New Hampshire Senate Kills Constitutional Carry Bill

The proposed law would have allowed any resident to own a firearm and carry it without a permit. The bill had passed the state House and was due for a Senate vote yesterday until it was tabled and effectively killed for the year. According to, “…(S)ome opponents, including pro-gun Republicans, said now was not the time for expanding gun rights because of a recent increase in gun violence around the state. Republican state Sen. Jack Barnes, for instance, called it “a slap in the face of law enforcement” in New Hampshire, which has been overwhelmed recently with the death of one police chief and the wounding of four officers.” Apparently the political benefit of forcing Governor John Lynch to make good on his veto threat was too much prosperity for the state’s GOP to handle.


  1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    Whoa, hold up, full stop. Did everyone catch that? Allowing law-abiding citizens to exercise a constitutionally-protected right is now “a slap in the face of law enforcement”.

    1. avatar Guywithagun says:

      Allowing citizens to exercise a constitutionally-protected right is now “a slap in the face of law enforcement”.

      There! Fixed that for you.

      “Law-abiding” is not a requisite for the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Even former convicted criminals have the right to free speech, to defend themselves, etc… PERIOD.

      1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

        If they have reformed themselves, wouldn’t they once again be law-abiding?

        1. avatar Guywithagun says:

          That depends on who you ask, but yes. That’s the point I’m trying to make. I’m just tired of the idea that “convicted felons” are somehow sub-human and no longer deserve the same rights as everyone else.

          Everyone has broken a law at some point in their lives. EVERYONE. Getting caught just makes it official. If you can’t be trusted with a gun, then you don’t belong out of prison.

        2. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

          “If you can’t be trusted with a gun, then you don’t belong out of prison.”
          Agreed. 100% agreed.

        3. avatar Ralph says:

          Agreed. So keep them in prison.

        4. avatar Accur81 says:

          Recidivism. Early release. Overcrowded prisons. Budget cuts.

          If you want to be rubbing shoulders with someone who has a couple of teardrop tats on his face, and spiderweb tats on his elbows, when your pondering your next gun purchase, be my guest.

          I for one am not naive enough to trust prison to either rehabilitate criminals nor hold them for the entire length of their sentence. If you want career criminals to have their gun rights restored, it will be without my support.

  2. avatar KYgunner says:

    I’m so tired of political ass-hattery.

  3. avatar ST says:

    An Almanac from the Future.

    In the year 2020, the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution was declared unenforceable ,due to the difficulty Law Enforcement has in finding probable cause for vehicle searches and property confiscations.

    “Criminals routinely use the Constitution to refuse vehicle searches, and we can only pat down people for personal safety.Without the ability to detain suspects indefinitely without charges, we simply can’t protect the public.”

    As the law is today, an arrested person has no obligation to answer questions without an attorney. Under the new regulations, failure to answer an officer’s questions for any reason is a Federal offense subject to 60 days imprisonment.

    In related news, the ATF released a statement today outlining how a data breach at the Centralized Gun Registry was caused by an agent leaving his computer implant at a prostitute’s house.

    1. avatar John says:

      So much win!

    2. avatar virtualjohn says:

      All politics are local. I would suggest they replace any of their legislators that do not support the constitution. The main thing it takes is organization, as opposed to each of us sitting in our homes bewailing the state of the nation. For myself, I can not understand compromise when it comes to our rights. We can compromise on many day-to-day issues, but we must stop compromising our liberty. That is exactly how we got the mess we’re in.

  4. avatar Chas says:

    Yes, because constitutional carry is SUCH a problem in Vermont, Utah, and Arizona.

    1. avatar Levi B says:

      Not to mention all those licensed concealed carriers who shot all those cops. Clearly New Hampshire is not ready!

  5. avatar Sanchanim says:

    There must be a democrat somewhere high up in the police force and senate. They want him reelected, sooooo they don’t want him to make a boo boo right before that.

  6. avatar great unknown says:

    Getting a resident permit in NH is a matter of $10 and a wait of a maximum of fourteen days.
    From a philosophical-political POV, that’s superfluous and infringing on my rights. From a practical POV, it’s a very minor inconvenience.
    Consider the political effect: two weeks ago, a veto by Lynch would have been political points for the Republicans. Today, with a well-liked police chief, days short of retirement, having been killed by being shot in the face while protecting another fallen officer, and several other police having been shot, Lynch would have been the one scoring points.
    Remember that politics is not just philosophy, not Jefferson and the Federalist Papers. Politics today is primarily emotion. Emotionally, this was the wrong time for this bill.
    There are far more important things to make a stand on.

    1. avatar LT says:

      Sure there are… and there will almost always be some tragedy, major or minor, during an entire legislative session that the anti-gun folks can use.

