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Beretta really impressed us with their 9mm Nano pistol. With a name like Nano, you’ve probably already guessed that it is on the smallish side. What you wouldn’t guess is that it’s the lightest-recoiling subcompact 9mm I’ve ever shot. Unlike the Kel-Tec PF9 (which recoils with such venom that the muzzle usually jumps 45 degrees or more) the Nano uses nested recoil springs to dramatically reduce muzzle climb . . . The Beretta Nano has a six-round magazine, replaceable sights and one of the most brilliant takedown features I’ve ever seen. An empty 9mm case turns a captive takedown screw, which allows the slide to be pulled forward off the frame as a complete sub-assembly. When the slide is put back on, the captive takedown screw resets itself to ‘locked’ and you’re good to go. Brilliant.

The Beretta Nano lists for $475.


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  1. I’d love to test fire a Nano. I have a Kel-Tec PF-9 and carry it regularly. I bought it because it’s a small, affordable, 9mm, double-action only, no safety, with a 7+1 capacity. But, it does kick like a mule with a sour stomach. I’m not worried so much about the recoil in a gunfight, but at the range it is a real downer. And as we all know, the more you train, the better you’ll be at the critical moment. Too much recoil, and you’ll train less.

  2. i got to handle a dealer sample at my favorite gun shop recently and compared it to the pf9. it is nearly the same width but the trigger on the nano is better.

  3. I bought a nano a little after christmas and i love the little gun. i have only had one range session with it so far, but in that one session i put a little over 100 rounds through it, some cheap 115gr stuff, some 124+p, and some 147 hollowpoints. fed, fired, and extracted everything i fed it and that was bone dry out of the box with no cleaning. i figure if the gun works perfect right off the bat, its a good indicator of how the pistol will be overall, especially for a carry piece. recoil was about the same as my glock 19, no joke. the bore axis does feel extremely high, but you wouldnt know that it is high if you only shot it and never saw it cause recoil and muzzle climb are very minimal. the trigger is very smooth and only slightly heavier than a glock and has a very predictable break. sights were dead on and i was hitting exactly where i wanted to 10 yards out. it carries like a dream as well either in my pocket or in my waistband. i highly recomend this gun if you are in the market for the type.

  4. I took my new Nano to the range yesterday and my wife and I shot a box of Academy Monarch 115gr brass through it. We are very happy with it. The recoil is not a problem. The trigger feels good. She was a better shot than I was. After watching a friend shoot his Colt 45 with a Crimson Trace laser she said that we have to get a laser. Seems that laser sights for the Nano are pretty scarce right now. I’m not wanting one that is half the cost of the gun. Any ideas? Oh yes, no FTF , FTE or any other problems. Very little residue when cleaning.

  5. I bought a Nano after selling a Kahr PM9. I like the Nano better in terms of the trigger. The PM9 was too long and hindered accuracy. Recoil is easier with the Nano and the slide is easier to rack. That’s important if you ever have a failure.
    Both guns needed extended break-in.

  6. Just picked up my nano traded a px4 storm for it i have too many 9mm hand guns full size beretta’s glock’s and sig’s but no pocket pistols had a glock 27 gen 4 but got rid of it no fun to shoot but i did like the size so enters the nano great weapon to carry and shoot love the gun no problems…….

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