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The wait is over and the secret is finally out. Springfield Armory‘s “all-new, game-changing pistol platform” is called the XD-E. It’s a polymer-frame, single-stack, [external] hammer-fired, sub-compact carry gun. With a true DA/SA operation and a combo thumb safety/decocker, the XD-E is quite unique. In fact, is there any other single-stack, DA/SA hammer-fired, polymer-framed sub-compact on the market? They’ve found a niche! Photos from the NRA Show plus Springfield’s press release follow . . .

Springfield Armory® Introduces New XD-E™
The Hammer Reinvented

GENESEO, IL, April 28, 2017 – Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce its all-new patent-pending hammer-fired, single-stack, 9mm compact pistol, the XD-E.

The principle behind the new XD-E –– the best elements of Springfield Armory’s world-renowned XD Series, condensed into a pistol that’s intuitive, comfortable and accurate.

The XD-E sculpts unmatched Point-And-Shoot® ergonomics into a sleek frame just an inch wide, for hand and holster fit that is extremely conducive to everyday carry. The patent-pending hammer design grants the XD-E a Low-Effort-Slide (L.E.S.) that requires 27% less effort when compared to racking leading semi-automatic pistols. Thus, resulting in fewer slipped pulls, sore fingers and missed shots. The exposed hammer clearly shows gun mode, and the single/double action trigger offers options for shooting style. The XD-E packs 8 + 1 rounds of 9mm. With the Magazine X-Tension™ the capacity increases to 9 +1. Even the flat-base concealment magazine offers an extended base plate that allows a full grip. Three magazine configurations let you personalize capacity, comfort, and concealability.

The High-Hand™ beavertail and trigger guard design naturally lifts the shooters grip to a higher position for increased control and improved stability. GripZone® provides three texture zones to secure the shooters grip, minimizing slippage and twisting during recoil.

“When we listened to the challenges that gun buyers face, it was apparent that many people struggle with the operation of compact semi-auto pistols,” observed Springfield Armory® Chief Executive Officer Dennis Reese. “We decided to design a compact, safe, and carry-friendly pistol that was much easier to use whether you are a new shooter or skilled gunner. Now, buyers won’t have to make compromises when choosing a self-defense handgun.”

For carry, the Springfield XD-E delivers peace of mind. The first double-action shot requires an intentional, longer and deliberate trigger pull. After the first shot, the XD-E reverts to single-action operation, giving the operator a much lighter, crisp trigger break. The result is improved accuracy, controlled follow-up shots, and most importantly, the confidence to hit a target, even at longer distances.

Supplementing the double-action operation is a combination manual safety and de-cocking lever. Fully ambidextrous, the de-cocking system allows the user to safely lower the hammer without pulling the trigger.

“We firmly believe that a carry gun should be one that users want to take to the range for practice, training, and fun,” stated World Champion shooter and Team Springfield Captain Rob Leatham. “Especially for a gun suited for self-defense and concealed carry, it’s important to make the gun as easy and pleasurable to shoot as possible. That’s exactly what we’ve done with the XD-E –– I think shooters will agree, sometimes the hammer can be the most important tool in the tool box.”

The new XD-E qualifies for the Gear Up: Magazine Madness promotion when purchased prior to June 30, 2017. Customers will receive free gear including four additional magazines, mag pouch and holster. The free gear valued at $180 can be redeemed online at

Features, as listed at

  • Hammer-Forged Barrel: Melonite-coated, hammer forged barrels offer unparalleled long life as well as superlative accuracy.
  • Fiber-Optic Front Sight: A bright-red fiber-optic front sight provides quick and easy target acquisition.
  • Accessory Rail: A length of standard Picatinny rail adorns the dust cover for lights or lasers.
  • Takedown does not require trigger pull.
  • Ambi-Thumb Safety/Decocker: A truly ambidextrous combination grip safety/decocker provides positive control of the weapon, regardless of your handedness.
  • Mod.2 Grip Texture: Mod.2 grip texture is meticulously crafted to lock the XD-E into your hand.
  • DA/SA Trigger: The time-tested double-action/single-action trigger is always ready, offering a first-round long double-action pull for safe carry followed by a shorter, lighter single-action mode pull for precision.

