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2012 wasn’t exactly the Year Of The Revolver at this year’s Media Day At The Range, but we got our hands on a few wheelguns. Here’s RF busting a few caps with the Turkish-made SR-38 revolver. Despite its name, it’s chambered for .357 Magnum. And quite the pussycat it was too. Now that we’ve opened the Jamesons, there’s talk of .38s slipped into a .357 box, low-power .357s, etc. That’s just mean.┬áThe wheelgun comes in blued steel, available with a 2.5″, 4″ and 6″ barrel. Our range-day sample was blessed with a smooth trigger pull in single and double-action, although the sights seemed to be a bit out of adjustment. No prices have announced, but if it’s like any of the other Turkish delights served-up at the range, it will be a steal—as long as you don’t want to pay for pedigree.

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  1. Probably a great gun, but I personally would not and will not buy any firearm built in Turkey. It’s a Muslim country that is essentially being run by Muslim fundamentalists. There are many low cost shotguns on the market now made under various trade names in Turkey and for me it’s a NO-GO!

    • Wow! Turkey is about as far away from Saudi fundamentalism as you can geet. I visited Istanbul beautiful city, I will definitely look at this revolver my mom wants a concealed carry pistol

    • Turkey may be a secular country, but with a few peculiar twists. All religious properties that were acquired by various Orthodox churches after 1936 were seized by the government starting in 1974. The curricula of religious schools is rigidly controlled by the state. When a Christian was murdered in 2007, he was denied local burial by the governor since “no Christian should be buried in Turkish soil.”

      Still, they do make good guns, great coffee, and their taffy is out of this world.

    • So? The South is a hotbed of christian fundamentalism, but they make plenty of good guns. Israel is a hotbed of Jewish AND Muslim terrorism and extremism, but I wouldn’t boycott their products.

      Besides, I’m pretty sure you’ve never been to Turkey. Or out of the country, it seems. I feel far safer walking around Istanbul than most large cities in the US. Turkey is fairly secular, a democracy, and a member of NATO.

  2. These are some of the best build guns on the market , and for the price you cant go wrong . They are one of the oldest manufactors out there been around for years. If they were a US company they would be right up there with the best . I would put them up against any of the US brand or any brand as far as that goes I can assure that they would hold there own!!!

  3. The turks are descended from the Galatians of the Bible and are ethnically CELTS. That means that even though they may have adopted an Arabic form of Monotheism that ethnically they are more akin to those of us in the West who have Celtic ancestry. As for Muslems, I am guessing somebody does not realize they worship the God of Abraham- just like Jews and Christians and that all the characters in the old testament of the Bible are in the Koran too. You cannot judge one muslem by a radical anymore than you can judge one Christian by Tim McVeigh or a Christian Identity KKK whackadoodle…

    • No mass murderer has EVER BEEN A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST,The term Christian means little Christ,Christ NEVER SANCTIONED MURDER,AS ISLAM DOES,,,The God of Abraham IS NOT THE DEMON allah that ISLAM worships,,THE Fruit Of Islam is DEATH,not erernal life that Jesus offers

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