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As we mentioned on the Book of Faces yesterday quoting a post from GearScout, HK’s announced their new VP9 striker fired pistol. Fifteen rounds. Four-inch barrel. Fully ambidextrous. Takes P30 mags and, according to the promo video, “a good trigger” out of the box. MSRP is $719.  Press release after the jump . . .

Heckler & Koch introduced its new striker fired pistol, the 9 mm VP9 to the U.S. commercial and law enforcement markets today. The VP9 has been in development for more than four years and its debut marks the return of HK to striker-fired models. Heckler & Koch pioneered striker fired handgun designs with the HK VP70 and P7 pistols more than 35 years ago.

 “Heckler & Koch’s reputation for producing superior quality, innovative, and reliable products is well established in the U.S. and international markets. The new VP9 is just such a product. It’s been through just about every test possible – NATO and U.S. NIJ drop tests, extreme environment testing, durability shooting, and the most comprehensive ammunition testing with the widest variety of 9 mm imaginable. It came through those trials with flying colors,” said Wayne Weber, President of HK-USA.

Michael Holley, HK-USA Vice President for Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales, added: “We are truly excited to bring such a superior quality and innovative product to civilian shooters and law enforcement agencies alike – and to do it in the USA first. It highlights our commitment to the U.S. market and with a truly groundbreaking product like the VP9.”

“The VP9 has an excellent trigger with a short, light take-up and solid break followed by a short positive reset. Almost like a single-action trigger in its precision. The VP9 grip can be customized to fit any shooter by using a mix of three interchangeable backstraps and six grip panels – allowing for 27 unique grip configurations. A new feature that all shooters will love is small “charging support” inserts that make manipulating the slide much easier. The pistol also has a safer and easier disassembly process than our competitors. And the VP9 is one accurate pistol.”

Covered by Heckler & Koch’s limited lifetime warranty, the VP9 is designed and manufactured in Oberndorf, Germany with HK’s famous long-term durability. The VP9 is remarkably value priced with a suggested retail cost of $719. Widespread availability is slated for July 2014.

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  1. After HK’s recent money problems this seems to be a step in the right direction. Assuming the street price goes for well under $700 and magazines are available for less than $50 it could be a winner just because of HK’s reputation (deserved or not)

    That said, I am far more interested in the new SIG model than this.

    • This gun looks and sounds like a Walther PPQ. That is, a PPQ 1.0 with the trigger guard mag release rather than the PPQ M2 with the “U.S.-style” thumb button mag release.

      • Bingo. If I wanted a PPQ, I’d buy a Walther. I’d rather have HK bring back the VP70 and give it a good trigger, or a doublestack HK P9S with 15-17 rounds in 9mm and 10-12 rounds in .45acp.

  2. If it truly has a “single-action” trigger break, this will be the answer. If it does not, then just another ho-hum piece of plastic.

    • Obviously, the trigger on a striker action handgun will never provide the same experience as a “single action” trigger, such as one finds on a 1911.

      It does however offer the advantage of the “always on” mode that striker actions offer without any manual of arms required other than aim and pull the trigger.

      As for the “piece of plastic” remark…such a remark just reveals the self-chosen ignorance of the person making it.

      • @Paul T. McCain, wow! Why the hate brother? Normally I agree with about 99.9% of what you post, but coming at me like that is a bit, arrogant to say the least. So first, I’ll forgive you for your rudeness. Now, lets delve into the discussion:

        1) HK is the one saying it has a “single action” trigger break. All I said was: if that is true, the HK has a winner. I don’t need an explanation of a striker fired mechanism. Your time might be better spent telling HK as they are the ones promulgating that bit.

        2) Piece of plastic remark – really? What did you want me to say? That plastic work of art comparable to the late Donatello? Wow…touchy Reverend.

        You might consider not making an enemy where you haven’t one before.

      • Funny. I distinctly seem to recall having experienced some pretty crisp single action striker triggers. Pretty much every bolt rifle on the planet have them, after all……

      • “Obviously, the trigger on a striker action handgun will never provide the same experience as a “single action” trigger, such as one finds on a 1911.”