About Springfield Armory®

“The First Name in American Firearms,” Springfield Armory® was founded in 1777, when George Washington ordered the creation of an armory to store ammunition and gun carriages during the American Revolution. In 1794, the armory began to manufacture muskets and spent the next 150 years supplying firearms for every major American conflict. The original armory closed in 1968. In 1974, the Reese family took ownership of the Springfield Armory® name and began making the M1A™ rifle. Today, Springfield Armory® develops many products loyal to the company’s heritage, like the 1911 pistol, while ensuring its future with innovative products, including XD pistols such as the XD®, XD® Mod.2®, XD(M)®, XD-S®, and XD-E™ polymer pistols and now the new SAINT™ AR-15 rifle.

The SA pistol XD line includes the XD, XD-M, XD-M Elite.



AMMO: 9mm Luger

COLOR: Black

BARREL LENGTH: 3.3″ Hammer Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish, 1:10

SLIDE: Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish, rear serrations, external hammer

FRAME: Black Polymer w/ Enhanced Grip Texture, Thumb Safety/Decocker. Ambidextrous magazine release

SIGHTS: Fiber Optic Front, Dovetail White Dot Rear sight

RECOIL SYSTEM: Dual Captive Recoil Spring w/Full Length Guide Rod


MAGAZINES: (1) 8-Round magazine, (1) 9-Round Extended magazine, stainless steel

WEIGHT: 24.8 oz w/ Flush Mag, 25.6 oz w/ Extended Mag

LENGTH: 6.75″

HEIGHT: 5″ w/ Flush Mag, 5.25″ w/ Extended Mag

MSRP: $542


AMMO: 9mm Luger

COLOR: Black

BARREL: 3.8″ Hammer Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish, 1:10

SLIDE: Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish

FRAME: Black Polymer w/ Enhanced Grip Texture, Thumb Safety/Decocker

SIGHTS: Fiber Optic Front, Dovetail White Dot Rear

RECOIL SYSTEM: Dual Captive Recoil Spring w/ Full Length Guide Rod


MAGAZINES: (1) 8-Round magazine, (1) 9-Round Extended magazine

WEIGHT: 26.4 oz w/ Flush Mag, 26.4 oz w/ Extended Mag

LENGTH: 7.16″

HEIGHT: 5″ w/ Flush Mag, 5.25″ w/ Extended Mag

MSRP: $542


AMMO: 9mm Luger

COLOR: Black

BARREL: 4.5″ Hammer Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish, 1:10

SLIDE: Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish

FRAME: Black Polymer w/ Enhanced Grip Texture, Thumb Safety/Decocker

SIGHTS: Fiber Optic Front, Dovetail White Dot Rear

RECOIL SYSTEM: One Piece w/ Full Length Guide Rod


MAGAZINES: (1) 8-Round magazine, (1) 9-Round Extended magazine

WEIGHT: 28 oz w/ Flush Mag, 28 oz w/ Extended Mag

LENGTH: 7.87″

HEIGHT: 5″ w/ Flush Mag, 5.25″ w/ Extended Mag

MSRP: $542


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      • You don’t like one gun from Springfield and now you can’t like any of its vast selection?

        • It’s not that, they sold out the 2A for their business interests…which funnily enough, is against their business interests. Why not just pick up sticks like Magpul? I guess if they did, every gun company would be in Texas, snort.

        • Striker fired fanboys eyes bleed when other systems are glimpsed. It is not unlike super religious fanatics seeing a nice female body. It causes great confusion so they default to anger.

    • I am surprised they had time to design something like this. All that time playing Monica at the IL statehouse would have taken considerable time. Too bad to, this would have been something I would have enjoyed having. I guess I will wait until someone like Canik rips it off and buy from them.

    • ::::What a surprise, I have a small hand with short finger, full size pistols just can not fit my hand. Subcompact with firm reliability and thump safety pistols, is my expectation. Previously, I am watching CZ 2075 suncompact handgun, however, CZ 2075 is too heavy to daily carry (31 oz). ====> XD-E exactly meet requirements, without any comprise.

  1. Don’t care. They oil be giving these away for free, and I still wouldn’t take one. Springfield is dead to me.

    • Are you this dramatic when your favorite restaurant adds something to the menu you don’t care for? You can still get what you want so why the hysteria over what the guy two tables over orders?

      • Springfield Armory sold its soul to antis for carvout on Illinois legislation. Bad juju.

      • In all fairness, I think the Hi-Point has a lower bore axis. (/snark)
        Hey, I prefer DA/SA guns for concealed carry but this is just, I dunno, poorly executed.

