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I instantly liked the look of the new 870 Side Folder. The new stock and forend really modernize the Remington 870.

The right-side-only folder features an adjustable soft touch cheek piece and Supercell recoil pad. Remington wisely went with a Tapco AK pattern SAW grip. Looks great to me.


The forend has a built in hand stop, strap, and M-LOK slots. Currently the side folder is available in 12 or 20 gauge and has an MSRP of $569. Weighing in at 6.8 pounds this 6+1 capacity, 18-inch 870 does it for me. I like the looks, price, and features. Hopefully the build quality is keeping pace with its on-paper appeal.

Click here for more information.

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  1. Well, for those guys who think Shockwaves and pistol grip shotguns are a good idea they’ll be able to unfold the stock and aim after they miss the with the first couple of rounds.

    • The plus I see is it would be easier to stow in an SUV or truck folded up. I would unfold it unless I had to shoot from extreme close range with no time.

      • Lots of rifles have folding and retractable stocks. Many shorter when folded/retracted than the aforementioned shotgun. Oh! And that’s right! They’re rifles! Effective at just a tad longer range than a bird gun.

        • The article is about the 870 Side Folding “Shotgun” not a rifle! Each has got their uses but as a truck gun, a ‘shotgun’ will do quite nicely!

        • I don’t need a longer range gun. I like my shotgun. I like the folding option of this 870.

    • Tapco makes an M249 SAW style pistol grip for AK pattern rifles. One of my buddies has one on his Arsenal, it’s quite comfortable, fills large hands very nicely. And the profanity’s not necessary

      • No, it’s really not. And I make no moral judgements. You’re an immature twit who thinks the sun rises and sets over your 4th point of contact. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you MUST, or SHOULD. Grow up. You talk to your mother with that mouth? Don’t bother to reply, I’m likely 3 times your age and you have nothing further to offer of interest to me.

  2. AK squad automatic weapon? Only thing I could figure. Somebody that wears black every day will buy it for no other reason than that. Looks more like a Benelli pistol grip to me than anything else I’m familiar with, but then I’m pretty-SAW.

  3. Pre-SAW. I corrected spell check twice and they still fucked it up. Would have caught it the third time if I weren’t talking to my daughter. Trapped in Colorado on her honeymoon due to storm.

  4. “Hopefully the build quality is keeping pace with its on-paper appeal.”

    (Magic 8 ball) “Signs Point to No.”

    • And to add insult to injury, Remington’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $569.

      In my world that is a LOT of money for a pump-action shotgun, especially for a pump-action Remington 870 which is not a “high-end” shotgun. (Can there even be such a thing as a “high-end” pump-action shotgun?)

      • I don’t think there is such a thing as a high end pump shotgun, but you want one with durability and good QC and in present time that means Mossberg 590A1. That’s about it for pump guns. I’ve heard good things about the Benelli Super Nova but I have no personal experience with one. I gather the FN model P-12 might be good too.

  5. If you are looking for a good pump gun a newly made 870 is not where you want to look. The QC is horrible at Remington these days. Look for a used police model 870 at least 10 years old preferably. Otherwise, run a 590A1 with confidence.

  6. With all the BS the Dem’s are spewing about making semi-autos illegal, grips and folding/adjustable stocks illegal, etc., why are mfr’s still making firearms that they know will eventually be confiscated by anti-gunners? Just to spite them? The truth is so many people really think those designs are evil that their representatives are just following along. I don’t care, I’m pro-2A, but there’s more of them than there are of us. There’s no real way to make “nice” guns to satisfy that bunch. Buy it? No, I’d be throwing my money away. That goes for all the bullpup type shotguns and rifles out there. I’d likely get red flagged just for owning one.

    • Well we could just roll up in a ball, shiver and wait for the sound of boots to come and drag us away…….or we could enjoy living as a free person and work through the political system to make sure the jack boots never march on freedom in this country.
      My 870 stock is back ordered, by the way.

  7. Anything remington newer than 10 years is a no go for me. Any remington or marlin I’ve picked off the shelf for a look-see the past couple years were trash. Poor wood to metal fit, sights off center, gritty actions.

  8. You know, I’ve read these posts. I doubt anyone but I addressed the limited use of these types of firearms. Long gun? Rifle. Shotgun? Feathered game.

  9. Thanks anyway, but my 870-P top folder is more compact, and it deploys and folds a lot faster than any side folder.

  10. The 870 safety position is perfect for a folding stock pistol grip shotgun.

    Remington will likely offer this stock separately. With the recoil pad and like padded comb, this sidefold should be quite comfortable to use.

    I could see setting up one with a 18.75″ vent rib Remchoke barrel. Handy.

  11. The only catch I see is the folding stock could have been to the other side to stay out of the way of shells hen the eject. Just a thought.

  12. Awkward for lefties, no?
    The whole shotgun is ambi, so why not have the stock able to fold either way?

    • “why not have the stock able to fold either way?”
      Sturdiness. A stock that folds both ways [INSERT BISEXUAL JOKE HERE] would be too flimsy when locked into position.
      Of course, they could build one version that folds right, and another version that folds left, but that would be extra expense for development, tooling, and manufacturing, and what’s the point of spending that much money on a left-folding stock, when a right-folding stock is perfectly usable by both left-handed people and right-handed people? Nobody in his right mind would try to shoot a side-folding 12-gauge while its stock is in the folded position! A side-folding stock is just a way to make it easier to transport, and left-handed people can transport it folded just as well as right-handed people.

  13. The safety on the Mossberg is perfect for ambi. I could never get used to the Remington safety. I don’t like to have to tilt the gun to see the red dot. On top is easy to see, even at a distance. I guess if you’re used to it………….

    • I was always taught to keep my eyes up on the target / bird / etc… the whole time, using touch to switch the safety, then making the shot. Doing that with my trigger finger always seemed natural.
      Looking down at the firearm and away from the target at a critical point in time, then having to re-acquire the target, is not the best way to do it.
      Having to readjust my grip / thumb on the firearm never seemed optimum to me either.

      Some people like Mossbergs, some Remingtons, some ….. – whatever floats your boat and helps you hit the target.

  14. I’m in the game on this STOCK ONLY, if it comes in around $150.00. Beyond that I’ll keep my wood furniture on my 1985 vintage Express rig for HD. Loaded with 7 rounds of number 1 buck, I’m rockin’ ok.

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