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It seems like only yesterday that guns like the Ruger LCP were at peak popularity. People carried a pistol because they feared carjackers and muggers, and those people tend to only be a foot or two away. The “So anyways, I started blasting” approach seemed like the most likely needed response, and perhaps the only one seriously worth preparing for. A tiny pocket pistol could handle that job just fine with only minimal disruption to one’s daily life and wardrobe.

But, things have changed a lot. As better carry guns like the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and later the P365 came out, many people realized that the tradeoff with a tiny pocket pistol wasn’t fantastic. Then, holster designs improved, making it easier for many people to conceal a full-sized pistol. While many people still carry traditional subcompact CCW guns today, it’s no longer the overwhelming norm.

And, a number of shootings in recent years have proven this approach to be the correct one. One big one was the West Freeway Church of Christ shooting in White Settlement, Texas. Volunteer church security guard Jack Wilson stopped the killing with one shot to the head at a distance of 12-15 yards. Another, even better example, was when Eli Dicken dropped a mass shooter armed with a rifle at a distance exceeding 40 yards, using a pistol. Neither of these life-saving uses of force would have been safely possible with a traditional subcompact carry gun.

But, some mass shooters are treating this like an arms race. Knowing that they will probably encounter armed resistance, shooters like the one who murdered grocery shoppers in Buffalo, New York are showing up with better guns and body armor, and they’re training for it, too. So, people who frequent public spaces or protect them may want to consider upping the ante.

Sadly, It’s often not socially acceptable to walk around with a rifle, even if you’re a police officer or a security guard. On the other hand, mass shooters are not deterred from showing up armed to the proverbial teeth, because they’re there to shoot innocent people, not hold down a job or be a contributing member of the community. This puts the good guys at a severe disadvantage, and it’s this disadvantage that mass shooters are increasingly counting on to rack up a shocking body count.

There are some innovative ways around this problem, though.

A number of manufacturers are now offering backpacks that can rapidly convert into a full ballistic vest. You simply grab a couple of pull-tabs on the top of the backpack, flip the front plate carrier over your head, and velcro the sides on. The Masada backpack in the video above offers IIIa protection (most pistol rounds), but can be upgraded to Level III+ protection to stop weaker rifle rounds like 5.56x45mm or 7.62x39mm. Other backpack designs can be upgraded to even higher ratings, but this comes at the expense of weight.

With this defensive capability in place, it’s time to turn our attention to some offense. After all, the goal is to not only survive a mass shooter, but stop them from killing other people. The great thing about these backpacks is that they have MOLLE webbing to attack all sorts of other gear. Most videos of these backpacks show somebody with a full-sized pistol or magazine pouches attached, but there’s nothing stopping one from integrating a braced pistol or SBR to the front plate, provided it’s small enough when folded to fit in the bag and deploy properly. This may require the use of a take-down design, like this one:

Another compelling option for this kind of setup would be to use something like a Flux Defense Raider. This wouldn’t give you the kind of power a 5.56 or .300 Blackout folding braced pistol does, but it folds down to a much more compact design. More importantly, though, the stock gives you much greater stability to take longer shots. From what I’ve read, Flux is working on a version that works with the Sig X-Ten, so you’d be able to get more power at distance.

Other, more exotic options would include a shortened PS90 (which might be legal to build without a tax stamp if you use a new stripped receiver and a tail hook brace as described in this video), other folding or take-down braced pistols, or simply going for that tax stamp.

Finally, there’s still some storage in the actual backpack part of the pack. That would be a great place to put first aid supplies, tourniquets, and seals as needed to help people once the action is over.

So, you could conceivably manage the emergency from beginning to end while being in discreet mode on a day-to-day basis. Depending on what risks you want to prepare for, this could be a good option.


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  1. No plans on “stepping up” from what I now carry. ILLannoy dims hate my rifle stashed at a friend’s house so there’s that. Oh well🙄

    • My LCP is in my pocket right now. ☺️
      Sometimes I step up to the J-frame or the Ruger Max-9, always in the pocket.