        • Probably has a lower bore axis than the Sig P320 or a 1921.

          What’s the issue? They even managed to put the decocking lever in the right place, coughberettacough.

  2. Typical springfield brick-like garbage. After what they did in Illinois no springfield ever

  3. Well I was excited until I read the story below this one on them backing that junk legislation, and screwing the dealers in the state. I own a few Springfields but that may soon change………I bet they won’t be seeing too many in state orders in the near future…….DUMB A$$E$

  4. Yes indeed, just what I want! I have lots of striker fired pistols with no safeties,and a few older DA/SA hammer fired pistols. The hammer fired guns have less of a probability of a negligent discharge when holstering or handling, and I’m prepared to train to fire the first DA shot accurately.

    • Wow. I just read about Springfield and the IFMA in Illinois. Just lost my interest in the new pistol.

    • Smith and Wesson used to make the 908. Basically this style of pistol. Only thing I personally don’t like about the 908 is the beretta 92 style safety. But it’s a very nice sized, shootable, light, and easy to carry pistol.

  5. Even without the political stuff.

    Who the hell wants this? I’m guessing there is some kind of market for it, but still

    Should have ditched the grip safety on the new mod 2 imo.

    • Some of us don’t want to risk shooting our balls off and this speaks to us.

      >t. CZ-75 owner

      • I own three Springfield pistols I won’t part with, but I won’t buy any more. I’d rather get the CZ RAMI over this to compliment my CZ 75 P-01.

      • I think your right. A polymer framed, D/A to S/A single stack pistol says one thing to me, appendix carry. However, due to Springfield Armory’s political stance, I wont be partaking in an XD-E, for the same reason I no longer shop at target, buy Starbucks or watch ESPN.

      • You may not shoot your balls off with this gun, but Springfield sure as hell just shot themselves in the foot.

    • That’s my question… and this isn’t even a critical review, it’s basically just giving extra juice to their marketing department.

      • That begs the question –

        TTAG management – Will TTAG be requesting a T&E sample considering the stunt Springfield just pulled?

        • I hope so. This is The Truth About Guns, not The Politically Correct Flltered News About Some Guns.

        • Well, Leghorn (or was it Fuddhorn?) reviewed an Armalite rifle in 2015, after the company declared LEOs to be special and more important than average residents (of states like CT and NY). So I assume it’s business as usual here at TTAG, no matter what.

        • I’m inclined to review it fairly, as usual, basically agreeing with Felix’s comment above. Would y’all take issue with that? People can make up their own minds about the politics and what it means to them and whether or not they want to do business with the company, etc etc, but my job here is honest reviews of gun-related products and I’d be happy to link to our post about the politics stuff while objectively reviewing the pistol. The whole “we report, you decide” kind of a thing dies if we were to basically do a complete media blackout on given brands and start censoring things because of our personal opinion…In practice it would be forcing my/TTAG’s choice to blackball a company on everyone who reads the site, right? I’m not big on censorship. …You’d want no press releases (like this post), no reviews, no nothing?

          (and these are my personal thoughts, not anything that should be considered TTAG-official as coming from the execs)

        • How about you give it a fair review, but include a short disclaimer describing what sort of back-stabbing and knife-twisting SA is apparently doing?

        • Jeremy, I’d be fine with that, provided TTAG stated upfront in the review exactly what Springfield did to gun rights, and provided links.

          (What Mr Pierogie said while I was typing that.)

          BREAKING – Trump NRA speech at 1 pm, EST…

      • We POTG need to not be like the CNN, WaPo and NYT. We should not cherry pick our facts (or lies pretending to be facts) and give everyone in the industry an equal review and let the individual decide on the politics

        • I’m covering the new products at the NRA show. Posting press releases, taking pictures, pointing out the features of a new product. It’s a new product, it gets covered. You don’t like it or the company then that’s great. Do you think I like the gun or the company? Well, you wouldn’t know from this post because it isn’t a review and it isn’t an opinion piece and it’s nothing but fact and press release on a new product. You want me here at NRAAM covering *only* products that are of personal interest to me from companies that I happen to like?

          Again, I’m not going to do some personal media blackout on this company because they did X or some other company because they wouldn’t give me a loaner gun or forgot who I was even though we spoke at SHOT Show or some other crap. It’s a new product, it gets coverage. You hate the company? Ignore the coverage or post in the comments why you hate the company so other people know.

