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No, I didn’t put my coffee cup down on the keyboard. MPA57sst-ATACS really is the name of MasterPiece Arms latest pistol. We’ll just call it the Defender if they don’t mind. The pistol’s chambered in 5.7 x 28 and has a 5″ fixed barrel. A 16″ suppressor-ready carbine configuration is on its way, too. Left coasters will be glad to know CA-legal 10-rounders are also in the pipeline. A video and press release are after the jump for your gunny pleasure.

Carrollton, GA (July 2012) – MasterPiece Arms, manufactures of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto submachine pistols and carbines, is pleased to introduce the new MPA57sst-ATACS Defender semi-auto. Based on the successful, standard MAC design, the new MPA57sst-ATACS is available in a 5-inch fixed barrel pistol with A-TACS hydrographic coating. Available in 5.7x28mm with 20-round magazines standard, the MPA57sst-ATACS features a threaded barrel with ½ x 28 threads making it suppressor ready.

The MPA57sst-ATACS Defender Semi-Auto will come with adjustable sights, a side-cocker, scope mount and muzzle break and features all the accuracy, low recoil and performance expected from the Masterpiece Arms Defender series. MSRP will be $659.99.

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  1. An “interesting” idea but I’ve already got a Five-seveN (and the ammunition is hard enough to find as is). I love his grip though…

    • Hey, another guy with my name! (Or maybe it’s the other way around, and I’ve got yours.) Either way, cheers. There aren’t many of us out there.

      Man, that is an ugly gun. I’d never buy it — too many other things on the wish list that don’t require hard-to-find, expensive ammo — but I sure wouldn’t mind having a chance to shoot it.

  2. Would it be an SBR if a wrist brace was affixed to back end? Does a stock have to touch one’s shoulder to be a “stock” ?

    • maybe as long as you can fire it with one hand?

      “Handgun” is defined under Federal law to mean, in part, “a firearm which has a short stock and is designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand…” Gun Control Act of 1968, 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(29).

  3. A carbine version of this might find a place in the market, since the 5.7 is a great PDW round and the Ingram platform is very compact. The price of the ammo is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

    • More compact than a PS90? 1st and 2nd gen PS90s can also be easily converted to full auto. Only 20 rounds in this compared to 50 in a AR57 or PS90? If the pistol is $600, a rifle version would be about the same price as a AR57.

  4. Does 5.7 really need a compensator, especially on such a large pistol? And $660 ($600 in black) for a pistol made out of stamped sheet metal?!?

  5. I have one and use 30 round promags. Very little recoil and barrel rise. Paid 481 at buds, less than half than cost of a fn 57. Works flawlessly.

  6. Um, nearly $700 for an oversized clunker that shoots a tiny bullet? The line forms over there where you don’t see anyone but the tacticool crowd. I have .38 Special, 9mm, and .45 in carry guns, and if I need a handgun that will penetrate many kinds of body armor, I can carry my CZ vz 52 in 7.62 x 25 Tokarev. As was asked above, what’s this thing for?

    • The point of this weapon is so you can have a $700 range toy that fires a pathetic (in civilian form), expensive, and hard to find caliber. Yes there is a market for it….

  7. I remember buying a brand new Cobray M-11 in the mid-80’s for ~$180.00 on a whim. 100 rounds later, I sold it to a co-worker for $180.00. I realized that I didn’t need a 9mm “pistol” that weighed more than some of my rifles and wasn’t capable of hitting the broadside of a barn.

    At least the 9mm ammo was cheap.

    This thing looks gangsta enough that it’ll probably sell by the crateful.

  8. From the video it appears to have far more muzzle jump than a Five-seveN. I wonder if that is due to the design of the veeeery long back end?
    My wife (a tiny handed woman) does see that much muzzle rise when she fires her Five-seveN.

  9. I rolled my eyes at reading “semi automatic submachine pistols.” Come ON writer don’t be stupid. It’s just a semi auto, not a “submachine pistol.” Good grief.

  10. Another gun firing the 5.7 can’t be bad, and a little cheaper than FN, Excel Arms or an AR57 platform. Pity Savage have dropped the 5.7 bolt gun.
    great news on the American Eagle 5.7 TMJ round. Pity it is not faster, but a good effort, hopefully there will be more offerings to come.
    I have a FiveseveN pistol, pity I cannot afford a PS90.
    Lets push for Rifle barrell legal length to be reduced from 16 inches to say 12 inches. And make shotgun barrels the same as rifles

  11. I have one of these weapons. LOVE IT. It may not be a streamlined as many weapons, but it has its own unique appeal. The performance is flawless. No failures of any kind after 1500 rounds. Nice balance, no recoil or muzzle rise. Paid about $540.

  12. I bought one on a whim for around $500 and LOVE it because I know exactly what I want it for and expect nothing more from it. I’ve always been interested in the 5.7 round but not the FN Five Seven’s price point so when I saw it I plunked down the cash. It adds a “toy” to my collection, an oddity that I had some interest in without breaking the bank.

    I built a custom forend/rail mount to add a light($40 NEBO) if I want, added a red dot sight and a simple(uzi style) sling. I now have a very capable, very reliable, VERY accurate pistol(ish) that is perfect for dispatching critters in my woods prowling around the house.

    It may be ugly and may not be for everybody but it works/shoots well and is half the price of a five seven. No regrets on my end.

    Also…. You should SEE what that round does to an opossum!!!!

  13. Here is my take on it. This is by far the craziest trade i have ever made all because i want this caliber of weapon. Traded one used Glock 23 with four mags and night sights. Even trade. Bought factory FNH ammo at Gander Mt. for $30 for 50 V-Max tounds and i need to set up the rails. Is this a good deal or not and how would one carry such a beast? I will buy two more mags and another box of ammo and i hear i need to clean it then shoot it then clean it again. i figure some kind of special holster for carry and a perfect bug out gun to shoot breakfast, lunch or dinner. Looking forward to shotting it. Just plain black but solid.
    Thanks for any thoughts or ideas,
    Robb P.
    North Carolina

    • Rob, As long as you know what it is and what it isn’t you’ll love the gun. It’s accurate, has very little recoil, easy to shoot and devastating to soft targets. I would recommend the american eagle(? I’ll look when I get home) FMJ for small game though as the round will make your potential breakfast squirrels explode.

      I carry mine on an uzi style sling under your arm like a woman carries a purse. It sits pretty comfortably and when you swing it up and push out you can use the leather strap as a makeshift cheek rest. I have a serious problem with poachers on my property and carry this from time to time because it’s easier than packing a rifle through thick woods and underbrush. I wouldn’t hesitate depending on it in a bad situation.

      The flashlight and rings in the pic were el cheapo stuff I had laying around just for fun(gone now) but the sling works well.


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