        Disagree. A striker-fired gun COULD have a 1911-like trigger if the manufacturer so chose. The gun could be designed where the slide cycling back cocks the striker 100%, and the only thing the trigger pull does is release it. Basically, the function could be totally identical to a single action, hammer-fired gun where the slide cocks the hammer and then the trigger pull releases it. Trigger quality at that point depends on the size of the sear-to-hammer or -striker engagement surfaces, their angles, etc. The only reason most striker guns don’t have triggers like that is because the manufacturers choose to design in extra trigger travel and weight — likely because they are self defense / carry guns and often don’t have safeties, but that part is only a guess. What isn’t a guess is that it’s done on purpose and could be as short and crisp as a custom 1911 if desired.

      • Well I own one had it 2 weeks 150 rounds so far love the grips need to add X’S big dot night sights trigger is smooth better than my G19 carry s well seems slim I like it

    • I will fully admit that I flushed with “ooh, shiny” for the briefest of moments.

      Now that feeling has waned, I would have a difficult time convincing my wallet to give it up. Simply don’t see what the VP9 brings to the table that I don’t already have in my v1 PPQ (outside of the HK brand, and the whiz-bang slide ears).

      Will put my mitts on the trigger first-hand for curiosity sake, but figure my Walther need not be concerned.

  3. After owning or carrying 3
    HK weapons over the years give me a Sig, XD, or Glock. I bought a Steyr m series still trying to get a part 2 years later. Just so I can sell it.

  4. No sale.

    Nothing against HKs hard work, and I imagine they’ll make their money back from the fanbase crowd alone, but it doesn’t bring anything else to the table that a Glock or M&P can’t do already for lesser cost. I’m not just talking about the purchase price, either: magazines, holsters, sights, and accessories already exist for those two pistol models and are relatively inexpensive compared to HK.

    Given that skill is what determines performance with a gun, and that bad guys are only impressed with effective hits on target, one is better off buying an M&P/Glock and putting the money saved towards ammo and practice.

    • I’m a little bit interested in the business side of the equation. HK’s focus on law enforcement and military has kept them out of the very lucrative civilian market. No matter how legendary your reputation, it’s tough to plunk down $1,000 on a handgun when there are so many offerings that are so much cheaper.

      The timing sucks though. SIG has been offering a more reasonably priced pistol in the form of the 2022 for years and if the P320 is a hit they’ll have two offerings that compete with many other manufacturers.

      For a personal choice? Also no sale. I’m actually more interested in the M&P than either the SIG or HK models if I were going to go striker-fired. There are plenty of firearms I would be willing to trust my life with that don’t carry the high price of HK.

    • “but it doesn’t bring anything else to the table that a Glock or M&P can’t do already for lesser cost.”

      Better Craftmanship, better ERGOS, better barrel, better TRIGGER. COMMENT MODERATED HK is superior. M&P trigger is GARBAGE.

  5. BELLS AND WHISTLES! BELLS AND WHISTLES! The video was a pretty good sales pitch it got me interested.

  6. This may be a step in the right direction – albeit a late one – for HK. There still on my boycott list.

      • It seems that they were perfectly happen to sell almost exclusively to military and LE, they gave lackluster support to civilian firearm ownership, their customer service is mediocre, and many of their products are overpriced and underperform. Sometimes I wonder if a lot of the hype is just based on video game guns.

        • Gonna have to disagree with you bro.

          HK’s customer service in the civilian market in recent years have been amazing.

          HK’s overpriced? That can be up for debate

          Underperforming? You must be trolling. Never heard this before. Compared to what? A custom 1911?

        • “I wonder if a lot of the hype is just based on video game guns.” Ummmmm try LEO/military sales for decades, far longer than the existence of video games (wtf). Def trolling.

  7. I’ll hold out for the TTAG review. Until I try one myself, the last person I want telling me how good a trigger is is the person trying to sell it to me.

  8. My advice is to wait for the .40 version. Then you can just buy a 9mm barrel and use both calibers, just like the P30. This has my interest, especially since I’d be helping move H&K into more consumer-friendly waters.