  6. A week ago I spent half an hour looking for a single stack DA/SA pistol and the best I could come up with was a Bersa Thunder and it certainly isn’t thin. A lot of guys I’ve seen have been moving to DA/SA for appendix carry for that extra piece of mind when carrying one in the chamber, but have been stuck with double stack guns. Even if the execution on this is just decent, this should be a hit!

    • It could fill a niche, but after the back stabbing here in Illinois I think people will say “No thank you.” but in a MUCH less nicer way.

    • I have a Star Ultrastar that’s a single stack DA/SA in 9MM. I’d take it over a Bersa anyday

    • As striker-fired triggers go lighter and lighter; I agree there’s a growing trend toward DA/SA decockers for the extra safety margin. Ditched my SA XD-s (kept the 1911 RO) and now own 4 CZ’s including a RAMI BD; great gun but it’s still heavy for EDC. Bought a hammer-fired Sig 290rs micro-9 that’s almost perfect and easy to Summer carry in a Desantis pocket holster; but it’s DAO. At least SA has tried to address a market void that’s big enough to drive a tank through.

    • Love my Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact, has the best trigger out of all my handguns, my XDM has the next best trigger, don’t discount it just because it is a double stack.

  7. As a fan of DA/SA guns I’m glad to see a new production model. That being said, the specs are almost identical to the S&W 3913 that I carry (production ended in ’06). Its neat but 10 years late on being groundbreaking.

    • Weren’t those DAO?

      I’m certainly familiar with a handful of aluminum-framed, sub-compact, hammer-fired guns but many are double-stack and many are DAO. Regardless, they’re all thicker and heavier than this XD-E. SIG P239 is pretty darn close, but it can’t be carried cocked-and-locked and it’s thicker and heavier (+20% ish in both cartegories).

      Basically…I do think this thing has found a niche in which there arguably isn’t a direct competitor.

      • 3913 is DA/SA, single stack and only 25 oz unloaded. It is the same width at the slide but a little wider when you include the safety/decocker lever.
        I’ll give you the option for carrying cocked and locked (I missed that in the description​).

  8. I was excited to see this just because I like seeing new guns, but not anymore. Springfield is pretty idiotic for agreeing to limit the number of sales in their state

    Usually when I plan a business model it doesn’t include legally limiting sales to my customers and limiting their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. But then again I am an engineer and not an MBA so what could I possibly know….

    [edit] Good god how long is that trigger and reset? I don’t even think my mosin has that long of a trigger

  9. Who asked for this? I love my xds and they could have easily just smoothed the trigger on that and added an external safety besides the grip safety… They didn’t even bother to reduce the bulk of the slide. The xds slide is about my only gripe besides the trigger could be better. The slide could really be more rounded at the nose. I’m sure lots of engineering time went into this case of “neva ben dun befoh” manufacturing… Why?

  10. SIG P232 (.380) and P239 (9-40)
    Both have much cleaner lines (but admit, the SIGs are heavier)
    And I assume more reliable because they are SIGs

    • The XD series are reliable too. I’ve owned one (gave it to my son), and others here own one or more. I don’t think any of us are sending our pistols back for service.

  11. Well the hammer’s a nice start, now if they can figure out the rotating cylinder they might be on to something.

  12. Solid pass. So much nope. The only thing that attracted me to the xd originally was the grip safety, it still wasn’t enough for me to bite. With the latest news of the “Springfield sellout” and the fact that they appear to be putting out a tricked out hi-point sans grip safety, I’m even less enclined to make a purchase. It’s quite possible that in a year or three, the hi-point may be the better purchase because someone will still be there to honor the warranty, but at a similar price point.
    Breaking news: Springfield USA releases new 2017 marketing campaign, “if you like your freedom, you can keep your freedom!”

  13. Daewoo DP51 in a Kel-Tec frame?

    No, the DP51 had a light trigger pull to short single-action, and a safe hand-resettable hammer.

    But ok, patentable.

  14. One thing (there were more) that bothered me about Springfield was the high bore axis; this seems as bad or worse.

    • Without that Grip Zone label, I wouldn’t know where to hold it. I have to read those directions every time (I don’t really own one).

