has only been with one woman in his whole life. Which, admittedly, is one more than most of you losers. In any case when TSHTF, he will be way too confused scared to join the fight.


        • If there’s anyone who has extensive personal experience in being ‘sorry’, it’s that sad excuse of a troll.

          It’s true!

          Just ask his imaginary ‘wife’ and kids… 😉

  5. Living the dream here in NJ (actually where I live is pretty nice and is 2A friendly town, expected though since the town is pretty republican, the mayor directly calls the older residents to make sure they are OK and also serves beer at the town picnic ..but I digress)

    Anyhow, the original package of bills was pretty onerous and looked like it could have been written by any of the various gun control groups. However, the ANJRPC published an email list for the entire state senate and assembly in a very email convenient copy and paste format and that resulted in a much higher traffic load into the elected officials inboxes. Since Sen Sweeney lost an election to a truck driver who was angry that his concealed carry permit was denied this was a bit of a “canary in the coal mine moment” and resulted in most of the bills not leaving committee, since that would avoid the dual problem of “why didn’t you vote for this” from the GC groups and “you will lose the next election because…” from the now larger and motivated 2A community.

    Murphy will try to do this again in January …..

    • we get the government for whith “they” hve counted “votes”.

      My guess is the guy running against the truck driver denied his Mother May I Card was so cocksure he’ had it in the bag he forgot to arrange for an “insurance policy” of a pile of extra votes. Looks mighty good on him, too.

  6. It’s time to take names and get commitments from Candidates in both parties….get serious about Voting and do a little research to determine the Truth before casting your ballot…..

  7. What happens in New Jersey when the victim of a violent crime fights back with a weapon other than a firearm? I’m thinking of a burglar whose skull is split by a homeowner with a baseball bat or a carjacker run over by the driver whose vehicle he was attempting to steal. Improvised weapons are less efficient than firearms which makes fighting back more dangerous for the victim who has no better choice. However, there is still an important distinction between depriving victims of the best tool for self defense and actively prosecuting self defense as if it were an illegal attack on the criminal. After the last two trials of police officers in Minnesota, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a homeowner or driver prosecuted and convicted there.

    • might follow Englands example of “disparate force”. If your not attacked by someone with a bat, you can’t defend yourself with a bat.

      • To paraphrase a commercial…..I don’t always use deadly force, but when I do, I prefer overwhelming deadly force.” One who is planning on equal force is planning on a 50-50 probability of losing. Not the odds I’m looking for in a life and death confrontation.

        • In the US, deadly force is deadly force. A gun equals a knife equals a baseball bat. Deadly force also includes many against one and a big guy against a little one. However, that may do you no good if the jury’s verdict is based on feelings instead of the law. That’s why I cited the Minnesota cases.

        • Tommy:
          It didn’t look like sarcasm to me. So… trudge up mommy’s basement steps and get this: Sarcasm can be difficult to discern in written text, since the reader cannot hear the sound of a voice. That’s why some commenters to this website LABEL their sarcasm.

      • The United Kingdom is more flexible than that. There was a case of a home invasion in a London suburb. The intruder, a career criminal in his thirties or forties, was stabbed do death with a paring knife by the elderly homeowner. After an investigation, the stabbing was ruled self defense and homeowner was never charged.

        The critical difference between there and here is that the paring knife happened to be available to the homeowner but he didn’t keep it for the purpose of fighting off home invaders. Over there, you are not allowed to keep weapons in preparation for an attack. Over here, you are.

        • “Over there, you are not allowed to keep weapons in preparation for an attack. Over here, you are.”
          Except in the People’s Republic of New Jersey. According to a leading NJ self defense attorney, New Jersey does not recognize any legal right to self defense outside the home. Therefore, in New Jersey, if you possess ANYTHING at all for the purpose of self defense in your car or in your pockets — even if it’s something innocuous such as a tennis racket or screwdriver — it’s a felony. The only exception is 0.75 ounce or less of pepper spray.

