School shooting Benton, KY
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According to reports, at least one person is dead and a dozen more have been injured at Marshall County HS in Kentucky. The suspect, who is currently in custody, entered the high school around 8:57 AM armed with a handgun and began shooting.

A 15 year old student was arrested at the scene and, according to police, will be charged with murder.

More details as they come.

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  1. Love triangle? Bad drug deal/gang interaction? Bullied student getting even?

    I spent a part of my youth in the KY school system. The student parking lot at my high school was full of pick ups. At least half those had shotguns in the rear windows.

    • Could just be attention seeking. With the way most social media goes, ie FB and so on, maybe the person did it to get recognition.
      Won’t know until everything comes out on this.

    • Well, the punk is in custody, so we’ll likely hear at least their version of ‘why’ soon…

      (The cops, in a Kentucky accent – “Why’djadoit, boy?”)

  2. So where is this TTAG nut that told me these things never happen daily in this country?

    Looks like I’m right again. These things don’t happen everyday in Europe, Canada, Japan or Australia.

    Is it because they keep known violent people away from guns instead of giving them away like candy?

    I will go weep for the injured and dead while you people can go back to shaming the victims for not being armed.

    • I suppose if he had killed a couple people in the parking lot with a car we should probably ban those too right?

    • Ok, have fun weeping.

      Now, to the matter at hand… what is wrong with those victims! Why weren’t they armed!

    • Would you be so kind as to define “these things” that you believe happen daily?

      I’ll be happy to engage you in a rational discussion, but we’re going to have to set up some goalposts on the front end, so you can’t move them later.

    • Weep. Yes, that will help make things better, won’t it? And it’s a lot easier than actually working for the change you say you want.

      Then again, virgin’s tears – in mythology – are supposed to have magical powers. So perhaps there’s something to it.

    • “So where is this TTAG nut that told me these things never happen daily in this country?”

      School shootings don’t happen every day. And shootings that are from criminal activity a thousand feet from a school don’t count as a school shooting.

      “Looks like I’m right again. These things don’t happen everyday in Europe, Canada, Japan or Australia.”

      Yep, because it is so much better to get stabbed or burned or stoned to death.

      “Is it because they keep known violent people away from guns instead of giving them away like candy?”

      Because guns are the only thing use to kill people?

      “I will go weep for the injured and dead while you people can go back to shaming the victims for not being armed.”

      As if I am not unhappy people were killed, BS! So much for a sign and a law for stopping… well, anything.

      Anyway, good to see you back!

    • Clearly this is the fault of those that have passed any and all gun control legislation.

      You lied when you said it would keep people safe. You need to start being held accountable. From here on out, for every person that is killed with a gun, the GunControl Industrial Complex needs to be fined $1 million dollars. You miscreants need to be held to your promises.

      Also, in places where your retarded, Marxist views have completely disarmed the average, decent person, you will henceforth indemnify them against harm, injury or death, if such occurs in a situation that having a gun would have prevented. We will start it at $1 million per injury, and $50 million if they are killed.

      Only fair, right? How could you not be for that? After all, you “Only want people to be safe.”

      By the way, did I mention you can take your Alinskyite spewing mouth and go backto HuffingPoo? You lost. Your DNC is done, Schumer bent the knee, Obama and Hitlery are headed to jail, and your sugar Daddy Soros is probably joining them.


      #FindingMemo #SecretSociety #SchumerShutdown

    • “…Is it because they keep known violent people away from guns instead of giving them away like candy?…”

      Or how bout we keep these known violent people incarcerated and we can stop all forms of violence? Because leaving known violent people, out and about, to likely commit violence, is absurd.
      This is why your arguments fall on seemingly deaf ears, because they are stupid.

    • Perhaps the greatest danger in placing our faith in human intuition or so-called “common sense”, is that those means are riddled with cognitive biases. A very prominent such bias is the tendency to perceive patterns in random events.

      Human brings have a hardwired desire to make sense of a hostile, even indifferent, universe. It’s why people “see” faces on the lunar or Martian landscapes, or they “hear” Satantic messages in heavy metal music played backwards. The reality is that even in random data, it’s easy to “find” patterns because random sequences often don’t look random. When we “find” these pseudo-patterns, we point ti the nearest explanation. With school shootings, the guns or alleged easy access to the guns is the typical whipping boy.

      Go flip a coin 50 times. You’ll be shocked, surprised, and suspicious, at the streaks of heads and tails that result. Some events just seem so extraordinary, or in this case, horrific, that ordinary, well-adjusted people find it difficult to conceive of an ordinary, chance-related explanation. (Not that I’m accusing you of being well-adjusted.)

      A couple of famous statisticians once observed that “with a large enough sample, any outrageous thing is likely to happen.” Well.

      Even something that happens to just one in a billion people per day, STILL happens 2,500 times per year. Call it an Epidemic! Call it a Crisis! Or… it Tuesday.

      One final thought, there are about 50 million school age kids in America. There are about 180 school days per year. That’s 9 BIILLION student-days per year. Something’s going to happen somewhere, regardless of guns.