  15. I feel like we are going backwards, the ideas some companies have is very poor. This one will cost them.

  16. I’ve been hoping for a long while that CZ would introduce a single-stack DA/SA gun. I’d have considered the Springfield, but then they decided to pee in their own pool…

  17. I prefer hammer fired. I’m highly interested. Considering the hammer fired hate, I hope they are cheap.

    Are they 100% American made?

    • No they are not American made. They are a Croatian product that is bought and rebranded by an American company that doesn’t seem to care about gun rights anymore.

  18. “Grip Zone”.. does this model also have “rack zone” on the slide, “trigger zone” and “boolit zone” emblazoned on it?

    When marketing drives design.

  19. I would be interested if: 1)decocker only (no safety), 2)trigger was damn amazing, 3)fucking “grip zone” shit wasn’t written on it 4)SA didn’t just sell us out in IL

  20. No Springfield EVER for me. I live in Illinois. Oh and I hate the grip safety and prefer striker fired weapons. BTW I’m spreading the anti-2A Springfield news on FB…

  21. I love my 2 XDm’s (9mm 5.25 and 40 4.5) and 9mm XDs, but this is like a turd on the floor in a public bathroom.

    Ain’t no way in hell I’d pick it up.

  22. looks as bad as hi-point, above someone said it correctly, are we going backwards in design?

      • xds bred with the mod2 and created a hammer, I love my xd pistols, but I’m gonna pass on this one, it’s ugly as fuck, don’t live in Illinois so I’m not terribly offended about that issue, still sucks tho.

  23. Politics aside. It is a solid design. It might be interested if they make in 45 but I prefer a double stack unless it’s a 1911.

    And all this Kel tec stuff is BS. Springfield makes a better defensive pistol than Glock.

    Adfition: what is Springfield and Rock River supposed to do, go out of business? They just can’t pick up and leave right away.

    • ” Springfield makes a better defensive pistol than Glock.” Agree, and just about, but not quite, everybody does.

    • “what is Springfield and Rock River supposed to do, go out of business?”

      They’re not supposed to, but that will happen quite naturally if they make stupid business decisions. Such as allying with anti-gun politicians and supporting bad laws for a short-term gain, pissing off a large and very vocal portion of their customer base in the process.

      Neither Springfield nor Rock River sells anything that’s particularly unique in the market. When you have tons of competition, it’s really, really dumb to give people a reason not to buy from you. RRA can fall back on their government contracts, for a while. But they should ask Colt how that works out in the long run. Springfield is pretty dependent on the civilian consumer market, and giving pro-2A people a reason to badmouth you on the day you announce a much-hyped new product is *incredibly* stupid.

      • Which means that if they closed down right now they would never reopen. The first job is to stay in business. They are not siding with anti gun politicians. They are insuring that they remain a profitable business. If the firearms community doesn’t get that then that is our loss.

        • Closed down? It’s a bill that puts in place some PITA licensing requirements for gun dealers and expands the definition of “dealer.” A large company could handle compliance. This bill was/is not an existential threat to established dealers and manufacturers of decent size and experience. It would be a big burden on small shops, though, as well as on all normal citizens who would be horribly limited on how many guns they’re allowed to sell each year from their collections before the state says they’re a “dealer.” The full text of the bill is here, if you’re interested:

        • What do you mean, “if they closed down right now”? That was never on the table, even if the law was passed without their carve-out. As far as “insuring they’re a profitable business”, I think it would have been a lot cheaper to comply with the additional licensing laws and work to repeal them than take it in the shorts with an immediate boycott from a significant portion of the gun community. Who’s going to buy a Saint now, when there are a hundred other AR options that are just as good or better, and come from a company that didn’t just tell the millions of gun owners in Illinois to go screw?

          S&W almost went out of business “insuring they were profitable” with the Clinton administration. Ruger didn’t recover their lost market share until after William Ruger died. Capitulating is far more likely to “put their employees on the dole” than fighting would have been.

          The market will sort this out, and we can come back in a year and see how many Springfield Armory employees are laid off and discuss whether this was a smart move. My money says that it was a really bad business decision.

          Not to mention, this wasn’t even a done deal. It barely passed the Senate, and still hasn’t passed the House yet. They shot their wad too soon – if it doesn’t pass the House, they’ve earned a shitload of bad press and ill will and gained absolutely nothing. They should have waited, and if it managed to pass the Senate without their support (not a certainty by any stretch), they could have cut their carve-out in the House bill if it looked like it was going to make it. It’s not even good political maneuvering. This is amateur hour stuff.

