I just saw this and thought it was mouth-wateringly awesome. Gemtech is threatening to come down to San Antonio with their arsenal to let me test out and review all their cans, and I’ve put in a request for this to be in the shipment. One can dream . . .


  1. Gemtech needs to bring the M240 to the brutal Pacific Northwest to quality control. It would be best if they left one or two guns with us local TTAG’ers to test their M240. We’ll Q/C it in our frozen snowy mountains, in arid and dangerous high-deserts, rain-soaked forests, and along the corrosive wild Pacific Ocean. We might even get to Q/C it against hordes of attacking mountain lions, swarms of rattle snakes, and even against great white sharks when we take the M240 out on the water to test its reliability in salt water conditions. We’ll even do it all for free.


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