Magpul PRO 700 rifle chassis (courtesy
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The somewhat Austin-based mag makers at Magpul have dropped a new product: the Pro 700 Rifle ChassisThe company claims the 5.4 lbs. M-LOK-equipped American-made full billet aluminum skeleton chassis is  “the most comprehensive available precision rifle platform solution for true out of the box performance.” (Full description and specs below.) Reversible for devil-handed shooters. $999.95. Want one?

The Magpul Pro 700 Rifle Chassis is an uncompromising, full featured precision rifle chassis for short action Remington® 700 actions and other Remington® 700 footprint actions. The Pro 700 combines innovative engineering, precision machining, Mil-Spec quality finishes, and an extensive list of purposeful design features with complete adjustability to provide demanding end users with the most comprehensive available precision rifle platform solution for true out of the box performance.


Based on a full billet aluminum skeleton and clad in Magpul polymer for environmental comfort, noise mitigation, and ergonomics, the Pro 700 is also fully ambidextrous. Capable of fitting both right and left-handed actions with the simple swap of a bolt-cutout plate, and with a reversible cheek riser and reversible hinge on the folding version, “lefties” haven’t been “left out.”

Mapul Pro 700 rifle chassis right side (courtesy


Weight –  5.4 lbs
Height at Butt Plate – 5.2”
Max width – 1.86”
Length – 32.7” – 34.6” (23.5” when folded)
* Based on factory configuration.

FEATURESMagpul Pro 700 rifle chassis chassis (courtesy

– Type III hard anodized machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum V-bedding block, body, adjustment knobs and forend with high strength injection molded polymer body covers

Ambi Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis (courtesy

– Ambidextrous bedding block can be changed by swapping the QD sling swivel plate and bolt cut out plate for left or right hand actions using a 1/8” hex wrench

Folding stock on Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis (courtesy
– Folding stock with push-button activated durable steel hinge with Melonite® finish is reversible for left or right folding capability with the use of a 5/32” hex wrench. – A fixed stock adapter is available for a non-folding stock solution
– Folding stock is also designed to capture the bolt handle when folded and is compatible with a large variety of aftermarket bolt knobs and handles
– Optional inline mount for clip-on night vision and thermal imaging devices

Mega-adjustable Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis (courtesy

– Overall LOP adjustment range is 13.25” – 15.125”
– Butt pad height can be adjusted up 1.33” and down .90” and is adjustable left or right 5 degrees
– Comb height adjustment has a 1” range with a secondary locking knob to eliminate movement in the cheek riser
– Cheek riser features a 3-position fore/aft adjustment of +.375”, 0” and -.375” which can also be changed for left or right side usage
– Injection molded polymer grip with 5 degree forward edge sweep and enlarged palm swell with 7 degree aft edge sweep, with a .75” fore/aft trigger reach adjustment
– Additional grip option included with a more aggressive forward sweep (8 degree forward / 20 degree aft edge sweep)
– Durable steel rotation limited QD sling swivel mounts with Melonite® finish fits up to 1.5” push button swivels

M-LOK® slots on Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis(courtesy

– M-LOK® slots for accessory mounting on the forend (left-6/right-6/bottom-7) and the stock (bottom-2)

Integrated AICS Pattern Magazine Well (courtesy

– Integrated AICS pattern magazine well optimized for PMAG® 5 & PMAG® 10 7.62 AC™ magazines as well as most other AICS pattern short action magazines

Trigger guard on Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis (courtesy

– Large trigger guard allows for use with gloves and accepts most factory and aftermarket curved or flat triggers

Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis mag release (courtesy

– Low-profile, anti-snag ambidextrous magazine release is made of Melonite® treated steel for wear and corrosion resistance
– Ambidextrous thumb shelf for firing hand thumb placement

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    • A thousand bucks to turn a barreled action into a precision rifle doesn’t seem out of line to me.

    • It’s an American AICS chassis – what do you expect? If they need to reduce the price they can, but it’s a lot more difficult as a company to raise the price if you start too low.

  1. Hey, another option for AI based magazine rifle stock. I wished they will make one for the long heavy magnum action 700s. They are going after the AICS chassis competition marketplace.

  2. A cool grand for a stock. Yes, I want one. Who wouldn’t. But I’m not worthy. I’m more likely to spend just a little more and get a Ruger RPS, which can shoot better than I can right out of the box and it’s a whole rifle.

    But I do love me some Magpul.

    • I like how it looks, too, and it does have a nice feature set. If Remington ever introduced a 700 with reversible ejection/handle bolt, that would be a very compelling reason for some people to go for this rifle. As it is, I guess it’s competing in the same space that AI is… high-end custom bolt guns, which is not a very big market. I would have said they’re going for military contracts, but this chassis directly competes with Remington’s offering in that area. Maybe they think another custom rifle builder will step up to the plate for that?

      As a base for future offerings, it’s also pretty neat. I would love to see a cheaper, non-reinforced version of this chassis for the Mossberg MVP and Ruger American bolt guns, both of which don’t have many options in this realm.

  3. I like it, too. Would make a great upgrade from the H-S Precision stocks I’m running now. Do they make a bump stock version? (/kidding…)

  4. This would mean having to buy a Remington…,
    So, nope.
    Besides, I just picked up a Winchester varminter in 22-250.
    Mint with scope, dies, brass and projos for $450.

    • Load that 22-250 heavy for the caliber and it proves to be an excellent west Texas sheep cartridge.

  5. My 700 308 drills 5 holes that touch now. It may be nice, but I do not want to screw with perfection.

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