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Walther’s PPQ is currently the top of their pistol lineup, although this 15-round 9mm has street price of only around $600. I have to say I loved its grip design and striker-fired trigger, and even in my frozen hands it ‘rescued’ the hostage target most of the time. (And never killed it, which is probably more important.) Strongly reminiscent of the H&K P30, the PPQ seems to offer a lot of value (and if my few test rounds are any guide, a lot of performance) for the money.

But That’s Not All!

A couple of hundred bucks down the price ladder you’ll find the hammer-fired Walther PPX. The rep described it as a ‘double-action only’ pistol, but the sear or hammer is partially set by the slide during firing. This makes the trigger pull shorter and lighter than a true ‘DAO’ pistol, and deprives it of a second-strike ability. For less than four bills, this looks like another outstanding value even though it is less refined than the PPQ. I wish the two guns shared magazines, but they don’t.

Do I have to mention that we’re angling for test guns in both models? Didn’t think so, but I did anyway.

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  1. Walther makes a great pistol. My only complaints is the capacity and magazine prices their pistols have.

    • Interestingly, they accept the 9mm mags from a Baby Dessert Eagle… around 1/2 the price. Never had an issue.

      • Can the Baby Desert Eagle 9mm mag fit in the new Walther PPX handgun? I just bought my Walther PPX a few days ago and realize that there aren’t any spare mags anywhere for it.

  2. I love my Q…

    When i finally decided to go plasticfantastic wunder 9, that is the one i settled on. Double tabs are amazing with the quick (the Q in PPQ) reset trigger. Something like .25 inch? The reset is very tactile on the range as well…

    • I agree completely. I’ve had my PPQ 9mm for just over a year now and I think it’s fantastic. Trigger and grip in particular. Unfortunately I didn’t realize quickly enough that the baby eagle MR9 mags worked, and spent far too much on the Walther ones

    • Totally– Have you seen the compact? Just a smidgen wider than the PPS but an outstanding CCW.

      FYI, if you register at the new WaltherUSA site, you are automatically registered to win a new PPQ in your choice of 9mm or .40 S&W. Also your choice; the original (paddle trigger guard mag release) or the new M2 (ambi button mag release.)

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