      • It can’t get any better than a Glock 19 or 17 for concealed or open carry. They aren’t the prettiest but they go bang every time. I have all kinds of pistols but ALWAYS ONLY carry a Glock.

        • Mark, I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry a handgun because it’s pretty….

      • Art, there are some very distinct disadvantages to “pocket carry”. First of all of course if the lint in your pocket which can seriously gum up your firing mechanism. Second, it can be a bit difficult to get it out of your pocket.
        Why not carry your “pocket rocket” in an inside the belt holster? If you can’t conceal your LCP, in a holster,…

  2. I call it the A.R.K, the Active-shooter Response Kit. I also call it my “OH Sh*T!” Bag.

    It’s a carhartt sling bag with a sub-2000, two tourniquets, some quick-clot, and two 33 round glock mags. Weighs about 7.75 pounds and I carry it with me when I go to church or other big crowded places like the state fair, the mall, or Ikea.
    I also carry a glock 19 so I have magazine compatability with my carbine.
    I have practiced slinging it back to front, unfolding the sub-2000, charging it, and getting a hit on a man sized target at 25 yards. I can consistently deploy in under 8 seconds.

    Can’t wait for the PSA “MP7 at home”. I can carry the same amount of ammo, deploy faster, and shoot further for less weight.

    • Well – you are then lucky you don’t live in a stupid state like mine where we actually have a one gun law. Right, no backups. Not legal here in NM. We are the only state I know of with such a dumb rule – that’s dummycrats for you.

      • in new Mexico it’s only a “concealed weapon” if loaded. if it’s in a bag on one’s back unloaded it could be argued it doesn’t meet this.

        obligatory not a lawyer this isn’t legal advice

  3. Ludicrous…

    Go ahead, prepare for Armageddon. Buy body armor, exotic weapons systems, aim to become a hero in waiting…

    I’m sure there are still a bunch of “real operators” with a basement full of Y2K MREs and others things they wished they didn’t have. Go ahead and join them.

    On the one hand, if you’re carrying a normal EDC and near an active, illegal shooter: draw and fire if possible. Use available cover and know what’s in your line of fire besides the bad guy. If, on the other hand, you’re not in the proximity and not LEO or armed with proper “tools”, leave it for those who have them and get out of the way.

    Knowing the minds of a number of metro area prosecutors, if you’re out wandering the streets with the ability to go to war and then are forced to use your goodies, they’ll be way up your ass in a full body cavity search as to why you were so-equipped, even if you end a bad situation.

    No, thanks. Spend the money on your family and loved ones.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    Preparedness is good, up to the point it becomes ridiculous. Everyone has to decide where to draw the line for themselves.

    Of course anything could happen at any time. Thing is, most of the time it doesn’t.

    You know where you go, and what you do, and who you interact with, and what is allowed/prohibited in which places, better than anyone else.

    Someone who works in a school, and who works in a factory, and who makes nighttime deliveries in the bad part of town, and a cop all have different risk profiles and have to follow different rules. As such it is reasonable for them to prepare for their day differently.

    • “Preparedness is good, up to the point it becomes ridiculous. Everyone has to decide where to draw the line for themselves.”

      Living in Florida and having lived through 2004 when 3 hurricanes passed by (hurricane force winds for 1 of them, high winds and days-long power outages for all 3), that’s simple common sense.

      ( 9 days total in 5 weeks with no A/C is not something anyone wants to experience in 90 degree plus August weather…)

      • Your mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother would like to call you out to the wood-shed for a little one on one “chat”.
        Candyass !!

  5. “You simply grab a couple of pull-tabs on the top of the backpack, flip the front plate carrier over your head, and velcro the sides on.”

    It’s much quicker to draw and fire.

    “Excuse me, Mr. Bad Guy, while I insert Tab A into Slot B and turn my backpack into a …”

    • ““Excuse me, Mr. Bad Guy, while I insert Tab A into Slot B and turn my backpack into a …”


      I’m more concerned with rounds coming at me from the front… 🙁

  6. 10.5 ar in 7.62×39
    a folding tube
    a 10 round mag in it
    4 full size magazines in the pockets
    and a red dot on top always left on
    45 iron sights for if the optic fogs
    or the battery dies

  7. The odds of being in position to use this gear is right up there with powerball winning. Are you really going to carry a backpack with gun, ammo, first aid and body armor around? Cops are going to take an interest in you and if an active shooter sees you you are the first casualty.
    Maybe work on situatuonal awareness and get out of states that disarm everyone.

