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Have you ever forgotten an upcoming trip? One in which you’ll be gone for about a week? I have. It wasn’t until Friday that I realized my trip to Cody, Wyoming was coming up on Monday. Hard to believe, since it’s a trip I’ve really been looking forward to. By the time you read this, I’ll be winging my way from Austin to Billings, Montana so I can rent a car and drive down to Cody. There, I’ll meet up with the guys and gals at Gunwerks. I’ll be attending their two day Long Range University class to learn the ins and outs of long range shooting . . .

Here’s the kicker. At Long Range U., the gun, scope, ammo, and rangefinder are included in the price. No worries about flying with your rifle. And by eliminating differences in the equipment, the brothers Davidson will be able to focus specifically on the biggest variable in the equation – me.

So check this space over the next few days for reviews of the school, info on their rifle, scope, and rangefinder and an inside look at the whole experience.

Gear up Armed Intelligentsia. We’re going back to school!

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  1. Thanks Tyler. I’m looking forward to the reviews. It’s a great idea to provide all the gear for the students. I would be interested in a course like that. Hopefully they will let you post some video.

  2. I’m headed out to montana right now, but it’s glacier national park that I’m headed to.

  3. Sweet! I’m looking forward to your future reports – and also which gear the ‘experts’ use that has worked for them.

    And add two more jealously points if they are using NightForce or US Optics scopes (Leupold, Nikon, Burris, Zeiss, an Swarowski are swell, too, but wouldn’t make me quite as envious).

  4. Wyoming is a beautiful state and Casper is the only town I’ve ever visited that could possibly tear me away from Phoenix. I spent four days camping in the Shirley Basin outside of Casper enjoying the absolute best prairie dog shoot I’ve ever experienced. Big fat ones chirping away as far as the eye could see. The amount of antelope, deer and elk was impressive too.

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