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If you’ve witnessed — or been involved in — in a retail ammo-buying scuffle recently you know how hard it can be to keep your heaters well fed these days. I’m having zero luck finding pistol food around these parts. My only option is my favorite LGS where they’ll only sell ammo to be used on their range. An then, only 100 rounds at a time in any one caliber. What’s a gunny to do? LaserLyte thinks their new Teutonic-looking Trigger Tyme LT-TT training pistol (in soothing, non-threatinging fake gun blue) is just the thing for these ammo-scarce times in which we live. Its 5.5lb pull is made to work along with with their LT-PRO (pictured in muzzle above) laser shooty thingy. Press release after the jump . . .

Cottonwood, AZ – LaserLyte®, innovators in firearms laser technologies, introduce their first plastic training handgun for safe, realistic training anywhere; the Trigger Tyme Pistol LT-TT. Used in conjunction with the LaserLyte® LT-PRO, the Trigger Tyme Pistol is perfect for all ages and experience levels. Approximately the size of a GLOCK 23, the Trigger Tyme Pistol is weighted and balanced to give the realistic “feel” of most semi-auto pistols. The approximate simulated 5.5 lb. trigger pull has a take up and break action like the real thing but the Trigger Tyme Pistol cannot accept or be fired with any ammunition.

Simply insert the LaserLyte® LT-PRO in the muzzle and the sound activated switch will indicate the impact of the laser dot on any of the LaserLyte® Trainer Targets; the TLB-1 or the new Reaction Tyme Target TLB-RT. The Trigger Tyme Pistol with the LT-PRO can be used to practicing drawing and reholstering from traditional or concealed carry holsters and allows the user to practice and gain confidence in sight pictures, trigger control, accuracy and more.

The LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme Pistol LT-TT lets users train anywhere, anytime, perfecting their shooting skills without having to leave the comfort of one’s own home or spending countless dollars on training ammunition. For more information, visit

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  1. This is a great idea. An even better idea is an air soft gun. You can actually shoot a target in your basement and there’s probably over 100 models of handgun replicas out there, some even officially licensed. Although there is more involved with airsoft. Noise, ammo, gas, and the fact that you could acidentally punch some holes in your drywall haha.

    • When it comes to air soft guns, you can find almost anything you want, and most of what you find will work with whatever holsters/mag holders/lights/whatever you already have.

      The noise from an air soft gun is minimal, and with a large enough piece of cardboard, not hitting your wall shouldn’t be an issue. Or, you could practice in your backyard.

  2. The only thing that could make this better is if they added some force feedback technology to simulate recoil.

  3. I can see value for this in class settings, but in your own home I don’t think the extra layer of safety is worth not using your actual weapon. The laser module comes separatly so you’re only buying the exrta “frame” to avoid chambering a live round. You won’t train with this any more recklessly than with a cleared weapon, right? Sure it’s worth using a non-gun if you’re drilling gun grabs with your buddy, but for target/trigger practice why not just stick with the real trigger?

      • Ah-ha! I forgot about those striker fired pistols. All mine can either second strike or have a hammer to cock. Thanks.

        • Yep. That’s the biggest market challenge LaserLyte has been facing — the most popular pistol platform in the world, the functional characteristics of which are increasingly being copied by everybody else, pretty much sucks for LaserLyte training. They pretty much
          HAD to come up with something like this to reach the Glock-style striker pistol buyers.

          The existing system works great in my DA/SA USP, though. I’m very significantly more comfortable and accurate with DA mode on my USP now than I was 3 months ago.

      • Ah. I hadn’t even thought about striker-fired pistols. All mine have second strike capability or external hammer. Thanks.

  4. U haven’t been able to buy 9mm in 3 Months as of Today.
    Not online
    Not at Wal Mart
    Not at Academy
    Not at Basspro
    Not at Cabelas
    My personal Armoury used to be 10k Strong in various Pistol Calibers
    I’m down to maybe 1000 9mm
    and 1000 22lr

    Luckily Shotgun Rounds are still easy to find (for now)

    I’ve been shooting Airsoft in my backyard, but those damn guns are inaccurate past 4 feet. Also buying co2 for them is a PIA.

    I’m buying this

    • I’ve always found the cheaper spring powered ones to be more
      accurate. Still have the problem of a million plastic bbs

    • What do you mean, haven’t been able to buy 9mm online? I’ve just ordered 1000 rds of Federal HST 147gr from SGAmmo two days ago, and another 1k of CCI Blazer aluminum-cased 9mm a day before that.

      Use GunBot, Luke!

      Granted, the prices are still crazy – I was lucky to get that Blazer for $.30/rd – but if you’re willing to pay, it’s all out there.

      • I’ve no need for 9mm myself, but I’ve been watching the 9mm prices on Gunbot for entertainment value. There’s a certain twisted amusement to be derived from watching 9mm prices consistently higher than 40SW and even 45ACP.

        That’s all by way of saying: 30c/round? Daaaaamn. Well played to get it at that price. You must have a mouse-click like a striking cobra to scoop up deals like that.


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