    • My Vertex backback with that exact setup is sitting right behind me in my office as I type this. Has my EDC, extra mags, Level II protection, and FAK with chest seals, quick-clot, and 2 tourniquets. Plus my laptop, lunch, phone, and other normal items.

      Vertex has about 15 different color/pattern options, and the dumbest to buy would be the “black operator”, multi-cam, camo, or other “tacticool” flavors. I got one that looks like a college student’s bag due to its low profile and basic everyday colors.

      My employer has absolutely zero preparedness, and an completely open building with no security. If things go sideways, I will do whatever I can to ensure I get home safely to Mrs Haz.


    • “Should I try to buy a Sherman tank to drive around in?”

      I think the answer to that question is obviously “yes.”

      • napresto, if you can find a Sherman Tank, why not ??? I’ll tell you now, they are kinda gas guzzlers. But whatever floats your boat?

  9. With the number of illegal border crossings rumor has it there’s terrorists in the mix. Expect the unexpected in a democRat America…fjb.
    Shifting gears…I’ve seen lots of concerts but this man I missed…

    • There’s an entire section devoted to firearm reviews. It’s headed by a red box with the legend (assuredly, admittedly and absolutely) —

      Gun Reviews

      How could you have missed it?

    • They gotta pay the bills.
      I do like their gun reviews for the most part.
      Some of Jennifer’s articles can be interesting and food for thought or produce decent discussion.

  10. I don’t know where you are getting your data from but where I am the micro subcompacts are more and more popular, especially now that constitutional carry makes carrying an option to practically everyone without any paperwork or licensing. Most of these new carriers don’t want to put in the non-negligable extra work to figure out a way to carry a full-sized CCW comfortably and without printing. Pocket carry is easy and accessible to anyone who wants to plunk the cash down on the counter for a pocket gun thus the pocket guns are selling like hotcakes. Ever try to find a Kel Tec P-32 lately? Practically unobtainium.

  11. I carry. everyday everywhere and have accumulated 100’s of hours of training in shooting and medical with reputable trainers and schools often sharing the classroom and range with LEO’s and military.

    If the shit goes down and I’m around priority one is getting my ass outta the area. I’m not posturing, drawing, engaging or firing if I can help it and if that means a bunch of randos bite it and I’m called a chicken so be it. It’s not my job to cover your ass and I have my own family to worry about.

    I’ll leave the heroics to John Maclane and John Wick. Who are FICTIONAL.

  12. This is right up there with the Zombie Apocalypse fad a few years ago. Better include a bottle of iodine pills in your pack also – for nukes, you know.

    • Yeah, toxic green tip ammo and bio-hazard icons painted on ARs, or under mounted chain saws.
      At first it was kinda amusing but quickly jumped the shark and embarrassed the rest of us.

  13. These sort of things always spark a debate. Which is kinda sad considering the modern capacities basically gifted to your average person. My personal opinion is that the focus is generally way too one-sided in favor of cool guy shit, but that’s really neither here nor there in the overall scheme of things since pretty much no one is doing useful shit of any variety IRL.

    On the one hand, the attitude of 1966 (Texas A&M Clocktower Shooting) is dead and gone. The vast majority of “POTG” will simply unass the area and leave everyone else to their own devices. Hell, even Clint Smith’s attitude of 10-12 years ago is gone. Drop ammo for the cops or med gear for a group of wounded? LOL, no, most are headed for the hills as soon as they hear the first shot break.

    OTOH, the death of the attitude on display in 1966 is heavily based on the fact that .gov has gone way-the-fuck out of its way to prove that such an attitude is what they dislike more than the actual active shooter and it is readily apparent that in many cases they’ll prosecute for something the good guys after the fact. That’s for a variety of reasons but the outcome is the same: Most people don’t think it’s worth getting involved.

