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Yesterday, at the Shot Show’s Industry Day at the Range, Polymer80 revealed their new GLOCK 26 80 percent lower frame. It joins their Just for fun (and profit), they also debuted a new trigger, slides, threaded barrel and fully serialized NOT GLOCK pistols . . .

Polymer80 now offers frames for the le bébé GLOCK 26, 19, and 17.

Why make the switch? The eternal government confiscation issue (who doesn’t want a Blank Serialization Plate?) and “Next Generation Ergonomics and Features.”

I will say: the GLOCK 26 frame feels slightly better in the hand than Gaston’s gat. But then a brick by any other name is still a brick.

Polymer80’s GLOCK trigger is the same — as must-have go-pedals by Lone Wolf, APEX and other aftermarket trigger makers. Polymer80’s is flat faced, offering a smooth break and a short reset.

GLOCK 17 frame review COMING SOON!

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  1. what’s the grip angle on the polymer 80 frames? I read somewhere (maybe here) that they’re better than glock, but I’ve not been able to determine if it’s closer to what I’m used to. (1911, m&p, beretta)

    • (I’m leaving out the numbers on purpose here to keep it simple.)
      Gaston Glock decided that he wouldn’t use the same grip angle as just about every other manufacturer before he made his first gun. Glocks have a wider angle between the forward area and the grip.
      For this reason, Glocks feel weird to people who have learned to shoot with (almost) everyone else’s.
      More importantly, the results aren’t good for these shooters when they pick up a Glock. They barely miss quite often. In shootouts,they may hit an attacker, but not quite in vital areas of the body.
      Converseley, people who learn how to shoot Glocks first may be just as accurate as people who don’t, but they’re equally inaccurate when they pick up (almost) anyone else’s gun.
      Ask gun store clerks (with years and years of experience at the counter): When people pick up a gun for the first time and it’s a Glock, they think “Not bad. Not bad at all.”.
      When people pick up a gun for the first time and it’s a 1911 Colt, they think, “Gee, this just feels perfect.”

    • 18 degrees for Polymer 80, just like a 1911.
      Some people use a very high number to describe a 1911 grip, 107 degrees. I don’t know how they come up with that figure, and I don’t really care; 99% of the time, people say “18 degrees” for a 1911. .

      • 107-108* from the axis of the bore maybe?

        17-18* from an imaginary line perpendicular with the axis of the bore.

        Both are saying the same thing, just with a different point of reference.

        • Thanks, I’ve been eyeing the polymer 80 stuff for a while… any ideas on where to pick up compatible parts kits (glock, lone wolf, etc) that won’t break the bank? I know I’ll probably spend even money or more than a factory pistol but still want to get it done on a decent budget, definitely with a better than factory trigger, and possibly ported

  2. Nice timing… I was looking the other day for one of these. Have some spare Glock parts that could use a home.

  3. What do you mean by fully serialized mom glock pistols? That means that now all Polymers 80% will have serial numbers?

    • On Brownells, there are completed and serialized alternatives for the Poly80 frame available for pre-order. Perhaps this is for people who don’t want to mill the frames but find Polymer80’s grip to be superior than the factory frame. Case in point, a female collegue of mine who just tried out shooting finds the Poly80 Glock 19 more comfortable than the Gen 5 one.
      Don’t fret, the unserialized 80% frames are here to stay.

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