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Did you jump on the .22 AR bandwagon? Some did figuring it’s a great way to train while keeping the cost down. Some didn’t figuring a .22 AR is just too different from its 5.56 big brother to make training with one much of a benefit. KRISS is after those in the former camp. If you own one chambered in .45 ACP, you’re laying out a lot of samolians right now to feed it. IF, that is, you can find the ammo at all. Press release after the jump . . .

KRISSĀ® Arms, the Swiss global leader in firearms innovation, is excited to announce that it will design and manufacture the KRISS Vector in .22LR. The Vector .22LR is the ideal platform for users desiring to maintain shooting skills with minimal cost.

With the rising price of .45 ACP ammunition, KRISS has developed the Vector .22LR to be a low-cost alternative to the Vector .45 ACP. The Vector .22LR retains the same external design and fire controls as the original Vector, but utilizes a special bolt system that reliably feeds and cycles various .22LR ammunition.

The Vector .22LR will be available in both Carbine and SDP (Special Duty Pistol) configurations and released in 4th quarter of 2013. Pricing will be announced soon.

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  1. What kind of magazines is it using? Glock 22lr conversion?

    I’m going to guess the “special bolt system” isn’t anything like the real Kriss system. I’d love to be wrong.

    • The Vector system is designed to use the recoil of the .45 ACP cartridge. If you ever get to pull the charging handle back on one of these beasts, you’ll notice that it requires a bit more ‘oomph’ than one would think the recoil of a .22LR could provide.
      Ergo, I wish you were wrong as well, but I don’t believe you are.

  2. Yeah, just what I needed: a $1600 single-caliber carbine chambered for 22LR.

    This would have been interesting had they announced a 22LR conversion kit, not an entire new gun in 22LR. As it stands, though, this is only relevant to Fed/LE/SOCOM buyers who want 22LR trainer guns to go with their 45ACP weapons.

  3. This is the most useless thing ever. The look of a KRISS, but the mechanicals of any blowback pistol made.

    On top of that it looks like a construction tool….I wonder if a nail driving conversion is in the works?

  4. The bolt and action for the original Vector was designed to redirect and thus reduce recoil correct? I only ask because it would be highly unnesecarry for a .22. That said I hope the .22 specific design is a signifigant difference in price.

    I have always liked the look of the Vector and I cant wait to hear more. If they are still legal on release

    • Yeah, it’ll be cheaper. Just about all of the ‘tactical 22s’ went for somewhere between half and a third of what the full-size version sold for (before things went nuts).

  5. I’ve fired the 45acp Vector and loved the feel of it, but if I can’t justify shelling out $1600+ on that, this would have to be much cheaper to make me even interested. I highly doubt it will be too much cheaper though.

  6. Did i miss the memo? Is there some new rule that requires new guns to be butt ugly? Are the gun makers hiring guys from the syfy channel to dress up their products?

    • The KRISS Vector isn’t new, sad to say. And it’s ugly because these days the Swiss design guns for functionality.

      Besides, it’s one of those guns that’s visually distinct, therefore has been included in multiple blockbuster first-person-shooter games, and therefore is on the wish list of many who are coming to firearms via FPS games. If those suckers, ahem, newbies want to drop $1600 on a 45ACP carbine, more power to them — that’s one more shooter in the 2A camp.

      Also, I think you get an automatic lifetime ban from Fudd membership if you buy a Vector. That’s good, too.

      • AG, several years ago I saw a short film om the workings of the KRISS .45. It looked like the old Borchardt toggle link setup on the inside. The Borchardt system was not a smashing success. A guy named Luger tweaked the system and turned it inot a pistol that bears his name.

        I’ve never used the KRISS but before I’d pay 1600 bucks for one I’d want to be real sure the old toggle link defects had been worked out.

        I have shot a Luger. Very accurate for a service grade pistol. Too finicky for my tastes though.

        • I don’t know about the drawbacks of the Borchardt system but I’ve put close to 2k rounds through my vector and I *love* it

    • They are hiring folks from the current line of popular knifemaking companies.

      So yes…there is a concerted effort to make them as ugly as possible.

  7. How about a 9mm or 40 version? A couple of years ago, KRISS claimed they would have a 5.56 version out as well. Is this really the best they could come up with to follow the original?


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