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The first rule of a gun fight: have a gun. Once you’ve decided to pack heat, you’re free to join the debate over gun size and caliber. Oh, I forgot. As you have no way of knowing when a gunfight might occur—unless you’ve established a dueling date with James Yeager—you’ll need a wikkid comfortable carry system. In fact, gunfight rule number one dictates that a comfortable holster is the starting point for an aspiring armed citizen. Not to belabor the point, but the best gun in the world is no help if you’ve left it somewhere because carrying your heater is more of a burden than your kids’ college education. So embrace your inner mouse gun and shove that bad boy (infant?) in the Safariland Model 22 Wallet Profile Holster. It’s a wallet! It’s a gun! It’s a wallet! HELLO? IT’S A GUN! Clever eh? Press release after the jump . . .

With an extra-thin construction and square backing on the holster, the Model 22 provides the impression that a wallet is being carried in the pocket rather than a holster.

Additionally, its sewn hinge-design allows the backing to swing away from the holster so that it will not interfere with securing a firing grip on the handgun when drawing.

“With the Wallet Profile Holster we are meeting a growing marketplace demand. As an evolution of our popular Model 25 Pocket Holster, this model has a square backing to give the impression of a wallet, or other square object, in the back pocket. It also does well in the front pocket to reduce any printing by the firearm,” stated James Dawson, Category Director for the Safariland brand.

With its SafariLaminate construction, the Model 22 stays open for ease of draw and makes re-holstering effortless. Simply drop the firearm into the pocket and it holsters itself. Additional features include a moisture-proof membrane preventing perspiration from penetrating the holster and collecting on the gun, and a suede finish on the outside of the holster which grips clothing minimizing movement in the pocket.

The Model 22 fits small semiautomatic firearms including Kahrs, Rugers and S&W models. It is available in a black suede leather finish.

Model MSRP

  • 22 Wallet Profile Holster $37.00

For more information about Safariland holsters and other premium duty gear products, please visit

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  1. Another wallet holster! Now if we could just get a review of the MPA Protector 2… so we’d have a pistol to put in our wallet holster.

  2. A wallet holster, wow, how novel and ground breaking, just wow. What’s next, the wheel, flying machines? I am overwhelmed, I tell you. What Brave New World IS This?

  3. Okay, so were am I supposed to keep my wallet now? j/k

    Lol, I had a really funny image in my head of some guy who didn’t realize that he had forgotten to bring his heater getting attacked, and then him pulling out his regular wallet instead, pointing it at the attacker and yelling “bang bang!” The attacker just stops and looks at him all confused. Then the would be defensive gun user just smiles at him and lets out a nervous giggle, then gets clubbed over the head… LMAO.

      • These gadgets have been around since about 1917. They actualy work, especialy when they have a cut-out for the trigger finger. The holster keeps the gun oriented in the pocket like a wallet so there is none of that nerve wracking Tell when extracting the gun as it is withdrawn like a wallet. The better wallet holsters have a trigger cut-out and a ejection port as to aid in that follow-up shot, (pistol stays inside the wallet)
        BTW not everyone sits on thier wallet. Some folks eschew the James Dean look and wear other garb, with pockets.

        • It is only an AOW if you can shoot from complete concealment. I saw a wallet with trigger hole but the slide was exposed so it didn’t need to be registered as an AOW. It wouldn’t be that bad to have it registered as an AOW though as it is not terribly expensive.


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