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Once through the lengthy, serpentine registration line at the Media Day shoot, I made a bee line for the Browning tent. The goal: shoot the new A5 to see how that mother works. The verdict: mighty, mighty nice. I shot the field model (the Hunter) along with their new over/under field gun, the 725. Not too surprisingly, the dual bore kicks at your shoulder like an angry mule. A small one, anyway. The A5, on the other hand…

…leans into you like a gentle, uh, well it’s noticeably softer. Which you’d expect from a recoil-operated gun. But the auto-loader feels even softer than you’d think it should. The A5 also feels surprisingly light in your hands – probably having something to do with that aluminum receiver – and swings smooth as a baby’s freshly powdered butt. In fact, powdering high incomers and low crossing birds was a breeze.

Quick impression: this is one nice gun. And for an MSRP of $1,559, it ought to be. Too bad getting our name in for a T&E review sample’s been less pleasant than, you know, shooting the gun. But fear not, we never give up. Full review when we inevitably run someone in a Buck Mark shirt to ground.

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    • That is about the truth, however If there is noticeable less kick I might consider it an acceptable A5. You can’t believe the bull Browning advertising until u try it yourself. I bought a Browning Silver Hunter (gas operated) A5, and I think it is a piece of junk. It kicks noticeable harder than my two old A5’s.

    • That is absolutely right. The New A5 is supposed to have a similar inertia action like the Benelli ie (probably because the patent has now expired). I have a Benelli Sports 2 and the action is very clunky and does not close properly 3/25 shells. That is not good when shooting trap. Other than that the Benelli Sports 2 is a nice shooting gun.

  1. Browning has it right ie (“it ain’t your Granddads A/5”), although they are trying hard to live off its reputation as the Best there is in Auto shotguns. Even Browning they can’t reproduce your Daddy’s A5 because it is too costly ! Let’s go back a little in time your Daddy’s A5 was produced from 1903-1999 actually all those years there were only minor up grades. In 2000 the browning 2000 gas operated shotgun came out for that one dismal year and was dropped ! Latter the gold series came ou

  2. ….continued, since 2000 and the flop of the Browning 2000 (gas operated), then came the Gold Series (gas operated), a successful and much improved gun, but not a big seller. Then we have the Silver Hunter Series with the semi humpback which is a another slightly better than the Browning 2000 but I consider my Silver Hunter another stupid cheap gun with a gas operating system than kicks hard even with target loads and the gas cylinder is fifty with powder after box of shells. The Gold Series has a different gas system and is worthy of Browning as is the Maxus.

    I look at the new copy cat humpback A5 and it looks like a receiver stamped from an AK-47 stamping machine and consider the engraving fr the original basic gun and look at the new A5 with A5 stamped on the receiver ! How cheap can Browning make it ? Look at the comparable guns from Benelli With the beautiful in graving on a silver receiver, with pro comp sights and several models to choose from AT THE SAME PRICE with proven inertia action. IF THIS OVER PRICED plain Jane A5 doesn’t kick less than the old A5’s Brownings reputation will be the laughing stock of the auto shotgun world.
    I LOVE THE OLD A5’s and shoot them evert week but I cam’t stand the thought of Browning coming out with another piece of junk and embarrass every Browning owner that has shot A5s all their lives and know that no Auto has been made better than the A5

  3. I own and shoot original A5 shotguns, I have a Silver Hunter and I am not impressed. I would love to view and shoot the new A5, however its not a real or original A5. Too bad they had to call it an A5 because from the sound of it we will all be disappointed at least those of us that own and shoot the real A5’s from Belgium. I will give it a try and remain unbias however from the reviews so far, the new A5 sounds disappointing. The market is there and I would buy several if they would again produce the original A5 as designed even if it was not made in Belgium it would at least be a gun I would be proud to own, after all how can Browning reinvent the wheel when John Browning had it right to begin with……

    • I bought Browning Silver hunter 12ga because it was a browning and looked like a sweet gun. However the stock cannot be adjusted comb or cast

    • I also own a Silver Hunter and since Browning told me there are no comb or cast shims the gun cannot be adjustments so I keep it in my gun safe.

  4. I have a Browning Silver Hunter in a 28 inch barrel. This Browning is the best shot gun I have. I have had the Benelli, Mossberg, and Remington and favor the Browning Silver Hunter. It is my opinion that the Browning is the best of all the shot guns that I have own because I can hit what I am shooting at with it. The browning is an excellent pheasant shot gun. The first time I shot it I did not need any shims or any adjustments on the stock to make the gun fit me. I guess I am just lucky for a perfect fit for me. I will be using it for waterfowl also. I am so please with the Browning shot gun, I am looking to purchase Browning.

  5. Doesn’t A-5 stand for automatic 5 shot. Why then does Browning call the new one A5 when it only has 4 shots??

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