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From the AP:

Authorities in Southern California say a shooting at a synagogue has left people injured but the extent is unclear.

San Diego County sheriff’s office also said Saturday on Twitter that a man has been detained in connection with the shooting at the Chabad of Poway synagogue.

It’s in the city of Poway just over 20 miles north of San Diego.

Officials say deputies were called just before 11:30 a.m.

According to Fox 5 San Diego, a man has been taken into custody in connection with the shooting.

A man was detained after reports of a gunman near a synagogue in Poway late Saturday morning.

Sheriff’s deputies were investigating the scene around 11:30 a.m. after reports of multiple people injured at a place of worship.

The gunman was reported in the 16000 block of Chabad Way off Espola Road and Rancho Bernardo Road near Congregation Chabad and St. John of Damascus Orthodox.

More as it becomes available.

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  1. But according to Kalifornia. They have the best no guns laws on the books. There are no guns in San Diego. At least not legally owned ones.
    So lets see how this one rolls along……………………………

        • Who in CA says these things? It sure isn’t pro gun or anti gun people from CA saying this, it’s people who don’t live in CA making these exaggerated claims. Anti gun people in CA don’t claim that our strict laws equate to low crime or a lack of guns. That would imply that there is no need for them to push for more gun control. Instead they will say they need to strengthen our laws because (fill in the blank loophole). “There are no guns in San Diego. At least not legally owned ones.” No one says that stuff except for people completely out of touch with what actually happens here behind enemy lines.

          • Doesn’t matter. Fact is, California is a place of absolute nuts and fruits and has the strictest gun control in the nation and they still can’t stop the left wing lunatics and keep real criminals from obtaining guns and killing innocent people. The media will be praising this whacko because they hate Jews as much as this whacko does.

        • S. Crock

          I lived there. In San Diego (upper Mexico). California is VERY anti-gun. Don’t believe me? Go apply for a conceal carry. How about your magazine laws? What about those “pistol grips”?

          You are “fighting” (come on now, we all know you are doing nothing but checking a box on a ballot) a losing battle. Move out of the state before they succeed into socialism and start killing white people.

        • Frankly, the comments I read here make it clear that most of the POTG are clueless about how society works and the internal motivation of most folks. These statements of dark humor and ethnic hatred do nothing to preserve our right. In fact, the violent threats and open hatred and antagonism of most POTG will ensure their continued margialzation.

  2. They’re not immediately trumpeting that the perp was a Christian white male. More ‘revenge’ for the attack of the crazy in NZ?

    • Inspired by.

      The shooter appears to be a raving nutjob, a real Trump-hater, and hated on Trump explicitly because Trump was pro-Israel and was friendly to Jews.

      • The media will lie as much about this as they do everything else. But if he is a true Trump hater then they will cover up for him and blame Trump.

        • doesn’t matter… he is white, so anyone who reads “white male shot up (insert whatever you want here)…) they already “know” he is pro-trump, racist, and “should’ve never been allowed to buy guns in the first place”.

          It’s repetitive, and the socialists are winning, especially in that so called state.

        • Can you not admit that the shooter was racist and should have never been allowed to buy a firearm? What difference does it make how he feels about Trump, the hatred inspired by our POTUS cuts in every direction, he’s not rational and neither are most of his followers.

          • And you’re dumber than a box of rocks. If it weren’t for Trump in office, you wouldn’t have a freedom left you left wing ding bat.

    • You are most likely right. As much liberal as the AP is, if it were a white Male, they would have immediately said so and tried to portray him as connected to Christians and conservatives.

      • you can guarantee that the stakes and torches crowd would be beating down the doors by it must be either a demoncrap or a muslim.

        • Well I have to say, the only crowd with torches I’ve seen lately was in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us.” This seems to be more of the same from the neo-Nazis now infesting America. You know, we should do what our grandpas did and kill every Nazi we see. And make no mistake, national Socialist have nothing to do with socialism, just like Donald Trump has nothing to do with Christianity.