    I’m not quite sure why they’re stuck on 15 rounds when everyone else seems to be at 17 rounds.

  9. Why you gotta hate? You can get this shipped for $599, several places are taking preorders

    • HK quality @ $599 street price? I never thought I’d say this about an HK product, but count me in!

  10. When they come out with it in 45ACP, I’ll be interested. Otherwise it’s just the latest “wonder-9”.

    • “9mm kills the body, 45 acp kills the soul”

      Lemme guess, you have other 45 acp pistols and don’t want a new caliber?

  11. What’s the difference here from a P30 LEM? Sounds like it has the same style trigger

    • Take-up in the video looks _much_ shorter than an LEM. I’d be curious to know if LEM can be translated into striker-fired? Visual queues (hammer movement) would certainly disappear.

      Speaking to that which I do not know, I’d wager it’s more akin to the PPQ pedal.

    • I have a P30 LEM and the trigger is a “light” double action hammer system, not a pre-loaded striker.

      Long pull, somewhat vague break, very vague reset, a good 1/4″ or so distance to reset as well. About twice as much reset distance as a Glock, but not a true DAO where the trigger has to be fully released to reset.

      Fits my hand beautifully but because of the trigger it will be sold / traded. Also the slide stop is absurdly oversized for a “duty” type weapon, very annoying.

  12. This looks and sounds a LOT like my Walther PPQ… Which already has, IMHO, the best striker fired trigger available for $100 less on MSRP.

    • EXACTLY!! +1

      People keep talking about this gun like the PPQ doesn’t exist and isn’t’ the best striker fired trigger on the market. I highly doubt the HK will even come close honestly judging by the complete crap triggers in every single other HK pistol I’ve ever touched.

    • How do you know HK didn’t just put out a trigger that surpasses it?

      I own a PPQ, original recipe, but I’m definitely going to check this out.

      I mean, if someone said to me and I believed “Don’t bother with the Walther it costs more than a Glock (it did at the time) and the Glock trigger is the best striker trigger going.” Well I wouldn’t own this awesome PPQ.

      I’m a Walther, Glock, HK, Sig, M&P, Colt, CZ, Beretta fan boy, by way of full disclosure.

  13. I don’t get the “Nothing that GLOCK Brand GLOCK’s and the M&P don’t offer” comments? Or are those aimed at fan boys? Competition is a good thing in the market place, no? I personally think the thing looks tits, and if one can be had for not much more of a premium over the Glock or M&P, I think I’ll add one to my modest colection.

    • Competition is good and I’m glad HK is realizing their products are probably priced to the point they hurt themselves. That said, if consumers aren’t impressed their product will fail.

      I’m not really of the “GLOCK brand GLOCK” mindset. I don’t particularly care for Glocks. Yet HK is entering a very crowded segment of the market without anything to distinguish themselves other than it’s an HK. Not very compelling.

      • Gotta start somewhere I guess.

        Personally I am sticking to a CZ SP01, ot is bulkier but I like it and if need be I can hide it on me.

    • Its a matter of marginal gain.

      Setting aside the “just because” rationale, there has to be a productive reason why a consumer would allocate $715+ for the weapon, plus ammo to shoot it, plus holsters and spare mags for those legally able to carry it . The VP9 needs to bring something new to the table besides being reliable and ugly: as, again, a Glock 17 or M&P can perforate a bad guy or a paper target just as well for far less currency.

      BTW: for some of us, this item will be well north of MSRP to acquire. While some of us enjoy affordable dealers who can transfer ordered products , others are not so fortunate. Gun owners in MA and CA are totally denied due to their rosters , and many places will command a premium because “It Hhhhhh and Kaaaaay!” For some of us-especially you poor souls paying $600 out the door for a stock M&P9- this won’t be touchable for less them $900.

      • Maybe some guys will find they just shoot it real good. Better than others that they own, and that might be reason enough.

  14. It looks interesting and ill look for one at the store to manhandle, but I am obsessed with CZs and I don’t really need another pistol. Although, need usually never comes into my buying decision.