    The result, regardless of reason, is a death of any sense of duty to others. “Me and mine” rules the day. Sure, it’s a selfish and arguably cowardly position that is corrosive to society, but it’s also fairly pragmatic given the overarching situation.

    It will probably take someone or some group extending that kind of pragmatism to its logical extension in a public and very “non-PC” way before anything actually starts to change back (for the better).

    Then again, if Ed Calderon is even 50% correct, more obvious armaments than this in public will be the norm and there won’t be many LEOs to stop you either, their status as fertilizer or having permanently fucked off from the job will be the impetus for such public behavior. Another ouroboros that rears its ugly head, as it were.

    Oh, who am I kidding, if he’s right 99% will cower under their bed.

    • strych9,

      My religious faith inspires in me a minimal level of looking out for the well-being of others. That being the case, I will not hesitate to assist people around me if the unthinkable comes to pass.

      A minimal sense of duty to help others around us is waning in our society because religious faith is waning in our society.

      • Uncommon,

        I replied to this yesterday and I thought it went to moderation but apparently it just disappeared.

        Sorry about that.

  14. “Volunteer church security guard Jack Wilson stopped the killing with one shot to the head at a distance of 12-15 yards. Another, even better example, was when Eli Dicken dropped a mass shooter armed with a rifle at a distance exceeding 40 yards, using a pistol. Neither of these life-saving uses of force would have been safely possible with a traditional subcompact carry gun.”

    I disagree. Wilson was a well-trained, excellent marksman who managed a fatal hit with one shot from his AR. Dicken fired 10 shots from a Glock 19 which is classified as a compact pistol, not a full-size.

    A subcompact pistol in the hands of a well-trained individual could have achieved the same results as those two defenders.

    • Alien,

      I watched a guy in a video armed with a snubnose revolver shoot 2-liter soda bottles at 100 yards with boring regularity. Needless to say very few people can repeat that, even people who spend quite a lot of time practicing.

      The real trick is finding a handgun size which an average person can shoot accurately with a modest investment in practice ammunition and range time. For many (most?) people that does not include sub-compact pistols.

    • Jack Wilson is an incredible shooter. I’ve been around the man a few times. But he wasn’t the one with the AR. Wilson carries a Sig P229, made a head shot from about 45 feet away. At that moment it was his only shot, there were people between him and the killer. This was the White Settlement shooting in 2019.

      Stephen Willeford used an AR for the Sutherland Springs shooting in 2017.

      • Palo, thank you for the correction. Some clumsy phrasing by the writer must have discombobulated me (“Eli Dicken dropped a mass shooter armed with a rifle”) — Dicken had a handgun, the shooter had the rifle, a modifier having moved to the end of the sentence.

        Your correction actually helps to prove my point:

        “Then, holster designs improved, making it easier for many people to conceal a full-sized pistol. While many people still carry traditional subcompact CCW guns today, it’s no longer the overwhelming norm. And, a number of shootings in recent years have proven this approach to be the correct one.

        The writer contends that a full-sized pistol was used in both instances, “proving” that a full-sized pistol is the better weapon. However, in both cases a compact pistol was used.

        That led me to disagree with the writer’s main contention and conclude “A subcompact pistol in the hands of a well-trained individual could have achieved the same results as those two defenders.”

        Uncommon Sense: “For many (most?) people that does not include sub-compact pistols.”

        I can agree with that, but I still wouldn’t conclude that a full-sized pistol is the ne plus ultra as the author of the article contends. I’m a one-off, though — I learned to shoot pistol using a 1911, and then sold that pistol to buy a 2″ snub-nose revolver, having had most of my shooting experience with that type of weapon since. Perhaps that colors my opinion.

  15. God only knows how many Middle Eastern terrorists have crossed our southern (and northern) borders with the explicit intention of attacking us (and will make good on their intentions). And your guess is as good as mine as to how many Muslims, who were already in our country before our border fiasco of the last few years, will suddenly decide that they must punish us for supporting Israel or retaliating against the recent casualties in Syria.