    • Reading his “manifesto,” my reaction is that this is a very insane person, which is somewhat unlikely, based on his sentence structure and overall use of language, or something here just doesn’t add up. Even Nazis have never accused the Jews of such fantasies. To me, it just sounds like something out of the Koran pure hatred with no need to rely on reason. Just doesn’t make sense.

      • I can’t freely speak here because if I did it would come off badly and I will get banned.

        If you knew a lot more about history and religion you would understand what he is saying and what motivates him. He is as crazy as any religious person of the three main religions. History is way more complicated than you were taught in government school. He went out and studied history and he was not happy with what he seen; he turned to the Bible to find what to do next.

        This stuff repeats itself because of religion. One of the religions was updated but the other two remain the same. The end result is a cycle that will not end anytime soon.

        I grew up watching bad Hollywood movies with ridiculous religious stories. I didn’t like them, I thought they were silly. I never thought this stuff would leave the movie screen and come to the States. Yet here we are with religious people taking over government to fulfill their prophecies. I wasn’t bothered by those people when they stood on the street with their signs yelling about the end times, I’m not so enthused about them being in government.

        • Sadly, you are right. The holy Bible gives directions and details on how to commit genocide, rape, slavery and a host of other terrible crimes.. Even Hitler used the Bible to justify his hatred of Jews, just as the Catholic Church has done for centuries.

          “Mein Kampf also shows a bizarrely racialized interpretation of Christianity:
          “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. . . . And the founder of Christianity made no secret indeed of his estimation of the Jewish people. When He found it necessary, He drove those enemies of the human race out of the Temple of God.”

          • You are so decieved and are of your father the devil.Christs own words.the Bible which you know nothing about States if you bless the Jews God will bless you.curse the Jews and God WILL CURSE day a Jew will rule the world.His Name is JESUS.i pray God will open your eyes to salvation through Christ Jesus.the alternative is unthinkable.remember HELL lasts forever

        • Mad, do you disagree that the holy Bible gives specific instructions on genocide, rape and slavery? The 10 Commandments do not prohibit any of these crimes, because these were the methods and practices of the savage, warlike like tribes that inhabited this area before the coming of Jesus.

        • @Mad

          The shooter used the Bible to justify his holy war on the Jews. He had multiple quotes in his manifesto.

          “Anons” are saying that the Jewish people are trying to enslave every non Jew, that they are encouraging race mixing amongst the non Jewish to dumb them down, that they created crypto currency as a replacement for all money, that they are planning to destroy the mosque and rebuild their temple and they will usher in the anti Christ. Then they will finally have their new world order.

          That’s what is being said all over the place by a lot of different people. Whether true or not, they believe it, which is all that matters.

          This is why a lot of young white males are turning against Trump. They also don’t like Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, FOX, etc. They even call out people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein whilst saying Ilhan Omar is correct (and should be commended).

        • @Miner49er

          Are you referring to the tribes of the Americas?

          Did you hear about how way before Christopher Columbus “found” America other people found it and taught the coastal tribes their religion? That’s why they built pyramids and other creations, practiced human sacrifice (amongst other things) and (I think) “created” the Maya calender.

          Other tribes up north or west of the east coast didn’t have such practices/religion. They would go to war (if they had to) against those “evil” tribes to fight off that religion There were tribes that made it clear they did not want religion because it causes violence and leads to human sacrifice, but they remained spiritual.

          A lot of people still believe that all the tribes in the Americas are one thus behaved the same. This is completely inaccurate and is more like disinfo. Yes, the tribes in the Americas are one people in that they come from the same migration, but they had separate languages, societies and cultures. To say they were all the same and behaved the same is like saying Polish are just like Scottish…

      • You are making the same mistake that people make when they say that a Muslim shooting up a gay nightclub was just “crazy”. Terrorism? Yes. Violence? Yes. Senseless or crazy? No. Their reasons are very much coherent. They hate Jews and as such seek to eradicate the Jewish people because they attribute all the evils of the world to those they do not understand. They also seek to conflate Israel and Jews as a whole. These people have real reasons for doing what they do. It’s time to face the facts that we have Nazi thugs running around doing these things. Both Islamofascists and regular fascists hate Jews. This is not a mental health issue. It’s a hatred issue.

