New from Morpheus Fine Watches: The 1911 .45 Auto Watch


I used to collect timepieces. No capes. I mean, no quartz. Divorce halved my fortune; my Pateks, Rolexes and Breugets all have a new home. I now wear an ArmourLite Captain Field Series AL307. The most night visible watch face (in the history of the world ever) has withstood the test of time and the stout recoil generated of Joe Matafome’s S&W 500. So quartz is in! Which puts us into the arms of Morpheus Fine Watches 1911 .45 Commermorative watch. What’s this timekeeper got to do with the pistol design God delivered unto John Moses Browning? “This stunning commemorative version features 18k gold plating, a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement, thick sapphire crystal, and screw down crown for added water resistance (5 ATM).” And? “The robust case is 45mm in diameter and 14.25mm thick.” Other firearms-related features . . .

The dial features the pistol grip texture of the original firearm, along with the classic nib and screw at the 6 location. The date window surround is in the texture of the back of a .45 ACP round, and the bezel features the slide grooves. The dial fonts match the original pistol‘s and the crown is textured to match the spring cap. The brown leather strap is designed after the original WWI style Army holster, complete with ‘US’ embossed on it and a matching gold brad.

This watch variant is limited to just 250 units, and each one is individually numbered on the case back. This introductory price of $545 will be increased as the edition sells through.

I wonder if the Great Gun Rush extends to watches. Watch this space.


  1. avatar matt says:

    What’s this timekeeper got to do with the pistol design God handed to John Moses Browning?

    Pretty much nothing.

    Looked thru their other watches, and they just scream fugly, like their Giger Passagen watch for $1800 ($3800 for a gold plated case). Worst of all, it looks nothing like a c unt. They also don’t say where they’re made, just that the movement is swiss, how much do you want to bet the body and strap is stamped Made In China?

  2. avatar JR LORENCZ says:

    I think they captured the 1911 theme quite well with the design. I love the nib and screw at the bottom of the dial. Sapphire crystal is usually on over $1,000 watches, so seems like a lot of watch for the money. You’d be surprised to know how many over $5,000 name brand watches have Asian parts. Besides, there aren’t any guns left in stores to buy…

  3. avatar Saul Feldstein says:

    Looks dangerous, sends the wrong message, kids should only be wearing watches like Lil Wayne and the other rap stars, big gold ones with diamond marijuana leaves.

  4. avatar DrewN says:

    Off the shelf ETA calibre stuffed into an overpriced case. Is that what passes for watchmaking these days? George Daniels is rolling in his grave I’m sure.

  5. avatar Trevor says:

    I’ll keep my GSAR which I purchased for the same price. This 1911 watch looks like a watch my kid tries to win in one of those claw machines for .50 cents a try. When somebody says their product is “gold plated”, run in the opposite directions because it means crap. When I look at this watch nothing, not one thing, says 1911 to me. Robert, I put you as an auto watch kind of guy, not some soul less quartz. At least you have good taste in guns and women.

  6. avatar hoppes#9 says:

    Looks like a watch you’d find for sale in a truck stop.

  7. avatar In Memphis says:

    I have a clock on my cell phone, Im really not all that sophisticated.

  8. avatar RAY says:

    I’ve been collecting guns and watches for many years now, and I love this effort. They really nailed the key design elements of the 1911 without making it look tacky. Price is reasonable for limited run with sapphire and all custom made. Nice!

  9. avatar Hans Beckert says:

    A good friend sent me the link, and I fell in love intermediately. I’m a watch collector, a I can see the thoughtful details, and I don’t need to be a gun person to appreciate a wonderful and working machine, it is sophisticated piece of art.

  10. avatar Jack Wilson says:

    This is a fascinating. Beautiful and classic watch.

  11. avatar Douglas Mortimer says:

    Stylish watch. Well said it Hans. I do love guns, and it doesn’t scream guns but you can see all the wonderful details in it. I can not wait to have this piece as part of my collection.

  12. avatar Lope D'Aguirre says:

    Morpheus Watches did it again. Perfect! Mr. Cowan, nice design.

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