    Both thoughts above have been on my mind the last few days and I have been considering increasing my self-defense capabilities. I already carry a S&W M&P40 pistol with 4-inch barrel and 30 rounds of ammunition with 180 grain bullets. That gives me respectable ability to penetrate barriers (such as auto glass) and engage a spree killer or lone terrorist at close range. Maybe I should consider carrying a second handgun–perhaps a “long slide” semi-auto pistol chambered in 10mm Auto or even an accurate Magnum revolver with 6-inch barrel?

    I have in the past occasionally lugged around a Kel-Tec SUB-2000 (caliber .40 S&W) folded in half in a notebook computer bag with multiple 22-round magazines. I may start doing that again as well.

    • I had a Sub2000 several years ago. Yeah it easily fits in the computer case I still have. I’m seriously interested in a 10 mm gat but lacking funds so maybe I can snag the new Taurus TH10. The 9 & 40 have been out for years & 40 is just a short n weak 10mm. That taurus has 15+1 capacity…funny you mentioned. middle east. My doctor is Muhammad, my mechanic is Hassan & my dentist is Issa.🙄

    • The sleeper agents of the 80s at least had a hard time scratching out an existance waiting for their call-up. Their replacements of today pick up a housing and food voucher courtesy of Uncle Sham.

      • unicorn whisperer,

        I can easily imagine that Middle-Eastern “sleeper agents” of the 1970s and 1980s had to make their own way. I can also easily imagine that the Middle-East is so awash in cash now due to TRILLIONS of dollars of oil exports over the last 45+ years that Middle-Eastern governments and even individuals are bankrolling “sleeper agents” over here. In that context it would be a trivial matter for Middle-Eastern financiers to provide $100,000 a year for living expenses for hundreds (if not thousands) of “sleeper agents”.

        And that is just the Middle East. If China was clever (and why wouldn’t they be?) they would also bankroll hundreds/thousands of sleeper agents in our nation who would masquerade as Muslim terrorists–at the very least to get us even more embroiled in the Middle East and drain our nation of even more money.

  16. Most successful DGUs are done by never trained gun owners. I think because the bad guy is also not trained.

    A trained terrorist attack would be more difficult to stop. in that case having a bigger capacity magazine would be a must.

    • Chris T in KY,

      You bring up an important consideration.

      I don’t have any immediate take on that since I can easily imagine both untrained and well-trained terrorist attacks.

      • you CAN defend yourself with a handgun…witness the mall attack in Kenya…those that had a weapon survived…and we’re talking trained terrorists with AK’s

        • frank speak,

          Yes, it is possible to defend yourself with a handgun from trained terrorists with AK-47s. And doing that successfully will be extremely difficult at best and wildly unsuccessful at worst.

          In one of my other comments for this article, I mentioned either having a pistol-caliber carbine (SUB-2000) with me or a handgun better suited to engaging multiple terrorists at longer ranges. Such a handgun might be a semi-auto pistol of the “long slide” variety (chambered in 10mm Auto probably being ideal) or an accurate Magnum revolver with a 6-inch barrel (an 8-shot .357 Magnum probably being ideal). The longer barrels that I suggested in the previous sentence increase both muzzle velocity and sight radius which are important factors to maximize in the aforementioned scenario.

          I have been thinking repeatedly over the last one or two years about a long-slide pistol in 10mm Auto for woods defense–I just may have to take the plunge and buy one since that would provide double-duty for both woods defense and terrorist attack.

  17. I live close enough to the middle of nowhere I could throw a rock and hit it.
    I also try to avoid being in a target rich environment some nutcase might look for.
    So the chances of my raggedy old arse being in a situation where body armor would be needed is pretty slim. Now, if I still lived in the big city or had to frequent such, I might consider it. Getting too old and slow to do much ducking, dodging or running.
    If someone feels the need for the extra weight to tote around, go for it. I’ll pass and do my best to be somewhere else when the squirrel bait shows up with blood on their mind.
    Now, I did build a couple lock boxes for the vehicles that will take a long gun or 2. Not really thinking about things going bad, but don’t want to have a rifle or shotgun hanging in the window rack if I do go into town. Out of sight etc. Wonder what some thug would think about an old Winchester being used to stop their AK wielding butt.