        • It all stems from Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They have been fighting for thousands of years.

        • User1, has Islam been around for “thousands of years”? Tradition says that Mohamed, piss be upon him, wasn’t even born until about 570 CE and died around 630.

  3. Updated info: 1 deceased. 4 shot. Presumed shooter in custody. CNN already hysterical. FOX not so much…California sux even more. Oy vey😩

    • I’m sure the freaks from California, the media and democrat party are already putting together many lies to be told from this shooting.

  4. Ah California, the land of fruits and nuts, as it has been known, where the peaceful, the law abiding are disarmed, leaving them easier prey for the bad guys, who must never be made to suffer the slightest of difficulties as they follow their nefearious tasks.

    • “Ah California, the land of fruits and nuts, as it has been known,…”

      You forgot the flakes.

      Meaning, Cali is nothing more than a bowl of granola…

  5. The Synagogue apparently took Security pretty serious, and according to a CNN article:
    “ “I also understand from folks on the scene that this shooter was engaged by people in the congregation and those brave people certainly prevented this from being a much worse tragedy,”“

    So this one will likely die out of the news very very quickly.

      • Actually you are very right. Whack a Jew and Allah will give you special privileges when you get to Heaven. They teach that to the young terrorists.

          • Yep them muslims love their goats now, actually more than their women. I might would too if I had to come home and look at some of them women.

        • Women? I always assumed they were referring to little boys, but I guess it’s scores of little girls they’re being promised in the afterlife. Gotcha.

        • The goat smells better and ” Am I hurting you baby!” ,,,,NAaaaah

  6. Once the killer is identified the headlines will read Trump to blame for another neo-Nazi attack on Jews.

  7. Saturday is the Sabbath, Friday is the start of Pesach (Passover) so Duh wonder why they were in the Synagogue, since we allowed all whacked Muslims into this country we will continue too have them kill Christian and Jews

        • I think the real Muslim supporters are in the NRA and the Republican Party. For proof look at NRA president Oliver north, now resigned. He illegally sold arms to the terrorist state of Iran, raising money for the military industrial complex in order to fight an illegal war in South America. Then when he was caught in his treason he turned into what Donald Trump calls a rat, receiving immunity for testifying against the Reagan administration.

          It wasn’t Obama secretly supporting the muslims, it was actually Ronald Reagan supplying hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons to the ayatollah. Anyone who is a Republican after that sort of treason is either a traitor or an accomplice.

          • And you are as stupid as stupid gets snowflake. It wasn’t a Republican or the NRA that sold 20%of our uranium to Russia was it fried brain? That was Obama and his gang if thugs. It wasn’t a Republican or the NRA that gave Iran the green light to build nuclear weapons and gave them 150 billion dollars in cash was it snowflake? No, that again was Obama and his gang of thugs too. It wasn’t a Republican or the NRA that told the Syrian dictator about drawing a red line and if he gassed his own people that there would be hell to pay and doing absolutely nothing when that did happen was it snowflake? No, again that was Obama and his gang of thugs snowflake. Man, do yourself a favor, get out of mommy’s basement and learn a little common sense and stop listening to fake news.

          • You are a complete idiot.that was iran contra in central America Reagan Never sold any weapons to the Iranians they were sold to the people fighting them I believe in nicaragua.if you espouse any historical events at least know what your talking about snowflake

        • Mad, are you for real? Here’s your statement:

          “You are a complete idiot.that was iran contra in central America Reagan Never sold any weapons to the Iranians they were sold to the people fighting them I believe in nicaragua.”

          It looks as if you believe Reagan sold arms to the people in Nicaragua fighting the Iranians. Do you really believe that the Iranians army was in South America? What friggin idiots you people are.

