New from Wild West Guns: .460 Rowland Springfield XD conversion

If your interpretation of ‘tactical’ means engaging in extended firefights with Kodiak island brown bears, Wild West Guns has just the secondary weapon system you need. Their drop-in .460 Rowland conversion kits will turn your .45 ACP 1911, M&P or XD-45 (pictured) into a bruin-blasting beast spitting out 230-grain punishment at 1250 fps. Suck that, 10mm!

Click here for more info on the .460 Rowland cartridge itself, if you dare.


  1. avatar William says:

    Any word on cost?

    1. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

      Website says $349…

  2. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    There is an error in the article title… just an FYI

  3. avatar BC; MT says:

    Is a compensator still needed?

  4. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    Are they ever gonna come out with a model for the compact?

    1. avatar HSR47 says:

      You do realize that the compact frame will fit on the “tactical” slide, and that Springfield sells them that way as an option, at least with the .45 XD, right?

  5. avatar garynyer says:

    So far this company has been the most impressive

  6. avatar Chach says:

    Not a Glock dont care, #fanboy

  7. avatar Ben Eli says:

    KRISS should chamber their SMG in this cartridge.

  8. avatar OnlyKetchup says:

    +1 for the Bruin bashing!

    1. avatar William says:

      That was my thought – I live amongst bruins and would love the idea of converting my trusty 1911 into a bruin ready tool

  9. avatar Jim B. says:

    The comment about my idea of being tactical is engaging Kodiak Brown Bears in a firefight had me rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off. Kudos. great job.

  10. avatar Brad Quinlan says:

    When can we, will there ever be, a 460 Rowland conversion kit for SA’s XDm?

  11. avatar cmd says:

    I took my new conversion for my XD to the range today. Man that was a ton of fun and a bit brutal on my wrist. I put 50 rounds through it with no issues. It took me 5 to 10 rounds to get the feel for it. Great accuracy. There is no doubt that you are shooting a powerful round.

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