    • … what would they think about an old Winchester kicking their AK wielding butt?
      I would like to think the last thing going through their mind would be a Silvertip.
      I’m not sure I’d want to be close enough to the middle of nowhere that you could hit it with a rock… I’m fine with being able to see it from atop a step stool. Hopefully soon.

  18. I hear that Huff. When I do go out I walk around with a Beretta 92 and three 17 round magazines. If I go thru all that I’m probably in more trouble than I’m going to get out of anyway.

  19. Keep in mind sponsors drive columns to sell their gear.

    Most of this was fleshed out in gun forums ten years ago. It’s the millions new to CCW since that create some demand for reruns of the concepts. There were FBI instigators at J6 who were flagged by their own, stopped and frisked, then let go. If you raise your profile by backpacking foldable firearms, using gear all the hot gun bunnies recognize, then you are doing it wrong.

    First tactic for responsible owners is to avoid visiting popular sites for mass shootings, especially kitted out like a mass shooter. Second, many of us realize the limited audience that blogs get is often skewed – all enthusiast sites suffer it. Its why watch forums seem to be Rolex owners clubs. Recommend a Citizen field or dive watch and the snarkmasters pile on to brag about their massively overpriced automatics.

    The average gun owner took the step to move up to a small concealable double stack with the P365, along with a spare mag, the continuing escalation in armed response to an attack is slowly moving along. Jumping up to armored gear, tho, not so much. It doesn’t fly in the business world or trades. Why? Because its still considered a rare and extreme incident far below the threshold of consideration. Adopting it will make the new owner more suspect than the usual suspects. While MOLLE is now common on backpacks, backpacks themselves are still fairly uncommon anywhere but campuses, cubicle farms, or job sites out here in flyover land.

    When police on patrol in small towns are walking the streets wearing them, then the cool factor will go up, but I suspect the pucker factor will be at a new all time high, too.

    • hahaha watch forum. i know a guy with a casio ironman. i had never heard of the event, thought it was a marvel product.

  20. IF I have to produce my .357mag, (the Henry rifle, too) it’s ALREADY far too late for you….as Dad was retired USMC aviation, the reload bench was a standard Saturday chore like my room, the lawns, and Dad’s cars. Until I left home.
    I could maintain one inch groups at 100 yards with a 1917 7mm Mauser, when I was 12. Had to know to strip it in 30 seconds.
    My ALL time fav was the .50cal, that sucker COST $8.00/round to reload in the 70’s!!!!

  21. It never crosses the minds of the out of control paranoia of the Far Right that gun control would be the more sane and civilized route to take.

    The Far Right seem to think that everyone should be armed with an assault rifle and shoot it out into and out of a store on their way to their car in the parking lot.

    In reality carrying an assault rifle is not legal in public in most places and where it is many businesses out law it on their property. The cops can also arrest you for “inducing panic” when you carry any firearm openly even in states where it is legal. Try doing this in Ohio some time, especially with an assault rifle and see how fast the swat team blasts you with so many rounds you will look like a piece of swiss cheese. If you think the cops often don’t shoot first and ask questions later you are simply living on borrowed time.

    There have even been cases of people legally carrying handguns whoes imprint showed resulting in a panicked clerk who called 911 followed by a bunch of jack booted cops showing up with their guns blazing and killing an innocent person who was legally carrying a gun concealed.

    Perhaps we should call these kits by what they really are: “Paranoia Kits”

    • … no Capitalvanians, Hilljacks, slack-jawed Far Left Not-sees, or any mention of your vast gun collection ?
      At first I was thinking “fake lil’ d”, but then I remembered that Dry January just ended shortly ago and caught you unawares. Maybe see if you can continue it a little longer.

    • DUNDERHEAD, Unfortunately for you and fortunately for us, it is NOT. You hoplophobes are so scared of firearms that you are doing everything you possibly can think of to stymie gun owners. Most of what you want is common sense. Psst! Legislating common sense if futility. Enforcement can only come AFTER THE FACT. You see we have the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution (you know, that document you love to hate?)

