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Go big or go home. Walther Arms has taken that expression to heart in a new marketing campaign Shoot It, Love It, Buy It. Basically, you get to try out a handgun from their new PPQ family for 30 days, and if you don’t love it, send it back to Walther – on their dime – and get a full refund of your purchase price.

In fact, in some states, you can “try before you buy” without even buying anything. It involves registering at After going through a registration process, you download a voucher and visit a participating dealer.

Walther pre-approves your charge card, but doesn’t charge the purchase price until 30 days later. Should you not love the gun, simply follow the return process and ship it back to Walther. On their dime. And they don’t charge the credit card.


If you live in a state like mine (Illinois) without any participating dealers, you can still take advantage of their nationwide 30-day money-back guarantee on these pistols. Buy a gun from the PPQ family from any dealer, and if you don’t love it, follow that return process from to receive a complete refund. And once again, they pay return shipping.

Don’t take my word for it. Walther explains the whole program in 60 seconds:

While I have never fired one myself, I have heard nothing but positive things about the PPQ pistols in my travels. Meanwhile, right here at TTAG, the Walther “Polizei Pistole Quick Defense” (PPQ) has gotten a lot of positive reviews, mostly focused around the PPQ’s ergonomics and first rate production triggers.

Nick Oetken submitted an exhaustive, rave review of the M2 9mm as part of a contest submission a while back. He wrote, “This is easily the most comfortable and ergonomic pistol I’ve ever held in my life.”

Joe Grine also evaluated the M2 (with a 5″ slide) and he gives it five stars overall as well.  He writes that, “It should be a GLOCK killer.” He also showed how the pistol could give some impressive accuracy.

John Wayne Taylor has shot a lot of guns. He did a review on the Walther PPQ Q4 Tac and wrote, “The PPQ Q4 Tac is at the absolute top of its product class.”

Mr. Taylor also looked at the PPQ Subcompact. Again, another quite positive review of their baby PPQ.

The only downside to the Walthers, if there is one, is the “exotic” factor. They don’t have the sales volume to create a massive market for accessories and aftermarket products such as holsters, etc. compared to, say, GLOCK or Smith & Wesson.

But you can still find plenty of good holsters and gear for PPQs. And for those with particular needs, don’t panic. More and more custom Kydex holster makers do high-quality custom creations for end users at prices that won’t require a second mortgage.

Either way, if you have ever considered a Walther PPQ product, act now because offers like this don’t come along every day.

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  1. I sure wish they had the test drive when I had bought my PPQ-SC.
    While for a plastic gun it has a lot going for it. One big flaw for me and others Ive since heard about.
    The mag release is very easy to engage while firing the gun if you use a low hand grip. Your thumb will cause a mag dump very easily. Engaging the mag button before even firing and certainly during firing. Ive had to readjust my grip using the gun. When that didn’t work for me. Reversing the release button has. For me its now on the right side of the frame. Now it can release while holstered and banged or on by accident. The old mag release the paddle style US users didn’t like. This couldn’t happen with.

    • ???
      Does that mean you didn’t like it? The wife absolutely adores hers. Now she wants to take it to our local Cerakote workshop and go over decorating ideas for it.

      • CCPs are unsafe junk. Mine failed, brand new, out of the box on the 2nd round. Firing pin self-destructed. Plus the safety recall means I owned it for 1 day before Walther had it for 12 weeks. Plus, a tool for disassembly, no thanks. Too many quality pistols to wate time and money on Walther. Unloaded the day I got it back. First and last Walther. Junk guns, crap support.arguments.

        Fanbois, please no “Don’t buy the Umarex made guns” As a customer I bought a Walther not a Umarex……

        • Switch the brand name in your commentary to Colt, Sig, H&K, S&W, Ruger, Tarus, Remington, Keltech, Steyr, Glock, etc….and it has been said before by some user/customer. Firearms are mechanical devices they can and will break, depending on the design and materials along with use can mean sooner or later. I once had a Star PD self destruct in 50 rounds, 30 years later I had a Sig P220 trying to emulate that performance.

          Just when you think your equipment is fool proof and will never malfunction you are setting yourself up for failure.

  2. (whimper…)
    Much as I’d like to go play with a PPQ for free – I know darned well I’ll want to keep it and that tax return was already spent before it got here.

  3. Ummm…OK. Funny Boch mentions my chitstate of ILLannoyed. In rhe process of banning everything😩

  4. All gun companies should offer this option. I have wanted to try out various pistols but local gun stores don’t offer them to rent… how do you know if you like the gun till you shoot actually shoot it more than once? This could be a great new marketing idea…I hope the other companies adopt it….

  5. I have a PPQ M1, and I love the shit out of it. I’ve had stretched-hole double taps at the range, and I put as many downrange as my budget allows. My boss is a more experienced shooter than I am and a Glock nerd, and he was in awe of it. The M2 has a push button mag release, but it doesn’t make the gun better, with the extended paddle and the extra long slide lock levers, I can pull off a fast mag change without taking the sights off-target. This is a glorious weapon.

  6. I’ve three PPQ guns and did a review of the 9mm M2 here on TTAG as well. Worth every penny. The .22 model has an internal hammer and does not feel as good as the striker models but it’s good for practice.
    I’m going to get a .40 model just because.

    • My wife loves her PPQM2 .22. I love the grip on it. Would have loved to get a 9mm PPQ, but bought a Canik TP9-V2. Grip doesn’t feel as good but it was $200 cheaper.

  7. Walther cut their own throat with the P22, I bought one of these zinc slide jam”o”matics. It should have been a crime for Walther to build a .22 cal pistol that was so cheaply made with a total lack of quality and safety. A zinc slide in a .22 that cracks, it’s a .22, How could anyone fail to make a safe .22. They could have made a great .22 but they put profits over safety and really screwed the public. I wouldn’t care if they made the best pistol known to man, cause I would never ever own another Walther POS. Walther is dead to me. (Yea I know it’s Umarex, but Walther put their name on it).

  8. Do not waste your time looking on their web map for a dealer, only a handful are participating and in Texas. None in NC, SC and only one in FL.

    JOKE promotion. Spend your money on other brands that do not need a test drive.

  9. Water PPQ M2 makes magdumping as fast as I can pull the trigger into 10 and 15 yard targets a 2.5-3in grouping affair. Best striker fired trigger I have ever seen, one of the very few hand guns I’ve shot that has made me look like a BETTER shooter than my skill level should allow.

  10. Applies to the Q5 Match Steel Frame, too. Tempting! I’ve been looking to upgrade from my G34 to a better gun in USPSA production, and I wasn’t in a hurry to go DA/SA. Could be the Q5SF is just the ticket!

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