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I finally got my hands on the new GLOCK 19X. It’s a GLOCK 19 slide atop a GLOCK 17 frame. So how does it shoot? I’m glad I asked . . .Glock 19X (photo courtesy of

The GLOCK 19X shoots a lot like a GLOCK 19 with a GLOCK 17 frame.

All kidding aside, X marks the spot for a fast shooting, flat shooting gun. I love the 19X’s full grip; it’s easy to grab, easy to control. The short slide is quick to start and stop on target.

The shorter sight radius means I can move the gun faster into smaller places. Given a larger target — like a torso — I can get the sights on target accurately enough with a bit more speed.

This may be my favorite GLOCK yet. Review to follow.

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  1. Why not go the other way? Glock 17 slide on a Glock 19 frame? Longer sight radius with a trimmer grip to conceal carry?
    Just a thought.

    • There was a post on it when it was announced. It was developed to compete for a military contract that Glock didn’t win.

      The point was made that you could put a Glock 17 magazine in a Glock 19 with a grip extension and achieve the same thing.

      Most of us can’t think of a good reason for this to exist.

      • How about recouping some of the development costs of the failed military contract effort? Just a thought. Yeah, I know, how much cost could have been put into something they basically already had with just a little tweaking? Never mind. (in tribute to Emily Litella)

        • That is the only reason Glock marketed the 19X. They knew Glock fanboys would “have to get it.” In theory, police departments might be interested but it is more expensive than a standard G19/17 so I don’t think any departments will be interested. If you don’t care about Springfield’s political issues you can buy an XD Service for less and get 19+1. Or you could support the only major gun maker that really supports your Second Amendment Rights and buy a Beretta APX.

        • Obviously it’s not hard to figure out why Glock would try to sell it. What’s hard to figure out is why people would buy it.

      • “Do I get a prize?”

        Yes! 🙂

        You get the internet’s favorite prize, anonymous mockery by faceless keyboard commandos!


        (To insure delivery of your prize, respond to this comment publicly with your full name, home address, and telephone numbers of *all* members of your family…)

  2. Oh good, the one pistol I absolutely could not care less about. Glad we’re getting this out of the way early.

    Looking forward to literally anything and everything else this week!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say they like a shorter sight radius before. “Fast-handling,” yeah, sure.

  4. You know, Glock is marketing this as a “crossover” gun…

    In the automotive world, a crossover is a vehicle that combines all the worst traits of a car with all the worst traits of an SUV to result in the crappiest of craptraptions on four wheels…

    Coincidence? I think not

    • I couldn’t agree more on the crossovers yet they sell like crazy. Why? Because what Americans want and what they need are rarely the same thing. 😉

    • And thats why companies will stop building sedans…because of demand for crossovers…

      I find it funny how people like you always think you know better than others do on exactly what they want.

  5. I am waiting on a single stack 40 similar in size to a Model 43.

    Or I may end up with a Sig P365.

    1st world problems………

  6. Finally! An ingenious solution to a non existent problem. But, the review is already in…”shoots like a Glock 19 with a Glock 17 frame.” That about wraps it up.

  7. I can just see a couple of Glock Engineers saying, “let’s put together the dumbest model we can think of and see if the fanboys fall for it.” Looks like they have.

  8. The suggestions that the slightly shorter slide makes this gun more maneuverable than the G17, and that the shorter sight radius makes it faster to acquire a sight picture, are painfully stupid, the sort of things that only a Glock loyalist dedicated to the point of irrationality would say.

    • Ha! That actually originally came from Bill Wilson about why he prefers a 4″ slide atop a 1911! I agreed with him, which is why my EDC is a 4″ 1911 and has been for years.
      I guess Bill and I are just drinking the Glock Koolaide.

      • If it was faster to acquire a sight picture with a shorter sight radius, and being half an inch shorter made a pistol more maneuverable, competive shooting would be dominated by compacts, not full size and long slide pistols. This is like how some glockgelicals spent years talking about how polygonal rifling was an advantage over other pistols, then talked up land and groove when the Gen5 came out.

        • Wrong again. Keep doubling down on stupid. “Full size” guns dominate the competitive circuit because it’s not speed, but small loses in precision where points are really dropped. When the goal is a mag dump on a 19″ target at 15 yards, that’s not the same game.
          I did notice that you gave up on your original argument. Please tell me more how my opinions, and those of one of the most prolific custom 1911 makers on the market are because of our “glock fanboy” status.

