Hudson H9A (photo provided by JWT
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TTAG has been all over the Hudson H9. We’ve reviewed the gun extensively, and TTAG readers got their chance to compete with H9s during the last TTAG get together at The Range at Austin. Not to mention . . .

H9A open (photo courtesy of JWT for

that it won The Best New Handgun 2017 TTAG Readers’ Choice Award.

For 2018, one of America’s most innovative pistols just got even better. Threaded barrels will allow for suppressed shooting, and the Hudson H9A (for aluminum) frame cuts a full HALF POUND off the original 34 oz pistol.

And it still shoots just as flat.

Bonus: Hudson says consumers should expect the MSRP to drop to approximately $949.

New sight options for users wanting something more precise. A lower front will also bring up the point of impact for those who found the H9 to shoot a bit low.

The stoke is real y’all.

Custom Cerakote job by Blown Deadline.

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    • Yep…. didn’t this site say in its review that there was gross metal wear that led to “rattling” and a drop in relability and accuracy? Or am I overstating the case?

  1. “The stoke is real y’all.”

    It’s rare times like this I regret not being ‘hip’.

    (But ever-so-grateful I’ll *never* be a ‘Hipster’.)


    Just WTF is a ‘stoke’?

    (And is Jeremy sniveling to T&E it?)

  2. H9 owner here and I love mine! I can’t wait until I can get my hands on the H9A. I’ve actually dealt with their customer service…i emailed a question and received an answer pretty quickly from them providing the information requested. For those people who talk about their customer service, my experience in that department was great. I also appreciate their integrity as a small business and their dedication remain professional. There were attacking comments related to production and shipping prior to the H9 shipping out to dealers and what the public didn’t know what there were issues behind the scenes with a supplier holding parts hostage and lawyers involved. Once cleared to make a public statement by attorneys, Hudson addressed it publicly. I’m rooting for this dynamic couple


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