          No dude, Iran is in the Middle East. Reagan sold millions of dollars of modern weapons to the Iranian Army in the Middle East. They were used to attack Israel and the UN forces in Lebanon. And these weapons that President Ronald Reagan sold to the Iranian ayatollahs were paid for by American tax dollars, all in violation of federal law.

          Oliver north was the major architect of this plan to supply Moslem fundamentalist in the terrorist state of Iran with millions of dollars of modern weapons. Oliver north was caught by the Democrats in Congress and was charged. Oliver north pleaded guilty and accepted immunity, as Donald Trump would say he’s a rat, and testified against the Reagan administration.

          Thus, Reagan and the Republicans are indeed agents of the fundamentalist Muslim terrorist and Iran, the accusations against Obama are merely a smokescreen to cover the Republican treason.

          I know it’s impolite but I must ask, were you homeschooled?

      • North and Reagan are the Muslim agents, as the facts clearly show:

        “North is primarily remembered for his term as a National Security Council staff member during the Iran-Contra affair, a political scandal of the late 1980s. The scandal involved the illegal sale of weapons to Iran to encourage the release of U.S. hostages then held in Lebanon. North formulated the second part of the plan, which was to divert proceeds from the arms sales to support the Contra rebel groups in Nicaragua, which had been specifically prohibited under the Boland Amendment. North was granted limited immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying before Congress about the scheme.”

  8. Quit blaming the man and put the blame where it belongs. Those damned evil gunms.if it wasn’t for gunms we’d be whacking off each other’s heads with dull corn knives or burning down places of worship with a can of gas. … How do you want your pizza?

    • Yeah, I’m not clicking on that shit, and neither is anyone else. Peddle your defamatory crazy someplace else, please.

        • You mean the troll peddling conspiracy shit here so TTAG looks like the asshole of the internet to onlookers? Yes, I imagine he’s being paid if he’s not simply a bot, because that sounds tedious as hell.

    • “FBI staged Farce to Try and get more Gun Control!”

      Mark, I dedicate this song to *you*…

  9. any bets on the lib media in cali blames that high cap magazine were free to buy for a whole week and this is what happens because of it????

  10. Gun Control has nothing to do with guns, it is about CONTROL. One noted Dictator stated “if you want to control your country, first disarm its citizens” Attributed to Hitler

  11. This was an evil person that did this. I sympathize with the victims and their families. I do feel that these people should have had armed security in with them. It’s not like this has never happened before. This is just another high body count ” gun free zone” for some evil idiot to maximize his wish of murder. If you do not protect your congregation then you may be inviting this type of thing to happen. Wake up ! ” If you do not have a sword then sell your cloak and buy one”.

    • So far a body count of one. Apparently there was an off-duty Border Patrol agent there wi returned fire, so not a gun-free zone. I’m sure he thought it would be, but he was wrong.

  12. Now that marijuana has been legalized in the state of California there is no reason for anyone to have a firearm.

    I know that because as a teenager in the 1970s I was told by the adults around me that if they could just make marijuana legal there would be no need for the black marijuana dealers to have firearms. They said crime would disappear.

    Potheads say a lot of things that never come true.

    Will the gun owners in California line up to get on the cattle cars? I’m sorry not the cattle cars will they turn in their guns. Like the folks turned in their guns in the state of Connecticut a few years ago?

    • Marijunna has been decriminalized in Oregon.
      One of the arguments in favor of dedriminalization was to eliminate the violence.

      When I discovered that the tenants of a home with horse barn on my property had covertly sublet to their grandson and associates for a marijunna grow, they had no growers licenses or grow site permits but they did have AR-15 rifles chambered in 300 Blackout to defend their pot and themselves. (Hence my somewhat unreasonable contempt for the over hyped mouse rifle cartridge.) My attempts to evict created a conflict that escalated to the tenant firing two rounds from a Remington 870 shotgun loaded with slugs at my son. A fucktard Judge and a fuctard were persuaded by the Elmer Fudd defense to give him a free pass.