    • The gun will be faster to maneuver, I can tell the deference between a SPO1 and a regular CZ (one of the reasons I have a 75 Shadow, and not a SPO1 Shadow). But that has more to do with the weight on the front of the gun. The “I can get the sights on target accurately enough with a bit more speed.” I kind of call BS, having the front site closer never really helps other than it looks bigger. More can be accomplished by just putting on a bigger front site on a longer pistol.

  9. Not high on my list of “must haves” but I can see the appeal to some people in some situations with having a bigass full size grip with a large no-extensions mag, and a shorter slide that when holstered is more practical for people seated. And some people might just shoot it well because of their ergonomic issues. I shoot my 26 better than I shoot my 19, for instance, when you’d think the opposite would be true

  10. Interesting how everyone bashes Glock 19X dimensions when they are they same as the FN509 and Steyr M9-A1 for the most part. I don’t recall anyone bashing those models. But Glock haters gotta hate!

    • It’s really small minded in my opinion to bash Glock, S&w or whoever unless you have personal experience.
      Typical left wing knee jerk unsubstantiated comments. Oh I hate Glock. Boo. Hoo

      Does not make you or your comments relevant.

    • …and the fact that most of these guys bashing Glocks then go on to tell you how their CZ 75s are the bestest gun ever!

      CZ hipsters make 1911 fuddies almost tolerable.

      • Their just spewing crap that they read or listen to on social media, terms like “fan boy”, like most of us on these sites, we have preferences to what platform or configuration we like to carry. Some like short griped long barrel platforms and others like it the other way around. Some people like full size 1911’s and other like commanders. Enjoy the day.

  11. Glock changed and improved a bunch of features for this model but all people see are the dimensions and color. Glock really needs to work on their marketing.

    • I like it. Same dimentions as my G19 and G23 with the XGrip extensions.

      I shoot a lot of two gun and prefer the shorter slide with a full grip. It just feels better to me.

      • I agree , I like the configuration, fits the hand better, Its the same size as my Walther PP Q, I also like that it already come with the upgraded barrel, sights and trigger. All I can say is go shoot one.

  12. This is the complete opposite of what I want – which is a short frame and long slide. You know, like a 1911 CCO

    • And that’s why we need variety. I hate the CCO with a passion. It’s the exact opposite of what I carry, a 4″ 1911 slide on a full size frame.

  13. What about the magwell? Heard some regular magazines wont fit without grinding off hangy down part in front.Glocks way of selling more magazines.

  14. I am not a glock fanboy at all. This is only the second Glock that I have ever purchased. The first was a 43 for my wife. I did extensive research on the 19x before I purchased it. I’m a bigger guy at 6’4 260 and it’s going to be my EDC so I like the fact that it’s a full sized frame with a shorter slide because I have big hands. I also like that it has the marksman barrel and night sights already installed. The color is nice too because it’s different. I can see how Glock would release it to the public in an attempt to recoup some of thier R&D money from the MHS entry. If I end up not liking it I will just put it in the safe with the rest of my guns and buy something else.

  15. I picked mine up for 639.00. i think it was a good price, A standard Gen 5 is going for 599.00 in my area. Ergonomically the 19X fits my hand like a glove, the trigger is outstanding, the reset seems shorter and more crisp. no more plastic sights which is a plus, The accuracy was also outstanding but what i really noticed was the balance of the gun, the longer grip with the shorter barrel made it a pleasure to shoot. I’m by no miens a Glock fan, but I have to give it to them on this one.

  16. I just got this gun yesterday and haven’t shot it yet. I am not a big Glock fan but I must say that it feels great in my hand. It comes with night sights and three mags and I paid $601 out the door, so the price was right. I think the military may have erred passing on the 19X !

  17. Funny, how shortsighted (and dimwitted) the “me toos” are with the “it’s not what *I* wanted…” Maybe, just maybe, it was not for YOU. Just a thought. How many of the “me toos” have actually shot it? Probably not.

    I’m probably wasting my time here. Enjoy your Glock 34s with cut down frames…

  18. If you don`t understand how a shorter sight radius makes sight acquisition faster ,you have no business debating about guns.

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