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By tigerstr

Most people here are familiar with the MK-12 SPRs MOD 0 and MOD 1 rifles, as there have been a few releases in 1/6 by different companies. But there is also a third real world version, extensively used by “a certain Special Forces Group.” And it is one of the first examples of the “recce” rifle concept on the AR-15 platform.

It’s called the MK-12 “MOD H” or “Holland” from SFC.

Master Sergeant, Steve Holland, sniper chief (title probably referring to him as an important NCO-member of the “sniper committee”) of the 5th Special Forces Group, was in essence, the father of the SPR concept.

Later on according to Major John Plaster USAR (Ret) author of The history of Sniping and Sharpshooting, SGT Holland also had another famous brainchild, the 6.8 SPC cartridge, used now in many AR-15 platforms.

So in a way this 1/6 build is also a small tribute to a Special Forces soldier that seems to have made very important contributions to the war effort and the firearms sector.

The Mod ‘H” SPR version comes with a 16 inch match barrel, a carbon fiber PRI GEN III handguard and all sorts of collapsing stocks (depending on user).

It’s the rare model in the “family” and one that has acquired a lot of attention in the 1:1 world, being sought by civilian collectors and “cloned” with modern components by other AR-15 users.

Specs for the rifle from in their amazing 700+ page “Mk12” thread which includes a history of the SPR click here.

Mod H (Holland) Recce

Barrel: Noveske 16-inch match-grade stainless .gov profile with 1:7 ratio, mid-length gas system
Gas Manifold: stainless low-profile (Badger Ordnance, KAC, NSW Crane)
Muzzle Device: OPS Inc. 12th Model muzzle brake / collar to be paired with the 12th Model suppressor
Handguard: PRI Gen. III free-float
Sights: N/A- (in most available photos no back up sights are shown)
Optics: Leupold LR/T 3.5–10×40mm M3, Vari-III 3.5-10x40mm, 2.5–9×36mm TS-30, or 3–9×36mm TS-30 A2
Buttstock: Operator-specific (SOPMOD, CAR, ACS, SOCOM, VLTOR, etc.)
Mounts: ARMS #22H scope rings, LaRue LT104 SPR mount, NF scope rings
Bi-pod: Harris with ARMS #32 mount

Some of the –rare – reference photos

This post originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. It isn’t one of the first, rather it’s one of the most recent. The first 16″ precision M4 wore a Lilja Navy barrel and that rifle was the origin of the “recce” term. The Mod H came in between the Mk12 Mod 1 and a later M4 fielded with a 16″ Colt HBAR.

  2. You guys realize these are guns for (1/6th scale) dolls right? Is it just a history post?

  3. Do these guns actually fire because Larry Vickers went to Russia where they actually make 19 elevens and M60 machine guns and variants of the AK-47 and they actually fire micro manufactured little tiny bullets cartridge casings primer powder even a micro little bullet and they work mr. Vickers fired the M60 they had and the 1911 and they were 1/8 scale something like that it would be cool if he’s actually fired as well.

  4. Yeah, not my post. I sent this link to RF and he just posted the whole thing without context. There are a few pictures of the Mk 12 6.8 SPC Holland Rifle out there. It has received some use, and by and large people love it. I know MSG Holland and I’m a huge fan of the work he’s done at 5th group and beyond in the Special Operations community.
    I had no idea this kind of toy model universe existed, and I think it’s pretty cool that people are spending this kind of time and attention to detail creating these little miniature weapons.

  5. My mk12 type build is my favorite firearm I own. I don’t have a ton but it is top of pile.

  6. Master Sergeant, Steve Holland, sniper chief (title probably referring to him as an important NCO-member of the “sniper committee”) of the 5th Special Forces Group, was in essence, the father of the SPR concept.

    When did this happen? I and many others were using the AR as a SPR (reality not concept) in the 70s.

  7. SPR as in Special Purpose Receiver. The original concept called for changing upper receivers on regular M4s and so adding an accurized 18 inch barrel to make it a DMR. The SPR rifle and its various incarnations evolved from that concept

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