      There are very few murders committed with assault rifles in Oregon. However; there are numerous murders associated with marijunna grows, either licensed or bootleg. Google Robert Hillands, Aulig, Belander. Decriminalization of marijuana has only enabled the bootleggers to operate with near impunity even when they become violent.

      FT OMMP, F Judge Ladd Wiles, F Governor Kunt Brown.

      • Unfortunately the Libertarians Liberals and the Left, have lied their A$$ about crime reduction and legalized drugs. I call them the three L’s. I don’t care what they call themselves. They are all socialist progressive in their political orientation.

        They all talked about how wonderful it would be for pot growers to pay taxes and help raise government Revenue.

        Now these racist stupid white people have finally figured out what black marijuana dealers already knew. They did in fact need guns to protect themselves against criminals who steal and want to murder them.

  13. The shooter is a 19 year old white Christian male from California. He posted on 8Chan his manifesto and a link to his Facebook stream.

    The shooter claims to have tried to burn down a mosque awhile back before planning his attack on a synagogue.

    He says he used a firearm to get more gun control so there will be a civil war in America when the police try to confiscate guns from (in his words) useless, spineless, insufferable, fa**** conservatives.

    Conservative is a misnomer. They conserve nothing. They’ll complain all they want but they won’t take up arms and threaten their government with death (the only thing that works).

    In case you haven’t noticed we are running out of time. If this revolution doesn’t happen soon, we won’t have the numbers to win it. The goal is for the US government to start confiscating guns.

    This teen was radicalized in less than two years to fight a “holy war” or what some call a “race war.” He felt threatened by Trump and Judaism. He saw Trump as a puppet and a traitor.

    “Are you a Trump supporter?”

    You mean that Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous c***sucker? Don’t make me laugh.

    The “anons” on the internet and the shooter say there is more attacks to come. They are planning to continue until the government starts taking guns away from Americans through things like red flag laws and a civil war starts between the two factions. Then they will expel the Jewish people and non whites.

    Trump is actually making this stuff worse by the actions he is taking as president. So I hear from the people who are doing this violent stuff or plan to commit violence. They say Trump has betrayed Americans and white people. As long as Trump and the leftist policies remain the violence will get worse according to “Christians” and “Muslims” on the internet.

  14. Dude killed a little old lady and shot a little kid.

    A shame they have the misfortune of living somewhere that infringes on their rights, maybe more would have done the sensible thing of being armed and taken this nut job out.

    Not thrilled about the tax dollars that will be spent keeping him alive in jail.

      • What was the range when the Border Patrol agent who was moonlighting as a security guard fired?
        What type of firerm, pistol?
        Yes he missed, but his missed shots encouraged the murderous scum to flee rather than renew the assault.

        • It’s unfortunate he missed.

          Now we have to worry about him joining the Aryan Brotherhood in prison.