      Now, go bid on Ebay on that grilled cheese sandwhich you saw with the image of Jesus.

      • [Sorry in advance for the length here.]

        Another big problem is that our education system sucks.

        I got into a HUGE argument over this kind of thing on another website a bit over a month ago. The other person simply didn’t understand that the fact that something was statistically improbable did not mean that it was impossible.

        Amusingly enough, since you mention it, the whole argument centered on flipping a coin. They argued that since it’s “not possible” to have a run of 100 heads or tails in a row that meant that a ton of other things were impossible. Well, the chances that you flip a coin 100 times with the same outcome is very, very, very small but it is technically possible. In fact, if you flip a coin enough times a 100 streak becomes not just a statistical possibility but it becomes a certainty (I think that takes something like 72 billion flips or something absurd like that).

        Back to the topic at hand…

        You’re quite correct about large systems and to a large extent you’re correct about the way that we are wired to look for patterns. Frankly, our pattern recognition system is exceptional. However, it’s not really “meant” for the modern world in which we live. It’s meant for survival in the wild which means a few things.

        First, it means that the patterns we’re used to looking at are fairly small in comparison to, say, 9 billion student days. We rapidly find and detect patterns in thousands or tens of thousands of leaves but at a certain point the numbers simply overwhelm our ability to process what’s going on (unless you’re a savant).

        Secondly, something you’re discussing here is the fact that the way we detect patterns is hardwired to be overly cautious. The pattern detection “programs” in our brain are meant to find risks to our personal safety, again in the wild, which means that being overly cautious is a net benefit in terms of survival of both the individual and the species. These “programs” are meant to find the camouflaged predator in the trees/bushes or the venomous snake slithering nearby. As such, in terms of history/evolution, when we make a “mistake” we might get a jolt of adrenaline and feel silly but when we fail to detect an actual threat we’re generally dead very rapidly afterwords.

        In other words: The type of overreaction you speak of here is actually exactly what our brain is designed to do. It’s the “the snake is a stick” phenomenon and, up until the modern world, it served us VERY well.

        Third, this sort of “friend or foe” identification system does not play well with the modern world in quite a number of ways, nearly all of which I’ll skip here, but specifically it really, really doesn’t get along well with abstract concepts such as statistics unless we train ourselves to deal with those things and even then we still get “knee jerk” reactions where we have to back off, calm down and reassess. Otherwise we’re very prone to mistakes. This is also true of dealing with germs in many cases. If we can’t see it and have to think through it in an abstract process we are 1) likely to approach it with unease, 2) likely to misunderstand it initially, 3) likely to base a number of our reactions off that misunderstanding and 4) if seen doing these things, deny that 1-3 happened until we can fully process what actually did happen (which we may never be able to do).

        Combine the millions of years of evolution that created these “systems” in our brain with a shitty educational system and a touch of self-righteous snobbery and you end up with people who come to the wrong conclusions and are then absolutely opposed to reconsidering their position because they’re SURE they got it right on the first try. Kinda like rabbits when exposed to the shadow of a hawk, or hawk shaped object.

    • Yawn! Copy-and-paste usual diatribe and hope the redneck mouth-breathing Trump voting hicks will see the light and beseech for atonement.

      FYI. We had a shooting incident yesterday where a 60-year old criminal lawyer was shot multiple times in a cafe in Bankstown and died at the scene. Police are describing the incident as a “targeted attack”.

      It should be noted Bankstown with a very high percentage of people known as of Middle-Eastern appearance has high incidents of crime, gang activity, and overt Islamist sympathies.

      Perhaps a relative of someone who was recently sentenced conducting a reprisal attack on the person he thought was responsible.

    • “Giving them away like candy”?

      I know several people who wish that were true; then they could have been armed against home invasion, assault, and rape that they had no defense against.

    • Killers will kill, guns or not. Big chunk of US population owns a gun or rather guns and never hurts anybody. Hundreds of millions of guns and not a one killer problem.
      If a guy doesn’t go killing people only because he lacks a gun, we still have a killer problem. Very dumb killer, but still.
      It’s not too hard to get firearms illegally anywhere in the world, Europe included. Bans only work on legal owners, criminals don’t obey laws. By definition. See illegal drugs if you need an example.

      Having someone armed in the school gives victims a fighting chance. Murderer can’t murder anymore when he’s unconscious and bleeding on the ground. How exactly is your weeping going to help stop him?

      Money get armed protection.
      Politicians get armed protection.
      Rich and famous get armed protection.
      Kids and teachers in school get to huddle in corner, waiting for an unopposed killer to come and murder them.

      I have never been given any gun. Can you tell me where they are handed out? Oh, it’s just another of your lies!