          This means that after any self defense situation where you defended yourself against violent criminals, you have to be extremely careful what you tell the police, or NJ police will call the criminals who attacked you the “victims” and they’ll arrest you for the crime of self defense. For example, if police ask why you have an ice scraper in your car in summertime, and you say, “For self defense against carjackers and rapists,” then NJ labels you as a criminal and arrests you. I learned this the hard way, trust me.

      • “If your not attacked by someone with a bat, you can’t defend yourself with a bat.”

        The simple solution is to do what big city cops have done for over 100 years, cave his head in with the bat, and pull out a kitchen knife you’ve stashed somewhere, wipe your fingerprints off of it, and put it in the crook’s hand.

        “He was coming at me with a knife…” 😉

        • “…I hope you’re enjoying New Jersey…”

          I will indeed! My sister is one kick-ass cook

          The best part about visiting New Jersey is the knowledge it will only be for a few days.

          While worthless slime like you get to marinade in it.

          As the late Gilda Radner once said :

          “You belong in New Jersey!”

        • A Proud New Jersey Resident Not hardly, Lefty. It’s called the right to self defense. Is this a new concept for you? Or is cowardice your main virtue?

        • “Or is cowardice your main virtue?”

          Cowardice is my troll’s middle name. Just read his pathetic attempts at insults.

          Right, PG? 😉

    • they triend mightily to convict Kye for using a firearm to defend his own life.. three different times in a few minutes. Thanksfully the jury overrode the dirty and crroked prosecutore Binger. Who should be on tiral in his own right for his unjustofied prosecution of an innocent man. George Zimmerman is another good example of a false prosecution. Did THAT prosecutor ever face signficant consequences for his persecution of an inocent man? Or for his wilful and knowing use of a perjurous “witness”? Or that wintness for her false appearance, claiming to be who she was not (put op to it, of course, by the aforementioned false prosecutor)

      • “George Zimmerman is another good example of a false prosecution. Did THAT prosecutor ever face signficant consequences for his persecution of an inocent man?”

        Her, actually, Angela Corey :

        “Wearing pearls and a dress that seemed more appropriate for a cocktail party, Corey had plastered on her face what the Boston Herald’s Peter Geizinis called the “weird smile of an event planner” as she said she was “so proud” of her office for “being part of the historical aspect of this case and show that the American justice system can only be done in a court of law.””

        A real piece ‘o work is ‘angela’

  8. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    How is this different from the Socialist Libturds’ Twitter block of Trump, FB censorship of Conservative speech…..?????? Hypocrisy to the Left; Hypocrisy to the Right…..

    TTAG needs to re-read and comprehend the FIRST Amendment.

    Thank you, Master, Thank you for considering my poor ole ponderings worthy of your site.

  9. As they increase the pressure on legal gun ownership, more will simply choose to got he illegal route. That is, of course, what they really want anyway.

    Its not about actually getting a criminal, its about having as many levers as possible against that individual that they want to punish.

    • “Its not about actually getting a criminal, its about having as many levers as possible against that individual that they want to punish.”

      That’s why we can expect, if the ‘NY Pistol’ carry case goes our way, is for the number of crimes that make someone a prohibited person to be *vastly* increased.

      Get into a heated argument at work? Someone who can’t control their temper shouldn’t be allowed to own and carry a gun.

      That’s what we can expect if we win big at the SCotUS next June…

      • then bring it on. We can just bring more cases to remove the non-disqualifying “disqualifying” incndents. Many matters are now lsted as “felonies” that should not be. THIS neds cleaning upl but how? One law at atime in each state is mughty tedious.

        One course for change would be that when someone IS convicted of a given crime, part of the jury’s work would be to decide whether the crime rises to the evel of debarring the use of arms forever, for the duratioin of the sentence, or some other stated period ot time, or even not at all. Falling on had times and not being able to pay the exhorbitant child support mandated in the divorce decree doesNOT rise to the level of disarming the guy. Or the guy caught driving at 81 mph in a ridiculously underposted area with a 60 imit. In most states that is a”felony negligent driving”. Some cops WILL write for that.

  10. Gunm violence.
    What the hell is that?
    Sounds like an alcoholic blaming everything except the real problem.
    The problem isnt gunms, it’s some of the people that have them.


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