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Do you have a pest problem? I don’t mean rabbits nibbling on your gladiolus. More like bears getting at your garbage cans. Or the occasional moose munching on the grass in your yard. If you do, Winchester has the solution for you. The big-ass .348 Win round is back in production. Since Browning decided to bring back a .348 shoulder torturing lever gun – the Model 71 – under the Winchester name, the Win Ammo people figured anyone who buys the new-again rifle will probably want to have something to feed through it. And it’s a powerful combination, sure to take care of any pest problem you may be afflicted with. Really.

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  1. As an owner of a very early model 71, I couldn’t be happier 🙂 Hope it’s less expensive than the Buffalo Bore load… Fun gun though.

  2. Love to see .348 ammo back in production, as it is often difficult to find. Every time I can I load up on brass and bullets to feed my Model 71 Deluxe long tang from the first year of production. Have to take it out each year to shoot a deer in honor of my Grandpa who left it to me. This is one gun I will never part with.

  3. shot a neigbors as a teenager. It would turn a 1 gal mikk jug full of water into sub -atomic particles at 100 yds . the guy had a moose head on his wall .

  4. I have shot my fathers .348 many times over the years and have destroied many cans of soda. Its good to see ammo being easier to get for it.

  5. Can you give me inforemation on where in heck i can get. Some 348 rounds ? Ivebeen looking around alot but just cant find any. Thanks.


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