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“Imagine instant target visualization during Close Quarter Battle by touching the trigger. ‘CONTROL THE LIGHT, CONTROL THE FIGHT.'” That’s Trigger Point Technology’s tag line. If you’re in a life-or-death situation, don’t you want something that “increases CQB durability by increasing lethality”? Hells yeah! And from a quick perusal of Trigger Point Technology’s TRAMS-ADVANCED design, we can pretty much guarantee the increased lethality part. For the princely sum of $750 . . .

you too can ensure that your adrenaline-charged finger will be right there resting on your bangswitch — in direct contravention of every safety lesson you’ve ever been given — when all you really want to do is activate your light. There’s apparently no truth to the rumor that the mega-minds behind Trigger Point rejected the name NDLGD (Negligent Discharge Litigation Generating Device) before settling on the more anodyne TRAMS. Let’s hope none of these are coming to a law enforcement agency near you any time soon.

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  1. You can NOT make this shit up. I wonder if anyone associated with this company has ever owned or fired a gun.

    • Was thinking the same thing. This has to be a sham product or company intended to mobilize gun control idiots.

  2. This is the state of the industry. We’ve reached a point of saturation where people who have never fired a gun before can make a company that designs parts and accessories, and no one in the board room said “Hey, wait a minute…” while it was still a paper exercise.

    • Unfortunately you may be right. One one hand, it’s never been better for high-quality (especially in the semi-auto rifle arena—I would have never imagined in ’03 that we’d have the options we do) guns, accessories, and personal gear; but on the other hand there are things on the market that require a double-take (super mixed-metal-arts hollowpoints anyone?) … I respect the effort it takes to get a product to market, but along all the design, build, and testing processes no one thought that this could unintentionally kill someone? Thankfully I suspect that the gun market is far more discerning than the average visitor of Google Play.

  3. There’s a saying that this reminds me of.
    “You never go full retard” I guess no one told them this….

  4. And you can confirm that the switch is working properly by looking down the barrel while you press the trigger.

  5. This is possibly the most dangerous accessory I could imagine. Some people complain about weapon mounted lights because you point your weapon at anything you want to illuminate. This is a whole new level of danger.

  6. The only safe way to use this would be safety on. Even still, this is fucking retarded. Especially since even if you were using this and shooting, on a semi auto you run the risk of not being able to keep the light on while you reset the trigger. Plus this would play havoc with your trigger pull and being able to feel the break and ride the reset.

  7. Anyone care to add to a hypothetical discussion of when Micheal B. & Shannon W. get into a gungrabber dreamteam firearms accessory business? Maybe we can have a hypothetical org chart and assign Diane F. & Chuck S. some “Chief such ‘n such” titles, along with Lad E. in the fold, too. Sooo many other names could be included, where does one continue?

    I wonder where this could possibly go…

  8. Not only is it incredibly stupid to have people fingering a trigger to activate a light, but what if you want to shoot without putting a big ol’ bright “I’m over here!” sign around your muzzle?

  9. I honestly thought this was a spoof, like the Dynamic Pie Concepts guys. “When photon-powered illumination is required for battlefield awareness enhancement, activate the Tiggerpoint illumination control to provide steady state high-lumen output, augmented by a blinding muzzle flash.”

  10. I can see that the LAPD buying these.

    This is in reference to the LAPD article about their training or lack of the switch over to the M&P pistols.

  11. “Do the name Ruby Begonia ring a bell?”
    The first 40MM grenade launchers for the M16 had a trigger that rotated down near the rifle trigger. Needless to say this resulted in some interesting down-range effects. We just taped the launcher trigger up and pushed directly on the firing sear if we wanted to shoot the launcher. POOT!

  12. Would it be unreasonable for me to say that I think that as a rule a trigger on a firearm should only have ONE purpose? I’m all for tacticool gadgets and doodads to slap on a rifle. They’re cool. But adding a function to the trigger outside of firing the weapon (or dropping the hammer/striker) just seems like an astoundingly bad idea. The trigger shouldn’t be touched for anything but firing the weapon… not to turn on lights, lasers, charge your iPhone, start the camera, sound the alarm, release the kraken, etc.

  13. With 2mm of travel a portal toothbrush pops out of the barrel too! Just conveniently stick the barrel in mouth with your finger on the bang switch!

  14. Lights on guns are already iffy proposition from a safety point of view, see rules two and three. This idea is insane.

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