        • Did Magpul “Go out of business” when they left Colorado (giving away thousands of mags on their way out)? Did Ronnie Barrett go out of business when he told CA and NY to pound sand?

          Bullshit excuses for betrayal hold about as much weight as excuses for “just following orders”. Wrong is wrong.

  24. Not sure, but isn’t the Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact a hammer fired single stack? I know it is hammer fired, not sure of the magazine though.

    • PX4 Subs are 13 round magazines, so they must be they must be a double stack. I have my eye on the PX4 compact. No way would I buy the Springfield with a single stack. The PX4 Sub doesn’t have the rotating barrel like it’s bigger brothers.

      • I like the PX4…I like how they shoot…but you’re talking about a gun that’s 42% thicker than this XD-E (1.42″ vs 1″). I’m also personally not a fan of a slide-mounted safety that’s the reverse of what I’m so very used to (up is fire, down is safe). Anyway, good/bad/better/worse, the PX4 is meaningfully different from this Springer.

        • If you take a person who has never carried and had them evaluate the difference in weapon sizes, it would probably be pronounced to them. However, when a person is used to carrying a firearm, as I am with my P229, going to a PX4 Compact is going to be of no consequence. Although the Springfield being a single stack would have a smaller grip size, how big a deal really is that? I would rather have that little extra girth of a double stack grip and the resulting added capacity. Here’s the cold hard facts of the matter; when it comes to saving ones ass, having a reliable weapon along with the ability to throw lots of lead accurately is what’s of critical importance. The extra 1/4 inch here or there isn’t all that important when we get down to it. When considering and evaluating weapons of approximately the same size, there are far more important considerations than relatively minor dimensional differences . For me, capacity is FAR more important than the grip being slightly smaller.

      • I’ve been eyeballing the PX4 Storm SC in .40 S&W for a long time now. I agree with comments about the slide safety, but the gun looks and feels good. I currently pack a 941 Jericho in .40 SW and almost anything is smaller than that. That is also a double stack but damned if the magazine doesn’t look and feel single stack. I just haven’t seen the magazines on the 9mm PX4 SC so I wasn’t sure.

  25. Too bad. To think I was actually interested.

    Springfield, there’s still time to turn from your wicked ways and repent.

    Seriously though, selling out your FFL’s and owners in your home state, bad idea.

  26. If you rest your thumb on the safety/decocker, what’s the chance that it will decock of its own volition?

    • Highly doubtful. Took purposeful, inwards + downwards force to decock it (and it “stacks” right before it clicks and decocks). If it were farther forwards, maybe maybe, but IMHO it’s in the right place to make its use as a safety easy enough while being too close to the base of your thumb to get that sort of downwards pressure on it unless you really want to (and for most folks I think it’ll take repositioning your thumb so you can push down with the pad of your thumb…I’d bet most really cannot do it with the side of their thumb).

  27. Puppies learn not to poop in their own house. SA apparently has not been able to figure that out I really like my XDs,but I will not be supportive of a company that is willing to set back all of the hard work that folks here ln Illinois have been doing to gain respect for a constitutional right.

    • Absolutely correct! They just should shut down and put the workforce on the dole.

      This bill was going to pass no matter what they did. I repeat myself, it seems that readership would have preferred that they fall on their sword for the sake of purity leaving us with two fewer manufactures.

        • Inaccurate. It passed by the required margin, which is 30. Illinois doesn’t count the votes beyond what is necessary for passage. It actually passed by 9. And you must take note of the fact that Chicago with its huge population that votes majority democrat, even extending well out in to the suburbs, controls almost half the votes in the Legislature.

  28. What are you guys talking about!? This $%&#*! is revolutionary! An entirely new weapon’s platform that has never existed prior to today. First they invested the 1911, then the Croatian brand Glock, then the AR-15, and now they have invented a hammer fired gun with a single stack magazine. Wow! What’s next, some kind of break action two barreled gun that shoot volleys of shot!? Only from the minds of Springfield Armory…

    • Name a single other polymer, SA/DA single stack, roughly 1″ wide, with a decocker.

      This is the ideal carry gun for people who like the Beretta Px4 Compact, and think it’s too chunky (and at 1.42″, it is too chunky).

      • “Name a single other polymer, SA/DA single stack, roughly 1″ wide, with a decocker.”


