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I have more than a few silencers in my closet. So far I’ve been focusing on just making things work, but now that I have a can for every caliber I’m starting to be a little more picky. I don’t just want just any can — I want the perfect can. Which, for the SMG platform, I don’t have. All the 9mm silencers I have are massive and make the gun way too long for my taste. It seems, though, that I won’t have to worry about that much longer, as Capitol Armory has spilled the beans on SilencerCo’s new Omega 9K can designed for MP5s and 300 BLK SBRs.

From their site:

SilencerCo’s latest offering, the Omega 9K will be available in early 2016.

The Omega 9K is an ultra short 9mm and 300BLK suppressor and is the best performing 9mm suppressor under 5 inches. It is full-auto rated for both supersonic and subsonic ammunition. The Omega 9K comes with a piston and adapter for use on browning type actions (pistols) and is compatible with existing SilencerCo Octane pistons, fixed barrel, and 3-lug mounts.

MSRP $865, price is subject to change. More details to be released in the next 30 days.


  • 4.7″ Length
  • 1.475″ Diameter
  • 6.9 oz Weight
  • 124 dB with 147gr 9mm

MSRP is $865, which is a bit on the spendy side. Then again it looks remarkably good on an MP5 — nearly as good as an original B&T. If only they sold those H&K branded B&T cans in the United States. Until then this looks like a pretty slick option.

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  1. just wish SCo Had a “recessed” tri lug mount the griffin. I am a SCo fan boy but griffin has a much better tri lug mount on their cans. Doesnt add any legth to the can

  2. i want the metal 3d printed one yall featured a week ago. it was tiny. then agian that modular multi caliber suppressor from Griffen looks AMAZING.

    • I think you’re referring to the Delta P Design BREVIS II. Unfortunately, their 5.56mm cans start at $1,400 and their 7.62mm cans start at $1,800! That doesn’t include the tax stamp, either!

  3. New? Sig Sauer released this tubeless design earlier this year. Sheesh, it hasn’t even been a whole year before another “respected” company ripped them off. WTF? Kind of disappointing if you ask me…

    • Ripping off? Lol, tubeless cans have been around for a while, and the reason they aren’t popular is because they have some serious drawbacks. I wouldn’t own one myself. Sig is far from the first company to use a tubeless design, so I wonder who Sig ripped off then.

  4. Definitely digging the looks of this stubby can! Probably shouldn’t say this but I don’t really trust SilencerCo’s corporate dB measurement data. If it really comes in at 124 dB w/ subsonic 9mm, though, then it’s as quiet as 9mm cans come. I hope we don’t find out that’s shot wet or measured at the shooter’s ear rather than standard Mil-spec location, etc…

  5. Thanks for the reminder that the size is also a huge factor to consider when buying silencers. I’d like to find an omega 9k suppressor because I want to start using my rifle for target practice. Reducing the noise that it will produce will surely be ideal.


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