  15. They should have just reintroduced the P7.

    But seriously, if you want a Striker get a Glock. I love my USP because it’s not a striker.

  16. Why all the “brings nothing new to the striker fired market” comments? Does a completely customizable grip bring anything new? Guess not…

    To try that grip style, and go back to the m&p, glock, or XD is tough…nothing fits like a p30 in hand.

    Group think…I have seen the nothing new comments, started on TTAG, about striker fired pistols and now it seems to be repeated by the meh, I think I’m cool crowd consistently…

  17. I do see not much compelling case why go buy Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm striker fired pistol. Base on facts of there youtube video which show very little why VP9 better or different than any thing all ready out there at that price point below it. I found very strange Heckler & Koch did go any other details on youtube video VP9 other than just say had good tigger used p30 mags that only 15 round not cheap that can only buy from Heckler & Koch . I laugh when guy from youtube video said VP9 has best short tigger reset for that kind gun really I have shot Walther Pqq 2 I find hard VP9 get smoother shorter tigger reset than that gun be safe enough use. Have ask why would buy striker fired gun full size only holds 15 rounds in mag that can only use pricey Heckler & Koch p30 mags in them when can get other striker fire guns been test proven hold more rounds cost less use cheaper accessories that do not have buy from Heckler & Koch???? I like Heckler & Koch statement that VP9 easiest gun kind take part funny thing is they did take part in youtube video. There people gun buy VP9 because new from Heckler & Koch but just my opinion what new or interesting about VP9 it like took miss match other guns they have on market came up VP9.

    • Looking at youtube to use as a guide to buy a gun? Go to the gunshop, fire the gun and the make a choice. The trigger on the vp is a very nice change. It is a very well made gun and shoots great.

      Give it a try, maybe you will post your own youtube video

  18. Heckler & Koch VP70 was there first strike fired pistol from Heckler& Koch it was huge was commercial failure do long heave bad tigger pull. Than Heckler & Koch P9 came long it to was commercial failure do fact that had tigger pull was much better VP70. I can blame fact at time these pistol where come out strike fire market was like is today just being born back than. How ever give Heckler& Koch respect for trying make guns that where different back than what make today. I agree last best handgun Heckler & Kochmade was P7 . I had pleasure shoot that gun alot work gun rang rent them out. Nothing that Heckler & Koch made sent P7 been good handgun than that gun.

  19. Nearly all current striker pistols have passive safeties on path of various firing elements to be passed over only by trigger exertion. This precludes the need of manual safety devices but lenghtens the trigger travel. Old time striker firers like Ortgies, Mauser 1910/14 and even HK P7 have had single stage crisp trigger pulls since having safety devices actuatable by affects other than trigger exertion. Quality of trigger pulls of current striker firers are depended upon the way and
    construction of wiping off the safety mechanisms used especially for drop based discharge preventation. The graphics watchable on American Rifleman video shows as if that device on HK VP9 to work in lateral plane as giving minimal creep with a leverage mechanism. If true, this may be an advantage for trigger action.

  20. Does anyone else find it interesting/strange/ironic that HK would put its substantive R&D resources into a handgun platform whose sole purpose is to mimic a Walther PPQ but at a higher price?

    • People keep saying this but forget that people used to complain about the PPQ copying the P30. Short memory spans are short.

      • “Better quality” with the VP9 has yet to be shown. H&K substantially reduced the price on the VP9 (compared to its other pistols) to make it competitive in the striker-fired pistol space. It remains to be seen whether that reduction in cost was from design quality, materiel quality, profit margin, or some combination of all three.

        More to your point, the mythos of H&K quality for the last 30 years is a product of slick marketing and product placement (CoD anyone?) rather than field use. Ask any armorer who has had to maintain an inventory of MP5s. Their pistols ostensibly have better service rates, but the internal parts and design are a testament to German over-engineering in complexity and look more like a Rube Goldberg machine when compared to a Glock.