    • Australia has a 28% higher per capita murder rate of non criminals than the US has. It has a higher per capita murder rate than my state which has virtually no gun control, in fact across the board Australia has a higher murder rate than similar demographic jurisdictions of the US.
      When I was visiting Australia a couple of years ago someone killed eight kids with a knife.
      And Japan? It has 47% MORE lethal violence suicide+homicide than the US

    • All the countries you mention have higher rates of murder of non criminals than the US does. This is why support for more gun control continues to fall on all long and mid term trends and why more and more Ameicans own firearms

    • Just to let people know, Kentucky schools are gun free zones. I guess the shooter break that law.

  3. You know what?
    Do you need a map to an airport?
    You can leave and experience getting acid tossed in your face in a more civilized England.

    Hey I choose to live here where you get to speak freely of things I don’t agree with. I enjoy hearing new ideas and seeing if they may be true.

    Again find an airport. There are numerous places where you couldn’t disagree publicly with the govt. and our conversations would be monitored. Okay they are. 🙂 🙂

  4. It’s just a darn shame to see these kids growing up alone….We had guns in our $50 heaps as we had parents and knew right from wrong. We knew guns & cars because of our Dads. Now people have to work too hard to make ends meet. No time to be a parent.

  5. UPDATE: We now know two teenagers have died from the shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky.

    Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin spoke at a news conference and said 19 people total are or have been treated for wounds from the shooting. Of that, 14 had gun shot wounds and 5 others were hurt, but not shot.

    Bevin said of the 14 shot, a 15-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy have died from their wounds. He added the suspected shooter was a 15-year-old student.

    Bevin said while troopers are investigating, they believe everyone shot was a student.

  6. Are you guys seriously giving the time of day to someone named RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstProGunHatemongers? Whose website links directly to Really?

    • They are giving replies to a tool who has been posting here since 2012. He keeps changing his names, a few times even pretending to be a foreigner from Australia and Norway.

    • Some of us are not really talking to this trolling, name changing copy-paste automaton.
      We are opposing him for benefit of sideline sitters. If this site didn’t have any dissenting voices, we would have to make them ourself. Like Sam I am/2Asux. Now his arguments are usually coherent and creative. Several levels above this sad, pitiable piece of sewer slime. But we work with what we get.

    • Yes. And the more gun laws we pass, the more gun free zones we create, just increase the amount of murders and crimes using guns.

      Let’s try a different approach. No gun free zones, except prisons and a few other sensitive areas. No restrictions on carry or type of firearms.

      Let’s do this for a hundred years. We’ll re-evaluate at the end of that time and see if the laws need tweaking.

          • The courts would just have to assign prisons based on violence and then by gang membership.

            And prosecutors would have to be a lot more leery of convicting someone they know is innocent.

  7. Its a sad fact that after the 2018 elections you can kiss most of your modern firearms goodbye. Of course its the gun owners faults themselves,

    Now ask yourself the question would this tragedy of ever happened if there were tough laws with big penalties that forced people to keep guns locked up and we vetted even the purchase of second hand guns. No law is foolproof but tragedies like this would be way less simply because the nut case kid would not have gotten his hands on any guns at home if they were locked up and he would not have been able to walk into a gun show and buy one off a table. I have seen hundreds of guns change hands at gun shows with only a wink and a nod as long as their was cash to fill the hands of the greed mongers where money talks and commons sense walks.

    Of course no nonsense storage and vetting are only practiced in civilized countries and the price that will be paid here in America is that very soon we all will lose most of our rights to own a firearm and who can blame 65 per cent of the American people who do not own guns for wanting this to happen. We had our chance and we muffed it and the Supreme Court this summer overturned the Scalia decision giving the green light for California’s confiscation law by refusing to even hear the original assault rifle case brought in Maryland. Yep the Supreme court trashed the Scalia decision as well as the entire Second Amendment because they bowed to public hysteria over constant weekly mass shootings which no civilized nation is going to put up with for very long and now its come home to roost and we the gun owners will pay the ultimate price. I am sure the scrap dealers will make a killing (pun intended).

    • Yeah, yeah, we know. hillary was gonna get elected and teach us all a lesson.

      You are going to be crying big tears after the mid term elections. Especially if soros or kapo bloomberg decides they’ve wasted enough money on gun control and you become unemployed.

    • 60% to 65% of Americas now own guns. Gun ownership by household has been increasing for 20 years.×367.png

      And not one of the mass shootings, not one, would have been affected by the “universal background check” law you keep flogging;.

      As far as safe storage laws, they have been show over and over to have no affect.

      Jug be thankful you live in the Us where the murder rates of non criminals is LOWER than Canada, lower than Australia, and lower than the European average.

      You are safer in the US because as guns have increased US gun murder has plummeted nearly 65% over the past generation. As far as California, their murders have been increasing relative to the national trends

  8. I do not know the exact numbers, this is a broad statement……Some 300 million people did not kill anyone today, did not kill anyone yesterday, will not kill anyone tomorrow. The exceptions make the “news”. With, or without, firearms those exceptions will still be with us, and they will be armed with more than a stick. Once firearms are banned the “news” media will use the same numbers to show how effective the ban is. The victims will be law abiding and still dead.

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