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Lancer Systems has established itself as a top manufacturer of composite components for small arms, from AR-platform magazines to carbon fiber parts that pass Mil-Spec drop tests, to the magazines SIG chose for its MPX line. Of course, this isn’t a surprise if you’re familiar with Lancer’s other business units that include aerospace composites, fiber optics, and high stress parts for oil drilling equipment. New for 2016 are carbon fiber handguards for the MPX and blue-tinted AR-15 Simunition magazines, which were developed after a training death at a police department and are more than just pretty to look at . . .


Blue is an established color for training and simulation firearms and components, but that’s the least important feature of these Lancer mags. In that recent police training death, a live round was loaded into a magazine along with Simunition. In the Lancer mags, live rounds are too long to fit. It was a pretty simple matter of adding material inside the front edge of the magazine to restrict the internal length, ensuring that only the sim rounds can fit inside. These are obviously geared towards military and law enforcement sales.


Geared towards anyone with an MPX (or SIG 516 or 716) in his or her safe are carbon fiber handguards in a few length options.


The small, angled slots continue the MPX’s aesthetic, and the larger slots at 12:00, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30, and 9:00 can be used to mount accessories.DSC04598

Not new, but still sweet looking (plus lightweight and strong), are Lancer’s carbon fiber shotgun magazine extension tubes.


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      • Well, they’re clearly not Keymod. I’d love to have an MLOK option, it might actually get me to consider purchasing the gun. (If I can finagle it to get above the retarded Illinois SBR length limit.)

        • Whatever it is, I’m just glad to see more aftermarket parts and accessories coming out for the MPX. It’s a great platform, but tricking out a gun is half the fun of ownership.

    • They call them “cooling slots” that will accept accessory rails. Not sure if they don’t want to use the word MLOK, or if they don’t follow that specification.

  1. “Blue is an established color for training and simulation firearms and components”

    Yep, which is why I get annoyed when companies (looking at you FN) make blue guns that are actual guns and not training guns.

  2. I thought they said at shot show that they had to go m lok as keymod just wouldn’t hold its shape or something to that effect. I believe it was in the ar15 .com coverage

    • KeyMod has to be pretty thin around the slot part and doesn’t leave a lot of clamping surface, so it isn’t great for carbon fiber applications. Too much potential stress on too small of an area that’s too thin. It isn’t even all that strong in aluminum, which is why some heavier and more serious guns use key-slot or other means of attachment but avoid KeyMod. I don’t believe the Lancer slots are officially MLOK dimensions, but I have attached a couple of clamp-on MLOK accessories to a Lancer handguard before (e.g. a short Magpul rail section and a B5 Systems Gripstop).


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