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Just in time for summer, Galco has announced that they’ll be unveiling a new take on their uber-popular KingTuk IWB hybrid holster at the NRA convention this weekend. The KingTuk Air features an array of flow-through perforations to keep you fresh as a daisy even while toting heavy iron in sweltering summer humidity. Here’s their announcement . . .

Galco is excited to announce the KingTuk Air™ at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings! A cooler alternative to Galco’s best-selling KingTuk™ IWB, the new KingTuk Air provides a level of comfort previously unknown with broad-plated IWB holsters. The ventilated back plate combined with a rigid Kydex® holster pocket provides extreme comfort – especially in hot or humid climates – along with fast draw and easy holstering. All KingTuk models utilize premium full grain steerhide and are designed to facilitate a full combat grip – at no additional charge.

Worn inside the waistband, the KingTuk Air’s removable metal belt clips (fitting belts up to 1-3/4”) can be moved up or down in the corresponding holes in the leather, enabling the user to set the carry height and angle to suit their unique preferences.

Accessories like the optional, patented C-hooks and tuckable belt loops all work perfectly with the KingTuk Air, as well as the original KingTuk and KingTuk 2. Initial fits include popular pistols like 1911s, Glock, SIG, S&W, and Springfield. Available in natural color with black holster pocket and standard black metal clips, the KingTuk Air retails for $59.95.

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  1. I have waited (don’t know for what) to try a KingTuk.
    Our Southwest Florida weather dictates that this may be the one I spring for.
    (High of 96° with 70% humidity today… Summer’s here!)

  2. How can they say this has never been done before? SG Rev on my hip right now that’s full of holes.
    I’ve never been a fan of an exposed muzzle like that. In the past I’ve been able to push the gun out of the holster by bumping it or sitting.

  3. How can it be a good idea to keep leather against your perspiring skin? I don’t understand why holster manufacturers use anything other than synthetic, rot resistant materials for inside waistband holsters.

  4. You guys!¡

    Now I’m gonna wait longer…

    (I do appreciate the new perspectives. Thnx!)

  5. Try stealth gear. People complain about the price but worth every penny. Mine is perfectly comfortable in high heat and humidity

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