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Matthew Cox at dishes on the new HK 121 MG. “It’s hard to tell much about it from the show floor [of the Eurosatory 12], except that the HK 121 weighs in at approximately 24 pounds, which is a noticeable seven pounds heavier than the [ Israel Weapon Industries] NG7. It’s also six pounds heavier than FN’s MK 48 LMG. Oh well, it weighs slightly less than the Germany Army’s MG3, the MG H&K officials hope to replace with the 121. It  has a cyclic rate 600 to 800 rounds per minute. Like the MG4, its stock folds to the left side of the weapon.” For Matt, it’s all about the weight. For the rest of us it’s all about the wait. I wonder if we’ll ever be able to buy brand new full autos.

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  1. And HK makes another thoroughly mediocre weapon that will get adopted by the German Armed Forces anyway, wind up in every movie and be gushed over by gamers who’ve never handled a rifle. At least their MGs they don’t bother making even more substandard models of to sell to civilians while they sneer at us.

    They usually at least make guns that look good though, why’d they make this one ugly as sin?

  2. “I wonder if we’ll ever be able to buy brand new full autos.”
    I’m going to stick my neck out and predict “yes, in my lifetime”.

    • What are you -500 yrs old not going to happen atleast in my life time. But to be honest I just want a SBR without the paper work and wait time[mostly the wait time]. I’d have more NFA items if I didn’t have to wait 2 yrs per item. Here’s a concept you pay for the item, you pay for the tax stamp, you go home with you new toy.

  3. Again, I’m moved to ask why such companies bother with new designs for military arms intended for sale to EU governments.

    They’re never going to be used.

    You might as well sell them a futuristic looking airsoft widget with a marked-up price.

  4. Sorry but the MG3 is intrinsically more badass. Please Germany, please don’t settle for generic firearms.

  5. Seems like incrementalism at most. While there have been some significant improvements in rifles and pistols in the last few decades, MGs seem to have been pretty stagnant.

    • Without a consumer market to drive innovation, there is less motivation for them to make a slew of different models and updates. The govt only buys in bulk, so one outdated MG that gets a large contract is more cost effective than an innovative new design that won’t get a contract b/c it isnt battle tested.

      I’m not an expert in these things, but that is my best guess

  6. Does anyone know where I can find some good reference images of this gun(HK 121 MG). I want to make a 3d model of it.

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