Because there are still a handful of iconic firearms that haven’t received the .22 Long Rifle treatment, Umarex and Walther have introduced mostly-steel rimfire clones of Uziel Gal’s famous Israeli subguns and machine pistols. I put a few magazines through the Mini-Uzi pistol version and found myself wishing I’d waited in the slightly longer line for the folding-stock Uzi rifle. I’ve never had a great time with the semi-auto pistol versions of full-auto submachineguns; this example was no exception. The Mini-Uzi pistol weighs somewhere north of five pounds empty, which makes it a bitch to keep on target once your arms get tired. The sight wings and slotted charging handle make the sight picture the New York City skyline. The .22 Mini-Uzi pistol was still fun to shoot, but the larger Uzi rifle version should prove to be a much more practical range toy. Oxymoronically enough. Details are scanty but the Mini-Uzi pistol holds 20 rounds and will list for $420.



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