  15. At least no bumpstocks were used! Trumps gun control is saving lives! MSM should give credit where due!

  16. Hmmm. First of all, if the young man claims to be a Christian, then he is making a false statement and has never studied Christianity. The rest about his attempting to start a revolution may be true. That’s daily reading on the internet and radio. Simply put, the Jews are God’s chosen people and he will bless those that bless them and curse those that curse them. Any of the curses that have came upon Jews over history always came with promises of redemption back to God, which is what is being celebrated, freedom right now. God has always chastised them. Then when they started stoning their prophets and worshiping idols, etc. He is a very jealous God and as a intelligent “Christian” one knows that Yeshua/Jesus was sent to the Jew first and then the gentile. Jews that have received Yeshua are called messianic Jews. Over the centuries, previously, the Vatican has kept the scriptures locked up, hence the Lutheran, Tyndall and others, as this was the messiahs commandment to go out into the world proclaiming the good news, baptizing, etc. What all to frequently happens, similar to the crusades of centuries ago up to today is that someone will get a spiritually misinterpreted version of the scriptures and not realizing that it was God himself who spread his people out all over the world and has repeatedly chastised them. So, we (ignorant Christians) seem to think that we need to get our hands into everything, when God is in complete control and is redeeming his people all the time and moving them back to Israel. Twisted, misguided anti Semitic people attack or curse non messianic Jews or any any Jews for that matter thinking they are doing good, because they simply don’t even understand that Yeshua/Jesus was/is a Jew, fact!
    I have friends that actually thought “Jesus” is/was lily white and many other nationalities of friends that I have dispelled this “false doctrine” to that mobilizes the “fanatics” into criminal actions justified in their misguided brains. I won’t get into the Middle East, because my thumb wouldn’t make it typing, letters, lol. Seriously people, it was God’s will for his son to be crucified, as one sacrifice for all of us and I mean all. However, many are called, but few are chosen. As through one man “Adam”, all fell. Thus, through one man sent, taught, sacrificed for all to be redeemed through him for there is no other way and not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. That’s hard for a lot of people to swallow. The scriptures are full of prophecies fulfilled and not yet fulfilled. People get caught up in religion and choose not to learn for themselves and let others do the thinking for them and pun intended “they go off half cocked”.
    Ya see, a manual safety does have benefits for some.
    Being a pro second amendment advocate, this is crucial information to know in this day and age of these senseless mass shootings stemmed in ignorance and hatred, by someone thinking they are doing good. There many Jewish people, Orthodox or non Orthodox, who are strong advocates of the U.S. constitutional second amendment, trust me.
    Teach your children well. Check it out, he really was/is a Jew! Or your shooting like a drunk cowboy and working for the leftist media!

    • I will add that Jew will rule the world and I pity all who are on the wrong side of Him.accept Him while you still have time remember HELL lasts forever

      • Please don’t add or subtract from my posts.
        Anyone at all, no offense.
        I only make statements based on my personal information, life, etc.
        I only speak for myself.
        Thank You

      • Is that just oxygen keeping you alive or is it God’s breath? If you tie a big zip lock bag over your head, what will happen in a few minutes? Don’t be afraid to study what you don’t understand. An intelligent person has the ability to consider, ponder and study things without being indoctrinated by them. Kinda like going through your email, junk, junk, better read this one, etc. Instead of studying history and paying attention to current events, your picking up stones. Then how did they become a state again or win the short war all by themselves? Challenge yourself to understand things that you don’t. Don’t take my word for it, learn for yourself and become more empowered to understand or have some facts or evidence to support a good debate about something. Just throwing stones and mocking something that your rejecting that actually requires thought and study is no different than climbing up to the high tower at a school of learning and opening fire on unarmed students below carrying books on their way to class. Why put yourself in that type of mental state? Not much difference, imo. I’m curious. Do you have to pay attention to the weather where you live? If so, who do you learn from, the weatherman? Email him and ask him who’s in charge of the weather and ask him or her where and how they get their information? How can tornado wind force drive straw into a solid tree? How can it transport a infant in a baby seat for over a mile and set them down without so much as a scratch on them? Hmmm..
        Something bigger than just us has to be in charge.
        One would like to think anyway?
        Have a good week!

      • I used to be like you, M49ER. I thought anyone that believed in a higher or God, were fools, especially Christians. But then I had a transcedant moment, that seemed to last for eternity, that showed me that the universe is alive, that we are all connected, and that the universe is controlled by a being of overwhelming love.

        But there was no face in the clouds or a burning bush. It took many years, that had to take away my closed minded arrogance, bigotry and hatred of God and particularly Christians, to accept that the Christians, are right.

        But one has to first accept that one might not have all the knowledge or wisdom to open to this particular Truth.

        If you can even for a moment have an iotum of humility, and accept this possibility and knock on the door and ask for the acceptance that Christ may be the Way, The Truth and the Life; God will help you to come to this realization.

        But God will not force you to ask this question, he does not want slaves to be forced to accept him, he wants free people to come to him willingly.

        • Saddest part of of his disbelief is if he dies he will then know that God is real and he will know it thru out eternity as he and all Christ rejecters burn in the lake of 🔥

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