      “Law and order” Republicans screwing us from the right and statist Democrats screwing us from the left = at best, a very (VERY) bumpy ride ahead to maintain/restore our rights.

    2. avatar Guywithagun says:

      “There are far more important things to make a stand on.”

      Couldn’t disagree more. There is nothing more important than the full restoration of our inalienable, constitutional, human rights. There is NEVER a “wrong time” for this. NEVER, EVER, EVER! You give an inch, they take a lightyear (yes, that is a measure of distance). If you accept that this is the “wrong time” now, then it will ALWAYS be the wrong time to the antis.

      There is NEVER a wrong time to take back your rights!!!

    3. avatar Totenglocke says:

      with a well-liked police chief, days short of retirement, having been killed by being shot in the face while protecting another fallen officer, and several other police having been shot

      If you don’t want to be shot, don’t pick a job that involves the chance of being shot. I don’t want to inhale smoke and be burned, so I’m not a firefighter. It always amazes me that people (not saying you) throw such a fit anytime the police / fire department / military actually do the damn job they’re paid to do. You never hear people whining about changing laws to prevent the negative consequences of every other job.

      1. avatar Americandream says:

        i doubt anyone wants to be shot or burned or stabbed. but im sure no one wants to see someone get away with rape or murder or any other crime. getting injuried on the job is not a requirment its a hazzard. if everyone had the same mindset as you crime and natural disasters would break down any culture. thanks for nothing…..

        1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

          “getting injuried on the job is not a requirment its a hazzard.”
          Indeed, and I would hope that no one enters a dangerous career without their eyes wide open. Restricting the rights of the law-abiding due to the actions of the criminals is an egregious affront.

        2. avatar living free and will die for it says:

          Your a little bit of a full if you follow your logic through to conclusion. My guess is you never have served your country or community. I served for 10 years in the military and was willing to give my life doing what I was paid to do..there were no surprises when I signed up. I knew I would be put in harms way and would never for a second want citizens rights at home to be taken away because I died doing my job. It is pure foolishness to trade freedom for security and for the politicians and simple minded to use situations like the police chief getting killed to gain more control and strip people of their rights.

  7. avatar StephenT says:

    From the Officer Down page. Politically, and from the viewpoint of most ‘average’ people, this is going to be the wrong time for this.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      He was killed “while serving a drug-related search warrant”. Perhaps if they weren’t busy harassing people for doing something that harms no on, they wouldn’t have been shot?

      There was no justification for them to be there trying to arrest the guy in the first place.

      1. avatar Americandream says:

        You are a fool if you belive drug dealers have no victims.

  8. avatar SDFreeman says:

    Being denied your Constutional rights is a slap in the face, If law enforcement of all branches would enforce the highest law in the land Constitution and the Bill of Rights with the same vigor that they use to take them away we all would be alot better off.

  9. avatar asia331 says:

    Wait a minute…I thought Law Enforcement served the good citizen. In New Hampshire the good citizen serves the hired protection? Thank the Lord I live in Arizona.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      Law Enforcement serves the state and the state interest, and nothing else.

  10. avatar MikeS says:

    In fairness, NH is a VERY gun-friendly state, and my non-res permit took 13 days mailbox-to-mailbox.
    I agree with many of the sentiments above, however I just can’t manage to get too worked up about this while states like IL, MA, NY, NJ, MD, and CA still get away with what they do.

  11. avatar Silver says:

    “…(S)ome opponents, including pro-gun Republicans, said now was not the time for expanding gun rights because of a recent increase in gun violence around the state.”

    So the expansion of gun violence is the reason NOT to further allow average citizens to protect themselves from said gun violence. Ah, back-asswards political thinking at its best.

    1. avatar DJL says:

      That’s why they call the GOP the stupid party.
      The Dem’s are the statist party and want to take away you rights, the GOP play’s dumb and rolls over for them at any excuse.

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    I don’t know how to feel about this. On the one hand, you get what you pay for, and the people of New Hampshire just got what they paid for. Hemorrhoid cream will cost a bit extra.

    On the other hand, I just shelled out $100 for the NH nonresident permit and would hate to write off the cost.

    Okay, I know how to feel about this. NH, change your license plate motto to “Live Free . . . or Not.”

    1. avatar ST says:

      While we’re on the subject…

      “Illinois:The Land of the Comrade”
      “New Jersey:Gun Free Zone Since 1968”
      “New York: The Imperial State”
      “Washington D.C.: Freedom is so 1776.”
      “California:Socialism or Bust!”

    2. avatar Silver says:

      “Live Free…Unless We Say So”?

  13. avatar JR says:

    For the ones bitching I assume you either dont have a permit or cant get one otherwise get a permit, carry all you want save your breath. Really? The state of NH never told me I couldn’t carry they just tell me to get a permit to do so BIG DEAL! I got one, I carry, and life as I know it will go on.

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