      Here we go again with this “assault rifle” crap. The AR-15 (civilian) and the AK-47 (civilian) and all the variants are NOT “assault rifles.” They are for about the 500th time, semi-automatic firearms not capable of automatic (or as you hoplophobes like to say, machine gun) fire.

      As it currently stands, there is little or no reason to carry an AR or AK in the street, but with your ANTIFA and BLM stormtroopers, it could happen. After all you Lefties are doing your level best to incite a second “civil war”.

      Would you please tell us of any of these so called incidents where the police came up blazing because some idiot clerk saw or imagined the printed firearm on someone? Do you really think anyone is going to fall for your ridiculous nonsense? Tell me, honestly, did your parents have any children that lived?

      • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        One of the most notorious cases of cops going berserk and shooting first and asking questions later was when a black man was shopping with his girlfriend and when he bent over the gun printed and the panicked female clerk called the jackboots.

        When the Jackboots got to the store the black man was just exiting the store when he was gunned down in a hail of gunfire. Carrying even a legal gun while black seems to be a death sentence in right wing states.

        And if I remember correctly the story was also carried right here on this forum a number of years ago. I am sure you will lie through your teeth as usual and claim it was not s o.

        Now Hilljack Walter, the FBI has declared your Far Right buddies like the Proud Boys and the Oath keepers the most dangerous threat to democracy in the U.S. and they damned well proved it you Moron on Jan 6th during Herr Drumpfs 1923 style beer hall putsch.

        The FBI also arrested the Proud Boys at Portland Oregon for posing as BLM when they deliberately smashed store windows. So Walter lie your way out of this one, it was carried by all the major news medias which I am sure you will scream never happened because its a commie conspiracy if it was not shown on Foxy News the Trump propaganda machine which is also Putin’s best friend.

        Most of the BLM protests were peaceful and came about because of the horrific torture and murder of George Floyd that was flashed around the world in all its horror which was not seen since your buddies Hitler’s Brown Shirts terrorized Germany. Dereck Chauvin was such an out of control Far Right Nazi that even after the paramedics arrived on the scene they had to yell at him to get off of Floyds neck but by then he was long since dead much to the joy and delight of Herr Hauptmann Chauvin. He has 20 years to think about it now.

        So keep the lies and propaganda going about minorities peacefully protesting police brutality while making every lame excuse on earth to praise your Nazi brethren the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. But the relatives of these Nazi thugs and the American people put these thugs in prison where they belong for the rest of their jackbooted lives. They will never let jackboots like you turn the U.S. into a Trump led dictatorship.

        • DUNDERHEAD, Yep, we do have some bad apples. But then again, we get police from the same place you came from. The human race. Right wing states? Which states are those? And where did your alleged story take place? What year?

          I’m not a member of the Proud Boys or the Oathkeepers. If they are breaking the law, the FBI should go after them but unless you like Gestapo tactics like “investigating” until you find something, that is out! When did this incident occur in Seattle concerning the BLM/Proud Boys? And pray tell IF it did happen, what law did they break?

          “Most BLM demonstrations are peaceful?” On what planet. Every time those thugs hit the street, arson, looting and assaults occurred. BLM and ANTIFA are you fascist stormtroopers. In case you did not know, the autopsy of your hero “Gorgeous” George Floyd died of a drug overdose. The hoopla over that criminal is way overblown and have become the cornerstone of your anti-police movement to defund the police. Don’t you just hate it when the facts overcome your vicious propaganda? Must I remind you about Giovanni Gentile, the Italian Socialist who ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto? The Nazi Black Shirts and the Fascist Brownshirts? Seems the Fascist and Nazis are your kinfolk. Same tactics, just a different time.

        • Water you are one sick Nazi. The entire world watched the Nazi Chauvin strangle George Floyd to death and the coroner’s report confirmed it and is now part of the court, trial record of Herr Hauptmann Chauvin. You can try and spread all the racist and demented bullshit about Floyd dying of drugs to your ignorant racist gang of morons the Far Right,

          And the Portland arrests of the Proud Boys for vandalism is on record and you ask the idiotic question “What laws did they break”, you need to see a psychiatrist as well as take a remedial reading class.