      • Not at all too clunky! When you have man-hands, you appreciate something that doesn’t feel like a cell phone. Decocker is where it should be too…away from the mag release (cough, cough).

        • I have been looking at the Walther P99 SA sub-compact. It has a de-cocker that allows the first shot to have a double action type trigger pull on the first shot, when desired. This allows normal trigger when carrying in typical holsters, and DA type for purse/pocket carry.
          I have SA, DA/SA, and striker fired from FN, Glock, S&W, Ruger, & Browning. I like all my guns and each fits a particular job better than the other. I prefer my wife’s Performance Center Shield over the Springfield for pocket/purse carry.

          The legislation in Illinois has a number of red flags. First it attempts to take advantage of smaller dealers with the help of larger dealers by consorting against them (taking advantage of minorities). Next they want to be able to make changes to laws without oversight.
          This is like the women that dates a child molester and then is surprised when their children are molested. It is just a matter of time before it happens to them.
          Interesting how they exempt big box stores under the guise of them not providing guns used in crimes? I would like to see the research on that. Government often acts on the biased or heresay information. People will consider control measures if they think they would really affect criminals, rather than just us law abiding citizens.

          • I actually have the P-99AS, and it’s the ONLY striker-fire gun I’ve found that truly fires DA/SA & de-cocks. 9# DA, 45# SA, the trigger is smooth & excellent, and coupled with the famous Walther ergonomics, is very accurate! But….. It’s not single-stack carry-able…waiting to see how the XDE pans out after the beta-testing……

      • Not at all too chunky! When you have man-hands, you appreciate something that doesn’t feel like a cell phone. Decocker is where it should be too…away from the mag release (cough, cough).

  29. That gun looks like an XD mated with a Taurus TCP and got the worst from both parents.

    Safety wise, a DA trigger plus a thumb safety? Somebody is paranoid. Might as well add Israeli carry as well…

  30. I hate appendix carry but I accept the fact that some folks disagree with me. This might prevent some male appendix carriers from becoming an instant soprano with the double-action trigger. This gun is not for me but I can see a big market for it with new shooters and parents with kids. (I carry a Glock 23, a .40 cal. striker-fired gun with no manual safety.)

    • I have had a Glock 23 for over 20 years and it has been a flawless performer, even with the 9mm and 357sig barrels in it. It is the gun I compare it’s size to when looking at concealed carry guns. Only a single stack 9 actually provides enough size difference to justify a purchase.
      My newer guns FNX 45T & FNS 9LS have also been flawless in years of league shooting. I do quite a bit of research and renting (if available) before I buy, and many small 9s suffer from either poor triggers or reliability issues.

  31. I don’t appendix carry–just not built for it–but I don’t like to carry double stacks either. I always felt my XD 9 was too bulky to carry. So yes, this is an improvement for a carry piece, and for those who like DA/SA triggers (I don’t; the only ones I’ve tried are pretty mushy in SA with no clear break).

    Funny thing I noticed reading this thread: all these guys hating on Springfield for its sell out in Illinois still came here to read about the new gun. Isn’t that just a mite hypocritical?

    • Read back through the comments. There are several people who hadn’t heard about the sell out. Didn’t want them to be giving their money to antigun enablers by accident.

  32. It’ll be interesting to see where Springfield goes with this hammer fired platform. Will it grow to include double stack full size pistols (i.e., XD Mod.2 w/ hammers)? Or stay single stack but go taller/longer (i.e. 4″+ barrels, 10 rd capacity – like a commander 1911 size, etc.). I don’t think I’ll be selling my XDs-9 for this, though. But I will handle one when my LGS gets one, and see if that changes my mind. If the grip is as nice and comfy as my XD Mod.2 service 9mm, then all bets are off.

  33. Thanks for the video, I wanted to see how the safety decocker worked and if it could be carried cocked and locked. Springfield’s site said there were four carry options but you know what they say about assumptions. That safety seems inspired by Arex though, I may be wrong. I’ve looked at the rex and even the compact seemed a little large for carry. Just a thought, this might steal a few people who were interested in that or a cz for carry. With already more Guns than I can afford to shoot there’s nothing about it,though, to make me go buy one.

  34. TTAG reported on the political story and TTAG posting info on the new gun. I’m good with TTAG’s editorial approach on this.