        Given H&K’s recent financial straights, the VP9 at a reduced cost compared to other pistols in the H&K lineup certainly appears to be an 11th hour attempt by H&K to grab some of the lower-cost, striker-fired pistol market using their brand cache (as opposed to actual value) to drive sales. Which brings us all they way back to my original question: Does anyone else find it interesting/strange/ironic that HK would put its substantive R&D resources into a handgun platform whose sole purpose is to mimic a Walther PPQ but at a higher price? The answer, of course, would be “no” because (1) H&K is having trouble making a profit on traditional lines and (2) H&K knows they can sell their comparable striker-fired product at a premium by leveraging their brand quality mythos. Stated another way, of course they would spend money to develop a striker-fired pistol because a lot are being sold and they can upcharge for it based on their brand mythos.

  21. HK P30L with light lem is the best shooting 9MM I have ever owned. If the VP9 approaches this pistol in a striker fired format it’s a and m&p and glock killer. Pride is likely to be in the 6oo-650 range also.

    • HK P30L with light lem is the best shooting 9MM I have ever owned.

      I thought the same thing until I shot a Walther PPQ M1.

  22. This new H&K is quite intriguing, considering they’ve been making nothing but hammer fired pistols for nearly 35 years. If you have a Walther PPQ, or a Glock or an M&P and like it, good keep shooting it. Anyway, someone said that the promo video didn’t show the gun field stripped. Well here’s a early review by sootch00 on Youtube, he actually gives his opinion of the pistol and field strips it toward the end of the video.

  23. This video and some study over the manual of show that, this is a straight single action striker pistol with no built in “Impact Safety”. It seems that HK Design Team supposes the striker block is a “Drop Safety” which is not. Firing Pin Blocks are drop safeties for hammer pistols on which preventing an accidental discharge if the gun drops or an outside impact comes from the front as giving a momentum for floating firing pin through inertia and without a hammer blow that is, leaving the pistol as “Cocked” after the event, ready for firing. Pistols like Glock or Steyr or even XD and PPQ have internal built in impact safeties retaining the pistol as cocked after an accidental drop of impact but this VP9 does not.
    It depends only the striker passive block to stop such an accident as sacrificing the gun’s cocked mode and as leaving the user in a very bad situation with a chamber loaded but uncocked gun in an emergency which able to cost of his life. It may have frilled spects resulting a fine single action trigger pull which also being questionable with the presence of PPQ, but its value is not higher than a time to save a life as using a cocked gun instead of to be cocked.

  24. Obviously there’s a lot of people who have never owned or fired one of the higher class Handguns. To compare MP to a Sig or an HK is just ludicrous. Let’s face it S&W is not what they used to be. The last one I bought was a 1911 model. Clearly the Human touch was totally missing. The Trigger was horrible, it had every known problem to Man that a Trigger can suffer. I don’t remember it being that inexpensive either. I would never buy another one. When the MP came out I thought I had wandered into the Toy department of a Major department store. Simply put , it’s a cheap gun.
    Can you imagine I went my whole life without ever owning a Sig. Well I finally bought one this paste year and what a pleasant surprise. Yeah it costs more, but for the quality built into it, it’s worth every penny. Right out of the box they are Flawless. Now here it is a year later and I own a half dozen Sigs. Still not dissapointed. Now I was curious about HK’s. Another gun I had never tried. Normally I drive the sales people crazy because I take far too long in making up my mind. When I saw and handled the VP9 I simply said I’ll take it. There’s one thing I have learned in the last year. If it’s German, it’s quality. I’m not terribly big on Plastic guns, but these are just too perfect to ignore. Yeah I had a closet full of 38 -40 oz. 1911’s. But your not suppose to hit the attacker over the head with it. Glock is another Gun I have learned to Love. I have the new Model 41 45acp Long Slide. They are amazingly light considering they hold a magazine of 13 rounds. Now what I do is get the Liberty Halo Super Sonic hollow points and after stuffing 14 into the 45 Long Slide Glock it’s still incredibly light with no recoil. and 1900 FPS is nothing to sneeze at. In fact I use the Liberty in all my guns now for self defense. The HK feels wonderful with 16 rounds of Libertie’s in it. It also puts a real bite into the 9mm.
    I like the HK VP9, and find it’s fit and finish second to none.

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