          Try again Walter your outrageous lies just keep making you into an even bigger fool. You cannot lie your way out of documented history.

        • DUNDERHEAD, what the whole world watched was cut and pasted versions of the event. I guess you don’t like that the Medical Examiner found NO NECK COMPRESSION on your hero, George Floyd and that his cause of death was Cardiac Arrest (see: So the Medical Examiner is wrong and off course, you, the DUNDERHEAD are “right” ? JBOL!
          As to your Proud Boys story, what law did they break and where are the convictions? And of whom? Again, you are all propaganda and no substance.
          Actually, TTAG is getting an overdose of you and your propaganda.
          Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you.

  22. Interesting idea.
    Is it reflective of the times we live in?
    With the specter of social, civil and even global unrest on the horizon be something to consider.
    On the other hand the idea of carrying around that backpack vest, or a foldable long gun is somewhat tiring.
    If we get to that point where everyone is carrying around some kind of bag no one thinks twice about it just normalize open carry.

  23. It’s risky carrying a backpack like that full of weapons in a city subway system. Ever since 9/11, traveling on a subway carrying tactical gear means you’re likely to be stopped and searched by the first observant cop who knows what tactical backpacks look like. Sure, you’d get a chance to explain why you’re traveling armed to the teeth–but only after you were taken downtown, booked on suspicion of terrorism, and locked in a holding cell, with your weapons and gear confiscated and placed in an evidence locker (good luck ever getting the weapons back).

    Example: I used to wear shooting earmuffs in the subway to protect my hearing from the noise of the subway train and the loud announcements. Just the earmuffs, nothing else tactical or suspicious, but still I was stopped and searched by a transit cop who saw me wearing the shooting muffs and no doubt suspected I was planning a mass shooting. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t carrying any weapons (this being Newark, New Jersey before the Bruen decision, I couldn’t have carried legally).

    Instead, carry a musical instrument case (by a company that makes musical instrument cases, not a company that makes tactical gun cases that supposedly look like musical instruments cases — logos matter; cops notice logos!) For example, a guitar case can fit an actual rifle, not just an SBR, and a violin case can probably fit an SBR or braced or suppressed pistol. Didn’t they use a violin case in one of the Godfather movies?

  24. Lots of ‘interesting’ views on this issue (as usual). Here’s me take – carry what you wish and deem appropriate/adequate for situations you may encounter. That is reality.
    Quick example: why stop with just a tourniquet – why not a full blown trauma pack – and ER staff on immediate call with defibrillators and portable O2 and on and on – bottom line is that NONE of us can readily carry everything we could need for every situation we ‘might’ encounter.

  25. As I’ve stated here before. I carried a Henry’ AR7 with 5 or 6 extra magazines. In my college book bag. And for 4 years nobody ever knew.

    So yes you can conceal carry a long gun on your person.
    Now an updated version would be a Ruger take down 1022. With a binary trigger. That would give a response to a terrorist that they would never expect. From a civilian population.

    With 5 or 6 BX25 magazines. I think it would force the bad guy to keep his or her head down. Maybe even stop the attack altogether.

  26. ANd just what IS an anti-terror kit. The fact is that if the BAD GUY OR Gal has a gun on you as sure a Little Apples are Green going for you ANTI-TERROR KIT is going to get you killed. But rest assured ‘Coming To You Soon [ now it’s beenaired on this website] at you Local GUNSHOP> WAL]MART and BAKERY ‘ are GOLD STAR ANTI-TERRORIST KITS Guaranteed to ,POOP the PERP’ All the start of yet another Firearms Industry MARKETTING EXERCISE.

    • Albert, I carry an “anti-terror” kit every single say in the form of a GLOCK mod 22 and a TASER. There are many different scenarios that can happen in which you can take action. You claim to have been a ‘small arms’ instructor in the RAF. Did you have any real “shoot; don’t shoot” training? Other than shooting at a “bullseye” or silhouette target what is your real like training experience?


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