    As to Springfield Armory choices, I like the original XDs and the backstrap safety. But then I like 1911s so I’m used to it and don’t think much about it in daily use except when holstering. I have quite a bit of trigger time on most of the other XD line too. This XDe isn’t a bad concept. The “grip zone” text is weird. Don’t get that. I don’t know that it would be in my interest wheelhouse even without the recent SA political stuff. But I’m willing to wait and see how everything shakes out both with the politics and reviews of the XDe.

  35. At the end of the day this discussion makes me want go out and buy a pistol that I don’t need or really want just support a firearms manufacturer trying to survive in an extreme hostile environment. This bill is going to pass whether they cut a deal or not so they are trying to make the best out of a bad situation. I am sure they are lobbying the Goverror hard to veto it.

    Politics aside, if this were a Glock most of you would be wetting your pants over it.

  36. Ok Insider info, Due to the failure of the XDs 3.3 striker fire pistol and the massive amount of customer complaints about Light fire strikes, failure to return to battery ect. Springfield has decided to use the old very reliable hammer fire system that’s it. The whole gun is nothing but a XDs with a hammer. XDs has to be liquidated and can be found at reduced prices around the country as an incentive to buy it they will offer extra mags, holster and such value at $180 if you register online only for new purchases. The mags will work for either one of them pistols since they are the same gun.
    Time will tell if the XDe will be another piece of junk as the XDs, but getting rid of the striker fire might fix the problem but some other problems might come with the new model, it seem like springfield keeps on experimenting on single stack sub compact pistols at the expense of the working class gun buyer.

  37. Springfield screwed the pooch with their carve out at the expense of Illinois gun owners and FFLs. The EMP4 that I’ve been looking at to go with my EMP has got up and went away. We do not need to patronize those scheme against us.

    • Get out of Illinois while you still have a chance to I did and let them make all the anti-gun laws they want that’s why Chicago is the safest city in the country this place is a real sewer hole and getting worse by the minute look at what’s going on around you your only going to get more insane stupidity look at the people running it most should be in a mental institution

  38. The XD-E can be carried hammer down safety off, hammer down safety on or cocked and locked!

    A simple decock only system would be preferable.

  39. I am disappointed that Springfield did not set up a domestic production line for plastic-framed pistols. Even Remington have done so. I understand that Springfield is not Glock or SIG, but they are a company on the scale of Kahr at least. It absolutely could be done.

    The pistol itself is not all that important. What’s important is that they can’t make it.

  40. Well, It’s about time someone addressed the need for a modern, single-stack 9 DA/SA, with a decocker-safety!
    Since S&W stopped making them in the 90’s, and the parts have since dried up, a horrible hole has been left in the market for an evolved version DA/SA w/ decocker safety, just like the Military side-arms.Gnash your teeth all you want, all of you nay-sayers!!! Finally, a solid manufacturer has returned to a tried & true design, in a sexy polymer body for everyday carry!!! Don’t like safeties or decockers? Don’t like DA/SA hammers? You’ve got a whole menu of striker-fired wonders out there—go enjoy them. As for me and the MULTITUDE of old-timers out here who love and respect the safe, reliable, and proven system chosen by more militaries the world over than not, (and for Darn good reason!), I salute Springfield for leading the pack, and re-introducing another solid winner to the market. Well done! I’m on the list for at least two……

  41. I like the design, probably a good gun…… but damn lousy timing….. Springfield really screwed themselves on this one.. Do I see another large corporate bankruptcy in someone’s future?? Sad part is all the innocent people that might lose their jobs over this mess up on Springfields part

  42. I would buy and EDC a hipoint JHP before buying one of these Metallica like gun manufacturer SELL OUT crap…

  43. Just Shot this gun for the first time yesterday. My Wife Loved it! It was very easy for her to use and rack. They same that the draw is 37% lighted than the traditional recoil spring and with it hammer she was able to easily manipulate the gun. The only thing I didn’t like is the external safety….I am one of those that really likes Springfield’s safeties in the grip and trigger but I really did not love no safeties except for a external.

    • Did you find the recoil to be manageable? The bore axis on the Xd’s seems pretty high, and this XDE seems no different.How about balance with full/empty mags? How was the sight picture recovery after recoil?

  44. All these people pretending like they care about politics. The reality is most gun nuts don’t know Jack about politics. If they did they would be upset about how an idiot became president of the United States. Oooooh.

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