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Safariland’s press release zeros-in on the Model 6004USN holster’s Unique Selling Point: Cordura® Nylon Finish. “Capitalizing on the features of best-selling 6004 tactical thigh rig and the newly introduced 6378USN, the 6004USN features SafariLaminate™ construction with a twist: it has a Cordura® nylon covering, offered in a variety of finishes, and designed to provide a low signature to infrared lighting.” Yup. You can now buy a holster that keeps gang bangers, terrorists, [illegal] drug cartel reps and tyrannical government ops from using a night vision device to ID your holster from a distance. Note: a thigh rig’s not the most discreet way to carry. Cost: $200 to $250. Make the jump for the rest of the deets . . .

“The 6004USN SafariLaminate™ wraparound construction provides the foundation for the holster’s shape and strength, and the 500-denier Cordura® nylon allows for a durable, abrasion-resistant outer finish. The Self Locking System (SLS) rotating hood provides excellent retention capabilities and is well suited for tactical situations. This snap-free design allows for a quick and smooth single-motion draw. The molded sight track and soft suede lining help protect the gun’s sights and finish, and the dual strap leg shroud with mounting holes allows for optional accessories to be mounted to the rig.

“Customizable features of the 6004USN are the inclusion of the Safariland 3-hole pattern for mounting the leg shroud but also the optional Quick Locking System (QLS), which allows the user to mount the holster in various configurations, providing a rapid transition between mounting points.

“The 6004USN is currently offered for the following gun models: Glock 17/22, Glock 17/22 with SureFire X200/X300 lights, Springfield 1911-style and similar, and Springfield 1911-style and similar with SureFire X200/X300 or X400 lights. Cordura® nylon finishes offered are MultiCam®, Ranger Green, Coyote, and Khaki. MRSP is $205.00 to $220.00. For more information about Safariland Duty Gear products, visit”


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  1. I dont know about fancy low IR signature holsters, but Safariland makes my favorite drop leg holster. I had one when I was in the service, and they are well made, durable, rugged, and pretty quick to draw from.

  2. you do realize that the low IR signature is not to hide the heat from the gun but instead to make sure the holster does not glow/stand out when viewed through a night vision device.
    its not uncommon for material that has been dyed or impregnated with coloring agents to stand out when viewed through night vision.

  3. Dan’s right – thermal signature has nothing to do with it, infrared reflectance has everything to do with it.

  4. Nice holster. Not really what I’m looking for, though.

    I’d love to see reviews (or even just a roundup/list) of any current-model holsters with non-SERPA retention mechanisms. I need to get one for around-the-house OWB carry, but a retention mechanism of some sort is a must.

    Double bonus points if any of them fit my USP40…

    • Basically they covered their holsters with a laminate fabric that is both camo and allows for proper reflection of IR light to keep enemy forces from observing the holster through night vision.

      Sounds like a small issue, but there’s been considerable discussion of this over on Lightfighter and it turns out there has been an inordinate amount of leg injuries stemming from enemy forces using the reflective surfaces of standard drop leg holsters as target points. This is also the reason for the push back to helmet covers from painted that have been so popular.

      As enemy forces become more sophisticated, either from being supplied by more advanced adversary states or through acquisition of our equipment small things like this make the warfighter safer.

      It does little more than look cool for the civilian shooter, but it’s has a legitimate use for those going into harms way in combat.

      • Wow, the reply system is really screwed up. 99.9% sure you meant to post this in reply to Dan or RF above, not my comment…

    • unless specifically stated do not assume any product is IR reflective, I always assumed the tactical fuzz option from them was just purely a texture treatment to make them look nicer not to change performance seen as there is no mention of Non IR Reflectivity (NIR) on their website when talking about tactical fuzz.

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